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The Old Days

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Request: Heeey :) Are you taking requests? Could you maybe write a Merlin x reader where they were friends as kids and later her parents died and the king of another kingdom adopted her. Later she is the Queen and Arthur invites her because Uther and her adoptive father used to be really good friends and she sees Merlin and a lots of fluff with happy end? :) hope it’s not too long ❤

Author’s Note: This is for @createdbytinyaddiction. I love this request and the idea of it and hope that you enjoy this little One Shot 😊

Your childhood was great, you had a best friend, the best parents and lots of fun every day. You would always run around the village with Merlin and play hide and seek or tag or you would lay down in the grass. When you found out about his magic, you were ecstatic. He would always make you laugh with it, loving how happy you were with his magic.

But everything changed, when you parents died of an illness and you were left an orphan. Of course Merlin’s mother took you in, but not even Merlin was able to make you smile with his magic. You lost your parents and felt so alone, even though you weren’t. Merlin was there for you, holding you at night, when you couldn’t sleep and cried all the time. He was the best friend anyone could ask for. After months he finally got a smile out of you, but it soon disappeared, when a king visited the village and heard of your story. He thought of you as very beautiful and charming and because his queen and himself couldn’t carry a child on their own, they took you with them. You were happy to have a family again, but devastated that you lost your friend.

Years later you faced the same destiny again. You parents passed away, but not of an illness but of their age. They had a happy life with you and you were thankful for everything they did for you.

Now you are the Queen and a loved one as well. You never forgot your routes and therefore make sure that every last village of your kingdom is doing well, visiting them yourself, making sure they are safe and have enough supplies.

The same day you got an invitation of King Arthur of Camelot, asking you for a visit to renew the old bonds between your kingdoms. Your father and Uther were good friends after all. It was hard for your father to hear that Uther passed away and now that Arthur heard of yours, he wanted to make sure, that you two kept the good relationship.

Soon enough you are on your way to Camelot and pretty excited to see your longtime friend Arthur again. You two didn’t see each other very often in the past, but when you did, you always had a good time together.

You arrive in Camelot and Arthur greets you immediately helping you of your horse, giving you a big hug. You hug him back, glad to see a close friend after everything. You two pull apart and you can’t resist it but bow for him.

“Your majesty.” You say with a big smile.

“My queen.” He answers smiling and bowing down.

You two laugh and you link your arm with his and make your way inside.

“How was the way here?” he asks.

“Very long, I don’t remember it to be this long.” You say and smile  at him.

“You just never paid attention to the way.” He says simply.

“True. How have you been Arthur?” you ask him sincerely, you haven’t spoken since Uther’s funeral.

“Pretty good actually. A lot changed to the better here. I do things very different than my father used, too.” He said.

“I knew you would, I only heard good about you. I’m afraid I’ll lose my citizens to Camelot.” You chuckle, making him laugh, too.

“Oh trust me, with you as Queen, I should be worried about my kingdom.” You both smile at each other and make your way inside the dining hall. That’s when you stop right in your tracks, looking at the clumsy looking boy filling up the goblets.

“Are you alright?” Arthur asks you concerned, looking in the direction you are looking at.

“Merlin?” you ask looking straight at him. The boy turns around and looks at you. Recognizing you, he lets the goblet he just filled fall down to the floor. A smile reaches your face and you run towards him. He moves towards you, too with open arms. You fall into him and hug him as close as you could and he tightens his grip around you.

“I missed you so much.” He mumbles in your neck.

“I missed you, too.” You say happy tears rolling down your face. He pulls back and holds you at arm’s length. He cups your face with his hands and wipes away your tears.

Meanwhile Arthur stands there dumbfounded and looks between Merlin and you, not being able to believe what is going on at the moment.

“Can someone explain to me what all this is about?” he asks.

“Oh Arthur, I’m so sorry. Merlin and I know each other since forever. We grew up together.” You say, smiling at Merlin, still keeping an arm around him.

“The village you got adopted from, was Merlin’s village?” Arthur asks.

“Yes” you and Merlin answer in unison and then chuckle.

The rest of the day you spend with Merlin, catching up on everything you had missed in each other’s life the past years. Arthur was sulking the whole time until he finally gave up and left the two of you alone. After a while Merlin and you went for ride outside of Camelot and soon enough you two are lying in the grass and Merlin makes you laugh with his magic, like in the old days.

“I missed this.” Merlin said, rolling to the side, smiling at you.

“I missed this, too.” You said.

“I could’ve needed this from time to time.” You said and Merlin nodded. With Merlin around you totally forgot that you are a Queen. It send you right back into childhood. Not worrying about anything.

At some point at night, Arthur has had enough and starts searching for Merlin. He looks everywhere but can’t find him. He makes his way to your room and knocks.

“My lady? Are you there?” he asks. Nobody answers, so he lets himself him.

“Hello?” he asks, peaking through the door.

What he sees makes him smile. He knew about this best friend of yours from you childhood, but he never knew it was Merlin. He is very happy, that you found this very important person again. You needed this.

Honestly, he invited you to make sure you were okay. The refreshment of the good relationship between the kingdoms was just an excuse. He knew how hard it was on him, when his father died and it wasn’t your first time to lose your parents.

He smiles and gets a blanket, to cover the two of you. He would make sure nobody would disturb the two of you.

Merlin and you were laying on the floor cuddled up in each other on lots of blankets and pillows and feathers. You two always wanted to make a pillow fight, but never had the chance to. And it sure wore you two out.

Both of you with a smile on your lips, slept soundly together on the mess.

Arthur blows out the candles and quietly closes the door behind him. But still he would have to talk to Merlin tomorrow, about his unpolished amour.

taehyun; birthday run

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Taehyun’s heard it all before. A ransom call in the dead of night. Yeah, sure, piece of cake. Literally.

sidenote: secret agent!AU, inspired by the drama series “The K2″. I’m in too deep, help.  

scenario of 1.5k words

If there is one weakness Taehyun have always wished to erase, it was the mere sound of his name uttered by the one voice that could destroy him beyond his control.

“Who is this?” He runs a thumb over the corner of his mouth anxiously, trying to keep his voice even.

“Time’s ticking, Nam.” The voice from the other end is of a man he couldn’t recognize. The anonymity only pushed him further to the edge and Taehyun feels the desperation consuming him quicker than he was willing to let on.

This man knew his name, a struggle that many have encountered when it comes to him. The nature of his work revolves around confidentiality and given his impressive track record, Taehyun is well sought after for (mostly) all the wrong reasons. This isn’t just anyone on the line, whatever this person wanted— it’s personal.

“Let me hear her.” He demands flatly, swallowing the tight knot forming in his throat.

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Apologies - Sehun Scenario

“I can’t fucking stand you when you’re like this.”
“Like what Sehun?” You yelled back at your boyfriend of a year.
He looked startled for a second at the volume of your words. You never raised your voice to him. You didn’t believe fighting and arguments were the way to sort things out - but not tonight, he had pushed you too far. The look of surprise vanished from his face in an instant and it was replaced with a stony stare.
“You know what I’m talking about. Don’t act dumb.” He said flatly, his hands going up to run through his hair.
“Oh!” You exclaimed angrily. “So now I’m dumb.”

Sehun exhaled loudly and rolled his eyes.
“Jesus Christ.” He said, before walking out of the room and into the kitchen. Rage boiled in your veins. How could he have the audacity he walk away from you like that?
Quickly getting to your feet, you stormed after him. You hovered in the doorway for a moment, watching him. He stood, hands on either side of the sink, staring out the window. He didn’t even lift his head to glance at you when you stomped into the room.
“I’m sorry.” He said quietly, so quietly you almost didn’t hear him. “I’m sorry I missed our anniversary.”
Tears welled in your eyes as you scanned over the table behind him. The candles were still lit, the place mats still set. You swallowed hard to prevent them from falling. You didn’t want to cry tonight.
“We were just all finally getting the new choreo right and I thought you’d be okay if I stayed a little longer - I was a dick, I should have realised it wouldn’t be okay. Not tonight.”
Despite your best attempts, tears finally escaped and rolled down your cheeks at his words. You had worked so hard to make sure tonight would have been perfect and when he had returned home two hours late, disappointment had swelled in your chest.

Sehun finally looked up at you, his face instantly falling as he took in your tear stained one.
“No, no, no.” He said, rushing forward to where you stood, hands flailing. “Don’t cry. Uh, fuck, please stop crying.”
Your silent tears had turned into full sobs, racking your frame as he clutched you to him.
“I just wanted tonight to be perfect.” You sniffed, your words coming out in a broken sentence.
“I’m such a fucking horrible boyfriend.” He said into your hair after a sigh.
“Yeah, you are.” You whined into his chest. He held you tighter and as much as you tried to fight it, you felt your anger slowly dissipating.
“How many apologies do I have to give before you forgive me?” He said sadly - his voice echoing in the quietness of the room.
“I don’t know.” You said, still in his arms. “But you can start right now.”

The only one Pt.15 (Jimin scenario)

Paring : Jimin / You (female)

Genre : Vampire AU / Fluff / Romance

Words count : 1200+

A/N : This is it! The last chapter. I apologize for any mistakes, I fixed a lot of mistakes while reading it from the beginning. Enjoy!

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After you said goodbye to everyone in the house, you went to the airport, you tried to hide the damage on your cheek with makeup but it was still obvious which made people stare at you again.

While you were sitting on a chair in the waiting area, with Jungkook in your arms, waiting for Jimin to comeback, a woman probably in her 30s came to you and sat next to you.


“Hi!” You said a bit surprised. Why would a random stranger approach you?

“I was just passing by, and I saw you.. I know I’m just a stranger but I couldn’t stop myself.” You were staring at her with a frown wondering what on earth was she talking about. “I can see that you’re trying to hide the bruise on your cheek with makeup.”

“Oh, I… Uh… Is it that obvious?” You said with a small smile.

“Was it your husband? Does he abuse you?” Your eyes widened.

“I’m not married.”

“Oh, I saw that your holding a baby and assumed it was yours.” She smiled.

“Yeah he’s mine, but I’m not married, it happened by accident, I mean we didn’t plan the pregnancy.”

“I see. I’ll ask you again, and please don’t be afraid to say the truth, does your boyfriend abuse you?”

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Prayers to the Stars

Day 2 time!

Nightlight is the God who Katherine prays to for courage! Enjoy!


The stars were drawn, each night, by the ethereal being who guarded their village. Katherine knew this, he was their Patron God, the one they prayed and made offerings to, he was the subject of their songs, and the hero in their stories. Katherine would know, she’d written many of them herself and they were what she offered to their Guardian during festivals and holidays.

It was what she was offering now.

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