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“Both Kate and I wanted to do the scene, but I voted for not doing it. I had experience in that kind of thing, but Kate had none, as far as I knew. She said, ‘I could do that kind of thing when I was a child. My father strung up a trapeze for us, and I was really good.’ 'Yes, but that was when you were a child.’ 'You’ll see,’ she said, but I was still worried… I pulled her up, and it was delightfully easy. She was really light… I asked her if she’d been at all afraid. 'Oh no,’ she said. She looked innocently into my eyes. 'I trusted perfectly.’ She said she knew I knew what I was doing. But the thing was, she was the one who had to do it just right. She really was a remarkable athlete, just as she has said. But you know, just the memory of that scene makes me shiver. If Kate had fallen, I’d never have forgiven myself. We were both crazy. BRINGING UP BABY has always been called a 'screwball comedy.’ Well, we were the two screwballs.”

- Cary Grant

From the book I Know Where I’m Going: Katharine Hepburn, A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler


I don’t think of it as the be-all and end-all — I think of it as a collection of moments. It’s a glimpse behind the scenes of Hollywood and a glimpse of actors and filmmakers being themselves in a very unguarded, public moment.

- Lin-Manuel Miranda on The Oscars for The Hollywood Reporter (x)

Do demons really exist?

Demons are often the subject of many modern horror films, with the prospect of possession being one the most terrifying plot lines out there. But is there any truth behind all the Hollywood makeup and special effects? Paranormal investigators such as the Ghost Adventures team insist that a demonic entity in the home is very real and it is extremely dangerous. Here are some warning signs they think you should to look out for:

  • Activity that starts at in the morning- This hour is widely thought of as being linked to demons and the devil, as it represents an upside down cross when shown on a clock face. If the paranormal activity you experience in your home starts around this hour, then it may be a bit more sinister than a haunting from an old-timey widow or sorrowful ghoul.
  • Nightmares- Demons can supposedly haunt your dreams while you are asleep and give you terrible nightmares. These nightmares often contain violence and dark images that may upset the sufferer. This weakens the subject so they are more likely to give in to the demon. The demon may also be able to control behaviour during the dream state, such as making seemingly asleep people sit bolt upright and have disturbing conversations with others.
  • Sulphur smell- If you smell rotten eggs frequently around your home, don’t be too quick to blame the dog. It has been documented that demons give off a foul smell when they manifest themselves in our homes.
  • Scratches- Scratches, bruises, or any other unexplained injuries may be the work of a demon trying to harm you. As most aren’t powerful enough, they rarely do any real damage. A good example of this would be the incidents recorded at the Sallie House.
  • Shadow people
  • Three knocks- This one is debatable, as it’s unknown whether this has actually been reported, or if it’s another Hollywood legend. A demonic entity will reportedly only knock in three as this mocks the Holy Trinity.
  • Growls and hisses- If the spooky ghosts in your home are mostly communicating to you with a range of guttural growls and hisses, then you should be alarmed. Ancient-sounding languages are also said to be spoken.