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[THEORY] NCT U and the synchronization of dreams

Part 2 - Messages from the unconscious

This post is the second part of a trilogy. You can find the first part here and the third part here! :)

Teaser #2. Synchronization of your Dreams

Continuing my analysis on NCT U’s debut, the second teaser shows us Taeyong waking up in the penumbra of his room, a light catching his attention from afar. He notices his bed is full of sand, and so are his hands. The boy in the first teaser opened his eyes older, but we’re still trapped inside a dream.

Getting out of bed, Taeyong follows a sand path, a trace from the past. But now there’s a red carpet below. We can see it’s an important path.

Taeyong enters the light at the end of the tunnel, and the scenario that follows is clearly a backstage, a limbo, with its improvised walls and debris that didn’t fit on the main stage. He puts on a leather jacket and ruffles his hair: he’s now entering the superstar persona, not only in the dream world, but also in the awake one.

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Dreams of Onyx

Summary: It’s year 2456, and Taehyung might not live to see past the age of 21. 

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Dystopian!AU, angst

A/N: unrefined, but please still give it lots of love. a part of the “Colors” dystopian series. 

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47 people are going to die today. 

Taehyung scans the sloppy line again, tracing his finger in the air from the start to the tail as he mouths the numbers to himself. No, miscalculations—48. A little more than usual.

Gray clouds loom overhead, casting a melancholy gloom on the ignorantly blissful expressions of the people below. They stood in a distorted string, stretching halfway around the square structure rising before them. Casual chatter buzz in moderate levels throughout the mass, intercepted by occasional rings of laughter that seemed almost inappropriate for this horrid occasion, except—of course—the participants don’t know.

Taehyung watches in apathy—and a bit of disgust—as the people converse with each other, accompanied with friendly pats on the shoulders here and there. Smiles radiate off of their faces, as if they don’t mind the extravagant, yet scratchy and uncomfortable gowns they were suggested to adorn, or the navy blue barcode inked on their forearms. Their one-way ticket in.

In a week, it will be his turn.

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Tiny People in Jars AU: Part 7

Part One/Two/Three/Four/Five/Six/Ao3

Every Relationship has its Ups and Downs

“Oh, no,” Dawn said, squeezing Marianne a little tighter as both of them stared at the way Bog had gone. The house was settling back to stillness, the shaking from the back door slamming shut fading away. The chorus of crickets could be heard now, their music slipping in through the kitchen window and fill the silence left by Bog’s departure.

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Gone Girl

Here it is, the Gone Girl AU inspired by a conversation with hummingbirds-and-champagne and unwillingsuspensionofdisbelief.  This is pure dramatic fun and not in anyway meant to be taken serious.  It may also be my swan song for this fandom.  I hope you guys stick around to appreciate any other mutual fandoms we may share, but I understand if you don’t.  At the very least, please enjoy this:

The seeds were planted when Elena turned off her humanity.

               Shesaid how much better it was, how much easier, and I thought yeah, yeah it is.  Of course I couldn’t do it.  I was the good daughter, the good vampire, and how could I possibly do that to my mom?  My friends?

               But the seeds were planted.

               They began to take hold, to root themselves deep, when I watched my best friend play the loving girl friend to my abuser day after day, and act as if there weren’t a damn thing wrong with that.  I watched her be happy with him, and then I watched her be heartbroken over him, as if that two-faced bitch actually had a heart to be broken in the first place.

               And then there was Katherine.

               She was conniving and bitchy, but she never hid any of it.  And when she talked about teaching me how to be bad, well… I thought why not?  Why not let it happen?  Of course Elena whined about her, and Damon wondered why we didn’t just hand her over to Silas, and Stefan slept with her.  And all the while she watched me with that look that asked me why I was so busy being the good vampire, when it was clear it was better to be bad.

               The seeds began to grow when I helped her fake it all.  When I offered her my blood, and she looked at it, and then at me.  Then she told me her darkest secret.  The truth of the game she’d been playing; the game that had been put on indefinite hold, when Elena shoved a cure down her throat.

               She was diabolical.

               She was everything I was too afraid to be.

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You may have been rid of Dan Humphrey’s gossiping days, but you’ll never be rid of me. Because every happy ending is just a new beginning, and on the Upper East Side, the good times never last forever. And who am I now? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. ❞                                                                                                                                                xoxo bitches, Gossip Girl

Out with the old and in with the new. It’s a whole new era, and with it comes a brand new generation of socialites. And while faces may change and the monarchy may have crowned a new Queen Bee, there are some things that are eternal. The Upper East Side has always had a reputation for wealth and prestige. It’s no secret that it’s considered a borough for the rich and elite, but those of us lucky enough to get wrapped up in the affairs of Manhattan’s Elite know the truth. Behind the veil aristocratic poise lies a world of secrets and drama. And amongst the scandal, lies, and seduction, everyone is fair game when it comes to Gossip Girl’s wrath. It’s impossible to hide anything on this side of town, so keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and remember there’s a fine line in between the two.


So this is it, this is your dream come true. This is what you gave your life for. With growing record sales and booked tours, you’ve clearly made it big within the vast world of sex, drugs and rock & roll. However, it’s not all gold and glory. Behind the veil of infamy resides lies and secrets that you’ve kept from family, friends and fans. With the never ending tours pushing you further and further from sanity and limb towards the brink of an all out breakdown, the only thing you can do is Hope For The Best!

The hands of time as she slowly strokes my face. Death awaits as she whispers my name. Tears are shed, life is lost. Can anything life this fog as doubt sinks in. Am I on the right path…what is lost can never be found again, at least in this life. I am sure but not always sure about you, is it truth or lies hiding behind a veil of secrecy. Your smile, your taste seduce me. I lose and forget everything again…once again I am looking for you, I don’t know whether you’re running or hiding, what will I find when I finally find you. Headlights dance on rain covered streets, as the highway opens up in the middle of the night. Because when I finally found you, you were no where in sight, a crumpled note with no words, broken promises, lasting impressions, as tears fall. My bags are finally packed, on the nightstand I leave my soul and as I walk out, I finally turn off the lights for the last time…

Chelsea Grin - Behind A Veil Of Lies

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Keep Me Warm (a romantic roleplay with Admiral Freckles)

( admiralfreckles roleplay where Elsa and Hans were engaged to be married upon the day of her coronation as queen. They have never laid eyes upon each other until their ceremony.)

Elsa frowned at her reflection in the mirror. She thought things couldn’t get any worse after she almost let her frost ice over the crown jewels an hour ago, now she was being dressed for her arranged marriage.

Her veil shimmered from the sunlight glimmering through the stained glass window. The gossamer fabric was long and semi-sheer, covering her from her head to her torso. Her gown was a simple diamond white silk with small beaded crystal sewn to the sweetheart bodice and on the off shouldered sleeves that stretched down to her wrists. The design was a-line, accentuating her slim figure and height. Her shoes were an elegant pointed toe design with straps around her ankles that Elsa felt resembled shackles more than anything.

Elsa secretly hoped and prayed for this day to never come. She didn’t want to be queen, and she certainly didn’t want to marry a man she’d just meet in front of the officiate. She wondered if her future husband was this nerve wrecked as she was about this arranged marriage. The only thing she knew about him was his name: Hans.

“Are you ready, my lady?” A handmaiden asked as she smoothed out the queen’s veil. “Just beyond these doors, not only are you crowned queen, but you are to be married! Aren’t you so excited?”

“….ecstatic.” Elsa lied through a pained smile behind her veil. As soon as music began to play behind the door, the handles were pulled back, exposing Elsa to the sea of faces of visiting royalty for her coronation and wedding. She couldn’t quite make out any faces. She searched through her veil for her groom, and saw at the end of the aisle a blurred silhouette of a man with flaming red locks.

“Oh God..” Elsa whispered to herself as she began to march.

I want the words to wander
from my heart,
to get lost in every crease,
in every ever - deeper fold,
of that gorgeous mind…

That home you built
to house your secrets,
to hold your strengths,
to halt your fears-
A place where few have entered.

Here I often spend my time,
writing on your rain-worn step,
-front porch step-
to wonder what’s inside…

-What lies behind the veil?-

I love the quiet,
sweetest silence,
but I want to know the storm.

That boldest tempest,
tangling my lines,
strips my words
to feeling -

letters torn asunder
and borne away on the winds of change
to touch the deepest currents
of your mystery-
but they need not shift for me…

Biding minutes,
whiling days,
Till my words come knocking once again,

I sigh
and long to kiss you,
Lovely Dreamer.

—  From your moon child