behavioural analysis unit

“Spencer we shouldn’t do this. Not at work”
You whispered to him as he ran his hand along your thigh.
“But I want you….right here and now.” He breathed onto your neck and kissed you lightly. His lips made you shiver and let out a gasp of air.
You felt is arms wrap around your thighs and hoist you up onto his waist and your back against the wall.
His lips pressed onto yours and made you moan.
“Shhhh you have to be quite”
Reid chuckled as you covered your mouth with your hand.
He placed kisses along your neck and down to your breasts, playfully biting your left breast.
You moaned louder and moved your hips into his crotch.
Spencer moaned into your breast trying to stay quite.
His fingers lingered at the bottom of your skirt. Teasing you like he always does.
You whined in complaint and moved your hips harder into him.
“Now look who wants to do it at work” Spencer smirked at you.
He lifted your skirt and pressed his hard crotch against you.
You reached down pulling at his pants and boxers, finally releasing his hard member.
You felt his postion himself at your entrance and slowly pushed himself inside you. Your walls clenched onto him and made you moan from the pleasure. “Fuck! Spencer!”
His hand covered your mouth as he pounded harder into you.
“I am about to-” Spencer releasead inside of you, making you cum also.
“Fuck Spencer…that…was amazing” You were out of breath.
Spencer let your feet touch the ground, tugging your skirt back to how is was.
He then pulled up his pants and gave a little laugh.
Spencer pulled you in for another deep passionate kiss.
“I suppose we better get back to work.” He sighed.
You huffed “ Damn work. I want to continue this.” You pointed between you both.
“Well…” Spencer grabbed your waist. “Why don’t we continue this..all night…after work?”
Your grin widened and you kissed his cheek.
“Well..I will look forward to that.”
You tugged on his tie kissing him again.
Your kiss was interuppted by a knock on the door.
Your eyes widened as you looked from Spencer to the door.
“Reid and Y/N…we have a case. And I swear if you have made a mess in there….please clean it up first.”
Your face went red as you heard Hotch walk away.
“Oh my god. We are so dead.”

Everything Happens For A Reason

Luke Alvez x Reader

Requested: No. But, this is actually based on a true story, it was honestly the worst and my mind obviously went to ‘what if this situation happened with a CM character’ and so here we are!

Summary: When you come home from a long day from work and you find out your keys are not in your bag, you get help from a stranger who happens to be incredibly good looking…

Word Count: 1,064, Warnings: None.

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Goosebumps formed on your soft skin as you walked on the streets of Washington D.C. to your apartment. The cold air brushing against your body made you regret not bringing a jacket to work that morning. All you could think about was getting into a warm bath, putting on your most comfy pyjamas and binge watching ‘Friends’. You rubbed your bare arms, teeth chattering at the wind as you walked down the road to your apartment complex. Your neighbour had just entered in before you and so they held the door for you. You politely thanked them as you attempted to keep open your tired eyes as you walked up to the third floor.

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Trainee // Stiles Stilinski

Summary: Recently turned Twenty-year old Reader had casted waves in the Federal Government recently. Graduated training on time before working hard to become part of the best behavioural analysis team. As a new SS Agent Reader teaches a lecture to the new agents on how hard work can help.

Characters: Reader x Stiles Stilinski, Spencer Reid, JJ Jareau, Garcia (mentioned), Aaron Hotchner, and McCall Pack members.

Words: 4084

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or Criminal minds. Nor do I own any gifs, images, jokes or songs that may appear. I do own the plot and characterization of the Reader.

Warnings: Swearing, mention of death, angst, break ups, and fluff.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This has been in the back of my mind since I saw Stiles going up the stairs to his course. I’m unbelievably proud of him and the accomplishments.


Prompt List


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Smoothing down the black pant suit you held tight to the tablet supplied by the BAU as your feet softly landed on the ground. Hotch had asked if you could given a lecture on becoming an agent on choosing the BAU. In the end if was Section Chief Cruz that brought the idea up. That’s why you were walking into the room filled with an atmosphere of anxiety and smell of sweaty teenagers.

“She’s so put together.” A voice whispered as you walked up to the front where the class leader was.

“Why is she so dressed up? It’s the first day. Overachiever.”

The room was the typical type of trainees that were a mix of serious learners and the ones in it just to have the title of an FBI agent. There’s was one person in the room you took the most serious and that was the boy in the second row with at least five pencils, a water bottle, and he was hanging on the instructors every word.

“Y/N thank you for joining us.” John said shaking your hand.

“Anything for the trainees.” You smiled back before turning to the class, “I’m Supervisory Special Agent Y/N Y/L/N with the Behavioural Analysis Unit. I’ve been asked to come talk to the class for a few days on my how I came to be a member of the BAU at my age.”

“How old are you?” The second row boy asked leaning forward curiously.

“I’m the youngest BAU agent at twenty years old.” You smiled at him, “What’s your name?”

“Stiles Stilinski.” He replied, “What do you do as a member of the BAU.”

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Prompt: You’re a victim of an almost crime and you’re sat in an interrogation room

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Emily x Reader

You tap your fingers on the cold silver table as you await whoever is coming to see you. You stay facing the table but you raise your eyes so you’re looking at the mirror knowing there are agents are looking at you trying to figure out what you’re doing as you’re looking at the mirror, the door opens and a brown-haired female walks in and sits in front of you placing a file down. You don’t want to admit it but she made you hold your breath when she first walked in. She laces her fingers together and leans closer towards you showing compassion.

“Hi Y/N. My names Emily Prentiss, I work with the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI.” She says looking you in the eye and you can see wonder in her eyes: are you really as innocent as you say you are? Is that the only reason she’s looking at you like this?

“Hello-” You say, your voice cracking from crying for so many hours earlier.

“I’d like to do something called a cognitive interview with you, just to help us understand what happened to you.” Emily says trying to keep your eyesight. You shift away from her, almost nervous to look in her eyes. You nod tentatively and take a deep breath before finally meeting her in the eye.

“Okay if you just close your eyes, I’ll be here the whole time. Now can you tell me what you were doing at the beginning of the night.” Her soothing voice helping you think back to last night.

“Scotty! Come here boy!” You say whistling to your Labrador. As he comes bounding back you stroke his head and lock the door behind you shivering as you do so, when a breeze blowing through leaving your hairs standing on end. You lock the door and walk back through the kitchen. As you sort through your cupboards you hear it, the sound of children laughing outside. You check your watch so see it’s 1:40 AM.

You feel the hair on the back of your neck raise once again but this time because you feel like you’re being watched. You reach into your drawer and take out a knife and quietly close the drawer again as your stomach fills with anxiety for a reason to you is unknown. As you whistle to your dog he bounds up the stairs as you slowly go up behind him making sure all the windows are closed.

You climb into bed sliding the knife under your pillow holding onto the handle. As you drift off you’re still anxious but sleep consumes you anyway. You slightly stir away when you hear someone walk up your stairs. You freeze out of ultimate fear, you were anxious before but now you can hear someone coming up your stairs you freeze out of fear.

Your entire body starts to tremble as your breathing becomes rapid and erratic. You feel someone put their hands over yours and you look up and come face to face with Emily’s kind chocolate eyes.

“Hey, Y/N. Listen to me, you’re okay. You’re in here with me you’re okay. Just listen to my voice, look in my eyes and pretend my finger is a candle and blow it out.” As Emily holds up one finger and you blow at it like a candle, after you have calmed down heat flushes to your cheeks when Emily intertwines your hands once more. You keep hold of it as you explain the rest of your story.

Even though you know you have a knife there’s something about the reality of this happening to you -to you of all people- that’s what makes you freeze. You feel the man grab your leg and tie it to you bed post and with another rope both of your feet are bound to your bed. The man crawls on top of you and whispers in your ear.

“Wake up baby.” As he whispers in your ear your blood runs cold. You open your eyes and you come face to face with this guy who you swear you’ve seen somewhere but in the dark of your room with only the light of the moon you can’t see properly. He holds down both of your hands as you suddenly freak out knowing this is about to happen. You’re about to be raped or murdered. Or both.

“Let’s fix you.” He leans over to tie one left hand to the bed and that’s when your body finally kicks into fight or flight and you finally grip the knife properly and swing it at the man on top of him. You nick his arm with the blade and he screams. You swing the knife again but this time at the man’s arm. You feel the knife go into the man’s arm and he rolls off screaming clutching his arm. You quickly lean forward and quickly untie both of your feet and sprinting out of the room, whistling for your dog. As you exit your room the man starts to chase you and Scotty comes running towards you. The man yells and Scotty jumps at the man and bites him on the arm. The man screams and tries to drag Scotty, a fully-grown Labrador, off his arm. You finally make it to the front door and you yell for Scotty who quickly follows you with a limp in his run.

As you finish explaining your story you look at Emily and you realise you’ve been holding her hand this entire time and you’ve been crying. You look up at her and she has all the compassion in the world in her eyes.

“You believe I’m innocent, right?” You say scared of what she’ll say.

“I believe you.” She says leaning towards you and squeezing your hand. “Y/N. You told me he said let’s fix you. What do you think that means?” Emily says confused. Honestly you didn’t remember that until this interview.

“I don’t know… Is it important?” You say confused.

“His current victimology has been women in their early 30’s who are lesbian or bisexual.”  You cringe knowing that victimology you knew these women were killed afterwards.

“Uh… Yeah. I’m a lesbian.” You say blushing at Emily.

“Okay Y/N. Thank you for this, I understand it couldn’t have been easy. We don’t know what will happen to you with this unsub as this hasn’t happened. Do you have anyone you can stay with?” She says hinting at the fact the rest of the victims are deceased.

“No… My family all live in Iowa.” You say frown, trying to understand that he might come back for you. Is he going to come back?

“As you’re the first victim to stay alive the unsubs routine has been interrupted, and he cannot continue by harming you while you’re in my- I mean my teams protection. This is if you don’t want to travel to stay with your family?” Emily says almost blushing at her proposition.

“I’d like that very much.” You say smiling, then blushing knowing that the rest of the team in looking at you through the mirror. You both stand up and exit the room as you do so you take a quick second to look Emily up and down and you see handcuffs, a badge and a gun. “Do you take all of them home?” You say pointing to the belt. Emily walks over to you and puts her hand on your back showing you where to go down the long hallways.

“Oh yeah, especially the handcuffs. If it makes you feel safer.” Emily whispers in your ear, making you blush at the thought of it. At the thought of her.

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