tips for a happy life
  • wake up early in the morning
  • do some kind of activity - go running, walk your dog, etc.
  • drink lots of water to boost your productivity
  • read more books
  • listen to inspiring music
  • clean your home/apartment for 15-20 minutes daily
  • consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • prepare your own food - read more about healty eating, check out new recipies, cook with love
  • reward yourself, celebrate little victories - you’ve made it out of bed today, you washed your face and you had the strength to wake up and embrace the new day
  • go out, make new friends, be social
  • pick a diary and a beautiful pencil to write down how your day has been before you go to sleep
  • go to bed earlier
  • make plans for the next day - do something you’ve never done before. When was the last time you tried something diferent?
  • love life

Throwback Thursday to the one night that changed it all! The night where I forever painted the target across my back! The night the LA Kings hosted their first ever Pride Night ❤️💛💚💙💜🌈 🏳️‍🌈👑🏒🥅🦁 unfortunately there’s so many pics I can’t share thanks to all the wonderful porn blogs out there that make it so I can’t show the full story or anybody else’s faces 😒 but anyways. I met hundreds of people that night, thousands of pictures were taken, and people just had to know my story. For most, I was the first trans person they ever knowingly met, and I was now a face they could relate all of the media to. I met some of the greatest people that I now consider my family, those who love me for me, something my blood family couldn’t. You never know when, where, or how you will find your love or your natural space, but I promise it’s out there for you somewhere. I’m so glad that I was able to find mine.

It took me a while to finally get over my insecurities & be willing to be myself all the time. I’m still struggling with it but once you get the negative energy out of your life & focus on your goals & more ways to make your self smile instead of waiting for a man to give you validation you will find a reason to do it for yourself ❤

50 Things to be happy about
  1. long hugs
  2. quiet nights
  3. memories
  4. dogs, cats and all kind of animals
  5. hot chocolates on cold winter days
  6. friends
  7. family
  8. thesmell of spring in the air
  9. hot sunbaths in the summer
  10. swimming in the sea
  11. the clean feeling after you took a shower
  12. good movies
  13. good books
  14. even better books
  15. your favourite song
  16. messages that make you smile
  17. getting a smile from a stranger
  18. being told that someone is proud of you
  19. new clothes
  20. wearing a beanie for the first winter day
  21. finding old things that remind you of something
  22. good music
  23. favourite artists
  24. being loved
  25. being in love
  26. bonfires
  27. cakes and cookies
  28. getting good grades on a test you did not study for
  29. achieving goals
  30. breakfast
  31. holidays
  32. seeing a new movie for a first time
  33. making new friends
  34. new experiences
  35. dreams
  36. rain on hot summer days
  37. winter
  38. first snow
  39. being able to wear your favourite clothes
  40. meeting old friends
  41. spending time with your family
  42. ice cream
  43. your favourite food
  44. being happy for someone else
  45. buying something you saved up for for ages
  46. all the movies you have not seen yet
  47. all the books you have not read yet
  48. the smell of summer nights
  49. someone who takes care of you
  50. love

Hey everyone, trying to start up my tumblr as well as instagram @hockeyprincess73 to show my progress and help some others along the way. I’m not sure how this will go but I will try to update and check in regularly. This is a hard road and it’s terrible to go it alone and I would like to help as many as I can through it all. This is my first post and I don’t really know what to say or what I’m doing so it will be a bit of a learning curve for me. Anyways, thought I’d start off with a before (6 months ago, the day before I started hormones) and after (where I’m at now as of today) to get things rolling 😊when you know what you really want, and take the steps necessary, you will get to where you want to be ❤️💛💚💙💜🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Hello and welcome to ‘Be Happy with Himchan’, a day for celebrating what it is about Himchan that makes you smile! This day is part of a project organized by the B.A.P member networks, that will span from March to September. This project is open to any B.A.P fan, regardless of whether they are a part of any of the networks hosting this project! If you want to become a member of the networks, applications are open for some of them, so it wouldn’t hurt to check them out!

The 27th of April will be ‘Be Happy with Himchan’ Day, where you can show love and appreciation for Himchan by showcasing what it is about him that makes you smile. Essentially, what it is about Himchan that helps us to ‘Be Happy’.

On this day, you can post any original content that you create in order to show off what it is that you love about Himcan. The tag to use for this day is #behappywithhimchan (please make sure to place this within the first five tags).

We hope you will take part in the project and help show what it is about Himchan that makes you happy! You can create any kind of content you wish: gifs, graphics, fanart, videos, writing, and anything else you can think of to help be supportive of Himchan in any way that you can! You don’t have to be an experienced creator; first timers are more than welcome!

For details regarding the entire project, please look at this post here.

If you have any questions, you please direct them to kimhimnet!

Remember to celebrate happiness every day. Surround yourself with positive people. Do what you can to stamp out unhappiness. Do what you love and do what makes you happy. 


I love my best friend. He is a guy and mostly open about how gay he really is. Just recently I agreed to go to starbucks 

Me: “A hot white chocolate mocha coffee in your smallest size please?”

*then my friend steps up*

Friend: “I need a smores frappucino size venti with foam on the bottom.”

Server: “We are out of milk chocolate do you mind it being substituted for mocha?”

Friend: “That sounds great.”

*later in the car*

Friend: I think I should get a shot of expresso next time

Me: That was the gayest thing I have ever heard you order. Not just the fact that you ordered that drink but the way that you ordered that drink. We are both gay and yet somehow you have beaten both our records when you stepped into that starbucks.

Now I am not into perpetuating gay stereotypes but it was just so funny and we joke around about this stuff all the time. He is my closest friend and this is the last time I may be able to hang with him this summer because he is going across the ocean to a different country for vacation. Please like and comment on this post to wish him a safe trip.