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My Thought on Moana

I cried so many times during this movie you wouldnt believe. Here is an unorganized list of why this movie was beautiful to me in every way.

1. Auli'i is my friend. I love her to death and hearing her speak and sing in this movie was not only surreal but incredibly emotional for me. Think of it as a proud mother but x10.

2. They brought up our lost art of wayfinding. Wayfinding is a genuinely lost art that has only recent begun again thanks to the Hokule'a. This is so important, and to see that Moana was so excited and shocked to find out her people were voyagers was truly amazing because I feel the exact same way. “Why did we stop?”

3. Maui. Maui is a myth that I grew up hearing about in betime stories. Everything that they talked about I had already known, and to see someone who you grew up learning about come to life in such a beautiful way was truly amazing. Not to mention I had completely forgotten that Maui didnt come from a God and a Mortal, he was given his power from the gods, but was born of mortal parents. I had forgoten my own mo'olelo.

4. Gramma Tala. Tala was the only one to support Moana’s call to the ocean. Many Polynesians feel this call to the ocean. It surrounds us, and it brings life. If theres a feeling I can relate to most its my need to be on the water, which is why I paddle. Also, theway they showed Tala’s aumakua (spirit animal) sent chills down my spine it was beautiful.

5. Te Fiti. In Hawaiian Te Fiti is Papa, mother earth. Watching Papa come to life after Te Ka was silenced made me cry. Papa gave me my islands, gave me my culture, and gave me my people. I love her. Also watching her lay back town to form her island was amazing because that’s also a big part of many mo'olelo- that gods and godesses lay down to form mountains and islands, and are in an eternal slumber beneath us.

6. The music. The music was beautiful. And having songs fully or partially written in Samoan(?) was amazing to listen to. To have disney publish a movie with a soundtrack with untranslated Polynesian in it was amazing of them.

7. The animation of hula. There wasn’t much of it, but the hula was beautiful and again made me so fucking happy when I saw it.

Not rly a reason but heres a nice tip: Moana doesn’t simply mean ocean, we could use Kai for that. Kai is the part of the ocean you can see. Moana is the deep sea. The sea that we voyage on.

There’s really a lot lot more but this is all I got for now yw here u go~

Will you now forever remain/ out of reach of my arms~
—  Lumière & Plumette, Beauty and the Beast (2017) aka two extra lines I didn’t expect Ewan to sing

Taco Tuesday in a bowl👅🌵⚡️ I’m quite proud of myself because I can finally say I actually like tofu!! After not allowing myself to eat it for a number of years, to thinking it’s bland and tasteless, I’ve finally begun to enjoy tofu again. Hint: it’s all about the spices😉
So this is delicious Cajun-spiced grilled tofu with black + brown rice, tomato, corn, shredded carrot, greens, fresh coriander and ‘cheesy’ cauli sauce👌🏼👌🏼 do you like tofu? if you have any favourite ways to make tofu, I’d love to know them💛

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The Penumbra Musical

I decided that 2Mask2Murderous needs to be made into a stage production. Specifically a musical. This needs to happen. Between Juno’s genre savvy, Peter’s con artistry, and the Kanagawas careers as entertainers, pretty much everybody knows that they’re in a musical.

(Ridiculousness under the cut)

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slow hands

Preview:  You just kind of stare at him for a moment, and you don’t know who makes the first move but suddenly you’re pressed up against your door and he’s kissing you like it’s the most natural thing in the world. You find that you’re not surprised, because it is natural. You’re a little bitter that it took so long, yeah, but you know that right here, with him kissing the breath straight from your lungs, is where you belong; where you’ve always belonged.

Word Count: 5497

Warnings: SMUT, pure and simple. SMUT SMUT SMUT. Light bondage if you squint. Ye be warned.

Notes: This is basically an excuse for me to write smut tbh. I’ve been in such a slump lately with school and everything else, so i was happy to accept any excuse to write. This fic is probably the filthiest smut I’ve ever written. It was inspired, in part, by Niall Horan’s “Slow Hands”, which has been playing in my head nonstop since I heard it. Tagging @jaaystodd and @dicckgrayson, because they had to endure my screaming about this.  I hope you guys enjoy!

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I’ve also posted this to my tumblr if you don’t mind, this is after Lance’s fall




(it’s nothing too descriptive though)

Lance groaned in agony at the pain that coursed through him. His head throbbed and opening his eyes made things worse as his vision tilted and swam every which way. He attempted to move his body and found he couldn’t,

Not even a twitch.

Lance’s eyes flew open and he resisted the urge to vomit at the action. Panic overtook him as he attempted to move again and found he couldn’t he couldn’t. He found that eh could move his arms slightly but doing so with his right arm sent a jolt of agony up it and made his vision grow white briefly.

‘I can’t move, why can’t I move?!′

Lance then remembered that he had been fighting Keith and the stinging pain from the cut across his face became more apparent.

‘we were fighting and then-’

Keith had let him fall, and as Lance had finally hit the bottom, he remembers the cracking sound before passing out.

‘Oh god- my, my spine. Please don’t let it be my sine’

If it was his spine he was screwed,he would never move again. At least not his legs.

Footsteps clicked across the floor and Lance did his best to turn his head towards the source. He couldn’t look up at the whomever approached him but the boots were Galra armor.

“Oh my sweet little Blue what happened”

Lance winced as the Galra rushed over to him and at the sickening cooing tone of their voice.


Even as Lance was likely dying Lotor was still taking every opportunity to “woo” him.

Lance could vaguely feel the upper part of his body being lifted, but upon looking down saw that his entire body had been lifted off the floor.

So it really was his spine.

He couldn’t feel anything below his waist. His upper body didn’t fair much better, while he could still feel it and could move his arms, it was only a slight feeling. A twitch was the most he could manage. He wouldn’t be able to walk ever again. And he likely wouldn’t be able to use his arms again either, at least not to their full extent, if at all.

“Your former teammates have fled, they did quite the amount of damage. In more ways than one”

Lance tried not to shudder. He didn’t have to look at Lotor to feel that hungry gaze raking over his body. Lotor walked down the hallways taking several turns before stopping at a place Lance had come to know to avoid.

Haggar’s personal little workshop.

Most aliens that went in here did not come back in one piece.

If they came back at all.

Lance was walked in an placed on Haggar’s table. He was internally panicking and tried his best not to show it. He was  in a bad position. He was severely injured and unable to move and was about to be at the mercy of the demented witch.

Speak of the devil Haggar was now in the room.

It always bothered Lance how she could move so silently, it meant that if she wanted to kill you,

you’d likely never hear her coming.

Haggar grinned at him and he visibly winced at the smile, which only made it grow wider.

“Do what you have to”

Haggar laughed at Lotor’s command and Lance winced once again as she turned to him, the smile on her face more sadistic than before.

“As you wish my prince”

Lance has been in pain before.

He’s experienced it a lot actually.

He’s been badly burned, had his front teeth knocked out by a baseball, gotten into rough and tumble situations with his sibling resulting in bruises and bloody noses.

He’s suffered broken bones more than once, even had to have one reset. And when you reset bones they can’t put you under. You have to be awake so they know they set it right. He was given medicine to forget though, so I guess he could be grateful for that. Lance has even had stitches.

But none of that could prepare for what came next in Haggar’s “care.”

The next months are tormenting and anguish unlike anything he’s ever known.

None of the injuries he’s ever had could ever compare to this. What was left of his right arm had been removed, and not with any sort of care. Not like Lance was expecting bed side manner from Haggar mind you.

But the spine was the worst. Lance was strapped to the table to ensure he wouldn’t move with his back facing up. Haggar then began to cut into his skin down his spine. Lance bit his cheek to keep himself from crying out as she then separated his skin and spread i out, sticking something like needles into his back to keep the skin open. She continued this process with the muscle and everything else until she finally reached the bone.

Lance wished he couldn’t feel this. He thought he shouldn’t be able to, but then again he wasn’t really sure how anatomy worked. For all he knew Haggar was using her magic so he would feel all of this.

She didn’t trust him, he knew that.

It was one of the reasons he avoided her, The other’s being he found her disturbing.

Honestly Lance was slightly afraid of her.

A sharp stab of pain drew him out of his thoughts and he let a wheeze of pain.

He heard a clack as something dropped into the bowl like object next to him. As he looked over another pain and another object dropped into it again.

It was bone.

Haggar was removing his spine. granted it was useless as it was but the very thought of it be taken out of his body like this instilled terror in him. He jerked and thrashed only to feel the familiar burning of quintessence magic from his spars with the druids wash over his body.

“Be still! Endure it. When I am finished with you, you will regain your ability to walk, and so much more.”

Lane whimpered at the statement as Haggar continued to dig around in his back and removing his spine. He could feel the tolls she was using scrape around and cut the spine from the flesh holding it there. He could feel her claws digging around in his back.

She was enjoying this, causing him pain like this.

Haggar much like Lotor was sadistic. But her sadism stemmed from whatever her goals were. Lotor’s was mindless and random, a form of entertainment whenever he grew bored or a result of his explosive and short temper.

Haggar seemed to have finished removing his spine as she began to move around ridding herself of tools and having a druid rid of his spine in the bowl.

Another druid came into the corner of his vision and handed something to Haggar, he couldn’t make it out from this angle. When Haggar once again approached him he could make out what was in her hands. IT was a metal spine, a prosthetic. She was going to stick that in his back. With the magic holding him down all Lance could do was bite back the scared whine.

Haggar moved towards his back and out his vision again and Lance jolted slightly as she began to force the spine into his back, He felt her move it around as she began to attach the spine to the bone of his neck and his tail bone.

Lance couldn’t hold back the scream of pain at what happened next. He could feel the prosthetic as though it were his actual spine and could feel it burning as if it was on fire from Haggar’s quintessence running though it.

“This will allow the prosthetic to take the place of your spine. This will allow it to actually function.”

Haggar’s words ran dully though his head as his vision contorted and darkened and finally he passed out.

When Lance awoke again he was no longer held down by quintessence. He was also now facing upwards. Lance was first aware of the devastating pain his back was in. The next thing he was aware of is the remainder of his right arm being stretched away from his body by a pair of hands, before being strapped down.

The pain then started fully awaking Lance from his stupor. It was Haggar again and she was attaching something to where his right arm once was. He felt it latch in place finally as another piece of it was slipped under his back and winced as it dug into his shoulder blade finally clicking into place.

“Awake I see, well not for long.” Haggar’s hand sparked with her quintessence as placed it on his head. “Rest now, there is much for us to do when you awake again”

Lance felt the magic pulse into his head and a fog settled in his mind his thoughts growing heavier as was forced into sleep.

When Lance awoke again the pain had subsided to a dull throb, and it was a while before his mind cleared enough for him to think coherently. He examined his surroundings and found himself  in his room.

Or well what Lotor had given to him, it really wasn’t his room, this was only temporary after all.

As Lance set up a sharp stab went up his spine and right arm, and Lance doubled over as his i went white. He was aware he was retching from the sounds he could hear, but luckily he had nothing on his stomach from the “surgery” being done however long ago it was.

Quite some time actually given the empty feeling in Lance’s stomach. When color came back to him and everything became clear again Lance forced himself to his feet, ignoring the smaller pricks of pain that he felt when he did so. Lance stumbled over to the mirror and collapsed against the dresser.

He breathed slowly trying to steady himself as the room had begun to spin again. When the incessant throbbing in his head had finally died down he looked up into the mirror.

Lance’s breath hitched in his throat. He knew his right arm would be gone, He just didn’t think it would be all of it. The prosthetic went all the way up to his shoulder, and when he shifted it he could feel that it covered his shoulder blade as well. Lance touched the cold Galra prosthetic and winced at the thought of how much damage must have been done that the whole thing had to be cut off.

Lance swallowed the lump in his throat as he slowly turned around to get a look at his spine. He trembled at the sight of his back, covered in criss cross sections of scars all around his spine. Almost all of the skin that had been over the spine was gone, only a small amount remaining around the edges of it. Metal coldly glinted back at him as if grinning a sadistic smile. The shiny grey substance ran all the way up to his neck and stopped at his hairline.

Lance couldn’t keep himself up anymore as his legs gave out beneath him. He dug his hand s into the ground, the prosthetic ripping up some of the carpet as his arms shook.

Finally Lance let out the scream of anguish, anger, pain and utter betrayal he had felt from the moment this hell started.

Dionysus (m)

Originally posted by jeonmp3

words: 6,745

request: Teasing Jimin to the brink and dom!Y/N.

genre: smut, fluff, and some sort of sugar daddy thing.

summary: Park Jimin’s a god amongst men but you’re certain even gods can bow down.

a/n: I wrote a Tae smut called Icarus like 5 years ago and then was suddenly hit with inspiration to make Greek mythology inspired fics for the rest of the boys. So, you can say it’s kind of a thing now. P.S. here’s dat Jimin smut I kept promising @sleevelessparkjimin @helloblamebts @jiminniejuseyo

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forest elves and minotaurs

a little something i wrote for @incaseyouart​‘s phan elf au ,, enjoy !!

summary: ((it’s literally just the verbal form of this post here)

words: 1.4k

t/w: none

((it starts a little slow but bare with aha)

Patrolling, as uneventful and inconceivably dull as it was, was probably the most exciting part of Dan’s week.

Which he supposed made his week pretty uneventful and inconceivably dull in itself

Patrolling alone was not particularly interesting at all. Dan had heard enough faeries tell him that their silvery glowing liquid was actually ‘a luminescent forest protection balm’ (instead of what Dan suspected it to be) to last him a few decent lifetimes. And it was just so boring, strolling around one godforsaken area of the forest for hours at a time. That wasn’t what made it interesting, though.

It was more the atmosphere of it all. 

The Darker Forest was the type of place to send shivers cascading down your spine. The breeze crawling through the fog and reaching out at the most unsuspected of moments. Grabbing onto your shoulders, cloaks, your hands, trying to tug you further into it’s depths. 

Dan lived for it. Understandable- it was to be expected of a Dark Elf.
Live in the darkness, and guard the Villages. The boring principles they were all forced to live by. Dan had strayed as far as he possible could from the stereotypes that basically governed them, opting to become a performer and the main storyteller of his village, instead of a guard or night-raiser. Yet, this month, he’d been forced into patrolling instead of performing.

The Council liked to do this sometimes, they didn’t see his storytelling as ‘contributing to their established world’, basically meaning it wasn’t a real job and he needed to pull his weight around the Village. Which he didn’t agree with in the slightest. People went batshit crazy without his stories to brighten up their days, but he guessed he needed somewhere to get his stories from- and if not the Sprite’s villages, the Darker Forest was the prefect place to find them.

Still, this job had nothing on the thrill of entertaining. The Darker Forest creeped him out, plus he was sure all the forest elves, and the river sprites and everyone else hated him for the patrolling and having to interact with everyone he came across. That was okay though, he hated it too. 

Dan stopped moving suddenly. He let out a stale breath, feeling the tree roots behind him slithering under his boots, coiling themselves around his ankles and winding up to his knees.


He needed to move faster. The tree roots around these parts tended to do that if you stood in one spot for too long, Dan figured it had something to do with the faeries ‘luminescent forest protection balm’, doing it’s luminescent forest protecting.

He grabbed at his shoes, tugging the roots from where they had attached themselves to the buckles and trampling on them, breaking into a little jog. He could hear a humming from somewhere nearby, a soft little jingle that made the ominous darkness of the forest seem a little brighter. 

Then it all dimmed again, Dan realising that humming meant people and people meant interaction. Probably a Pixie- it was in their nature to sing and hum and be generally obnoxious. 

Dan moved through the trees as quietly as he could, Pixies tended to overreact and scream when they were surprised- a sequence that often led him into a lot of trouble.

As he drew closer to the sound, he realised it was not a Pixie. It was far too deep in comparison to their strange tinkle and, in Dan’s opinion, far too nice. Something nearby was casting a strange glow now, a greenish light emitting from in front of him, lighting a clear path towards the humming sound. The wind was strengthening and Dan shivered, hiding further into his thick black cloak. The trees blew wildly, leaves raining down from them like raindrops. The sky had begun to darken and the entire forest had that sort of scent like it was about to rain. Dan hated the rain. Too cold and miserable.

He peered through the trees, curious as to see the source of the light.
It definitely was not a Pixie. A boy- a forest elf, sat crouched over a tree. He was sort of strange-looking, dressed all in green, his feet wrapped in leaves and a shawl covered his shoulders, buttoned up with little leaf clasps. 

And he was glowing.

The glow, the greenish one that tinted all the trees and lit up the entire Darker Forest, was coming from this boy, emitting from his hands and face and through the leaves on his feet.

It made Dan stop and stare.

He didn’t quite understand what the boy was doing, he looked to be scavenging around for something at the base of a tree. His hands dug around in the dirt and his cloak shimmered as he moved his head.

Dan groaned. It pained him to have to interact with people, but the protocol basically forced him to ask questions to everyone he came across. This was why he hated patrol. 

“Who are you?” He demanded, marching over to the boy. The elf’s head whipped around quicker than a sprite running from trouble- a little too fast. Dan leapt back as the boy let out a squeal, tumbling to the ground. Falling backwards and jerking his head up to avoid landing on it, in a way that Dan could only describe as about as elegant as a giant sitting down too fast (which wasn’t a pretty sight, and Dan could tell you that from experience).

“Ah, sorry, you startled me!” The boy smiled widely, and Dan was almost intimidated by the sheer glow of cheerfulness in his grin, “My name is Phil!”

“Oh, uh sorry about that,” Dan mumbled, smiling back despite the mask that covered the bottom half of his face. “Here,” He offered a hand out to the boy to pull him up, and he took it gratefully. 

“Thank you,” Phil said.

“No problem. What are you doing in this forest anyways?” Dan chuckled, “It can be dangerous… for someone who literally glows.” He added, mumbling the last part under his breath.

“Well, I was trying to find a plant, but then this squirrel chased me! It was so determined? Maybe it knows there are bigger plans for me in this forest,” Phil rambled, Dan trying his best not to laugh.

“A squirrel? Are you actually kidding me?” Dan giggled, pulling his mask down a little, “But aren’t you like… a forest elf? And you’re scared of a little squirrel?”

Phil beamed, “I know- I’m just a bit weird,” He shrugged. This guy was a complete goofball and Dan couldn’t lie, he was a little worried he was going to get himself killed in the Darker Forest.

“Anyway the plant you were looking for… what was it called?” He tried to spark up a conversation, intrigued at the strange elf.

“Oh! It’s called Sanitas Medela. They grow at the bases of trees like this one,” Phil smiled, gesturing to the tall tree they stood under.

“Did you try looking all around?” Dan questioned.

“Ah, no.”

“I’ll be happy to help!” He offered. It beat patrolling any day.

Phil nodded gratefully, “That’d be amazing.”

Dan pulled his mask back up, following Phil as they began to hunt through the trees, Phil stopping to admire a particular leaf every few seconds.

“Look at this one!” He exclaimed, “The patterning is exquisite!” Dan giggled at Phil’s use of ‘exquisite’ to describe a leaf, and he glanced at the tree.

“It’s, uh, nice.” It was really just a leaf. A very average leaf.

“I know! Beautiful.” Phil smiled, plucking it from the tree and shoving it into his bag. “I think we’re nearby a grove of the tree the Sanitas Medela grows under- we should be able to find one there.”

“Perfect!” Dan smiled.

Phil had begun to talk again as they walked, but stopped mid-sentence, “But I don’t think it’s necessary- that’s one there!” Phil yelled excitedly, rushing to grab the small plant. It was a little underwhelming, Dan had to be honest. Basically just a green stick with some red dots at the end. Nothing special.

“That’s so lucky- these are rare,” Phil seemed so content that Dan couldn’t help but beam, “Thanks for your help…uh…”

“Oh, it’s Howell- but you can call me Dan I guess!” He said, pulling the hood of his cloak down and the mask along with it.

“Nice to meet you, Dan!”

“So, uh, what’s the plant for anyways?”

“It’s one of the best for healing the body,” Phil smiled down at it.

“Are you sick?” Dan questioned, feeling sick to his stomach with worry.

“Not me, but my-“ Phil stopped. His ears perked up at a noise from far away. A low growl, followed by the a cracking sound. Branches snapping. “Uh- what’s that,” He whispered nervously, fear forming in his eyes as he stared, scared, at Dan.

They both turned around. The beast stood, snuffling in the shadows, hidden partly by the trees. It’s great bull-like face showed no emotion but anger, and it’s eyes glowed a sinister red.

“Minotaur.” Dan said shortly, his fingers reaching down to grasp his dagger.


Fandom: Gravity Falls

Summary: Something stolen, something given.

Warnings: None!

Word count: 1,546

This….this prompt got long. Oops. @gravityfallsfangirllove

Prompts 1 Writing Prompts

“Is that my shirt?”

Mabel whirled around from her seat in the kitchen, her eyes widened as Ford stepped into the room.

“Well, uh,” Mabel started, fidgeting her hands and not meeting Ford’s eyes. “Technically it’s your trench coat; I-I’m sorry, Grunkle Ford.”

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TsukkiYama Fic Rec 1/?

Okay. So I’m bored and TsukkiYama fics in AO3 are my salvation. I tried sorting the fics alphabetically and begun to read everything again and it blows my mind because there are sooooo many fics that I’ve overlooked even if I check the page every single day. Anyways, here is my new ficrec! Just click the title and it’ll open the fics/series automatically. (Sorry the titles are not bolded, I’ll fix it next time).

Ever-Increasing Sufferings of Yamaguchi Tadashi and Hinata Shouyou series. Not yet complete but with 2 oneshots. Basically YamaHina friendship and them pining together. Also includes Yama&Hina, KageHina, and Tsukki&Kage.

(Not So) Perfect Boyfriend. Oneshot. Tsukki asking Yama out for convenience. Good story w/ nice ending.

Weird superpowers AU??? series. 3 oneshots where Yama could read minds and Tsukki works in a coffeeshop where Yama fluents. Oikawa having a weird crush for Yama and ends up with Iwaizumi. Includes IwaOi and slight OiYama.

All fics made by deanpendragon!!! Good fics. My favorites are wags and whiskers series (Yama as petshop manager/owner and Tsukki working in neighboring music shop) and tsukki amola (oneshot where Yama is a dog walker and Tsukishimas are rich af). All their fics are highly recommended though!!!

the air that inhabits you. Oneshot. Asthmatic Yama and good friend Tsukki.

alone / with you. Tsukki-centric about (not) touching Yama.

Already. Tsukki and Yama dating but only Tsukki knows.

the buddy system series. Yama had panic attack during a diving session. Tsukki to the rescue. They made out. And made out more on the second oneshot.

and neither of them ever mention that it is love. AU where people give you emotions in a bottle. Really nice AU 10/10 will read something like this again.

The Art of Living. Tsukki is a reincarnated God turned human but is bound to forget the memories of being a God.

As long you’re with me. Volleyball star Tsukki and piano student Yama eeeeeeeeeey.

Awkward Sun. Yama and Tsukki meet during laundry times. Uh. Stuff happens. Yama is a stress baker. Multichapter but completed.

Belated. Read for a good cry. Oneshot.

Caramel Latte. Coffee shop AU. barista!Tsukki and Yamaguchi being both socially awkward.

overcome. Tsukki w/ a plant-eating cat. Yama is the plant’s owner.

Changing Tide. Basically established TsukkiYama where Tsukki is not a part of Karasuno and met them for the first time and guess what? They don’t like him, much to Yamaguchi’s despair.

But They Had Today. Yamaguchi is moving out of the town and Tsukki is sad. This fic made me sad I wish there is a sequel.

Blooming Up from the Ground. Tsukki is blind wihout his glasses but good thing Yamaguchi is there to save the day.

A Floor Away. Twoshot. First chapter: Tsukki is a bitter, jealous single guy. Second chapter: Tsukki is no longer single. Real good read. Special mention to the author dat_heichou. Check out their other TKYM fics, they are good.

Chasing Dust. Hospital shooting. Could be triggering.

cognizant. Love at first staring contest.

Contrasting Impressions. First impressions and second meetings.

Chains of Silence. Tsukki as slave. Yama bought him to free him. Not really a romance fic but really, Yamaguchi is too pure. Also recommending author’s other fic, The Wind is Pink. Tsukki the moon alien and space nut Yama.

i will give you me. Tsukki makes a homemade valentine choco for Yamaguchi and his mom is the best wing-woman.

Cold Night. Tsukki and Yamaguchi sharing a bed.

cure of an insomniac. Tsukki is the reason and the cure for Yamaguchi’s insomnia.

Okay, so that’s it. I’ll post another ficrec for the other letters. This list covered A to C and other fics that I’ve saved but I’ll be going over the remaining 100+ pages worth of TKYM fics so expect more ficrecs to come. But first, let’s clap for the authors of these wonderful fics. You make the TsukkiYama ship sailing! Thank you!!! Until the next list~

X-Files Fic: What Was Taken, What Was Lost- Chapter Four

This chapter is rated “M” for explicit sexual content.  I know, you’re all so shocked and scandalized, aren’t you?

Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three

There are voices at the very edges of Mulder’s awareness, one very familiar, one less so, pricking at his consciousness, seeking to drag him out of the peaceful slumber into which he has fallen.  It’s warm where he is, comfortable, though he knows, somehow, that the warmth is wrong, a dangerous illusion.

MULDER!”  Even through his fog of confusion and lethargy, he recognizes Scully’s voice, hears the panic and terror that tug at his heart.  He knows he should answer her, knows he should call out and draw her to him, but the only sound he can force through his lips is a weak, breathy whimper.  His arms and legs refuse to obey his commands to move.  He feels weighted down, unnaturally heavy, unable to think clearly.

“You’re dying.  Just let it happen.”

The cold, cruel whisper comes from beside him, from somewhere just outside of his peripheral vision… but he doesn’t need to see to know who’s speaking to him.

“No,” he croaks, gasping at the pain the single word costs him.  The voice chuckles heartlessly.

”She’d be better off without you.  You know she would.”  He doesn’t dispute this, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to let her go.  Not this way, not by force.  ”It’s too late, anyway.  Feel how warm you are?  How sleepy?  That means the end is almost here.”  He knows this already.  He’s perfectly aware that the snow that’s blown into his lap should not feel like a comfortable quilt, that the wind on his face should feel like a sharp slap and not a gentle caress.

“Why are you doing this?” he whispers hoarsely.  “What do you want?”

”I want what was taken from me,” the voice hisses.  ”But you can’t give me that.  No one can.  So I’ll settle for your life, instead.”  The sinister laughter fills his ears again, and at the same time, he hears Scully’s voice, further off.  She’s moving away from him.

Mulder thinks of her face in the hospital, when she had come out of Emily’s room for the last time.  He remembers the dullness in her voice when she’d told him that it was over, the way she’d shied away from him when he’d tried to embrace her, how she’d simply asked him to please find her some information on local funeral homes while she went to call her mother.

He thinks of the pain in her face at the church, the anguish, the confusion of the empty coffin, the way she hadn’t been able to bring herself to put her cross back around her neck for well over a week.

He remembers her face when she’d come to his motel room at night, how she’d clung to him, how she hadn’t been able to meet his gaze as she’d mounted him, no matter how much he’d tried to get her to look him in the eye.  He remembers how badly he had wanted to help her to feel better any way that he possibly could.

If she wants to leave him, to save herself, to spare herself the heartache he seems powerless to stop visiting on her, she can leave.  But he will not leave her.  Not like this.  Not in a way that is guaranteed to bring her even more pain.

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À Triomphe - BTS AU

AU:  Art Thief!Bangtan

Description: You are a curator at one of the many museums in Paris, and have finally earned the bosses trust.  But after a strange meeting with a new coworker and his friends, you begin receiving messages from an unknown party.

Part: Seven / Six / Five / Four / Three / Two / One

Warnings: Swearing, Suggestive Situations.

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The house had become quiet, something you had longed for.  You began to wonder what would become of you.  

How long can I last here?

What’s going to happen to me?

Does anyone know I’m gone?

Your mind cluttered with worrying thoughts, sending you back and forth as question after question drowned you. Your back was pressed against the wall beside Jin’s door.  You’d assumed he had fallen asleep as he hadn’t bothered to come out.  It’d been hours.  Your head rolled as you grew drowsy, a jolt of energy springing through you just as your eyes would fall shut.  

A door slammed, the noise ricocheting throughout the house.  Footsteps gained on your position, accompanied with a pair of long legs; it was Jeongguk.  He stopped in front of you, multiple bags in hand as he cocked his head to the side.  “What the fuck are you doing?”  He laughed to himself. “Did Jin toss out his toy?”

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taylor-tut  asked:

I'm so excited you're writing! Maybe a prompt where Lance gets sick and goes into Keith's room to ask for help, but finds Keith havin' a crisis about the stress of maybe leading Voltron some day, or about a crush he has, or something. So Lance is helping him out and they're just sitting on his floor, chatting Keith through his feelings, and Lance gets progressively quieter and makes less sense until Keith finds out he's got a fever and was here for help and decided Keith was more important?

Yeeeeeees. Thank you so much for this prompt!

My first sickfic, y’all! This takes place after the end of season 2.


Lance may not be confident about a lot of things in his life, but he knew one thing for sure:

He was sick.

What began as a low throbbing headache a day or so prior had since escalated to a full-fledged migraine, accompanied with congestion, and dry clamminess of what he hoped wasn’t the start of a fever. He had tried to brush it off, telling himself that it was just exhaustion from the back to back missions they’d been on, but the way Lance woke up that morning made him finally accept the fact that it was more than just being tired. He pulled on his jacket with a bit more effort than normal before he stifled a sneeze or two into the crook of his elbow as soon as he got the jacket on. He groaned in pain as the throbbing in his head worsened and he had to admit it: he needed help.

He crossed his arms, walking out of his room as the door hissed open. Who could he go to? Allura and Coran were no doubt neck deep in plans for their next mission, he didn’t want to bother them. And Pidge and Hunk had been talking about staying up all night to work on some tracking tech to find Shiro, so he assumed they were either still working or passed out by now. He walked out of his room, his eyes half lidded as he looked down both ends of the chilly hallway. Man, what he wouldn’t give to be able to tell Shiro. He probably still wouldn’t have, he hated to worry the team on his behalf, but his leader’s kind eyes and gentle actions were badly missed right about now. It had only been a couple weeks since his disappearance, and the loss still fell heavy on the team. No one was resting easy, not until they found Shiro, but of course it had to be Lance that fell ill from it all. He bit his lip glancing to his right as he walked down to the next door.


Lance knocked weakly on his door, suppressing a couple coughs under his breath as he waited for the door to slide open, or Keith’s voice to beckon him in. He heard neither. Lance frowned and glanced around, had he gone to the training deck? He seemed to be doing that a lot after Shiro’s disappearance… well, even more than he had previously. Out of everyone, Keith had taken it the hardest. It made sense, him and Shiro had known each other before they became paladins, and now with him gone… well, Keith had voiced to everyone Shiro’s wishes of a replacement leader.

Lance was about to turn and go back to his room when he heard a noise come from inside the room. He frowned, so Keith was in there. Was he ignoring him? ‘Ass.’ He thought to himself, his sour mood from being ill flaring even more with the thought that the one person he thought he could go to on this ship was ignoring him and damn it, he was going to give Keith a piece of his mind. He reached over and pressed on the button to open the door, the panel sliding open with a hiss. Lance already had his mouth open, ready to spew his thoughts on the matter before it all faltered. Keith was in his room, sitting on the ground with his knees pulled up to his chest and his gloved hands rung and gripped into his hair.

Lance’s eyes widened and any form of negativity flew out the airlock as he walked over hesitantly.

“Keith? Hey, buddy… you okay?”

“Leave me alone, Lance.” A muffled voice sounded from in between his knees. It was a little too shaky for Lance’s liking. He didn’t like hearing Keith like this.

“Hey, come on. If something’s bothering you, you know you can talk to me, right?” Lance suggested as he sat down next to Keith, crossing his legs as he put a hand on his head momentarily to try and stop the room from spinning. He shook it off as he continued, “I know you think you have to go through all of this alone, but know that we’re all going through this too—“

Before Lance could finish his sentence he was cut off by Keith, who finally looked up at him, the threat of tears glistening in his violet eyes.

“You’re not all going through this too! You’re not the one Shiro put in charge to lead Voltron! You’re not the one who now has to make sure we all don’t die! You’re not the one who will be blamed if all of this goes to hell in a handbasket!” Keith was yelling, his breath erratic as he gripped his hair again, his voice softening if only in defeat, “I don’t know why Shiro thought I could handle this… he should’ve given the command to Allura. Allura would be an amazing leader! I… I’m just some damn dropout who relies too much on instinct to even think about leading a team and—“

“Keith.” Lance interrupted, putting a hand on his fellow paladin as he subtly cleared his throat, all thoughts of telling Keith how he was feeling had disappeared, he needed Lance much more right now. “Calm down. Breathe.”

Keith looked down at the floor he sat on for another moment before taking a few breaths, his shoulders relaxing slightly as he leaned back against the side of his bed. “I can’t do this, Lance…”

“Nonsense.” Lance gave a grin, “I mean, obviously Shiro chose you for a reason, right? I feel like we should give him the benefit of the doubt that he knew what he was doing.” He said in the most cheerful way he could. “I mean, look! You basically lead us through our last two missions, and they turned out fine! I think you’re doing fine.”

“Yeah?” Keith glanced over at Lance slightly, noting that it was strange how pale the blue paladin seemed. But perhaps it was just the harsh lighting of his room.

“Yeah! Like, holy quiznak, when you took down that drone right before it could fire at me, you saved me dude! That seems pretty leaderly to me. And when—“ his peptalk was cut off by a string of wet, congested coughs that he buried once again in the elbow of his jacket. “—And when—“ he tried again. When had the room begun spinning again?


He could hear Keith’s voice, but it sounded muffled. Like he was underwater. He looked at Keith’s face, it took far too long for him to register that the black haired boy was looking back at him with a wide eyed look of concern. “—when—“ he tried to start once more before the room tilted sharply, his body following along with it.


When Lance came to, he was in a bed. His bed, he concluded by the smell of his conditioner on the pillow. How had he gotten here? He opened his bleary eyes and brought the heel of his palm to his eye to try and rub the blurriness away when a shift from the bottom of the bed made him jump and look in that direction. At the end of the bed was the red paladin himself, his arms crossed and his head leaned back against the wall the bed stood against, his eyes closed. Keith opened his eyes slightly after a second, glancing at Lance like it was something he had been doing regularly before he did a double take and sat up straight, “You’re awake.” He didn’t even try to mask the relief that coated his words.

“Y-yeah” Lance rasped, his sore voice not cooperating as he coughed a few times into his pillow.

“No, no talking.” Keith scooted up closer, “you scared the hell out of me. Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well??”

Lance opened his mouth to speak before a warning look from Keith made him close his mouth with a frown. “You want me to answer you or not??” he choked out.

“I just—ugh.” Keith groaned as he exhaled, “Just try to go back to sleep, okay? I told Hunk, and he’s trying to make you the space equivalent of chicken noodle soup. So…” Keith’s voice softened, “just rest up until he figures that out.”

Lance simply gave a nod as he turned on his side glancing up at Keith as his tired eyes slowly began to shut.

Keith sighed pinching the bridge of his nose, and Lance’s final thoughts before dozing back off was that that was a habit Keith had definitely picked up from Shiro over the time being spent together.

He knows Keith is going to do just fine as leader.

The Ramblings of an Introvert// Spencer Reid

Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: I am actually really, really excited to start this. It may not be the brightest thing to do considering I already have so much else going on but I couldn’t help myself. Creativity strikes when it wants to. And it’s also written a little…differently. I hope you enjoy,

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