behaving like a man

A feminine Male is not a Gay Male
Gay is a sexual preference, not a choice in expression, unless you’re talking about the Gay as in happy. I’m coming out as a straight Male to say that I embrace my femininity, without a misunderstanding of my sexual orientation through perceived societal constructs of how a Man should behave.

Stop stereotyping everything.
I like Pink and Heart Emojis. 💕

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Here is a story for an anonymous friend, that wanted to write a possession story about an adult man possessing a young student. I hope you will all like it.  If you also want me to write a story about you, just contact me and tell me what do you want me to write about.

I snapped a picture of me sitting in a car looking good as always and posted it on My story on Snapchat. Cool. Blues eyes were drawing attention and perfectly matched my new T-shirt that Alisha, my girlfriend, gave to me yesterday.

“Ok, time to go now.” I grabbed my stuff and put my phone into the pocket. “ I went straight to school from the parking lot. The way usually takes about 10 minutes, but today it took me longer, because I had an encounter with a weird stranger. He looked like homeless and probably a stoner, but I was happy to help anyone who asked me for help. 

“Hey could you please help me? You look like a well-behaved young man.”

“Sure, what can I do for you sir?” I politely answered.

“I got debts and I don’t have enough money to pay it all back. Mr. Bernetti, maybe you know him, is not a patient and a decent man like you. He is a mobster and threatened me to pay him a tax for my store. But not many people come to my store since Bernetii started to show his ass more often.” said the stranger shaking nervously.

 “Look, I would really like to help you, but I am just a student and I can’t give you any money. I need them too. Maybe you could ask somebody else or try to contact the police.”

“No. I can’t go to police, he has got his people there, I just can’t. But you could help me, I just need a hideout for a few weeks. And you would be perfect, he would never look in your house.”

“Look, I live with my parents, I can’t let a total stranger live in my house. I don’t even know you”

“Don’t worry, your parents won’t even notice I will be there. I fill fit in just right. All I need to know is to be you, to become you.” he said in a happy, but a still nervous voice and pushed me to the ground. 

“What are you doing? Get off me” I tried to push him away. He was touching me everywhere and screaming. “That bitch lied to me! She said that drinking that shit will be enough. I will kill her. Kill her!” Then he spotted a coming crowd of my friends and quickly ran away from me. They helped me to get back on my feet and came with me inside. 

I was stressed out. What did that guy mean? What did he mean by “become you” ? I was over thinking that moment all day. After school I headed to play football. I got changed and took my water bottle with me. I left it on a bench and went to play. I drank the whole bottle even thought that the water tasted a bit sugary. After practice I drove home. My parents were on their anniversary dinner. I unlocked the door and came inside. But before I could close the door that weird stranger came in.

“Get out, I swear will call the police.”

“You can try, but this time I made sure that it will work. Fuck, I will be so hot in just a few seconds” then he jumped at me again. But this time I didn’t collapse. My body just absorbed his and I felt like I couldn’t move. I felt paralysed, but still could anything happening around me. I could feel the wind, sweat drops on my forehead, anything, but I couldn’t move. But then my eyes started to move.

“Shit, that was a ride. Hey hot boy, you still in there? I hope you can see what I am about to do. I will stay in this body just for a while and then I will leave like nothing happened. Well I hope you agree with me, because you don’t have a choice and I can’t hear you. So…” came out of my body, but it wasn’t me talking. My hands started to move and touch my face.

“Please just get out, I will do anything, please.” I screamed, but didn’t hear anything.

“Hey I think I can feel your emotions in there, but don’t worry this anger will pass and you will enjoy being a passenger in your body. Now where were we?” he was touching myself again and posing in the mirror. “This is a really nice body. I have to admit you were taking good care of it. NIce abs, flat torso, huge biceps, damn bro, look at your nice package. Your dick is so huge. I need to get it wet with some hot girl. 

My whole life was in his hands. I couldn’t do anything. He bought new clothes, that I would never wear, stopped playing football, everything. All I could do was to be as much emotional as it was even possible. The first time he was with a girl, I tried to be disgusted and I think it worked. My… His dick couldnt get hard. He should have known that possessing gay guy is not going to be a holiday vacation for a straight homeless. Unfortunately he didnt mind. He found himself a nice twink to fuck and continued to ruin my life.

He is enjoying holiday now with bunch of other guys. It has been 5 weeks now and nobody suspects anything. They all thing that I just wanted to enjoy my life more. Maybe its better this way, but I would really like to have my body back one day, because it sucks to be just a watcher. All I do watch how he is having fun in my body, drinking  booze, using drugs and fucking other guys. “Hey, that guy has a cool tatoo on his arm, maybe he will fuck me later.

The best thing about Jyn Erso is that she IS strong, she IS a badass, she IS a heroine, but not in a spectacular way. She is not a jedi or a princess or a big politician figure. She can be every girl in the world, pardon, in the galaxy, fighting for a cause that she believes in. She can be one of us. Also, she is all of this being very feminine too. She doesn’t need to behave like a man or reject her needs and gender. She likes Cassian (oh girl, I like him too) and clearly show it to him and us. So what? Falling in love make her less strong? Not at all, no way. Well, I don’t know about you, but I like this very very much.

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All of the women in Game of Thrones, irrespective of whether they’re noble, whether they are highborn, whether they are prostitutes or servants, whether they’re wildlings, you name it, they’re all extremely strong, every single one of them. They have a reason to be strong because it is very much a man’s world and they have to exist within it and sometimes to be in that world you have to start behaving like a man or operating like a man. Thinking like a man but with a woman’s spin on it. – Michelle Fairley

Love is Blind

It’s nobodies fault that I cry at night.
I know he blames me for everything. He was never good at taking responsability for much, so I endured all the pain. He’ll tell himself anything to convince himself why it’s not his fault, I’m not even blaming him I’ve been too busy reflecting on my part, but he’ll keep telling himself and others “this is what she wants,” yes, the suffering, the distance, the struggle, but never that he couldn’t change that which didn’t work, he’ll keep feeling sorry for himself and talk about the selfish bitch I am, I’d rather be away from you than to hear it again and again, I see you haven’t changed for shit, I don’t regret leaving, cause your so fucking arrogant, and will never notice me bleeding, I did my best to love you, to give us a real chance, but the more I forgave you the less you behaved like a man. I caught on to your tricks, puppy eyes, and how you played dumb. You had me fooled for a long time, when I finally saw the truth it really stung, I slowly waited to catch you using your dirty little tricks, you made me feel crazy and that I needed to get a grip, when that stopped working you would cry for pity, and when that stopped working you got mad and blamed me, everytime this happened I would just sit there and listen, to your criticism, your insults, your threats, and then I finally distinguished, that I was a good woman being daunted by a smart man, I think I left right in time, God wouldn’t dare let you lay a hand, you know I’ve been hurt before but still you changed into this monster, I didn’t know I was scared until you lead me to the answer, the last fight we had I didn’t recognize you anymore, your eyes looked wild, my heart numb and sore. I couldn’t take the yelling, you could never look me in the eyes, the only time you did was when your anger arised, a woman like me needs love, tenderness and understanding, but you couldn’t keep me in love, on top of that you were too demanding, you can keep playing the victim, other people will eat that bullshit right up, but the one person that cared for you, me, knows you really fucked up.

  • Alfred: Bruce, go find a nice girl in Metropolis, settle down, and find a little bit of the happiness that you're convinced you don't deserve. Give me grandchildren!
  • Bruce: *goes to Metropolis to rob Lex Luthor, is utterly dumbstruck by a beautiful woman, behaves like a slack jawed cartoon of a man, gets his shit stolen by said woman, and immediately decides he'd do anything for her.
  • Alfred: *looks at Diana, as she saves Bruce's ass* I'll take it. Perhaps the longevity means she'll have enough patience to deal with him.

This is THE ONLY SCENE I cared about in Cinderella and the Four Knights episode 10. The show is actually grating on my nerves because of the level of immaturity the characters are showing… 


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Can I please request a scenario where the GOM and Kiyoshi Teppei find out they are dating Hanamiya's sister(who isn't like her brother)?

AKASHI: Akashi would behave like any respectful man would and ask for consent from Hanamiya, no matter what the circumstance. If he refused and whether you cared or didn’t care about your brother’s opinion, he would prove himself further to be an even greater boyfriend, not that he wasn’t already.

AOMINE: At first, the name didn’t click in his mind. Then it did. He cursed under his breath, “Fuck, seriously?” You were a bit hurt at his reaction and pressed your lips. But he knew he was wrong. You were nothing like your brother. You were good and sweet. So he just pulled you close and kissed the top of your head, “Alright. Okay.”

KISE: His jaw dropped at the sight of the dark-haired guy who had hurt Seirin’s members. Initially, he would be shocked and might even distance himself from you. But when he saw how different you were from your brother, he knew he had no right to judge and came back begging for forgiveness. “Please, please take me back, ___-chi.”

KIYOSHI: Oh God. His heart thudded in his chest rapidly. Despite the brave front he put up against Hanamiya, bits of the painful trauma still remained in his heart. You knew what had gone down and hoped that you could keep it hidden for longer but apparently not. It would take him some time to come to terms with it but he was a good man who knew how you were and would love you even if you had particular family members.

KUROKO: The phantom sixth man felt his blood began to boil at the sight of Hanamiya and he clenched his fists. You had warned him of Hanamiya beforehand but it still didn’t ease the difficulty of facing the guy who had hurt his team. He was courteous enough to Hanamiya but wouldn’t do anything specific to befriend him.

MIDORIMA: While he’s never faced Hanamiya directly, he knew of the things that Kirisaki Daiichi had done to other schools in basketball and, of course, it pissed him off. But he would still try to be polite for your sake. And maybe he’d curse Hanamiya once or twice with a voodoo doll, reminding him of his bad luck in the future.

MURASAKIBARA: In all honesty, Murasakibara couldn’t care less if your family members approved of the two of you or not as long as you were happy. But he did it for formalities and he didn’t like Hanamiya one bit. When you left for the bathroom for a while, he narrowed his eyes at you brother. “I like ___-chin, but not you. You’re weird. And you have thick eyebrows.”

If he touches you in a crowd, hit him. Don’t just hit him, know how to hit him. Take a class, do some research, practise and get good. Elbow him in the eye so hard that it won’t open for a week.
If a man behaves like an animal, forget PETA, forget that you’re a vegan. Hurt him. Men that touch women without their consent, need to be punished, and every woman needs to be capable of defending themselves upon being violated- irrespective of how commonplace violation has become. It’s not up to your boyfriend, and ignoring it won’t make it stop.
Don’t be afraid. If a man touches a woman without her consent, she already knows that he is a coward, she already knows that he is weak and she has already won.


While you might think that ordering for a woman on a date or asking her for a blowjob have fallen out of fashion, it turns out that they have not. As we found out, most heterosexual women have a story about going on a date with a man who behaved like a minor character on Mad Men. Of all these, this guy who found out his date didn’t want children might just take the cake.

“But why would a female feather dinosaur have bright colourful male plumage, Kelly?” I can already hear my ask box ringing when I wake up six hours from now

Maybe we can say it’s something like with chickens where in the absence of a rooster sometimes one of the dominant hens will start behaving like the “man of the house” but exaggerated a step further where it causes a hormonal shift that changes the plumage

Maybe they chose to splice in a species with vibrantly coloured females, like eclectus parrots, because they wanted bright colours to wow crowds.

There is no end to the pseudo-science that can explain away even the most persistent well-actually’s in a universe where we’re sucking dna out of amber and mixing it up with frogs to build dinosaurs that spontaneously change sexes sometimes for the sake of proving Jeff Goldblum right,