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"The rebrand begins" for Harry and that's it... as always. This is NOT an attack on you I'm just sad

I think no matter what the rebrand was going to start with Harry, anon. He’s the most famous and therefore with the greatest boyband stigma attached. And Harry might have deadlines that can’t be moved – Juicy J’s collabs with Liam could be delayed, but Harry has Dunkirk next summer and wants to be positioned well for that – it’s important for him and all of them.

They might be closer to being free. Or they might have decided to begin fighting more actively now that it appears they can openly work on some solo career stuff. Not as good a position as being totally free, but they have to work with what they have.

Don’t count your chickens, anon. We don’t know what’s in the article yet.

When a Soul is Green


It was…unfortunately cold out here. How was it even snowing, wasn’t she still under the mountain? It was so easy to forget that she was underground, that it wasn’t just dark out. Bea caught a passing snowflake on her tongue with a smile, crunching through the snow. This was nice, but…she hoped she would find that town Toriel mentioned soon. If she could buy a coat, that would be best.



The voices were unbearable. They played over and over again like some sort of mantra in his head, only getting louder as time passed. Kadaj couldn’t take the noise anymore. It was like there was a hive of bees buzzing around inside his skull. The pain just. Wouldn’t. Stop. He had to go find Mother. He needed to find her. Maybe if he did the voices would finally stop. He’ll have finally achieved his purpose. The young remnant rose from where he had been sitting on the bed and started out the door towards the city.


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