behavioural analysis unit

“Spencer we shouldn’t do this. Not at work”
You whispered to him as he ran his hand along your thigh.
“But I want you….right here and now.” He breathed onto your neck and kissed you lightly. His lips made you shiver and let out a gasp of air.
You felt is arms wrap around your thighs and hoist you up onto his waist and your back against the wall.
His lips pressed onto yours and made you moan.
“Shhhh you have to be quite”
Reid chuckled as you covered your mouth with your hand.
He placed kisses along your neck and down to your breasts, playfully biting your left breast.
You moaned louder and moved your hips into his crotch.
Spencer moaned into your breast trying to stay quite.
His fingers lingered at the bottom of your skirt. Teasing you like he always does.
You whined in complaint and moved your hips harder into him.
“Now look who wants to do it at work” Spencer smirked at you.
He lifted your skirt and pressed his hard crotch against you.
You reached down pulling at his pants and boxers, finally releasing his hard member.
You felt his postion himself at your entrance and slowly pushed himself inside you. Your walls clenched onto him and made you moan from the pleasure. “Fuck! Spencer!”
His hand covered your mouth as he pounded harder into you.
“I am about to-” Spencer releasead inside of you, making you cum also.
“Fuck Spencer…that…was amazing” You were out of breath.
Spencer let your feet touch the ground, tugging your skirt back to how is was.
He then pulled up his pants and gave a little laugh.
Spencer pulled you in for another deep passionate kiss.
“I suppose we better get back to work.” He sighed.
You huffed “ Damn work. I want to continue this.” You pointed between you both.
“Well…” Spencer grabbed your waist. “Why don’t we continue this..all night…after work?”
Your grin widened and you kissed his cheek.
“Well..I will look forward to that.”
You tugged on his tie kissing him again.
Your kiss was interuppted by a knock on the door.
Your eyes widened as you looked from Spencer to the door.
“Reid and Y/N…we have a case. And I swear if you have made a mess in there….please clean it up first.”
Your face went red as you heard Hotch walk away.
“Oh my god. We are so dead.”


ANON ASKED: Can you please make one where the reader is trying to cover bruises after being abused by her boyfriend? Thank you.

You tugged at your long sleeve shirt once more
before entering the bullpen.
The bruised hand mark above your wrist was a
dark purple colour, and you didn’t want the team to see.
Your boyfriend was drunk again last night and grabbed you too hard.
He had done this once before and apologised. This morning he apologised again,
saying how much he loved you and to forgive him. And you did.
“Hey Y/N. How was your weekend?”
Morgan’s cheerfulness brought a smile to your face.
“It was alright. I just stayed at home for the weekend.”
“Nice. How is your boyfriend doing?”
You froze for a second and scrunched your hands together.
“He is fine.” You quickly shot back.
You could see the questioning look on his face.
‘Damn it. He is a profiler, he’s going to figure it out.’
You turned around but felt his hand catch your bruised wrist.
You winced as a slight amount of pain coursed through your arm.
Morgan noticed your discomfort and let go.
“Y/N.. What is wrong with your wrist?”  Morgan pointed to your arm.
You found yourself whipping your head around and finding
that you had both gained the attention of the team.
“W..what…N..Nothing is wrong.” you stuttered trying to answer him.
“Y/N if something is wrong please tell us beca-”
“NOTHING IS WRONG MORGAN!” You snapped and stormed to your desk.
You glanced back over to see Morgan shocked over your burst of anger.
“Y/N. My office now.” Hotch’s voice beamed through the bullpen.
You looked to the ground as you walked up the stairs and into his office.
You sat opposite him at his desk with your knees
together and hands clasped together, continuing to avoid eye contact.
“What was that about?” Hotch pointed his head to the door.
“It was nothing.” you mumbled.
“It didn’t look like nothing to me. what happened?”
“Morgan just needs to mind his own business.”
“He was only asking if you were okay Y/N” Hotch snapped back.
“Show me your wrist.”
Your eyes widened at what he asked and you shook your head.
“Y/N. Show me your wrist. I know that there is something wrong and
I can tell your uncomftable, But you need to show me
right now or I will consider having you take time off”
The tears began to form as you lifted your sleeve
slowly, Revealing your battered and bruised arm to your boss.
You heard him gasp slightly at the sight of your arm.
“What happened?” Hotch asked again but in more of a sad tone.
“I..It was Eric…He was drunk again.” You sobbed
quietly and let the tears fall from your cheeks.
“I love him Hotch”
Hotch sighed and breathed in through his nose,
suppressing a tear from falling down his own face.
“Y/N…I know you still love him but…This is not love”
he pointed to your wrist.
“Someone who loved you would not do this.”
“I can’t leave him. If I leave him Hotch I will have no one!”
The tears continued to fall and your chest
tightened as your breathing quickened.
“You will have me…you will have JJ…Morgan, Reid,
Rossi, Garcia… You will have all of us.”
Silence filled the room as you thought about what he said.
“I can’t…I am sorry” You looked up at him as you spoke.
You lifted yourself up from the chair and walked to the door.
“Y/N! where are you going?”
“I am going home Hotch.”
“Y/N please…We can help you.”
“Goodbye Aaron”
closing the door behind you you made your
way back to your desk and grabbed your things.
“Y/N? where are you going? I am sorry if I made you mad.
I was just wanting to know if you were okay”
Morgan was franticly trying to apologise as you walked past him.
You entered the elevator and pressed the button.
You took one last look at the bullpen to find your
team staring back at you in shock and confusion.

The smell of alcohol filled your nostrils as you entered the house.
“Eric?” you called out, listening for any movement.
“Where the hell have you been?” He spat out as he met you in the hallway.
“I was at work…I am sorry”
“I want something to eat! hurry up and make me something!”
You felt his hand across your face and a hot stinging sensation replaced it.
You quickly nodded your head and rushed to the kitchen,
pulling out bread, ham and cheese from the fridge.
You served it on a plate and entered the lounge room.
“Here you go” you placed the plate on his lap.
A disgusted look formed on his face. “What the fuck is this!?…I
don’t want a fucking sandwich, I want a proper meal!”
He screamed at you and stood up, allowing the plate and food fall to the floor.
His hands shoved you against the wall and grip at your throat.
“You can never do anything fucking right! Can you?”
You whimpered and tried to release his hands from your throat.
“Please..Stop!” you gasped for air.
His fist collided with your jaw. The punches continued and
you could now feel blood run down past your cheek to your neck.
He release you from his grip and you slumped to the ground in pain.
His kicking came next. His foot connected to your stomach over and
over again until you heard the front door get knocked down.
‘Hotch?…was that really Hotch?“
You felt a hand turn your face to look at them.
“We need a paramedic now!”
You weased as you tried to take a deep breath.
“Hey..Y/N its going to be okay. Wer'e here now.
I should never of let you come home. I am so sorry”
“H..Hotch.” you gasped out.
“shhhh no don’t talk. It’s okay.
Eric will never touch you again. I swear to you.”
You lightly nodded and let the tears fall once again.


“Uh, excuse me?” you squeaked, walking into the unfamiliar Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI. You were just there to drop something off but you couldn’t help but feel like everyone there was analysing you as if you were an unsub – Spencer had assured you that you’d feel like that a lot because people there just did it out of habit.

“Hi, can I help you?” a pretty woman with long blonde hair said, smiling assuringly at you. You assumed that she knew by the way you blinked or something that you were feeling uneasy by the whole situation.

“Yes, um, I’m looking for Spencer Reid. He left this,” you held up the thick jacket in your hand, “at my place and it’s going to be freezing today and I wasn’t sure if he was going to drop in to home before going to work this morning.”

The woman stared at you for a few moments in almost disbelief. You then realised from the few pictures that Spencer showed you of his friends that it was none other than Jennifer Jareau – he was the godfather of one of her sons.

“And you bought him some lunch too,” Jennifer suddenly grinned widely, “you must be (Y/N) then! I’m Jennifer but you can just call me JJ – hold on, I’ll just grab Spencer for you.”

You said a quick thank you as she dashed up towards several offices and conference rooms. After a few minutes, Spencer emerged out of one of the rooms with an entire team following behind him looking rather giddy. This wasn’t exactly how you thought you were going to meet Spencer’s friends… you had to remind yourself again that you weren’t under investigation.

“I’m sorry,” Spencer laughed when he finally reached you, his friends all standing behind him, waiting patiently, “thanks for coming in. I was actually just thinking that I was going to be cold today.”

“She’s so pretty!” you heard one of the women squeal, causing Spencer to grin as he quickly kissed your forehead and then turned to face his team mates and friends, his arm wrapped around you.

“Guys, this is my girlfriend, (Y/N).”

“It’s great to finally meet the girl that Reid won’t ever shut up about,” the older man said with a smirk on his face, this becoming the first introduction to the friends of what would turn out to be your future husband.

Imagine: Spence overhearing that you want to attend Comic Con, and taking the opportunity to ask you out on a date.

Talk Nerdy to Me//

Familiar faces encompass you in a sea of chatter and controlled commotion. Footsteps, both heavy and soft, rush around you, just itching to finish up for the day so that they can go home, lie down and catch up on whatever is good on Netflix. Okay, so maybe not everyone does that. Maybe the infamous Aaron Hotchner, your boss and an avid workaholic who works late hours and insists on getting the job done, goes home to his son Jack,  only to begin his second full-time job as a single father. David Rossi, on the other hand, will go home and write the night away. You smile at JJ, who is just about the closest friend you have here ever since you began working as a criminal profiler. She bids you a warm good night before she disappears down the long narrow hallway, her long blonde hair swaying behind her as she walks. She will go home to a loving family, her husband Will and her little bundle of joy, her son Henry. Your hand begins to cramp as you furiously write away at the papers in front of you, following up about the case you have just solved. Several bodies had been found scattered around Ohio with signs of rape and electrocution marks covering their skin, all young women around the same age with an appearance far too similar to yours. As always, the team had done their job and arrested the man responsible without firing a single bullet. Another fellow co-worker, Dr. Spencer Reid, had been acting strange around you all day. Usually, all he would do was ramble on and on, countless facts about serial killers that relate to the unsub, but today, he was oddly quiet. You turn your head, peering across the room at him. HIs actions mirror yours. His eyes are squinted, focused on the report in front of him. You worry about the good doctor sometimes, wondering what he does when finally goes home. You have heard many stories, terrible stories, about how a little over a year ago, he did have a life outside of work. A wonderful woman named Maeve who he truly loved with all of his heart. She was killed, murdered in cold blood, right in front of him. He never speaks of the incident, and you don’t blame him. After all, why is it that terrible things always happen to extraordinary people? You shake your head of the many thoughts coiling inside of your brain, realizing that you have been staring at him. Luckily, his eyes have yet to meet yours. You take a deep breath, blinking to readjust your eyes back on the report in front of you. You scribble down a few more words, finally finished and ready to go home. You gather your papers together, standing up and making your way towards Hotch’s office.

“Finished?” Hotch asks you with the faintest hint of a smile. It was rare for him to smile so he must be in a good mood tonight.

“Yeah.” you confirm, “I can’t wait to get home and crash.”  Laughing, you hand him the completed follow up report, “There’s a warm bed at home with my name on it.” Examining his face with a shocking amount of precision, you squint your eyes at him, softening your voice, “You should do the same. Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be more bad guys tomorrow.”        

“I will.” he sighs, his eyes never leaving the stack of papers in front of him, “Thank you for your concern. Have a good night.”

“You too, Sir.” you smile warmly at him, tearing your eyes from the stressed workaholic. You turn, spinning on your heel to face away from him, gripping the door handle firmly with your right hand and pulling it open. You take a few steps through the lengthy hallway, lost in your own thoughts. Suddenly, as if in slow motion, your body comes to a forced hault. Snapping out of your daze, your eyes widen in realization of what just happened. Spencer of course, being polite and gentle, apologizes for bumping into you.

“No no, it’s completely my fault. I should’ve been watching where I was going.” you smile up at him, running a nervous hand through your hair. You bend down, beginning to gather the mess of documents, all once neatly filed, that you practically knocked from his hands.

“Don’t worry about it.” he assures you with a cute, boyish smile, kneeling down to your level and gently taking the documents from your hands.

“Oh look at this mess.” you sigh shaking your head, still frantically gathering stray sheets of paper from the carpeted floor of the Behaviour Analysis Unit, “My mind must have been somewhere else, I’m so sorry.” you mutter on.

“Wow, and they say I like to ramble.” Spencer teases, “Don’t worry about it, seriously.” Completely synchronized, the two of you stand up to your feet, your eyes meeting for the first time since you practically knocked him over. He analyzes your face, paying close attention to the dark circles under your eyes worsening with every passing night. “When is the last time you slept?” he asks curiously, his mouth slightly parted in careful speculation.

“You mean for over three hours?” you chuckle, “What day did we first leave for Ohio again..?” Your voice trails off and your mouth settles into what can be best described as a mix between a tight smile and a cringe. “I just have trouble getting my full eight hours when we are miles and miles away from home.” you further explain. The genius nods, the worried expression on his face slightly fading.

“Hey so uh..” he starts, “I overheard you talking to JJ the other day about how you wanted to go to Comic Con…” he awkwardly fixes his short, curly, brown hair, licking his lips before continuing, “I actually have an extra ticket and was wondering if you wanted to go with me..?” Your eyes light up with anticipation, the corners of your mouth tilting upwards into a wide smile, flashing your white teeth at him.

“Are you serious?” you breathe in joy. Spence nods, his own expression quickly turning from nervous to surprised as he studies your broad smile and bright, ecstatic eyes.“Oh my God, I would love that! You’re the best, Spence!” Practically jumping forward, you pull him into a tight hug. His heart pounds in his chest as you engulf him. He raises his arms, softly wrapping them around your slim body.