• BBC Three: We're going to make #ClassDW the official hashtag for this show but do an abysmal job promoting it while creating confusion by tweeting from a bbcClass twitter handle.
  • Tumbler: Organically settles on "bbc class" as a the hashtag for the show.
  • BBC America, months later: Let's still make try to make #ClassDW a thing.
cleaning tip!

before vacuuming your carpet, mix some baking soda and essential oil together and sprinkle it onto your carpet. press it in to the carpet by walking over it and let it sit for a few minutes. then, when you vacuum, your carpet will be extra clean and smell extra nice! 

1.) Take more selfies- you look beautiful!
2.) Meet new people, make new friends
3.) Do well in school and always do your best
4.) Be more positive- life is full of great things
5.) Make mistakes and accept fhem as they are
6.) Don’t hold grudges
7.) Find who you are
8.) Dont let others stop you from being you
9.) Always look your best, confidence looks great on you!
10.) Read
11.) Write like you mean it- don’t let writer’s block get in the way
12.) Do what you love ❤️
13.) Be kind to others
14.) Take a deep breath- in and out. You’ll be okay.
15.) Stay hydrated
16.) Be happy with who you are
17.) Learn to love yourself
18.) Sing. Let everybody hear your beautiful voice.
19.) Love fiercely. Passionate is good.
20.) Listen to new music
21.) Be more open minded
22.) Smile more
23.) Help strangers more often
24.) Go out with friends more, enjoy he time you have with them!
25.) It’s okay to be sad sometimes- go easy on yourself
26.) Slack off less
27.) Stay true to yourself
28.) Make your happiness a priority too
29.) Don’t just survive- live!
30.) Go on adventures, excitement is fun!
31.) Think positively
32.) Never doubt yourself
33.) Love your life, even if it isn’t perfect
—  33 things for me to remember throughout the years | a.m
Bethany might not be AD but there are still so many loose ends to fix regarding her character.

Mary had 3 babies: the first Dr Cochran gave to Jessica (Charles), the second, Dr Cochran said he put in family county services (we don’t know anyone that’s gone through that???) and the third, Spencer, who was given to Veronica 5 minutes after birth. Rather than making up an entirely new backstory for a character, let’s use someone we already know who was in Radley: Bethany. It will make SO much sense if that baby who was put in family county services and grew up alone in Radley without ANYONE is Bethany.

Bethany is Mary’s third child and she was jealous that her sister Charlotte got adopted by Jessica and her other sister Spencer got adopted by Veronica. Meanwhile she is all alone in Radley, with no one adopting her, because she is ‘crazy’ (PLL’s word, not mine).

Jessica felt bad she wasn’t allowed to adopt Bethany (Radley said she must stay until she gets better) so she signed her out to go ride horses, hence the “aunt Jessie” incident - Jessica literally is an aunt. Bethany drew devil pictures of Jessica, or perhaps even Mary (!) for abandoning her. The boy being carried away by a devil is Charles, who is being taken by Jessica. This is Bethany’s backstory; she was left alone in Radley forced to hear her two sisters Charlotte and Spencer grew up to live a great life. Sure, Charlotte had it hard. But, Jessica was so supportive of Charlotte by adopting her and providing emotional and financial support even for the transition. Bethany COULD be AD, but she doesn’t HAVE to be AD. Her motive COULD be exactly that: finding who killed her sister whilst harassing (shooting) Spencer who lived the perfect life she never got. Maybe Bethany even killed Charlotte out of jealousy for the life she lived and Bethany couldn’t stand the idea of Charlotte going home to live happily ever after. Maybe Bethany wanted a turn at her sister’s game?

Ever wondered how tall the characters are in Atom: The Beginning? Look no further! Here’s a height chart for each of the main characters in the anime.

Here’s my approximations for each of the main characters in this chart:

(going to leave out Moriya and the two older men on the right for now)

A106 = 160 cm / ~5 feet 3 inches
Umataro Tenma = ~184 cm / ~6 feet 0.4 inches
Hiroshi Ochanomizu = ~182 cm / ~5 feet 11.65 inches
Ran Ochanomizu = ~125 cm / ~4 feet 1.2 inches (the beret makes it look like she’s 130 cm, but the top of her head is closer to 125 cm)
Motoko Tsutsumi = ~168 cm / ~5 feet 6.1 inches
Shunsaku Ban = ~155 cm / ~5 feet 1 inch
Kensaku Ban = ~144 cm / ~4 feet 8.7 inches
Dr. Lolo = ~178 cm / ~5 feet 10.08 inches
Mars = ~218 cm / 7 feet 1.8 inches
Saruta = 150 cm / ~4 feet 11.055 inches
The Tsutsumi’s Grandmother = ~124 cm / ~4 feet 0.8 inches
F14/Tom = 25 cm / ~ 0 feet 9.84 inches (at least when he’s in that sitting up position)