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how can you deal with the belief that there is no afterlife if you are atheist?

Religion was created by humans as a way to cope with their own morality. Religion instils a fear of death - the “salvation” that it teaches is used as a way to alleviate the fear of death if you behave in a certain way. I live my life how I want to while religious people live their life how they think they should to get into “heaven” and that is no way to live. I don’t see the appeal with living a life to please somebody other than myself. I know I will not see any of my loved ones after they or I die, so I cherish the time I have with them now. I have no conscious memory of time before I was born and I won’t after I die and that’s 100% okay with me. Death is inevitable, so why fear it? Enjoy your life and make the most of it because once you’re dead, that’s it, there is no afterlife.

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Can you talk about Hamilton and Jefferson's physical health, respectively? Or point me in the direction of where I can find this?

I honestly don’t know where to find something about Alexander Hamilton’s physical health (I looked everywhere) But, I can tell you a great deal about Thomas Jefferson’s physical health!

From age 19 on, Jefferson had a tendency to develop prolonged incapacitating headaches, usually at 7-8 year intervals, usually correlated with stress or grief, complicated by indecision and deeply buried rage. 

  • Violent headache for two days after behaving awkwardly in front of a girl he fancied (March 1764, age 20). 1764 March 20. (Jefferson to William Fleming). “I will endeavor to answer it as circumstantially as the hour of the night, and a violent head act, with which I have been afflicted these two days…My head achs, my candle is just going out…" 
  • Six week headache after his mother’s death on March 31, 1776. 1776 May 24. (Edmund Pendleton to Jefferson). “I am sorry to hear your pleasure at home was interrupted by an inveterate head ach…”
  • Six weeks of headache soon after arriving, unhappy and homesick, as minister to France in 1785.
  • While overburdened as Secretary of State, headaches recurred when he learned that a friend had become ill, but recovered (April 1790). 1790 June 13. “I have been prevented acknoleging sooner the receipt of yours of April 30, by an attack of the periodical head ach which came on me the 1st. of May, and has not yet quitted me. The first week was vilent, the rest has been moderate nad for these 10. days past I have been able to do business.”. 1790 June 13. “I am to return you thanks for your kind favor of May 28. which found me so far recovered as to have no further occasion for medecine. It was the first time the bark had ever failed to remove my complaint very speedily.”. About this time he had a second set of headaches, lasting from sunrise to sunset each day for 6 weeks. 1791 June 23. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph). “I am in hopes the relaxation it gave me from business has fred me from the almost constant headach with which I had been persecuted thro the whole winter and spring.”
  • 1807 March 16. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph). “The remains of a bad cold hang on me, and for a day or two past some symptoms of periodical head-ache.”
  • 1807 March 20. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph). “I am now in the 7th day of a periodical head-ach, and I write this in the morning before the fit has come on.”
  • 1807 March 20. (Jefferson to Albert Gallatin). “Indeed, I have but a little moment in the morning in which I can either read, write, or think; being obliged to be shut up in a dark room from early in the forenoon till night, with a periodical headach.”
  • 1807 March 23. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph). “My fits of head-ach have shortened from 9 hours to 5. but they have stuck some days at 5. hours, and when they will give further way cannot be divined.”
  • 1807 March 27. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph). “My fit of yesterday was so mild that I have some hope of missing it to-day. I write this in the morning, but will keep it open till the evening to add the result of the day…P.S. Afternoon. I have scarcely had any sensation of a fit to-day: so that I consider it as missed.”
  • 1808 March 29. (Jefferson to Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge). “I must here close, being under an attack of periodical head-ach. It began on Friday last. Sunday it was severe. Yesterday more moderate so that I hope it is on the wane. About an hour in the morning is all the time I have to write in the day.”
  • 1808 April 3. (Jefferson to Cornelia Jefferson Randolph). “I mentioned in my letter of last week to Ellen that I was under an attack of periodical head-ach. This is the 10th. day. It has been very moderate and yesterday did not last more than 3. hours.”
  • 1808 April 12. (Jefferson to Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge). “I am entirely recovered of my head-ach.”
  • At age 75 Jefferson wrote: “A periodical headache has afflicted me occasionally, once perhaps in six to eight years for two to three weeks at a time, which seeems now to have left me”

Jefferson was inoculated against smallpox. He himself inoculated his own family- a procedure not to be taken lightly.

Arm fracture In late June 1781, Jefferson broke his arm after being thrown from his horse. Right wrist fracture: Jefferson broke his wrist in Paris in summer 1785. This seemingly minor event was to cause him grief the remainder of his life. One account described the fracture as compound and poorly treated by the Parisian doctors. The wrist remained swollen, painful, and useless for weeks. Despite taking the waters at Aix-en-Provence, it remained deformed and bothered him the rest of his life. Jefferson fell from a broken step at home in 1821 (age 75), fracturing his left arm and wrist. Now both wrists were significantly impaired. He was forced to write less. 

Dysentery: Jefferson developed severe dysentery (bloody diarrhea) in 1802. He consulted no doctor, feeling that horseback riding helped.

Back Injury: After performing extensive manual labor at Monticello in late summer 1794, Jefferson became almost totally disabled by a back condition for two and a half months. Repeated bouts of back pain assailed Jefferson after this initial episode.

Jaw infection: A severe jaw infection occurred in January 1808. Jefferson’s 1819 statement said that he’d never lost a tooth.

Reading Glasses: From middle age on Jefferson required spectacles to read. In his 70s he wore spectacles at night “but not necessarily in the day unless in reading small print”

Rheumatism and constipation: Jefferson was disabled by rheumatism in summer 1811. In 1818 he had his most severe attack of rheumatism ever. It was accompanied by life-threatening constipation. 

Buttock Boils: 1818, Jefferson developed boils on his ass (lmao). He did not ride a horse for several months.

In 1819 (age 75) he was “too feeble to walk much but riding without fatigue six to eight miles per day, and sometimes thirty or forty”. Jefferson might of had spinal stenosis because these patients are limited in their walking, but may have much better capacity for bicycling and other forms of exercise when seated. Jefferson had a history of back problems.

Jefferson’s strength declined further in winter 1822, but he remained in generally good health.  He could walk “only reach my garden, and that with sensible fatigue”.

Hearing Loss: In 1819 Jefferson wrote “My hearing is distinct in particular conversation, but confused when several voices cross each other, which unfits me for the society of the table”. By 1825, however: “This [hearing] dullness of mine causes me to lose much of the conversation of the world and much a stranger to what is passing in it”. Jefferson’s fondness for shooting as a form of exercise caused the hearing loss.

Prostatic Enlargement:There are statements that Jefferson had prostatic enlargement in at least the final year of life.

At age 75 Jefferson wrote: “I have not yet lost a tooth to age”. 

He did not use tobacco in any form.

The following description of Jefferson is a reminder that medical skills in that era were not always restricted to medical people: “He was a gentleman of thirty-two who could calculate an eclipse, survey an estate, tie an artery, plan an edifice, try a cause, break a horse, dance a minuet, and play the violin”.
No significant illness as infant or child.

Jefferson encouraged exercise, walking and shooting most of all, observing: “Games played with the ball and others of that nature are too violent for the body.” Although a dedicated scholar, Jefferson advocated time to exercise even though it meant interrupting study, warning: “Health must not be sacrificed to learning.”

Jefferson was no fan of the doctors. He especially distrusted the practice of bleeding.

Ate little animal meat. Vegetables were his principal diet.

Drank 3 glasses of wine a day, but “halved the effects” by drinking only the weak wines. 

Slept from 5 to 8 hours nightly. Always rose with the sun.

Had few chest colds. Partially ascribed this fact to his habit of bathing his feet in cold water every morning.

Had a fever of longer than 24 hours “not above three or four times in my life.”

But Jefferson was not above practicing medicine himself. He: sutured the wound of a severely bleeding slave, inoculated his family against smallpox, and treated his daughter’s typhoid fever.


ancient history meme | women

Kleopatra VII, Hellenistic Queen of Egypt (69 BCE - 30 BCE) “stood at one of the most dangerous intersections in history; that of women and power. Clever women, Euripides had warned hundreds of years earlier, were dangerous. For ten generations her family had styled themselves pharaohs. The Ptolemies were in fact Macedonian Greek, which makes Kleopatra approximately as Egyptian as Elizabeth Taylor…[she] descended from a long line of murderers and faithfully upheld the family tradition but was, for her time and place, remarkably well behaved…

A commanding woman versed in politics, diplomacy, and governance; fluent in nine languages; silver-tongued and charismatic, Kleopatra nonetheless seems the joint creation of Roman propagandists and Hollywood directors… [her] power has been made to derive from her sexuality, for obvious reason; as one of Caesar’s murderers had noted, ‘How much more attention people pay to their fears than to their memories!’ It has always been preferable to attribute a woman’s success to her beauty rather than to her brains, to reduce her to the sum of her sex life.” ― Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life  ( for @tiny-librarian )

WN boys be like

“I wanna go back to the time of Vikings, with ripping out the throats of my enemies, and forget Judeo Christian values those are for cucks…

But our women should behave like pilgrims. Cover up and go churn some butter in a field somewhere”


«Wonderful! Strong! Handsome! Well behaved on the table! Very good boy! He is a very large, very handsome cat!» — this is only part of the compliments that are addressing to our handsome king of cattery Simba Iceberg!

We added English subtitles to the video! So now you can not only see how our furry gentleman loves to pose for the audience and flirting with the judges, but also to hear the opinion of the judge!

By the way, the judge said a few facts about about the Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight breed :)

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oh god, but what if jack tries to warn tater about kent??

So I feel like this wouldn’t happen.  I think Jack, ultimately, wants Kent to be happy and move on, and if there’s a chance he can move on to a relationship that would be better for Kent, he’d support it.  I keep coming back to Jack’s conversation with Bitty and how he says, “Kent and I both owe each other a lot of apologies.”  It means Jack acknowledges that it’s not just Kent who is the problem, that it wasn’t just Kent who was behaving in a toxic manner.  Jack knows that Kent brings out the worst in him, but I think by that statement he knows that he brings out the worst in Kent.

Tater is nothing like Jack, you know?  He’s got a temper, but he’s ultimately a really friendly guy and he seems really supportive, which is something that Kent needs.  Kent needs someone with a high EQ, which Jack doesn’t have.  And I think Jack would see that in Tater and maybe encourage it.

Anyway I mean that’s my HC about it.  I guess I’m going off what Ngozi has said about Kent being a “mild” antagonist (not a villain, and that there will be more antagonists other than Kent in the series), so I don’t think he’s going to end up as someone Jack wants to see unhappy.  (also that Kent is going to get a measure of closure and I really need to believe that he and Jack are able to reconcile their differences and be happy for each other as the years go on.)
Scientists Have Discovered Superconductivity in Non-Conductive Bismuth

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Bringing bismuth crystals to absolute zero temp gives it some interesting properties.

Scientists Have Discovered Superconductivity in Non-Conductive Bismuth

New research has shown that at low temperatures bismuth behaves as a superconductor. The discovery could pave the way for cheaper and more widely available superconductor-based technology, such as MRIs, maglev trains, and new computing methods.

In the House, In a Hearbeat

MMMM MMMMMMM Some good old fashioned character whumpage, my favorite! Requested by anonymous

prompt: robbie is traumatized by horror movie-esque incident that happened in school and sportaboi accidentally brings up something that reminds him of it, maybe even it comes back for revenge. zombies/infected people anyone?

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Testing out mods....

Since I don’t want to play any of my actual saves with the club system being broken, thought I’d take the chance to work towards my goal of ONLY having my own mods in my game.

I have 37 mods of my own.  I’m not sure as of yet if I will be releasing them or not because I don’t want to worry about that many mods whenever EA breaks everything. Also, many are updates of abandoned mods and I don’t know the ethics behind releasing the work of others.

This is my update of the “Change Outfits on Inactive Sims” abandoned mod.   The mod works on random spawned sims and on sims that you’ve played and rotate away from which can come in handy.

*sighs* I see the issue with barista’s spawning and not doing their jobs hasn’t been fixed?  There are TWO barista’s on this lot and neither one of them is doing the job of the barista.  They are behaving like customers.

I thought I would miss the big mods like MC Command Center but I don’t.  It’s kind of nice having full control of my game and not having to worry about waiting for somebody to update their mod.  

Now this is a simple test save with one sim, lol.  We will see how I feel when I am back in my multi-generational save and all the craziness starts up.  I figure at the very least, I could always pop MCCC back in whenever I do a rotate and use it to repair anything the game messed up (like relationships, careers, etc).

And finally, has ANYBODY managed to make a mod that actually stops the crazy pushup, situps, etc?

And the Sim is named Bailey, she will eventually be used in the Whims Challenge (my version of it) where you have to fulfill all the whims of the sim (I won’t be doing the purchase ones though because they’re silly).

Antisemitic banner displayed at Swiss train station


The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has intervened after an antisemitic placard was displayed at a Swiss train station.

The advert at the main train station in Zurich shows a girl, who symbolises Europe, kneeling to kiss the feet of Benjamin Netanyahu. The Ministry have requested that the poster is removed.

The image is accompanied with text which translates to “We are breaking the international law by stealing land, expulsion and apartheid but our joker is the conscience of Europe”.

Portraying European countries, amongst the most powerful and prosperous in the world, as bending the knee to Netanyahu rests on the idea that Israel has some undue influence in world affairs. Only by appealing to the idea that Israel is able to manipulate world governments can one suggest that Europe is behaving in such a way. Yet such an idea is inherently antisemitic, playing directly upon antisemitic conspiracy theories to portray Israel in a similar light. According to the definition of antisemitism, “using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis” is antisemitic.

The poster also calls for sanctions on Israel.

It is unknown whether this is a one-off incident, or whether it is part of a concerted campaign, and if so, whether it has been explicitly allowed by the authorities.

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They clearly release these photos days after they're taken for us to think they're in different continents and definitely not together. If not that, what's the point??!! They think we're that stupid??

exactly. one can’t even argue that its because of another reason because they have always done this for harry and louis only. and it’s been 4 years, i mean, the band doesn’t exist anymore according to everyone, larries are DEAD according to 90% of this fandom, they hate each other WE GET IT, the entire world don’t give a fuck about ‘larry stylinson’, they both changed their teams and YET the people handling this still behave like they could DIE if they don’t prove that harry and louis don’t even breathe in the same space every time a blog on tumblr suspects it. Everything is ridiculous.