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Bello Magazine Photo Shoot - Cody Christian Drabble

Word Count: 850

Warning: Implied smut descriptions 😉, also, not proof read. I was too eager to get this posted, so sorry for any errors, ha.

Author’s Note: For all the Cody Christian fans who got extremely thirsty after seeing all of Cody’s photos and videos from his Bello Magazine photo shoot, this one is for you. 

[My Teen Wolf Master LIst]

I saw Cody walking towards the photographer, slowly undoing the sleeves of his jacket before he took it off. Except, he didn’t take it off completely. He pulled it off from his shoulders. My eyes immediately landed on his broad and tight chest. Then, my eyes trailed along the curve of his abs, before following down to his happy trail. I bit my lip, wanting to touch him with gentle feather-like touches, tracing every beautiful curve of his body as my lips kissed every inch of his tanned body with small butterfly kisses.

I licked my lips as my eyes landed on Cody’s tight pants, showing off his sexy thick legs. I knew how hard he had been working out at the gym lately, how focused he is about taking care of himself and eating right. It was paying off. Boy, was it paying off. Suddenly, I felt for stupid getting after him for spending more time at the gym than with me. Now, I’m all for supporting his gym life.

My eyes slowly wondered back up, thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him. I wanted to lightly run my nails along his sides, just under his rib cage, knowing it absolutely drove him crazy. I wanted to lick, bite, suck that sweet spot of his on his neck and just behind his ear as I rolled my hips against his. All before I’d undo his belt, remove his pants and underwear, and slowly ride him with my hands on his chest, enjoying the soft yet tight skin under my palms as he dug his fingers on my hips.

I closed my legs together, trying to ignore the pool of wetness forming between my thighs as I looked up at Cody. He looked away from me and back at the camera with a teasing smile as he pulled the jacket back on, leaving it open to expose his bare chest. I knew that teasing smile. I had been busted.

Cody leaned towards the photographer as directed when I stood up from his chair and headed towards his trailer. I couldn’t stay another minute. If I did, I knew it would only leave me with a pair of soaked panties and completely frustrated.

“Lunch time!” The photographer yelled out. I overheard him say something, but I was too far to make out what he was instructing to Cody and his crew.

I opened the door to Cody’s trailer and leaned against the wall by the door, trying to catch my breath and clear my mind from the impure thoughts. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing, which was getting calmer by the second.

My eyes flew wide open when the door opened. Cody walked in and closed the door behind him. He turned around to see me, surely completely flustered, hot, and bothered. He locked the door and smirked at me. I looked down and noticed he was still wearing that stupid jacket opened and those stupid tight pants. I bit my lip, trying to fight back a moan.

Cody leaned in and placed a hand against the wall, beside my head. His nosed brushed against mine, the warmth of his breath fanning against my lips. I licked my lips before biting the bottom one once again.

“I saw you…” his voice was so deep and low. “Tell me, what were you thinking?”

“How badly I wanted to rip that jacket off myself,” I purred as I quickly removed his jacket, letting my hands roamed every inch of his body before my nails trailed down his sides.

Cody closed his eyes and groaned as he placed his other hand on the wall to steady himself, now trapping me with his arms. “What else, kitten?”

I loved it when he called me kitten.

I leaned in and pressed my lips against his sweet spot. “How badly I wanted to take these pants off,” I said between kisses as my lips moved down his neck and across his collarbone.

Cody hummed in approval as I traced his happy trail with one of my fingernails before unbuttoning his pants. “Are you sure we have time for this?” I whispered against his lips.

He nodded. “Hour lunch and I have to change out of these clothes.”

I smirked as I slowly pulled the zipper from his pants down and began palming his hardened member. “An hour lunch, uh?”

He growled as his hands slid behind my ass and lifted me up from behind my knees, guiding me to wrap my legs around his waist. I let out a small squeal as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Cody’s hand went back to my ass, cupping them before he squeezed them. I clung on to him as he held me against the wall. His hands began unbuttoning my shorts before he slid his hand down the front of my shorts. I gasped as his fingers slid between my wet slick folds. “And I know exactly what I’m eating for lunch,” he growled lowly before he crashed lips with mine.

The Mirage Heist  // Thief!Shawn AU // Part 3

Part One | Part Two

|My Masterlist|

Summary: Shawn is a criminal mastermind and you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time….or was it the right place at the right time?

You walk into the Speedee Mart to start your overnight shift you were covering for Jerry since it was his daughter’s birthday. Tara, the day shift worker,  bids you a good night and leaves you alone in the store. It’s quiet as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not until you start dozing off at the register that you hear the little beep boop of the door being opened. Your head snaps up and you can see Sunglasses walking along the candy isle, hands in his pockets. A shiver runs down your spine and you can’t believe he’s here.

Immediately you glance at the display of gourmet lollipops on the counter and note it has significantly less sticking out of it. You take a deep breath, coming to the realization just now that Sunglasses was the sketchy guy who bought all the dum dum pops a while back with his friend. It was getting weird now. You met him before the robbery. During the robbery. After the robbery at the diner. Coincidence or stalking?

“C-can I help you?” you call out from the counter and he looks over.

A slow grin spreads across his face as he snatches a bag of dum dum pops off the rack and saunters up to the counter. He pushes his hood back and his sunglasses up on top of his head. Who wore sunglasses at eleven at night? “I knew you looked familiar,” he says with a smirk. “Fancy seeing you again.”

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Turn Me On - Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request - “Can i request a imagine, you can choose between zach or jeff, but based on the song let me hold you (turn me on) by cheat codes…”

A/N: I picked Zach because I have lots of Jeff imagines and requests already! Also this is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever written and I’m a little nervous about it because I’m not very good at this kinda thing.

Playlist: Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) - Cheat Codes

Jessica’s party was set out to be the party of the year, according to everyone. Although you didn’t believe them, little did you know it would be- for you, at least.

People seemed to be everywhere at once, and you were beginning to get stressed out. Partly because of the sheer amount of people, partly because honestly, you were pretty drunk already. What was worse was that your long time crush Zach Dempsey happened to be here, hence why you were so smashed already. You and Zach weren’t a lot more than acquaintances, but whenever you were around each other there was a major sexual tension that seemed to come from no where. There was something about the two of you that ignited far more than just a spark. Speaking of the devil, Zach came up behind you and placed a hand on your back.

“L/N. Didn’t expect to see you here, you told me you weren’t coming.” A flirtatious smirk played at his plump lips. His face was close to yours so that you could hear him over the loud music and people, which was making you sweat a little.

“You should know by now not to trust me, Dempsey.” You mimicked his facial expression.

“Oh, believe me, your unpredictable nature is part of the reason I like you so much.” He was so close that you could feel his warm, vodka-coated breath on your neck.

“You’ll probably regret saying that.” You chuckled as you began to walk away, shaking your cup as an indication that you were grabbing another drink.

“You’d better be back…” He muttered under his breath, biting his lip. However, you heard, and grinned to yourself as you walked away.

Deciding to make him wait a little, you went outside for a bit of fresh air, and a conversation with Jess.

“I’m not gonna pretend I didn’t see that, Y/N.” she giggled.

“See what?” You feigned.

“Dempsey making the moves on you. I don’t know why you don’t just tap that! He clearly likes you and he’s hot as fuck.” She tugged on your arm.

“I suppose he is.” You shrugged.

“Don’t be coy.”

“I wasn’t.”

“Oh shut up! I can tell you like him.”

You sighed and threw your head into your hands. “Is it that obvious?”

“Probably not to everyone, but to your best friend - yes.”

She pushed you toward the house lightly, “get it, you hot piece of ass!”

You snorted at your best friends ridiculousness, but made your way to the house nevertheless.


A couple of hours later, you hadn’t really seen Zach since earlier, but you tried to push the thought to the back of your mind. Let Me Hold You - Cheat Codes was blaring from the speakers and you were feeling the music. This was your jam. You swayed your hips to the music, bringing your hands up through your hair seductively, not caring about anyone around you. That was, until you made eye contact with the one boy you’d been searching for all night.

He was leaning against the door frame, watching you, drink in hand, with the cheekiest grin you’d maybe ever seen. When you realised the eye contact had been unbroken for a while, you slipped Zach a wink, running your sweaty hand through your tousled hair. He blushed ever so slightly, before swigging the remainder of his drink, crumpling it, then throwing it, and moving through the people toward you. His eyes didn’t leave you once. Whilst this was happening, you’d turned to face Hannah and giggle at your drunkenness, not noticing that Zach had moved. The warm hands on your waist were the sign.

“You look amazing.” His hot breath hit your neck from behind as he whispered in your ear. You placed your hands over his and moved against him, trying to conceal the hitch in your breath.

“Fuck.” You heard him mutter. You moved your hands up so that they were reaching behind you around his neck, pulling his head down to yours.

“Told you you’d regret it.” You breathed.

He nuzzled his nose against your neck. “Hell no.”

You continued to sway your hips against him to the beat of the song.

Let me hold you. Girl, caress my body.

You’ve got me going crazy.” He groaned. You intertwined your fingers with his, moving them away from your bodies and twisting them slightly. Then, you slipped down his body, before coming back up and turning to face him, fingers still interlocked.

Turn me on.

You leaned your face up to his. “Let’s make our way upstairs.” You whispered. He nodded ever so slightly, lips parted in anticipation. On that, you let go of his hands and made your way through the crowds upstairs, stumbling across an empty room almost immediately.

Zach entered, and in one swift movement, shut the door and pinned you against it, one had next to your head, other gripping your waist roughly.

“You gotta stop giving me those bedroom eyes.” His voice was gruff and broken. You bit your lip with a giggle.

“If these are bedroom eyes, what are those?” You dragged a finger over the side of his face.

That set him off. He shot down to envelop your lips in his, his movements rough and needy. You tangled your fingers in his hair before playing with his top button. His kisses were long overdue, and you both knew it. Making up for lost time, the two of you moved in harmony with one another, exploring and tasting.

With that he lifted you up so that your legs were around him, and moved you to the bed. His fingers trembled against the hem of your dress, he was clearly a mixture of excited, nervous, and buzzed.

“Are You okay?” He asked, breaking off a little. You nodded and pulled his head back down to yours in response. He broke off ever so slightly again.

“Maybe you should take this off then.” His fingers moved under your dress a little.

“Make me.”

You’re going home with me tonight.”

dirkjake AU: “engaged” as kids, reconnecting as adults

so I’m like p messed up lately and people have been like fucking amazing at humoring Arc But Underclocked, like yesterday on the Strilonde server, when I floated the idea for an AU in which, basically, jake and dirk meet when they are in elementary school and get “married.”

so Jake is a transfer student into this school, because his Gran moves around a lot, and joining a school midway through the year is always hell. he befriends Dirk, who is a quiet, kid with a lot of sketchbooks who sits under the tree at recess and reads Asimov and Dianne Wynne Jones. Dirk’s quiet, and easy to be around for Jake and all his introversion and awkwardness. and no one really messes with Dirk, so Jake can huddle in his Weird Kid Aura.

ARC: but my pain addled brain is thinking of sad late-twentysomethings in stable but not super fulfilling careers
and running into each other by chance
/dreamy sighhhh
@mimsiical: getting to know each other again after years apart
ARC: by something ridiculous like a mutual friend having a party and it just happens to be the first both of them make it to
MIMS: they go on friend-dates where they do things together to reconnect but it suspiciously resembles actual dating after a while but neither of them put a name to it
ARC: and jake just thinking about being kids and how when he got teased about which girl he was gonna marry someday, he just grabbed dirk’s hand and came up with something so they’d leave him alone
way better to be paired with your best bro rather than some unlucky lass being pressured by her friends

ARC: jake as a transfer kid who just is not built for large groups
MIMS: jake would just cry when he got overwhelmed, which is frequently
prob got teased for it a little but dirk was very loyal and told them to leave jake alone
jake’s grandma makes him homemade lunches that he shares with dirk because dirk usually just gets the school lunch
they would be such cute children
and then theyre disillusioned adults trying to stay afloat in the world

ARC: (also hello to my narrative boner on how jake associates dirk and brobot and BGD with safety whatupppp)
MIMS: (thats the best thing in canon)

ARC: no this all comes around to that THING where kids suddenly decide everyone has to get married and argue about and pair off with each other
and jake is like “no i don’t wanna” and when pushed further he takes one of dirks coloring markers and draws a black line around his finger and another around dirk’s, and is like “there, now shoo”
permanent marker ring that lasts like four days
MIMS: jakes grandma: is your finger dirty? go wash your hands
jake, clutching his hand protectively: NO this is my WEDDING RING
@cityinthesea: alpha dave: what the fuck is that on your finger, little man
dirk: i. i think i got married today?
alpha dave: shit dude. did you at least sign a prenup. as a strider u gotta watch out
ARC: alpha dave: what’s the lucky girl’s name
dirk, pushing food around his plate: jake
alpha dave, without missing a beat: that the transfer kid? nice. shy but i bet he’ll be a breadwinner. good job.
CITY: dave sends a snap to rose: cant believe this guy scored a man before i did
rose: Dave, you’ve been dating the same troll for 8 years.

basically, it’s fucking adorable but inevitably, Jake moves away again. very sad. but not the end of the story!

ARC: the whole point is: jake remembers using a sharpie marker and getting married to a boy at recess, who was his best friend

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 2/?)

NOTE: Thanks for the good feed back, guys! So here comes part 2, unfortunately I’m stupid and in the middle of writing I realised I wrote this one in first person. Anyway, tell me which person do you prefer (I can try the third next time lol). This one is bit longer than the previous one, I hope you’ll like it xx

I spent most of the Saturday with Sheri so I didn’t have much time to think about the hot tub thing, but Sunday… Most of the day I sat at my room, reading book, even though better word would be holding. I stared at one page for an hour and haven’t read a single word.
Was I too hard on him? I mean, I joked around and made innuendos with all the jocks all the time, including Monty, but leaving him like that in the hot tub is something on a whole new level.
Whatever, he started it and he deserved it. But memories of his lips and if his hands on my body still gave me chills.
Fuck you, Montgomery, I whispered.

Next day at school wasn’t anything special until I came to the chemistry lesson, a little bit late.
“Please, take a sit, Ms. Y/L.N”, teacher barely even looked at me.
I looked around the classroom and spotted last empty chair. Next to Montgomery.  
“You gotta be kidding me”, I mumbled under my breath.
“Hey, you”, I sat on my chair.
“Hey”, he kinda acted normal, kinda stared at me.
“How was the rest of the party, huh? You smoked some weed, play some video games?”, why am I like this, why did I even started this topic.
“I had to jack off in the hot tub. Because of you”, he whispered through his clenched teeth.
“Ew, does Bryce know about it?”, I prayed for him to shut up, afraid that someone would hear something and honestly, I couldn’t imagine anything some embarassing than people finding out that two of us made out.
“You will regret it.”
“Yeah, right”, I snorted.
His hand went behind me and his fingers started running along my spine. I tensed up trying not to show that it had an effect on me.
“Okay class”, teacher finally started lesson, “most of this semester, you’ll work in pairs, so look at your neighbour and say Hi to your new partner”.
I slowly turned my head to look at Montgomery, now disgusted even more then when he mentioned jacking off in the hot tub.
“What did you get in chemistry last semester?”, I asked.
“What do I need to play in the team?”
“C average or above”, everyone in sports teams said it like a mantra, it was literally the only condition, that has to be fulfilled to be in the team. “So it was C?”, I guessed.
“Well, yeah, what did you get?”
“A”, I sighed knowing all the work would be on me this semester.

Next day I was in cafeteria, waiting in the line to get my food, wearing my cheerleader suit.
“You’re looking good, you know?”, I heard annoying voice behind me.
“Why don’t you just get ‘lookin’ good’ tattoed on your face?”, I answered bored. “Besides, you have seen me in cheerleader suit a thousand times.”
“Yeah, but last Friday I took a good look at you in bathing suit…”
“No way”, I interrupted him with sarcastic tone.
“… And now I know what’s under it”, he continued.
“What has gotten into you today?”, I asked, little bit shocked with his dirty talk.
“I told you, you will regret”, he whispered.
“So you gonna sexually harrass me for the rest of my life?”, I turned around to look at him and saw Clay Jensen coming up.
“Hey, Jensen”, I said bit louder so he could hear.
He waved at me and smiled.
“Did you talk to Jeff?”, I asked. “US history and English will be kicking his ass once again.”
“Yeah, I spoke to him and yeah I will tutor him”, he said as he walked by.
“Thank you”, I gave him a high five. “You’re da best.”
“Thanks, Y/N”.
“Real MVP!”, you shouted and he laugh.
I finally got my food, grabbed the tray and went to the table not waiting for Monty. I barely sat went Jessica came over with a smile on her face.
“Okay, bitches, party at my place, Friday, 7pm”, she said, punched my arm and went.
“Seriously, you have to stop doing it! Where are you going?”, I shouted.
“To spread the news!”

Friday came up and I really didn’t feel like coming. Again.
“You always complain, but still come go the party and have a great time”, Jess said when we were walking home from school. “So stop making up excuses, or I swear I’ll slap you.”
“You can’t fight with an argument like this, I guess”, I sighed.
My parents didn’t have anything against the party, they didn’t put much interest in me as long as my grades were good and I was in cheerleaders team.

I showed up at Jessica’s at 7, and was one of the firsts, because 7 really mean 9, but it was okay. My plan was to get buzzed (and I really wanted to get drunk that night) before party starts for good and to avoid Montgomery. Good thing was that after Tuesday talk in cafeteria he kinda stopped annoying me.
By 10 pm I was properly drunk, so when Justin asked if I want to play spin the bottle with him and few other people of course I was like “Duh, fuck yeah”. I sat the floor between Sheri and Zach.
“Hey, Monty, you play?”, Zach asked and moved slightly making place for Montgomery to sit between us.
It didn’t really bothered me, because last three days he had been acting normal, so I thought he finally accepted the fact he got played.
After few spins bottle pointed at me, I leaned towards Troy and gave him a quick kiss. I spinned the bottle and it pointed Monty. With poker I turned to him and kissed him as quickly as I did with Troy. He spinned and it pointed on me again.
“Seriously?!”, I sighed.
He quickly wrapped his arm around my neck, turned us, so people couldn’t really see our faces and kissed me stucking his tongue in my mouth. It lasted way too long than typical kiss in the game.
“At least first bring her a drink, Montgomery”, Justin said and threw chips in our direction.
“Easy, hot head”, I mumbled as I moved away without looking at his face.
Few minutes later game was over, mostly because Jessica and Justin turned it into make out session. I got up and went to the kitchen, to make myself another drink and grab something to eat.
One minute later I felt someone smacked my ass.
“Did you just…”, I didn’t even have to look to know who it was. “You’re fucking disgusting, you know that?”
“Maybe, but somehow I think you you’re into it and you like what is going on between us”, he took a sip of my drink without asking.
“Oh my God, you’re also fucking ridiculous”, I said with my eyes wide open. “I’m too sober for that shit”, I drank whole drink at once.
“You swallow fast”, he said with cocky smirk on his face.
“One more word and I’ll throw up at you, I swear”.
“Yo, Y/N”, I heard Jeff calling my name.  “Wanna go for a beer run with me?”
“With pleasure”, I answered and run to him without even looking and Monty.
In the car Jeff told me how he helped Clay and Hannah with their twisted situation, clearly proud of himself that for once he turned out to be smarter than Clay.
“You’re good guy, Atkins”, I smiled at him. “All you want is to play baseball, have a good grades and help Clay with Hannah and that’s beautiful.”
“Oh, come on, I’m gonna blush”, he laughed.
“No seriously, I will tell every girl that you’re the most pure, sweetest cinnamon roll and that you’re different than others and don’t care about scoring".
Weird grin showed up on his face.
“You already scored today, didn’t you?”, I punched him in the arm. “I take my words back, you’re awful”, I laughed. “How does it happen that everyone make out with everyone, except me?“
“You know…”, Jeff moved in the seat. “It’s probably cause you always seem so… tied… And stressed”
“Excuse me?”, I turned on the seat.
“Well, you know, compared to other cheerleaders… Look, they don’t give a shit about anything, they don’t give a shit about school, about grades, they don’t give a shit even about cheerleading. And you care about everything and that’s why you seem more stressed than them”, he tried to explain. “Take a chill pill, make out with someone, have some fun”, he punched my arm.
(Un)fortunately his words and the drink I drank and once before leaving for beer run, both hit me at the same time. Super drunk me decided to make out with somebody. Anybody. We came back, I left the car and started walking towards Jessica’s home, having big troubles with walking in straight line.  
“Y/N, for fuck’s sake, just be careful”, Jeff shouted for me.
“Yeah, yeah”, I mumbled getting into the house.
I looked around and spotted Montgomery sitting on the couch, doing something of his phone. I went there, sat next to him and put my hand on his thigh.
“It’s a party, Monty, put this phone away and have some fun”, I said.
“Huh, look who’s gotten friendly”, he looked at me suspiciously.
“I know, I’ve been a bitch but I went for that beer run with Jeff, you know, and I realized some things”.
“Really, what things, for example?”, he put his arm around me.
I didn’t answer him, I stared at his face instead, giggling.
“God, you’re handsome”, I said glancing at his lips.
“Okay, here’s what we gonna do”, he leaned towards me and whispered into my ear, “I’m gonna go upstairs, to Jessica’s room, and you’ll join me in few minutes”, his lips were touching my ear.
I nodded my head, Monty quickly kissed me on the neck and basically run upstairs.
“I’m gonna get laid”, I mumbled to myself. “I think I’m gonna get laid.”
“Hey Y/N”, Jessica jumped on the couch.
“Where have you been, I was looking for you.”
“I was on a beer run with Jeff.”
“Goood, I was afraid we run out of alcohol, but then Jeff came in like a Superman with sixpacks”, she giggled.
“I think I need some water”, I smiled at her and left to the kitchen, I need to get rid of her.
I poured myself a water, drank it and run upstairs. When I opened door to Jessica’s room, it was dark inside. I closed and locked the door.
“Montgomery?”, I whispered.
I heard steps behind me, second later Monty pushed me to the wall, grabbed my wrists put them above my head. His hands went down the sides of my body, until he grabbed my thighs and pulled me up, so I could wrap my legs around his waist.
He laid me on the bed his lips went from my down neck to collarbones and started sucking it just like a week ago.
“Monty”, I punched his arm.
He pulled up, stroked cheek, and said, “Today I make the rules”, shiver went down my spine.
“Fuck”, I mumbled.
His hand went from my thigh to my breast and squizzed it. The other one pulled dress up, he started kissing my stomach, getting lower and lower, sucked my belly button, probably causing huge hickey around it, but I really fucking didn’t care. His head went up and he kissed my lips again. I felt his fingers sliding into panties which only turned me on more.
I started unbottoning his shirt but he grabbed both of my wrists with spare hand.
“Keep your hands yourself”, he whispered and slided his fingers into me.
I scratched his back.
“You like that?”, he asked as he curled his fingers and pumped them again and again.
“Fuck, Montgomery, I want you, just fuck me already”, I moaned.
“Does it turn you on?”, another pump.
I nodded my head and bit my lip trying to not make any noices. It was dark, my eyes were closed, butcould sense fucking cocky smirk on his face. He slided out of me and sat bed.
“Monty, why did you stop?”, I also sat on bed and switched the light on.
He bottoned up two bottons I had undo and fixed his hair.
“What the fuck are you doing?”, I asked.
He stood up, leaned towards me and looking me in the eyes said, “Guess you can’t play the player, huh?”
“Are you kidding me?”, I shouted.
“It was fun, see you on Monday”, he unlocked the door, smiled at me and left the room.
I sat there speechless for a few good minutes.
“What the fuck did just happen?”, I asked myself out loud.
I fixed my hair, took a deep breath and decided to go back to the party.
“Fucking bastard”, I mumbled.
I went down and sat on the couch next to Jess.
“Why don’t you have any drink?”, she asked.
“I’m good, thanks”.
“You know, to be honest, you look a little fucked, break will be good for you”, she said, even though she was the one who was barely able to speak. “ Where the fuck is Justin?”, she looked around.
“He’s playing beer pong with Montgomery”, Alex Standall sat on a chair in front of us.
“Cool, thanks Alex”, Jessica got up. “You’re not coming?”, she asked me.
“No thanks, I’m good, just gonna sit for a while”, I answered but she was gone before I even stopped talking. “How’s the party, Alex?”
“I love her”, he mumbled, looking after Jess.
“Oh God”, I rolled my eyes. “You two dated for like two months, year ago, seriously man, get over it”.
“It’s love. It’s not logic”, he sighed.
“Alex, I’m not saying this because I’m a bitch or because I root for Jessica and Justin. I’m saying this because you’re good and you deserve to be happy, okay? Move. On.”
Said me. Person who couldn’t get over the fact that she got played by a player because she tried to get him played. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.
I walked around the house, looking for Jeff, who was supposed to drive me home. Instead I bumped on Sheri. I pretended to listen to her while I was discretly watching Montgomery talking to some girl, wrapping his disgusting arm around her.
“…are you even listening to me?”, she shaked my arm.
“Umm, yeah, I was just… Looking at driveway, but I can’t spot Jeff’s car”, I lied quickly, in the meantime Monty got back inside.
“He went for another beer run”.
“Okay, I gotta go”, I smiled at her and went to the house.
I saw de la Cruz shouting something to Justin as he was walking upstairs and then got into bathroom.
I got you, you little fucker, I thought, went upstairs and stood next to door as if I was waiting in the line.
“Are you waiting to get to the bathroom?”, Troy, the baseball player, patted my shoulder.
“Yeah, yeah, I am”, I had to get rid of him, “Umm, you know… I feel a little bit sick, so it may take a moment…”
“Are you gonna throw up?”
“Maybe… As I said, it may take a moment. But you can use bathroom downstairs, it’ll probably be faster.”
“Good idea, you’re smart”, he pointed at me. “Take care, Y/N”
“Bye, Troy”, I chuckled watching him, when he was trying not to kill himself on the stairs.
And I heard door getting unlocked. Montgomery opened them and then I pushed him back inside and locked the doors again.
“We are finishing it now”, I said, grabbed his neck and kissed him.

Unexpected lust, Part 2/2

Pairings: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1587

Warnings: SMUT, few swearwords (surprisingly)

A/N: Phew, these two parts are my first real smutty writings AND Pietro fanfic’s ever. These were so much fun to write and I really hope that you enjoy (wink wink) while reading them. Requests are open!

Part 1

Before I even realized, Pietro had picked me up, his lips crashing against mine for a demanding, heated kiss. I tangled my fingers to his hair, pulling him closer to me as he slid his tongue into my mouth, making me moan softly.

“Umm- guys? What the actual fuck is happening?” I heard Tony calling out, with a slight frown, eyes locked in us. “Actually don’t answer that”, he rushed to say as another moan escaped my lips.

“To your room-“, I panted, as Pietro pulled further from me to take a breath. “Now.”

Just in a blink of an eye and a hue of blue, I was pressed against the wall of his room, his lips pressing soft kisses to my delicate neck. I hadn’t even realized how badly I had wanted him –how badly I had needed him, before I felt his soft, yet passionate touches on my skin. Shivering, I laid my hand to his cheek to lift his head for a deep kiss, as his hands wandered down my body, making soft moans escape my lips.

“Piet-“, I breathed out, breaking the kiss.

He hummed for answer, lips moving to run along my neck.

“Are you-“, I moaned, as he nipped my pulse softly. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, of course”, he whispered, locking his bright blue eyes with mine, deep lust in them. “I’m crazy for you, Y/N.”

I chuckled, tangling my fingers to his hair to pull him closer to me for a kiss, other hand sliding to cover his hardness. Pietro let out a moan, giving me a chance to slide my tongue in his mouth, heating the kiss even more. As I felt his hands grabbing my ass, I jumped to wrap my legs around his waist and he carried me to his bed, laying on top of me. I spun around, pressing him to the mattress and rolled on top to straddle him.

Pietro smirked, tugging my hair gently behind my ear. “You on top?”

“Me on top”, I whispered squinting my eyes with a smirk, and leaned closer to him to kiss him demandingly. His fingers ran along the sides of my body, making me shudder under his touch. I lowered my hips, causing him to press against my core, moans escaping both of our lips.

“I need to taste you, Printsessa”, he breathed out, wrapping his hands tightly around my hips and pushed me against the bed, starting to plant kisses down my body. I pulled the thin fabric of my dress over my head to give him more skin to touch and oh, did he touch it. He unhooked my bra quickly, letting his tongue and lips found my breasts and delicate nipples, circling them, making me moan under him.

“You are so sexy, vozlyublennaya”, he panted, moving his lips down my body, making me shiver from pure passion.

“Stop teasing”, I begged, twisting under him. “Plea-“

I saw a quick glimpse of blue and nearly screamed his name, as I felt his tongue suddenly on my clit, my panties removed and his fingers pressing to the skin of my hips.  

“Better?” he chuckled, as he started to push harder with his tongue, making hard rounds around my clit, licking and sucking, making me curl under him, moaning his name. I curled my fingers into his hair, pulling it softly.

“Y/N”, Pietro let out a moan, sliding a finger inside of me, making my moans louder and the pulls of his hair harder.

I felt orgasm building inside of me, as he kept curling his finger just right, his mouth still working on me. “Piet”, I cried out, breathing deeply. “Fuck –I’m gonna-“

“Come for me, Printsessa”, he moaned, adding another finger inside of me –making me come, screaming his name as I fell to the mattress, panting hard.

“Pietro, I- wow”, I whispered, feeling his soft lips against mine, taste of myself on his tongue making me bite my lip. As he pulled further from me, the dark lust in his eyes made me shiver. “Oh fuck, I need you inside of me –now.”

He chuckled, throwing his pants to the floor before leaning over me, pressing my knee against my chest and slammed into me hard, making me throw my head back to the pillows, with a loud scream of his name. After giving me time to adjust to his size, Pietro started to move his hips with a teasing, yet perfectly satisfying pace, making my walls stretch around him, as he hit my g-spot with thrust after thrust.

Loud moans and pleas filled the air, beside the arousing sound of skin slapping against skin, making me get closer and closer to the top of my satisfaction.

“Shit”, I moaned, pressing my eyes closed as I felt Pietro’s touch on my arching clitoris, pressing it with hard movements. His cock moving inside of me and his fingers playing with my sweet spot –I couldn’t take it no longer. I found myself screaming his name as I came hard, trembling under him, his lips running along my neck, biting and sucking marks into it, as he reached his own release, bursting inside of me with a loud shout of my name.

He pulled carefully out of me, before collapsing to the mattress, pulling me into his arms.

“That was-“

“Incredible”, I chuckled, my breathing unsteady and bright smile on my lips as he tangled his fingers to my hair, starting to play with it gently. “I can go to my room if you want-“

“No, please stay here”, he whispered, pressing a kiss to the side of my head.

I let out a soft laughter, turning my head to kiss him deeply, before falling into a deep, calm sleep.

– “Oh, there she is”, I heard an amused voice chuckling behind me as I walked to the kitchen to see no less than every single one of the Avengers looking at me, deep smirks on their faces.

“Morning, Cap”, I smiled back at him, trying to act normally, even if I sensed the amusement and curiosity on the atmosphere. I took two cups from the cupboard, pouring them full of smoking hot coffee.

“Y/N-“, Wanda called out, smile on her lips. “Pietro drinks his coffee black.”

I glanced at her, trying to hide my knowledge - just to earn a wink of an eye from her as she sat to the table next to Natasha.

“Have you done something to your hair?” Tony frowned, ruffling it with his hand as he took the coffee pan from my hand. “If I wouldn’t know better I would think that this is your morning after hot sex –look.”

“Tony”, I bleated out, yet biting my lip to stop the grin taking over my face. “Please tell me you didn’t-“

“Avengers assemble!” he called out, sneaking out of my glare, taking a sip of his cup. “One, two, seven –Speedster is missing.”

“T”, I muttered, shooting him with a warning glance. “Don’t-“

“Has anyone seen our Quickster?” he frowned, ignoring my begs.

“Nope”, Sam shrugged. “Not since last night –Cap can you remind me of what we saw?”

“Of course”, Steve smirked, rising an eyebrow. “We saw Pietro rushing to his room –with a girl.”

“So we weren’t the only ones who heard the noise”, Natasha glanced at Clint, raising her eyebrow. “You know who it was?”

“We didn’t see”, he shrugged and I sighed from relief and turned around quickly, starting to make my way back to my room, as sneakily as possible. “But Y/N wasn’t in her room the whole night.”

“Steve”, I whined burying my face to my hands. “You really didn’t have anything else to do but keep an eye on my goings?”

“Oh, actually we had”, Sam smirked, nodding his head. “We were busy tryin’ to infer who it was from the screams.”

I shook my head, trying to control the smirk –and deep blush taking over my face.

“At first we didn’t recognize them”, Steve chuckled. “But then Pietro called out her name and it was kind of obvious –or is there others named Y/N in here?”

“Yes, I knew it”, Natasha called out with a smirk, offering her hand to Clint, who pulled hundred dollars from his pocket, grinning.

“I couldn’t believe it”, he shrugged, winking his eye at me. “Such a naughty girl, are you, Y/N?”

“Oh my god Clint, can you stop”, I laughed, burying my face to my hands.

“So you admit it?” Steve chuckled, kicking his eyebrow, his eyes slightly darker than usually. “You had sex with Maximoff?”

I startled slightly as I felt light breeze behind me and just a second later hands pressed on my hips. I turned my head to see Pietro, looking at me with a raised eyebrow. “Having troubles, yes?”

I bit my lip, smile raising to my lips. “I guess you could say so.”

Pietro smirked, raising his head to face the other Avengers. “It’s true”, he simply called out, before pressing a kiss to my neck and taking his cup of coffee from the counter. “We had great sex.”

“Damn guys”, Sam called out, looking us unbelievingly. “Who would have known-“

“Wanna have a round two?” I chuckled quietly to Pietro, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek as I walked past him, heading to my room.

He kicked his eyebrow, his lips turning up to an amused yet excited smirk as he nodded his head. “Yes.”

Partners in (Fighting) Crime Chapter 2: Fights and Friends

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Masterlist  Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader (romantic), Michelle x reader (platonic)

Warnings: FLUFF!!!! Swearing, the occasional dirty joke, and some light violence.

Summary: Peter fights Flash after school and gets hurt pretty badly so you step in and take him down yourself and then bring Peter back home with Ned and Michelle, and you two get some alone time to get to know each other better at the end of the day ;) 

A/N: I’m so glad you all liked part one! I’ve been working really hard on this story and I think I came up with a really creative and unique idea so I’m glad it’s getting good feedback! I’ve also gotten some inspiration from a lot of Ariana Grande songs for later parts, in part because of this awesome two-part Side to Side by @imaginez4u ,they’re really great I’d highly recommend checking out their stuff! This part is going to have a lot of fluffy cuteness between Peter and the reader! I hope you enjoy!

Peter stood on the football field inside the gates where you, Michelle, Ned and a few other students had gathered to watch the fight between Peter and Flash. “Are you sure you still want to do this Peter?” You ask him and he smiles at you. 

“Don’t worry Y/N, Peter’s gonna be just fine.” Ned comments confidently and smiles. 

“Why do you think that Ned?” Michelle asks and Peter’s eyes widen and he shoots Ned an angry glare. Ned stammered a bit. 

“Uh well because-” Peter moved his hands in a ‘come on dude say something’ motion, but stopped and scratched the back of his head and smiled when you turned to him. “He’s been working out a lot lately. I mean even our gym teacher thinks he’s improving a lot.” 

“I wouldn’t exactly trust the opinion of a guy who after teaching a class about our health then proceeds to eat a dozen donuts.” Michelle says. 

“You can do it Peter!” You cheer him on and he smiles and blushes a bit from your encouragement. Wow, Y/N’s cheering me on. He thinks to himself. She’s so pretty, and nice, and sweet, I thought I was invisible to girls like her but now it looks like one day she might be into- Everyone gasped as Flash’s fist hit the side of Peter’s head and Peter fell over onto the ground. You gasped and covered your mouth with your hands, watching with a worried expression as Peter stood back up, rubbing the side of his head.

“Hey!” Michelle called out to Flash. “What was that? That totally wasn’t fair he didn’t see you coming! ( get it? ;) )”

“Well it ain’t my fault he was staring at h/c hotness over there while I was coming up behind him.” Flash says. You scoff and look disgusted and Flash winked at you. “And I can see why. Hey there gorgeous, what’s say after this you and I go grab something to eat?” He flirts and you look away from him. You noticed that Peter was just standing there. Why wasn’t he trying to fight Flash. “Hey Penis Parker what’s wrong?” He whines with a pouty face. “Can’t take a punch?” 

“Nah you’re just not worth it.” Peter says and you smile. You liked that he wasn’t just some pigheaded hubris filled guy that would eagerly jump into a fight. 

“And by that you mean you’re scared.” Flash taunts and all the students start booing Peter. You looked at Peter sadly, you didn’t like how Flash was treating him. “That comes with having a tiny penis Parker!” Flash laughs and you could see Peter clenching his fists. “And those three loser friends of yours are scared of me too. They know no one in this school is cooler than me.” He zeroes in on you. “And if that chick is dumb enough to keep hanging out with you, then maybe I’ll come up with a little nickname for her too-” He groaned in pain when Peter’s fist collided with his jaw. 

“Don’t threaten my friends.” Peter says.

“Alright let’s brawl Parker.” Flash says and the two boys start fighting. 

You watch carefully and notice that it seems like Peter’s holding back. It looked like he was even letting Flash get a few hits on him. MJ and Ned were cheering him on, begging him to keep fighting. You hoped he could pull through too, but then you saw some blood come from Peter’s lip as Flash punched him in the jaw. And you couldn’t stop yourself. You skillfully climbed the gate and jumped over it and strode confidently up to Flash and tapped his shoulder. He smirked. 

“So you changed your mind?” He asks. You giggle and smile at him. 

“Yeah I did.” You say and he bites his lip and looks you up and down. Ned and MJ looked shocked from your betrayal and Peter felt his heart break a bit. I should have known. He thought sadly and groaned in pain.

“Alright then. How about a kiss for the victor?” He asks and closes his eyes and puckers his lips. 

“Of course.” You say seductively and lick your lips before punching him hard in the mouth, sending him flying to the ground, and he probably lost a tooth or two. The crowd had gone silent. “What?” You asked them. “I thought he said he wanted a fist. It’s hard to hear him over his huge ego.” You say and step over Flash, completely ignoring him. 

“Hey are you okay?” You ask him and he looks up at you and smiles. 

“I’m fine. Just a little bruised that’s all.” Peter says like it’s nothing. Michelle uses her lock pick to unlock the gate and you drape Peter’s arm over your shoulders and help him walk to the gate. While Flash watched in a state of utter disbelief. 

“Guys, guys, I’m fine.” Peter says, trying to push Michelle and Ned away as they nurse his wounds. Michelle holding a frozen steak to his eye and Ned with bandages and rubbing alcohol.

“Dude come on just let us help you.” Ned begs and dabs a cut on his friend’s temple with a cotton ball making Peter wince. 

“Yeah I needed some excuse to head to the butcher and get some frozen meat.” Michelle says and Ned and Peter gave her a strange look. “What?” She asks. They hear the doorbell. “That’s probably Y/N with your sandwich.” Michelle says. “Here hold this.” She says and tosses the steak at Peter but he wasn’t watching and it ended up hitting him in the crotch. He let out a loud groan of pain bent over and Michelle cringed. “Sorry.” She apologizes and goes to get the door. 

“Do you think Aunt May will be upset when she finds out you got in a fight?” Ned asks Peter. 

“Well I’ll probably heal up before she comes home tomorrow, but I imagine she’ll be mad.” Peter says and smiles at you when you walk in with a sandwich. 

“Hey, how are you feeling?” You ask him and sit down next to him on his bed. 

“A lot better thanks.” Peter says. “Thanks for sticking up for me today. Again. That was some wicked punch.” 

“Yeah I bet Flash will be feeling that one for the whole weekend.” Ned says. You blush. 

“It was nothing. That jerk had it coming.” You say and hand Peter his sandwich. “I don’t know what kind you usually get so I just got one that I’d usually get…” Peter’s eyes widened and his smile grew as he heard you describing the exact same sandwich he usually got at the Deli, that had been rebuilt recently. “With pickles and pressed in one of those panini presses.” You finish and Michelle walks over to Peter and gently closes his jaw for him. “You okay?” You ask him and he snaps out of his trance. 

“Y-Yeah I’m fine it’s just that that’s the exact same sandwich I usually get.” Peter says and you gasp and smile. 

“Really?” You ask and he nods. 

“Here have half of it.” He offers. 

“No no no Peter I couldn’t-” You try to push it back but he presses it towards you more. Both of you blushing at the contact of your fingers. 

“I insist. You’ve done so much for me today you deserve this.” He says and you cave and take a bite of your half of the sandwich and Peter takes a bite of his. 

“Isn’t it crazy.” Ned says. 

“What?” Michelle asks. 

“How they finish each other’s sandwiches.” Ned says and Michelle’s nostrils flare. 

“Oh you did not just quote Frozen!” She yells at him and hoists him up by his shirt and drags him out of the bedroom while you and Peter laugh.

“Aw come on Michelle, you see it too don’t you?” Ned asks and she turns to him. 

“See what?” She asks. 

“The chemistry that they’ve got brewing in there.” Ned raises his eyebrows a bit. 

“They have that class together. Of course something’s brewing.” Michelle says, still oblivious to what’s going on. Ned groans. 

“Come on. You totally know. Their mental synchronization can have but one explanation.”

“What?” Michelle asks flatly. 

“That Y/N and Pete, were just meant to be-” Michelle silenced him so the two possible lovers in question wouldn’t hear Ned. 

“Say goodbye, to the pain of the past.” Michelle decides to sing and takes Ned’s hand and leads him to the door. “We don’t have to feel it anymore. Love is an open door!” She swings the door open and pushes him out and shuts it. She hears a knock on the door. 

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” He asks softly. 

“Go away Ned.” She answers. 

“Okay bye…” He says and then turns to find you and Peter clapping. She looks utterly confused until Ned comes back in with a big smile on his face. 

“You guys planned this didn’t you!” She exclaims and you all laugh. 

“I thought it would be funny and help lighten the mood.” Ned says. 

“Wait so you told her what sandwich I usually get?” Peter asks.

“No dude that wasn’t planned at all, that was totally unexpected.” Ned says and you and Peter lock eyes for a brief moment and then turn back to Ned. “More unexpected than Leia being Luke’s sister am I right?” He asks and Peter and Ned high five. You look confused. 

“What are you guys talking about?” You ask and Peter and Ned look confused.

“Wait have you never seen Star Wars?” They ask and you nod. Both of them scream in horror and Michelle covers her ears. 

 “Ouch! Guys what the hell! So she hasn’t seen your little dork movie what’s the big deal-” Michelle says then Ned pushes her aside and he and Peter each grab one of your arms and pull you over to the couch, slightly against your will and push you down on it. 

 “You are not allowed to leave this couch until you’ve seen the original trilogy.” Peter says. “I’m going to go make some popcorn, Ned fire up the movie.” 

 “I’m going to go home.” Michelle says. 

 “No MJ please stay!” You beg her and mouth “Don’t leave me alone with them please.” And made a small begging motion with your hands, which of course means she stayed because she’s such a good friend. 

 Halfway through the first movie you were invested. The only time you moved was to take a piece of popcorn out of the bowl. At one point it seemed like Peter had the same idea and his hand slid on top of yours, pulling you both out of your trance and looking into each other’s eyes. It was then you realized how beautiful they were. They reminded you of chocolate. Little did you know that he was thinking about how pretty your eyes were too. Suddenly an action scene came on and reclaimed your attentions to the film. There were popcorn fights and the occasional debate Ned and Peter would have over some minute detail. 

 “Dude I’m telling you Han shot first!” Ned says. 

 “No it was totally Greedo (I think that’s the name I haven’t seen the movie in awhile 😂) George Lucas even said it himself!” 

 “Does it matter?” You ask, sitting next to Michelle, both of you sporting bored expressions. 

 “Yes! It’s one of the biggest debates in the fandom!” Peter says and you smiled a bit from how passionate he seemed about this whole thing. It really was rather cute. 

 “Han shot first!” Ned says. 

“Greedo shot!” Peter says. 

 “I’ll shoot you both if you don’t sit your asses down and let us enjoy the movie.” Michelle says and the boys exchange a look. 

 “Yes Ma'am.” They both say and sit back down on the couch. 

So that was Michelle’s secret power. You’d have to keep that in mind for the future. By the time you had reached the third film you were resting your head on Peter’s shoulder and he subtly rested his arm on the back of the couch, imagining if he would ever get lucky enough to wrap it around your shoulders. The movie ended and Peter stretched and realized where you were and his face turned fifty shades of red. He looked at Ned and the two of them mouthed 

“Oh my God.” To each other. You looked up at Peter. 

 “You make a comfy pillow.” You tell him and he smiles. 

“Thanks. I try.” Peter answers and you giggle, prompting him to laugh. Michelle smiled, she had to admit you two were pretty cute. 

 “I had a lot of fun with you guys tonight. We should do this again sometime!” You suggest. 

 “Yeah I mean Y/n/N still needs to see the prequels.” Michelle points out. 

 “No!” Ned and Peter shout and Peter covers your ears. 

 “She’s pure right now, we don’t need to taint it by having her watch those abominations.” Ned says and you remove Peter’s hands from your head, but you still hold onto them gently. 

 “You don’t own me.” You tell Peter and that instantly reminds him of something Dragonfly said to him the other night. “I watch what I want, where I want, with who I want.” You tell all three of them and give Peter’s hand a gentle squeeze. 

 “Okay well we should all get going. Y/n/N do you need a ride home?” Michelle asks. 

 “Not this time MJ. My foster dad’s coming to get me.” You tell her.

 “Foster dad?” Peter asks and looks at you. 

 “What happened to your parent-” Michelle slaps a hand over Ned’s mouth to silence him. 

 “I really don’t want to talk about it.” You tell them and look into your lap. A jolt of warmth ran through you when Peter put his hand on your arm and rubbed gently. 

 “That’s okay. I know what it feels like to lose your parents.” He tells you and you feel bad for him and give him a hug. He’s a bit shocked at first but then he reciprocates and the two of you pull apart. You, Ned and Michelle head to the door. 

“Thanks for letting us hang out Peter. See you tomorrow bro.” Ned says and fist bumps Peter before leaving. 

 “Goodbye Peter. Try not to get beat up again.” Michelle says. 

 “I make no promises.” Peter says as she leaves. 

 “Thanks for letting me hang out with you today. You, MJ and Ned may be the kindest people I’ve ever met.” You tell him. 

“Well I’m happy to be your friend.” Peter says. “You’re a really cool girl, I’d love to hang out with you more.” 

 “You too.” You tell Peter and blush a bit. Your phone buzzed. “Well my ride’s here, goodnight Peter.”

 “Goodnight Y/N.” He tells you and shuts the door. Both of you leaned on it from opposite sides and slid down to the floor. 

 “She’s incredible.” He mutters to himself. 

 “He’s amazing.” You say to yourself.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! Feedback is highly recommended and appreciated! Part 3 coming soon!

Markie Pooh’s Little Crush {Mark Tuan}

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Prompt: Mark’s been trying to tell you that he likes you, You’ve been trying to tell Mark you like him…

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warning: aggressive mark,

**Written for a friend,

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Black [M]

A/N: i’m going to be honest and say that this is my least favorite chapter so far :| maybe because it’s sad idk

characters: dean x oc, zico x oc, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, violence, (mentions of) abuse (physical and physiological), sexual content (not in this ch)


chapter 4:

“chaeyeon!” dean yelled out for me. his voice sounded distant and my head was throbbing. i felt my face resting against the cold pavement. I didn’t know what was happening but my wrist felt like it had been snapped in two. i heard a mixture of yelling and gasps as i laid on the ground. i was barely able to make out the words being hollered.


“what are you going to do? hit me?”

dean was frustrated and angry, i heard it in the way he uttered his words. the sound of sirens followed quickly after, becoming closer with every second that passed by. i felt a set of hands lift my head off the pavement, it felt wet.

“fuck. uhm okay, you’re okay chae just stay awake ok it’s nothing too bad”

“i literally just pushed her, i didn’t do that. that blood isn’t because of me. how was i supposed to know she would fall off the curb”

“shut the fuck up i don’t need your input” before heoyang could reply the ambulance arrived.

“what happened, how old is she and are you related to her?”

dean was bombarded with questions and i had the urge to get up but the minute i tried, a pair of gloved hands pushed me back down.

“stay still please, we’ll get you out of here soon”

“uhm,” dean hesitated before responding. “she…fell off the curb and hit her head against the parking stop. i think she hit the nail on it but she twisted her wrist trying to catch her fall”

i fell?! last time i checked being shoved isn’t really falling.

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Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 04

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                 ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

chap 02 

chap 03

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 feel welcomed to leave comments and reaction ^^

chap 4 she’s always here !

“i’m sorry sweetheart “ Mrs Park rubbed her son hair , i tried my best to convince your dad but he didn’t want you to marry her , i can’t express to you how sorry we are for you to lose your girlfriend baby boy “

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The Angel on Your Shoulder

Written for Wincest Au challenge held by @immortalwriter.My prompt was Angels. A huge thanks for @efflorescentjared for beta-ing. I love you, Eve <3

Summary:  Sam was the only human with no guardian angel assigned, and as the chief guardian angel Dean sign himself up for the job. Being around Sam might be more complicated than he anticipated, and falling in love with him? That’s another story altogether.

Waring: brief underage kissing. 

Read on AO3

In heavens the small cries were heard. A new human was born.

Dean, the archangel known to humans as Barachiel, had the job of protecting humans. Assigned by God himself, he held the holy mission of leading the guardian angels and protecting The Book of Fate. He witnessed the birth of each human, and today was no different.

353,000 babies were born every day. Helpless little screaming bundles, accident prone and weak.

This one wasn’t the same.

Not in that it was stronger; as far as things went, the small human was as frail as they got. But Dean had no angel assigned to watch out for him.

Humans always, always had angels to protect them. To help them make it to their destined age.

Samuel Winchester, born on the 2nd of May, 1983 was the first human ever to not have an angel’s name attached to his.

Dean stared at Sam’s Book of Fate, and wondered: How would this human survive all the disasters written for him?

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The happy accident

AN: So in lieu of Part 8 of The Meaning of Flowers (which I’ve got some terrible writers block for now), here’s a smutty interlude. I actually wrote this for another set of characters (so it’s in first person, not second person like the rest of the series), but I think it works best with our Irish hunk and his best girl. Warning: ALL SMUT NO PLOT. 

Enjoy. xoxo - K

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Club Confusion Pt. 3

Part 2 

Word Count: 1,002

A/N: BRUH. I loved writing this chapter. Get ready for some drama (and coffee cravings)  loves!! Thank you for all the feedback as well, you guys are great!!

Tags: @laziestgirlintheworld @dorkyvillain @wrestlingnoob @cynda-wrasslin @dorkyvillain @phenomenal-forearm @thegenericluchadora @xoxotashk @kingslayers-angel @vipervenomisgoodforyou @reigns420 @bolieve-that

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anonymous asked:

Companions pre-romance and romanced catching sole checking them out! Thanks!!

I don’t know why, but i am not a big fan of Nick calling Sole ‘kid’. Does he ever actually say it in the game? Plus, I would understand, if Sole was like LW (19 yeras old), but they are almost certianly 25+ years…

Cait (pre-romance and romanced) - As she sees them, she shakes her whole body a little. “Like what ya see?”

Curie (pre-romace) - She starts looking at herself, trying to find out why were they eyeing her like this. When she can’t think it out, she asks them, what gives.

Curie (romance) - She catches their eyes on her and smiles, coming close for a kiss.

Danse (pre-romance) - He tries to keep a steady expression, but he feels his cheeks warm up as he speaks: “My eyes are up here, soldier.”

Danse (romance) - He bends his head down, smiling. “Stop it, you’re distracting me…”

Deacon (pre-romance and romance) - As he sees them eyeing him from head to toe he says something in the sense ‘It’s hot in here’ and he pulls his shirt over his head, pretending to get stuck trying to take it off, so they can have a nice view on his naked chest and belly.

Hancock (pre-romance) - He turns around to see if they are actually looking at him, or some hot stuff behind him, but as he finds no one there, he smiles wide, flattered, he reciprocates the action.

Hancock (romance) - He comes close to them and whispers into their ear: “Why just look, when you can touch?”

MacCready (pre-romance) - He’s as red as a tato as he feels their eyes on him. “Hey, knock it off, boss, it’s weird.”

MacCready (romance) - They do it quite often, but he blushes everytime, stays as he is and waits for them to come for a kiss.

Nick Valentine (pre-romance) - His non-eexisting eyebrow jerks up as he looks at them. “No idea what you’re trying to find on me, wise guy/doll, just please, don’t use any of me to repair a toaster…”

Nick Valentine (romance) - He always smiles, he’ll never get tired of them staring on his body. He draws them close, kissing them deep, bere carrying on in what he was doing.

Piper (pre-romance) - Her face goes red and she sttuters: “B-Blue, stop it, I’m kind of uncomfortable here..”

Piper (romance) - She still blushes, however, she shakes her butt a little, cute, but kind of awkward and funny, arning a laugh and a sweet peck on her cheek.

Preston (pre-romance) - He finds it very flattering, but is rather shy about it. He pulls his hat over his face, groaning ‘General..’ in an amused and happy voice.

Preston (romance) - He sees them looking at him and smiles at them. “Do you see this? All yours.” he says as he points on himself, making Sole blush for once.

X6-88 (pre-romance) - He doesn’t really pay it much attention, even though it feels rather… strange, maybe evene uncomfortable to be watched like this.

X6-88 (romance) - He still finds it quite uncomfortable when they stare at him like this, so he rather makes them close they’re eyes, as he kisses them, long and deep, before pulling away just to tell them to stop staring.

mikathekiller  asked:

Hi again.I wanted to ask if you could maybe write something about Lúcio and his disability. My prompt is that Lúcio's legs are completely numb because of some incident during Vishkar,so he can't walk without the meka legs.He's on the battlefield and something happens so he can't use them. Doomfist says "stand up and fight" and Lúcio's like "WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M TRYING TO DO?!" then Doomfist tries to approach to see what's wrong and Lúcio's like "Give me a minute,man." but he still can't get up.

So, I hope this fulfils some of what you were thinking, my friend. Thank you for the prompt, I had an awesome time filling it!



Akande leaps behind the parked cars for cover, narrowly missing the rain of arrows from Shimada’s bow. That man’s skill would be an asset to his team. A shame he would not –


The body that crashes down from above, misses him by inches. The car Akande had chosen for cover bows gently under the man’s fall, windshield splintering, pearly hood absorbing the impact. Gasping in shallow breaths, a hand-held speaker falls from the man’s grip to the pavement. Dark skin, dressed in blues, green and gold with a clear yellow visor, the young man is built like an athlete. More than that, there’s something… familiar about him. Akande can’t place the tattoo on his left arm, but he’s seen it before.

Akande frowns between the man’s wince of pain and the windowless skyscrapers above them.

Where had this man come from?

“DJ down,” the man wheezes, sounding winded. Akande doesn’t think the man is talking to him, isn’t sure the man is even aware of him still crouched for cover. The man’s voice is gritted as he breathes through his injuries. “76, I was in pursuit. Tell Hanzo his calculations were off. Just a bit. No hard feelin – nnngh.”

The pained groan and creak of metal tell Akande the man is trying to lift himself from his metal cradle.

It’s time to make himself known.

Glancing around quickly for any signs of the Japanese sniper, he deems it safe enough to rise.

Akande grunt a short laugh under his breath the moment the other man freezes, eyes widening at the shape rising by his shoulder.

“Oh damn,” the other man breathes, staring up at him. His hand is still braced around his ear, a bad habit of young agents with their comms.

Not merely an athlete, then.

Akande appraises the length of him. It’s a short appraisal. “Well, you’re not one of mine.”

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Licht X Hyde 044. I can definitely see this happening.


Hyde swore when someone gently kicked the back of his head. He turned around to see Licht standing behind him. He wasn’t surprised that Licht was the one that hit him. He smiled back at him despite the glare Licht had. His dark hair was wet and he used a towel to hit him. “Hey, stop attacking the poor hedgehog! I’m trying to read and you’re going to get water on my book.”

“As if I care! You knew that I was looking forward to my bubble bath today but you used all the hot water. Kranz told me you took a bath before me so don’t try to deny it. Who wants to take a cold bubble bath? This angel needs to wash his delicate wings with warm water.” Licht ranted as he continued to hit him. “This is the fifth day in the row you did this, Demon!”

“Now, don’t get too angry, Lichtan. I’ll accept the consequences. Will my punishment be the same as last time?” For the past few days, he had been using all the hot water to mess with him. At first, he did it as a joke but he enjoyed the punishment Licht would give him afterwards. Hyde slid off the couch and patted the floor in front of him. “C’mon, I’ll dry your hair.”

“Don’t take an hour like last time.” Licht dropped the towel onto Hyde’s lap as he gave the warning. He sat in front of him with his back facing him. He had short hair so it didn’t take long to dry it but Hyde always spent an hour on it. Hyde took the towel and began to tenderly rub his black hair dry. His hands were gentle and Licht relaxed under his touch.

“Have I told you how much I love your hair?”

“Every time you dry my hair.” Licht rolled his eyes as he answered. He couldn’t see Hyde’s expression behind him but he could easily imagine the smirk he had when he heard his light laugh. Once his hair was dry, Hyde smoothly ran a comb through his hair. “If you use up all the hot water one more time, I’m going to ban you to the couch for a month.”

“You’re going to make your wonderful boyfriend sleep on the lumpy couch? I can’t go to sleep without you.” Hyde wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him backwards onto his lap. Licht didn’t pull away even though he could easily break away from his lax hold. Seeing that, Hyde kissed his ear before burying his face into his shoulder. “You smell really nice, Lichtan.”

“I just got out of the bath and— Hey, watch where your hands are going! I’m still mad at you for using all the hot water so don’t think you can get me to forgive you so easily.” Licht slapped his hand but he didn’t move off his lap. With an annoyed sigh, he leaned back against his chest. He practised until late into the night so Hyde would always use the bathroom before him and there was nothing he could do to change that.

“I have a compromise.” Hyde said excitedly and Licht raised a brow at him. He looked over his shoulder and saw the sly smirk he had. “We should share a bubble bath tomorrow. Neither of us will have to worry about there being enough hot water. I’ll even set everything up for us so you can relax. Please say yes, Lichtan.”

Hyde kissed his shoulder and trailed his lips to his neck, hoping that he could sway his answer. He had to grin when Licht answered, “Don’t do anything over the top. It’s just a simple bubble bath. If you try anything weird, I’ll drown you.”

“I’m going to fill it with bubbles and rose petals. What scent do you want for the candles?” Hyde began to list off several options. Licht had to groan at how enthusiastic he was and wondered if he should’ve agreed to his proposal. He looked over his shoulder and saw the wide smile he had.

“I like vanilla scented candles.” Licht told him as he turned so that he was facing him. “You planned this from the beginning, didn’t you?”

“Maybe.” Hyde answered and kissed his nose. 

Hyde makes really elaborate plans just to get Licht to agree to do romantic things with him XD

[101 Fluffy Prompts]

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hihi! can I have some scenarios of Tokoyami, Souji Mezou and Shinsou having a S/O that's voice can change really easily?? Like the pitch of it really is influenced by how S/O feels and most of the time, they sound like a child lmao? SORRY IF ITS A WEIRD ASK BUT I DO REALLY HAVE A WEIRD VOICE THAT CAN CHANGE REALLY EASILY DEPENDING ON HOW EXCITED I AM?? // and some people get annoyed by it sobs//

{I hope I got this right!! It’s not weird lol, I wrote this as a more ‘first meeting’, or ‘first time alone’ setting if that’s ok! I think if they were together, they would have already accepted that part of their s/o, so I wanted to write their initial reactions! Enjoy!~}


Walking with your class, the teacher decided to do a bit of an outing to look for some petty villians, someone a student could stop. Matching my stride to my partner for the day, I look over to view his face. His stoic posture was a bit of a contrast to my own, as we looked to be a bit of an odd coupling. I giggle, and he glances at me, looking for a reason for my laughter. I shrug and turn away, continuing the search. Glancing to my left, I double take at a shop front. Right on the corner of the street sat a little, quaint pet shop, with paw prints on the window. I gasp and turn my attention to the small creatures within the window.

“Oh my good! They’re so cUTE!~” I say, hands pressed against the glass, my voice coming out slightly squeaky at the end. Tokoyami walks silently over, to tap on my shoulder.

“Excuse me, but we are supposed to be looking–” He starts, his face turned down and his eyes looking into the window.

“Buuuuut Tokoyami!!! LoOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE~ LITTLE BABIES!!~” My voice has completely turned into almost a full high-pitched squeaking. Tokoyami, takes a step back, his eyes wide and his mouth open. I realize what just happened, and I stand up straight, clearing my throat. My cheeks are hot from embarrassment, and I close my eyes to get a hold of myself again. Upon opening them again, Tokoyami’s head is pointed away from me, and his eyes won’t make contact with my own.

“S-sorry…I-I just really like animals…” I explain, wringing my fingers in front of my stomach. He closes his eyes and nods, sighing he opens his mouth to speak.

“Do…do you want to go inside?” He asks, looking at me, his eyes looking for something. I tilt my head, confused.

“This pet shop…I visit it regularly, and they allow you to pet them. I-if you want we can take a little break.” He offers, looking away again, his hands are opening and closing at his side. A smile appears on my face.

“Yes, PLEASE!” 

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