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void24779578359  asked:

hi john, was just wondering if there was any black metal that you have been listening to lately that you would recommend if its not an inconvenience? peace

I haven’t heard any black metal I cared about in a long time. Necrophagia’s White Worm Cathedral is a real late-in-the-year winner, it’s death metal though. when I open the “best of 2014” document I keep on my laptop this is what comes up

v/a, russian death metal

behemoth, the satanist

septicflesh, titan

autopsy, tourniquets, hacksaws, and graves

horrendous, ecdysis

necrophagia, white worm cathedral

tuomas holopainen, the life and times of scrooge mcduck

death penalty, s/t

conquering dystopia, s/t

strand of oaks, heal

morbus chron, s/t

there’s a lot of death metal there and one power metal and one indie rock record. get the morbus chron record if you want something with incredible staying power, I’ve listened to that thing over and over.