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Me: Gee, I hope the author updates this fic!

Me: *does not update fic that’s been in progress for years now*

@skam i got my eyes on you i’m still waiting for you to make even a slight mention of ramadhan since ya know …. its starting this week. where that mention at? if this friday we don’t get even SOMETHING ramadhan related ……………. wallah ……………

whoop whoop birthday meme (tagged by @oodlyenough)

Last movie I watched: crap, I’m not sure I remember. I think it was Guardians 2? That was definitely the last in theater and I’m terrible at watching movies at home so it counts either way. I really liked Guardians 2 tbh! It had bad dads and somewhat-less-bad-dads and reluctantly feelsy sisters and the best Marvel opening credits sequence ever!!!! my heeeart. and inexplicably I loved Rocket. still. again. I cannot believe the Bradley-Cooper-voiced CGI rodent with a machine gun is a fave 

Last song I listened to: boss has the new Beatles satellite radio station on in here :) uh the last song I was actively listening to on it was Ticket to Ride. oh, now it’s Don’t Pass ME By! this station is cool

Last book I read: I just finished the first book by an author whose second book I LOVED. I did not love the first one. Every other sentence was a comma splice???? the last book I loved was, no joke, Shonda Rhimes’. 

Last thing I ate: something called a “deluxe grilled cheese” from the dunkin’ donuts across the street. it was fine. 

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: this is always hard for me because so few of my favorite fictional characters would like…enjoy spending time with me, probably… maybe Cordelia Chase, maybe Pam Beesly, maaaybe Veronica Mars? oh my God, I’m now only 5 years younger than season 1 Lorelai Gilmore. oh, God. maybe her. maybe Sookie. 

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: probably manhattan I guess, maybe Scotland near Glasgow

Current fandom obsession: honestly I think about Person of Interest, like, all day. what is the deal with CBS procedurals secretly being feelsy found family shows with compelling twists??? I literally–I love Person of Interest so, so much. but we’re only like…maybe ¾ through season 2, so I just have to ignore it on here until we’re finished. IT’S HARD. 

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Dude. Nice.

so my hedgehog is a fucker and every time i enter the room he freezes in spot and shoots for the nearest hideout. he did it this evening as well. as soon as i opened the door to the room i find him in the middle of the room. a second later he’s running toward his food, bumps into the tiny bowl, spilling all of its contents on the floor and scaring himself, resulting in him balling up and raising his spikes. all of this just a moment he picks up his speedy gonzales act again and is safe and sound, between a tiny slip of the paw and another, under the bedside

i have my anatomy final on wendesday and i don’t know shit (like, seriously. There are 300-something topics and i know like 1/5th of them.) But! The theoretical questions are organized in groups of 5 on cards and we know the combinations. There’s one card that has stains on it. I’m gambling my entire exam on the slight chance that i’ll be able to spot that one card and pick it.

There are a couple problems with this plan, mainly that there’s basically no chance that i’ll be able to see it in the pile and that to get to theory you have to pass macro practice (on cadavers), histo and cell bio. Last Friday they failed all 3 students at the practical part. In 12 minutes. 

I miss being in a fandom where the majority of people actually like the show…

Constantly reevaluating the expectations I set in relationships bc I can’t tell if persistent issues are occurring bc my expectations are too high or if I’m settling for behaviors that I don’t deserve who knows who knows

cast albums I can’t bear to remove from my monthly playlist:

tick tick boom
falsettos revival
next to normal
taboo london cast
come from away
dear evan hansen
leap of faith
groundhog day
the pirate queen

not cast albums but noteworthy mention:
euan morton - caledonia the homecoming
stephanie j. block’s - this place I know
josh groban - stages

anonymous asked:

Hi - I just saw your last reblog (+ tags, you know "get this book published"). Since I want to read it (like, SO BAD) ((I assume you mean Krähenfels, don't you?)): GOOD LUCK! I hope it will find a publisher! (or is self-publishing a thing for you?) ((wow I don't even know why I bother speaking english, you know, since I am obviously from Germany but tumblr has this nice little effect that german looks very strange here?)) ANYWAY - YOU CAN DO THIS! I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING!

Ahhh, your message made my entire day. Thanks! :D

I’m not completely opposed to self-publishing, but I see it as more of a last resort. I’m aiming for traditional publishing (mostly because I’d probably suck at the whole marketing aspect and also because I thrive on validation) but I’m not sure if there’s a market out there for Krähenfels, so… we’ll see. For now I’m still editing, although I have been (very tentatively) looking into literary agents, so the whole thing is starting to feel less like a hobby and more like a job.

(By the way, I literally just sent a message to Nane in English, so… I feel you. :D)