begum hazrat mahal


Born in Faizabad, Begum Hazrat Mahal was a courtesan turned freedom fighter.  

She took over the reigns of Oudh (modern day Awadh) when the British seized control.

Despite her husband being in exile, Begum was successful in seizing Lucknow from the British. She supported fellow mutineers like Nana Saheb immensely and greatly motivated the masses to rebel against the British Raj. She even went on to fortify the city of Lucknow against British troops. Sadly, Lucknow was ultimately re-captured by the British and Hazrat Mahal spent the remaining years of her life in Nepal, passing away in Kathmandu. 

Although she is an icon of India’s first Freedom Struggle, Hazrat Mahal’s mausoleum lies in a misfortunate shape after vandalism and she was forgotten at the recent centenary of the “First War of Independence” held in Uttar Pradesh.

Such a shame that an epic epic epic browngirl’s efforts have been largely dismissed by the stupid government of India. But still, she found her way to the pages of TWO-BROWNGIRLS. No longer lost in Indian history :) 

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