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The blasters used in The Force Awakens were built around functional Airsoft guns that would “kick” when the trigger was pulled, thus giving the actor an indication of when it fired. Furthermore, built-in lights allowed for practical glows and interactive lighting to better simulate a blaster shot and guide effects artists when animating a blaster bolt.

ilovecandy7778  asked:

Is the clone war's announcer part of the jedi doc.?

Hahahaha, like the Jedi have him come along as part of the package? 

The Documentary Director: Who’s that guy? Is he a Jedi, too?
Mace: No, that’s Phil. He’s our narrator.
Director: Oh. Wait, what?
Shaak Ti: He queues up our next adventure for us.
Director: What…all the time?
Phil: [trailing behind Yoda, who is walking down the hall] DAYBREAK! Master Yoda, awakening from a restful night’s sleep, walks towards the dining hall in search of badly-needed caf! Meanwhile, JEDI KNIGHT ANAKIN SKYWALKER and his Padawan AHSOKA TANO, have just spilled all of the remaining caf on the floor while doing an ill-advised handstand competition!
Yoda: [groans] 
Phil: As the two desperately try to cover up their mess before Master Yoda arrives, JEDI MASTER OBI-WAN KENOBI approaches with towels to assist the frazzled Jedi – unaware that he is about to accidentally back up into a large stack of glass mugs!
[the sound of breaking glass and Obi-Wan’s swearing can be heard]
Mace: [to the Director] Phil’s very good at his job.