behaving badly

Eng translation of Jeonguk’s apology

This is 24K’s Jeonguk.
On October 26th during the recording for Music Bank Stardust, I behaved badly. 
I want to apologize to all of the viewers for the way I acted after talking with MC Seunghye-nim.
On this day Kim Seunghye-nim also had a great time recording and I didn’t want at all to offend her or hurt her feelings.
I came to humbly say my intention was not to offend her.
The editors of the recording/that scene, I believe, misunderstood what really happened and now my heart feels very sorry. 
I had a lot of fun with the recording, so because of this I thought to myself “How can I make it more fun?”
Instantly I thought that the viewers would enjoy it if I were to portray myself as someone rude. 
Kim Seunghye-nim and her staff thought that it was funny.
Afterwards, Kim Seunghye-nim came to me and asked “Jeonguk, why don’t you take your mask off?” and I said “I’m a squid/ugly.” Her along with my members laughed.
After the recording was done Kim Seunghye-nim said “we had fun but because that wasn’t part of the interview I’ll have to cut out your comment like a rotten apple.” (The comment he made about himself being ugly)
Also, Kim Seunghye-nim didn’t ask a funny question at the end of the recording so I didn’t think it would cause such a big problem.
However, I am aware that because of me everyone experienced an embarrassing moment, so courteously I say sorry once again.
Consequently, in the future, I will be a better and more mature Jeonguk, and I will try to show a more discreet and pleasant image. 
Thank you.