A Song of Subtext: What is Sansa Stark thinking?

I am spoiler free. Please, if you know something from a leak that negates one of my theories I ask that you keep it to yourself.

Episode 7x05 was shot exclusively from Arya’s perspective, which I thought was an interesting choice since plot-wise all the scenes revolved around Sansa. Because of this, it was difficult to get a handle on what is going through Lady Stark’s mind when the Lord’s are offering her the crown. Arya seems to think she’s making some sort of power grab, but I can’t quite figure out why. My interpretations of Sansa’s actions point to a strategic but desperate stall for more time. She predicted this would happen. If she had wanted to be queen why wouldn’t she have encouraged him to go south? She’s not dumb. She knew that Daenerys would almost certainly either force him to bend the knee or kill him for sport. When Jon went to Dragonstone he as good as gave the North to her on a silver platter, and that was before he officially made her next in line by giving her the power to rule in his stead.

But that doesn’t mean we should be a little suspicious of Sansa. Arya dies bring up some valid points. Sansa always wanted to be a queen. She wanted to be like Cersei. Now she is about as close as she can be to that goal. In fact, respective to their kingdoms, Sansa has more influence than Cersei did back then. She’s advising a king who loves her and listens to her and wants to protect her from harm, which couldn’t be any further from Cersei’s relationship with King Robert. Also, she’s got a lock on the job if anything happens to Jon, not to mention filling in whenever he’s absent. Still, eyeing the Seat of Winter would amount to nothing less than treason, even if Jon wouldn’t agree. Is she really capable of that after all she’s been through? Is it possible she hasn’t changed at all?

No, it’s not. While I agree this looks a lot like Sansa’s childhood dream, that girl was not the woman we know today. Sansa has been forced to marry men who didn’t love her, beaten, raped, threatened with rape. She’s witness murder and war and grotesque evil. She has saved lives and forgiven her enemies. Throughout her tribulations Sansa Stark has learned one simple truth. The truth Cersei taught her. The only truth she knows.

The only people this world that you can truly trust are your family.

Sansa’s trusts her brother. She knows whispering in his ear is much safer than wearing his crown. Her goal is not to undermine him and it certainly isn’t to usurp him. Her reasons for not beheading those outspoken lords for treason are genuine. That would be the dumbest thing she could possibly do. She needs to keep them satisfied until Jon can get bac., In fact, I think there’s a lot of canon evidence that the’s extremely anxious for him to get back.

Now, as for Arya’s whole I just got back from three semesters at a liberal arts college and I have a lot of opinions about how governments should function thing is really getting on my nerves but that’s a whole other post. Thanks for reading this one. Tell me what you think!


Gustav Klimt + Mythology :  2 /? -> Judith and Holophernes

The Myth: The account of the beheading of Holofernes by Judith is given in the deuterocanonical Book of Judith, and is the subject of many paintings and sculptures from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. In the story, Judith, a beautiful widow, is able to enter the tent of Holofernes because of his desire for her. Holofernes was an Assyrian general who was about to destroy Judith’s home, the city of Bethulia. Overcome with drink, he passes out and is decapitated by Judith; his head is taken away in a basket . 

The PaintingJudith and the Head of Holofernes  is an oil painting by Gustav Klimt created in 1901. Many paintings exist, describing the episode in a heroic manner, especially expressing Judith’s courage and her virtuous nature. Judith appears as God’s instrument of salvation, but the violence of her action cannot be denied and is dramatically shown in Caravaggio’s renderingas well as those of Gentileschi and Bigot. Other representations have chosen the subsequent moment, when a dazed Judith holds Holofernes’ severed head, as Moreau and Allori anticipate in their suggestive mythological paintings.Klimt deliberately ignores any narrative reference whatsoever, and concentrates his pictorial rendering solely on to Judith, so much so that he cuts off Holofernes’ head at the right margin. And there is no trace of bloodied sword, as if the heroine would have used a different weapon. Judith’s force originates from the close-up and the solidity of posture, rendered by the orthogonal projection of lines: to the body’s verticality (and that of Holofernes’) corresponds the horizontal parallels in the lower margin: those of the arm, the shoulders joined by the collier, and finally the hair base.Judith’s face exudes a mixed charge of voluptuousness and perversion. Its traits are transfigured so as to obtain the greatest degree of intensity and seduction, which Klimt achieves by placing the woman on an unattainable plane. Notwithstanding the alteration of features, one can recognise Klimt’s friend and maybe lover, Viennese socialite, Adele Bloch-Bauer, the subject of another two portraits respectively done in 1907 and 1912. The slightly lifted head has a sense of pride, whereas her visage is languid and sensual, with parted lips in between defiance and seduction. Franz A. J. Szabo describes it best as a, “[symbol of] triumph of the erotic feminine principle over the aggressive masculine one.” Her half-closed gaze, which also ties into an expression of pleasure, directly confronts the viewer of all this. In 1903, author and critic Felix Salten describes Judith’s expression as one “with a sultry fire in her dark glances, cruelty in the lines of her mouth, and nostrils trembling with passion. Mysterious forces seem to be slumbering within this enticing female…” Although Judith had typically been interpreted as the pious widow simply fulfilling a higher duty, in Judith I she is a paradigm of the femme fatale Klimt repeatedly portrayed in his work. The contrast between the black hair and the golden luminosity of the background enhance elegance and exaltation. The fashionable hairdo is emphasized by the stylised motifs of the trees fanning on the sides.Her disheveled dark green, semi-sheer garment, giving the viewer a view of nearly bare torso, alludes to the fact that Judith beguiled the general Holofernes before decapitating him.

A/N: Ieyasu has a cold.

”Am I supposed to be impressed by this?” Ieyasu said, setting his soup down.

MC knew this tone, it’s one of those that were spoken softly but had a very dangerous undertone to it.

”Didn’t I say that I want strawberry daifuku?” He asked, and she fought her lips not to curve upwards, because who would’ve thought that a trivial thing like this could anger the oh-so-great Ieyasu so well.


”Then why would you bring me this horse piss?”

The horse piss pushed her to the edge, and her lips betrayed her.

”Oh, so this is funny to you?” Ieyasu asked, tilting his head and smiling as well, for different reasons. ”Should I assume that getting beheaded is also amusing to you?”

”Getting my head cut for serving soup does indeed have a ring to it.” she responded, not intending to take his threats seriously. ”Although, I also have to assume that your unhealthy habits don’t get you first.”

”Oh, believe me, my unhealthy habits will not prevent your premature death.” Ieyasu said, even more irritated but she wasn’t to back down. She wasn’t scared of him anymore, and his empty vicious words had nothing on her.

”Lie down, milord.” she said, laying his sheets on the floor. ”Your fever isn’t completely cured, we’d hate it if it’d resume.”

Ieyasu’s brows knitted, but his smile never faded. ”And since when are you to tell me what to do and whatnot?”

MC sighed, crossing her arms. ”I’m not impudent enough to tell you what to do, but the faster you recover the sooner you’ll reunite with your precious strawberry daifuku.”

”You take me for a kid you could manipulate in exchange of some sweets?” He asked, but shut his book.

”But of course not, milord, if you already became familiar with the horse piss there.” She said, giving up her attempt to hide her amusement.

Usually, she would be met with an annoyed leer and a more relentless comeback, but he seemed too tired, eyelids heavy and cheeks flushing.

MC walked closer to him, setting her palm against his forehead. He flinched from the sudden touch, but never bothered to swat her hand away. Even after holding the bowl of warm ”horse piss”, her palm was cold against his forehead.

”Oh.. Are you feeling okay, milord? Should I call for a doctor?”

This earned her the inevitable swat that’d shoo her hands away from his warm skin.

”Like I haven’t had enough of your hassle already?” He murmured, standing up again and settling himself between the futons, his back against her. ”Call a doctor, and I’ll make you pay for it.”

MC sighed, and blew the candles. The room was dark, the moonlight being the only thing seeping through the doors. His respiration flawed, thanks to the mucus in his throat that he doesn’t bother to cough away.



”Why are you still here?”

”You’re sick.”


”I have to see that you’re not in need for a doctor throughout the night. Don’t mind me, milord, act like I’m not here.”

”Aren’t you eager to irritate me, while I’m at my weakest?” Ieyasu rose to his elbows, turning to her. ”That doesn’t stop me for giving out an order that’d make you stop. Permanently. So leave now, before I grow more than just irritated.“

MC awkwardly scratched her head. ”I didn’t mean to irritate you, I’m sorry. I only meant to help, but apparently that only managed to anger you. I’ll leave you be, milord. Goodnight.”

Ieyasu followed her dark figure as she stood up and got the dishes that she had brought with her. She walked to the door, but her steps were interrupted by his reluctant voice.

”You didn’t anger me.” He murmured, and turning around she noticed he has buried himself between the sheets. ”If you listened to me once, you’d know I was merely annoyed.”

MC grinned, because it was this easy. Turning the conversartion to her favor, making him bite back his words for the fear of hurting her feelings - it wasn’t as impossible as she had thought at first when meeting him.

”I didn’t mean to annoy you, I’m sorry.” She tried to hide the smile in her voice, but barely managed.

”I’ll forgive you, if you make my strawberry daifuku tomorrow.” his voice was barely audible, but she adored this side of him where his voice wasn’t stable and soft due to his carefully built exterior. ”I’ll be perfectly recovered by then, so there’ll be no need for you to nag about my health.”

”Then I’ll make it the most delicious you’re ever tasted yet!” She promised him, sliding the door open. ”Until then, do your best. Goodnight, Ieyasu-sama.”

She slid the door shut, smile still lingering on her lips.

She headed to the kitchen to wash the dishes, catching a glimpse of the full moon. She noted to herself how it reminded her of strawberry daifuku Ieyasu loved so much.

Sansa👏is 👏 a 👏 good 👏 ruler 👏 but 👏 that's 👏 not 👏 the 👏 point 👏 here

In the whole Starkbowl scene, the message coming across is that Arya wanted to behead the Lords, accused Sansa of wanting the power to herself, and is generally being super paranoid and wrong.
I’m not a Sansa hater (though I am an Arya loyalist) and I’m not attacking her or trying to make her out to be a super villain or something at all.
I don’t believe Sansa will ever betray Jon, no that’s not happening. After everything they’ve been through, no way in hell will she plot against Jon or try to overthrow him or anything of the sort.

But did anyone pay attention to Arya’s exact words?
“You’re thinking it right now. YOU DON’T WANT TO BE, but the thought just won’t go away.”
Sansa is not an evil person. She doesn’t want to betray Jon and take over his crown, but at the same time, she believes she would be a good queen (true that) and she does want power. She wants to have a say in ruling, especially when she feels that she would do a good job (in all her scenes with Jon for instance).
Sansa is vocal and assertive, because she understands politics. She was brought up in an environment which basically groomed her for the task plus, she has a nature suited to ruling, to diplomacy.
We know that. And so does she. When Jon is made the king, she wholeheartedly accepts it, and is happy for him. But this thought is still there.
She stands by Jon, but as she sees him make mistakes, she can’t help but think that she would do a better job (again true). Which is why she contradicts him in public. She doesn’t want to undermine him, but she can’t help it because she doesn’t want Jon to make fatal mistakes. She wants Jon to listen to her in nearly every counsel, but what she actually wants deep down.. Is just to rule in his stead.
And as we saw, she is doing a brilliant job of it. Much better than the other Queens, plus Jon. Even her Lords think so. And that is why they feel free to tell her that.
And what Sansa comes up with is, I’m sorry, not a strong argument for Jon. She’s not doing this deliberately. But since she herself doesn’t agree with Jon, it shows in her words subconsciously.
“He is doing what he thinks is best.”
How is this a strong defence for Jon? Seriously?
Sansa doesn’t want to betray Jon. And she won’t. But she wants power. And honestly, I don’t even see anything wrong or evil in that. Hell she’s a good ruler, so obviously she wants to rule, what’s wrong with that? Considering that everyone else is too evil/naive to do it anyway.
This is what Arya senses in her. And this is what she forces Sansa herself to acknowledge. Something she’s been trying to avoid for long.
I don’t know why it’s set up to be such a villainous scene between the sisters, but seriously, I think both of them have a point. So that’s that.

Antis in the Jonerys tag talk about it being incest, and yet… look at Game of Thrones as a whole…

first scene of Game of Thrones, a man is beheaded by a White Walker, and there are body parts strewn everywhere.

Honestly, people. We knew what is up from the get go. Calm your tits.

more than a few taz moments have been drawing me in to draw or animate them. for some reason i chose an early season moment i didn’t even remember happened until the second time i listened to the series.