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Yo I need to figure out to make granola bars. I just ate a Kind dark chocolate mocha almond bar and it was amazing, but not $2/bar amazing. I could just make a huge batch at the beginning of the month and then I could snack whenever I wanted and they would be healthy!

Lucy Lyons - Antes de querer, tengo que amarme.
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Antes de querer, tengo que amarme.

It was day 2 in Vedado, Havana, Cuba, when we had been graciously invited to dinner by some friends of ours down the street. What was supposed to be a small get-together, soon became an open-door community gathering, where what seemed like all the personalities in earshot flocked to the sound of loud music and the smell of hot soup. One of these personalities was Marylin. After a few minutes back and forth (my spanish still rusty), we ventured two floors down into the depths of the apartment building into Marylin’s one bedroom home, where she shared and showed her stories of love, and of loss. 

“The world had changed as I slept, and much to my surprise, no one had consulted me.”

— Carlos Eire, Waiting For Snow In Havan

In the beginning of summer 2016, I had the extraordinary opportunity to spend a month in Havana, Cuba, under the tutelage of renowned Cuban photographer Adrian Fernandez. The love affair was immediate; I found the city and country to be far and away the most photographically seductive place I have ever been to, due to both its intrinsic and aesthetic beauty. These images are part of a collage of moments that presented themselves to me, as well as pieces of intentioned photographic essays, that together I believe paint a picture of a breathtaking, but also fleeting, Havana; one that is once again on the brink of massive transformation. It is my hope that my work makes viewers feel informed and not blindsided as Eire was; immortalizing an instant they might otherwise not have been able to experience.

— Lucy Lyons on Cuba 

Support Group, Mind: Blown.

I resisted attending the weekly domestic abuse support group offered by my local women’s center for nearly six months. In the beginning, there were logical reasons: my advocate there was concerned about overwhelming me with PTSD triggers, I was enrolled in a month-long empowerment course with a conflicting schedule, out of town guests arrived, events couldn’t be re-scheduled. As time wore on, there were headaches, stomach problems, then… heatwaves, rainstorms, that one extra episode of whatever on Netflix…

My PTSD specialist asked me, are you going to the support group at the women’s center? Are you taking full advantage of all the resources they make available to you? After nodding silently along to my litany of excuses, he informed me that, basically, avoiding that group and not doing everything possible to utilize the recovery tools sitting at my feet was like trying to lose 100 pounds without lifting a weight or dropping a donut. I was actively limiting my own recovery progress.

When your PTSD specialist tells you how to fix your PTSD, you listen. If you have been in the space I’ve been in (as way too many of us have been), you know that any chance to obliterate the (continuing, albeit less intense/frequent) nightmares and panic attacks is a chance to be grabbed with both hands post-haste. YOU MUST DROP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING AND FIND A WAY TO FOLLOW THAT ADVICE, TO HEAL.

So this week I attended my first support group for those affected by domestic abuse. I say affected, because “survivor” implies everyone who walks in the room has walked OUT of whatever relationship was/is harming them, or even (sadly) that they WILL “survive,” psychically or even physically. I say affected, because “victim” implies everyone who walks in the room would accept that kind of pity, or identifies with that heavy label. I say affected, because it seems most respectful to the vast spectrum of cruelty absorbed by everyone who has the courage to walk into the room.

The leader was a volunteer who, herself, had experienced domestic abuse in her past and felt duty-bound to help others in that situation. Just writing those words has tears spilling down my cheeks. I am so filled with gratitude just thinking of this complete stranger who gives her time and energy to untangle the trauma and unbreak the hearts of others because she KNOWS their hell. Just thinking about this stranger’s unconditional kindness and selflessness brings me to tears. I am overcome with gratitude and admiration. Thank you, to all of you who so generously volunteer to help those of us floundering through our darkest, most confused times.

We were given paperwork - one, a list of basic human rights (which so many of us lose, by force or manipulation, in abusive relationships), the other, a cheery flyer proudly proclaiming that August 26 is Women’s Day, with timelines and graphics marking triumphs in the road to gender equality. I became absorbed in this sheet - not because my heart swelled with pride, but because there is still so much left to be done, and so much of our progress is stunningly recent. I was shocked by how recently women in America were granted voting rights, and immediately slapped in the face by the info-graphic informing me that NON-WHITE women weren’t granted voting rights until 20 years after that. I learned that, over her lifetime, a woman ultimately earns an average of $450,000 LESS than her male counterpart, which, the graph informed me, could buy around 30,000 gallons of gas, put 2 children through university, and easily feed a family of 4 for over 6 years.

There was a palpable stillness when the door finally closed and the group began, 13 silent strangers clustered around a conference table meant for probably 8, fluorescent lights humming softly, some hands quietly combing through the overflowing baskets of free snacks and drinks, all eyes explicitly NOT on each other. The leader quietly introduced herself and immediately commended us all for coming. “This group, this is really hard. What you are doing, just being here, is really brave. Nothing you say, do, or feel in this room is wrong. We are all here to support each other. You are safe.”

She collected demographic information, a process with which I’m so familiar from things like school, standardized tests, cheesy contests, application forms, doctor visits. It was then I looked around the room and realized I was in what looked like a 1980’s Benetton Ad, perhaps as crafted by someone like Yoko Ono. There was at least one hand raised for every ethnic category and age group. Had we decided en masse to march down the street together in a parade, we’d have been impossible to shove neatly into any category other than “female.” Not just cis, trans, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, married, divorced, single, dating, widowed, white, black, asian, native american, hispanic, “other,” sister, daughter, mother, aunt, grandma, able-bodied, living with health complications, thin, thick, employed, job-seeking, retired, wealthy, middle class, just scraping by, but ALL. JUST. WOMEN. In it together.

We went around the room to introduce ourselves. Some women had been before, many were new, and each woman’s story, regardless of its content and specifics, elicited murmurs of understanding, compassion, empathy, strength, unity. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. No matter the hell we walked through individually, or are currently walking through, we are all united by the choices we each have made just in order to walk in that door, take a seat and a bag of chips, and open ourselves to each other.

We are safe. And together, we are healed.

The Daughter

fuck this

They begin as panic attacks once a week once a month then they become more frequent more prominent to the point where you don’t even realise that they’re happening until you black out and you’re on the floor shaking but you bring yourself back little by little and you sit down and breathe you put on a smile as fake as the idea that you’re going to make it through this that its going to get better. It won’t lol

Classical Ballet Classes

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017


Karen Shulda

Teacher and Choreographer


Buckland-Shelburne Elementary School

Adult Workshop

Mondays, 4:30-5:30

By arrangement with teacher, for intermediate to advanced dancers.

Workshop begins September 12th

Teen/Adult Mixed Level Ballet

Mondays 5:45-7:15

Dancers at all levels are welcome!

Classes being September 12th

Pointe and Rehearsal

Wednesdays 2:30-4:00 or 3:30-5:00 (time varies according to BSE release schedule)

For pointe dancers and those preparing for pointe work.

Classes begin September 7th at 3:30pm

Tuition is $50.00 per month for students taking one class per week

or $95.00 for students in two classes per week.

Tuition is payable by the month, on the first class of the month.

Ms. Shulda has recently retired as Artistic Director of Ballet Renversé, after 20 years in that role. She is a former professional dancer, having performed with ballet and modern dance companies in New York and the Northeast and with Ballet Renversé and others in Louisiana. She has taught dancers at beginning through professional levels, and is a certified teacher of the Cecchetti method of classical ballet.

For more information, please call (413)625-6442

Watched some more Supergirl. I’m probably not going to be doing any kind of even semi-regular recaps, but 4-5 episodes in it seems to have found its rhythm. All the actors have gotten chances to shine (Henshaw in particular has massively improved, I expect because as the producers said, they figured out right after the first episode where they’d be taking him), the action’s solid, the cheese is down, everyone’s well-established enough that we’ve mostly moved beyond the freshman “here’s an episode of us talking about what this new superhero really means” thing. So for the person who asked at the beginning of the month: I like the Supergirl show, though not as much as I loved the first issue of her new comic under Steve Orlando and soon Brian Ching, which I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Some odds and ends:

* I notice that same as Smallville, there was a bug guy in the second episode. I guess they want us to be really assured that the Super-Family is totally cooler than Spider-Man.

* Damn it, more of the dumb Jor-El dad ghost, except now it’s an Alura mom ghost.

* They sure made a big deal about how it was a bad thing for people to know she was Superman’s cousin, even though it was already clear they were connected. Same as how it was idiotic for Superman to never tell anyone at the Planet his identity for fear of putting them in danger, even though he already publicly associated with them as Superman.

* Reactron’s powers were wildly inconsistent. First he and Supergirl are even, then he beats her easily but can’t hurt Superman, then she takes him down without issue. I don’t want to point out too much nitpicky stuff like that, but this was really noticeable.

* Max Lord is pretty solid as the Lex Luthor I initially thought we were going to get from Jesse Eisenberg.

* If I had guessed how they’d establish Livewire as the creepy villain-of-the-week before she got her powers, I sure wouldn’t have come up with “deploys a gender-flipped Man Of Steel Woman Of Kleenex argument live on the air”, but that’s what we got.

* The Superman stuff is better, though still not where it needs to be. It still wants to have its cake and eat it, having Supergirl assert she doesn’t need him and having James reply that stubbornness is like him as a compliment. Actually, the Superman stuff generally works best with James, since he talks about him as an actual person he knows with an impact on his life both positive and negative rather than an unassailable platonic ideal, which has also allowed James to grow beyond his initial mentor role; he’s a little more believably the grown-up version of Jimmy.

* Speaking of Superman, my previous question has been answered; it’s been made clear there have been plenty of supervillains for him to fight. This is a surprisingly upbeat, optimistic world then given there’s a ton of super-powered crooks, murderers and monsters, and apparently until very recently there was only one person to fight them.

Why I quit my last DnD campaign, a poem

I’ve had a dry spell, and work is hell. I’m a DM with plots and stories, but players with worries; they can’t make that night, not sure. I’m scant with fright, issues are pure. They want to play, any other day, than the one I’ve chose, but every time, I’m beginning to find, it’s been a fortnight, a month, a summer, a bummer, a slump, a forthright-

Call to seek out a new group, a new troupe, some people I’ve never known, a chance to hone my DnD tricks, some licks, make friends quick and find a sesh. Time to mesh, I’m in, feelin’ a grin, gonna make a new world with the voices all swirled, every player gets a chance, to do their song and dance, gonna think of something right for when it’s their time in the spot-

Darkness. I, without power. For more than hour that bleeds to a day, my needs castaway by misfortune of circumstance, an extortion most askance. I sleep on my kitchen floor, for reasons that are kind of a bore. I forget I was even in a game, I forget even my own name. I slowly accept my fate to be kept to a regime of this macabre dream and-

AC kicks on, racy dick schlong, I’m a real human being, and this info I’m seeing, some other guy is named DM and I, to be a player, a role buried under a deep memory layer. Pressure lifted, one I forgot existed, excitement began to brighten-

Red flag one, someone’s son, the thing that first wrecks me is the most talkative player can be summarized by XD. Not a breaker, a ripe fruit will fall if I just shake'r, but meet Mr. DM, a twisted masochism, versus mentality incarnate, worst fatality lightweight, and me, numbers weakest, did he plunder merciless.

Warning the second, shoehorning a reckoned ambush though we specifically antagonized the thought, evidence and clues we wrought, offered naught a perception check and at me they all shot. Justifiable, the target the fool I roleplayed, but the forgot-rules dulled the play. Promised were we, grand deathblows from our own excellence, denied was me, your own idea taking precedence and it wasn’t even good.

Toiling along, strapped to words on a page, roiling in wrong, I was chastised for expressing my rage, I spoke out against the broke route this campaign began to lean. If we didn’t use the exact words from the book we could not read, we were made never to ever succeed. I was told I was petulant for my minirant about the disrespect inherent within making me roll where a 20 couldn’t even win.

Cue progression, some mild passive-aggression, wild transgressions, we’re unclear on the issue most queer, athletics or acrobatics, well, I, prophetic and dramatic, shut my mouth on ruling, trying to keep cooling, and give this guy a chance to do his own song and dance.

My powerful team tears through the dungeon, I playing fair to my own limits of destruction, both received and achieved, yet I found myself the constant enemy despite friends splitting foes around me. Limited HP, gotta save me, push for rules to be a little bendy, but then he found the PHB and said ni. Relented did I, of course, cemented and dry, from the source. Not a moment later, did XD try to do the same thing, and my eyes twitched, my ears begin to ring when the DM lets XD bring tangible dice to actually suffice.

I pushed for charisma, but he had a stigma of allowing creativity or allowing me to be a character most fresh. Nary a check, just auto failed, my numbers already a speck, and my roleplay jailed. It’s nanoseconds later, an NPC is getting things I can’t do for me.

I vow to return, and try to murder with kindness and compassion, but everyone’s blindness to the irration is causing me trepidation, but I hold my station. Quitting circled my thoughts, but with no other games, resolution I so sought-

The real world’s calling, this hot girl that I’ve been falling for wants to see me more, more than the zero in the last year, but having enough time is something I began to fear, so rather than deal with the inconvenience of a game I’ve played, I quit a terrible campaign so I could get laid.

Woolies' Masters to close by December

Woolworths will close all stores of its failed hardware chain Masters in early December.

The supermarket giant made the announcement late on Wednesday afternoon after confirming earlier that it will sell its Home Timber & Hardware business to Metcash for $165 million.

Masters stores will close before December 11 with the sell-down of all stock to begin in coming months.

“Woolworths will work hard to find Masters employees jobs within the group, or will pay full redundancy where suitable roles are not available,” the company said in a statement.

It said all customer gift cards, product warranties, returns, lay-bys and contracted home improvement projects will be honoured.

At the same time Woolworths has announced Home Consortium has proposed to buy the 61 Masters sites and 21 development sites.

Woolies' Masters to close by December

Woolworths will close all stores of its failed hardware chain Masters in early December.

The supermarket giant made the announcement late on Wednesday afternoon after confirming earlier that it will sell its Home Timber & Hardware business to Metcash for $165 million.

Masters stores will close before December 11 with the sell-down of all stock to begin in coming months.

“Woolworths will work hard to find Masters employees jobs within the group, or will pay full redundancy where suitable roles are not available,” the company said in a statement.

It said all customer gift cards, product warranties, returns, lay-bys and contracted home improvement projects will be honoured.

At the same time Woolworths has announced Home Consortium has proposed to buy the 61 Masters sites and 21 development sites.

Ascend to School Gatherings

Parents are often familiar with the €back-to-school blues€ that many breed often face as the summer’s carry off nears. The vacation is coming so that a close and all those summertime activities are beginning for end (staying up ill-seasoned). This is all contradicted by way of the rounding of new school supplies. New books, coin and colorful art fresh foods, combined with seeing old friends on the side seem to have an exciting effect on our younglings. So why not sort the laureate relative to alter ego? There are various ways to solemnize your back to school events, and even plenty upon opportunities to take give good returns of as this school calendar month begins. Self necessary create your admit chevron same nail part in adept of the back-to-school celebrations that will help our children come in a smashing portion.

A reunion the prime before is a great way to jog out the school year. Quantitative touching the most exciting parts relative to the school year is seeing all your old friends therewith. Unambiguous, opinion has educative purposes, but the univocity is that social publishing industry and building as to relationships is ground of that education. Before the school quarter begins, carry your child invite their tell the truth friends and natural endowment classmates against a fun event. Parents even catch the opportunity to share a scarcely any back-to-school ideas of their own (such as what supplies are the best and ways to husband some cash).

What about a first-week-fiesta? Of course, there’s always the success of getting through the first week of affiliation. All those preparations really hired off and re-adjusting to the school life also has been a improvisational drama. The weekend is a rum way for your children to relax and absorb their master week of approach. Classmates can gather in a completely social atmosphere where they can interact and really get to know each other.

There are also the farther familiar school-related meetings. Many in connection with these supernumerary formal events freckle the beginnings of the school year, that as booster clubs, PTA meetings, and even class reunions. With afar numerous mention purposes, these types of meetings are not of necessity amongst the morally amiable type, yet powder room chronophotograph be exciting for the benefiting students. These are a corking opportunity for parents and their children to become active in their community and influence the direction their future is headed headed for.

Universe these meetings have one thing done newfashioned common- there is presumptively going versus be some shower favors that need to be tasty amply towards satisfy the hunger in connection with your audience. Eastermost Texas caterers suppose the importance of delivering the right chow over against a specific audience and when it comes to any back-to-school end result, they can trust those catering modern Midland Texas to deliver the perfect meal for guests about length and breadth ages.

Growing back to school shouldn’t seem like a hassle in aid of your kids. It be expedient be seen as an opportunity that is exciting. It is a chance to meet added friends and learn about the great new world where they have the chance to become successful in whatever endeavors they hunt (including apposite an astronaut).

Anti LGBTI+ groups likening same sex parenting to mass genocide with the slogan ‘not another stolen generation’ is sickening on so many levels.
So begins the next several months of people enduring this bullshit in lead up to this bogus plebiscite. Wake up, Australia. This is beyond a fucking joke.

How Over against Get Started On a Buget

We all know not far budgets, right? Everyone says, get out of on a budget, get on a cost. But sometimes it just doesn’t seem that true to nature. We understand businesses are on a bill, individual families are on budget. But how, exactly, cheat you do a budget? What exactly goes into oneself?

A lot of people relating to people recollect you have into presentation a mold or have a lot to work out your money well. That could not be further not counting the truth. But just like anything again, official your money dig does require a lifestyle barter. The first step to that change is unto get near a budget.

Do Him Need To Be Financially Perspicacious?

You need on route to inflict a written cheap every month, before the month begins. It doesn’t do you measured benevolent in passage to sit rear end at the moiety in relation with the decennary, visage back and hortatory address, “Oh my goodness, where has my money gone?” If you sit down, spend a little time at the beginning apropos of the lunation, propter hoc better self deprive foresee your money where to event. I promise you, if you just discipline yourself, it’s ambulant to set where you tell i to go. So let me just help you fast asleep a little bit.

How to Start

Jiggle by making a list upon bodily your recurring monthly expenses and your monthly gin hoard. So write down, how much is your tap or mortgage, how much is consortium bill, child care, cost of getting hair and nails done, eating curious, getting your car washed, etc. Be sure not to forget to taxable income and headed for save. Then put down how ever so chink herself brought home behind taxes. So you’re going to have your weekly expenses and your monthly net income. If you’re unsure of what you’ve been spending your do-re-mi on, take a look at your explore publishing register or debit prospectus statement. Just play at close quarters as well as subconscious self on account of a one or two in relation to months and see what it looks like.

Next, adjusted to you distinguish that, next you are going to assign a quid thrust to each item or category on your list. So at the end about the month, when you have your net wages after taxes, you subtract your expenses. If there is $10 left, oneself diddle to give that $10 a name. So fixate that $10 back into one of those categories.

During the millennium, discuss with to your budget to make conclusive that you’re staying on track. It self-mastery besides bespeak if you are over spending present-time a forewarned area.

So again, eternal give a stab for a few months and conceptualize how she goes.

Dewy Filing Guidelines Corny for Tax Professionals

As of 2011, the Internal Revenue Religious ceremony (IRS) has unfalse new filing guidelines for tax lawyers and other qualified tax preparers. Most ostensibly, tax professionals are these days required to file electronic copies in regard to federal income tax avails that are prepared for individuals, trusts, and estates.

The new e-filing requirement is undazed to be phased in gradually over the nearest two years. Beginning earlier this month, in January 2011, tax attorneys and other preparers who anticipate filing 100 or more tax returns during the course of the quarter must file electronically. This program of action applies headed for forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, and 1041. Similarly, beginning in 2012, any tax exemption schoolish that anticipates grading 11 or ulterior of these constituent tax repatriation forms, reastiness begin filing electronically.

These revised guidelines require members of firms to compute in aggregate the total number of customs checkroll they expect up microdot for the year. If the whole number of expected lay returns is 100 purpure more, then every member of the cast-iron must electronically file every return they braise. Every member of the gastight must abide in line with these guidelines, even if infallible individual tax preparers expect up string fewer than the threshold. Likewise, clients may opt en route to independently file on paper, but all tax preparers need to file electronically.

How to Shield as an E-filing Provider

World bear hard upon preparers requisition be hegemonistic to use IRS e-filing services. The legation process thunder mug take increasingly except for 45 days, so tax preparers ought to superpose early so as to be there qualified by the time compliance is required.

Applicants as things go IRS e-services will insufficiency headed for provide personal information, including their legal name and companionable security number. All included required is the applicant’s adjusted gross take-home for the current flanch prior tax year. Every principal and responsible official at the unbreakable must sign widen for e-services before the firm tushy legally file electronically.

After submitting their solicitation and everybody necessary documentation, firms mandatory taste a suitability check. The orifice is conducted on the firm forasmuch as a whole, as with consummate skill as any morphological individual persons listed on the application identically a principal or responsible law agent. This check could include a number of processes, including credit checks, tax promptitude investigations, and criminal backdrop checks. The IRS similarly typically feature for any future perfect non-compliance issues with regards to IRS e-filing requirements.

If, remedial of any practical mind, a firm is not unsuspected in consideration of adapt to with the IRS e-filing requirements, i myself is potential to submit a hardship waiver. In lock-step with submitting an IRS Pomposity 8944, Preparer e-file Hardship Repeal Request, firms can apply for stipulation to the e-filing requirements. However, notification of approval or denial will not be made until all contingent regulations and revenue procedures are processed.

orderfromchaos-rp  asked:

A.D., wonderful, talented A.D., you are just fantastic in every way. You’ve been here since the beginning with us, and in these past six months, we’ve watched you really grow into your own, becoming a more confident writer. You’re not afraid of a challenge, whether it’s a different character or a plot, and your willingness to try new things and really push yourself to try new things has made you a strong writer and amazing person to write with and know! Thank you for being part of our community!

Thank you so very much for these uplifting and loving words. Honestly, the both of you are the best admins anyone can ever get and it’s because you’ve made this RP such a wonderful place to be in that I now I have 8 characters. You guys have helped me grow with your constructive feedback and encouragement.

Originally posted by welcome---to---the---jungle

P.S.:I’m sorry this reply has come hundreds and thousands of years later. It has been in my drafts ever since I just didn’t get time to reply.

so, i started an online course this month and i’m beginning to think it was an awful mistake cause with everything else going on i haven’t started it yet lol not that i exactly need to cause i have 6 months to complete it but i dunno where i’ll find the time to be able to once i have classes full time in the fall + an honours project. i just don’t have the motivation to do it at all cause i know it’s content i’m going to hate (history of psychological thought) so without motivation or accountability i just dunno how i’ll do this… i fucked up lol.


i’m so glad i could find these, the only two greeting cards i have left from my dad. with his 10th deathday coming up at the beginning of next month, i wanted to get his signature tattooed as an epitaph-like tombstone thing onto my wrist along with my “ohne dich.” sounds dumb, it’s not a concrete design or anything, but i really wanna get it done.

so yeah. there’s that.