[Humanstuck: Erisol] BEHAVVE!: Chapter 1

I regret everything

A/N: Even though you aren’t introduced to the twins in this chapter I’m gonna be a loser and tell you up straight that the twins are named “Sol” and “Lux” ‘cause im the most uncreative bastard ever and I don’t want to get too complicated with this. So uh… here I guess is the start of that twin!sollux/eridan thing.

[edit] i snagged a new beta reader so some context may have changed. it’s still pretty much the same just with correct grammar and punctuation.

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It's A Little Hard To Explain

This was originally supposed to be cute but then… it didn’t turn out that way.

okay ill try it again later.

anyways, i think i finally developed some plot, and you’ll come to see Eridan having more tough times with Dualscar his dad.