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I’m anxious. Not because I’m leaving for work in a little while but because I want to hurry up and make money already so I can go back to school next semester!

Sooooooo who wants to place bets on her death? I say it happens in the season premiere

to be honestly in love is so wonderful i can’t put it into words. everything in the world is still hard and things get you down but life is so much brighter knowing that even though you’re suffering youve got that support, youve got someone to fall back on at the end of a bad day and everything still sucks but it sucks with them, it doesnt suck alone. i love love so much

So, just so you know I am actually around. I’ve been working on catching up behind the scenes so I never fall behind like I have on tumblr again, and I’ve been getting networks back into shape because I feel bad being active here and not on there. 

The reason I’m telling y’all this is because by mere chance when I was catching up today, I realized that now a certain URL must have become available….

So now I own @jemmasimmons. Besides @fitzsimmons, of course, this is the canon URL I have been coveting for ages. Do I change my URL here/aka my brand, or do I make a totally jemma-centric blog?

Questions for the ages. 

Entry 1 - Jaylin, Part 1

Jaylin Richard learned a week ago that he suffered from motion sickness. Approximately ten minutes after getting on the train, in fact. It probably didn’t help that he was riding a freight train, rather than a passenger train, but Jaylin decided that he wouldn’t try his luck on a passenger train if he ever had the chance.

He thought back to the day that lead to this week of living hell. He’d made the poor decision of insulting the leader of a bikie gang. After seven minutes of running for his life, he found himself at the local train station, abandoned several years ago. The bikies pulled up just as Jaylin managed to hide himself in a train cart. Unfortunately for him, he’d picked the one train that was still in service.

As the bikies were giving up their search, the train pulled out. Ten minutes later, he was sick. Luckily, there was some food on his carriage so at least he wasn’t starving over the past week, even if most of the food did come back up soon after.

As Jaylin reflected on this event, the train came closer to its destination. In fact, it would arrive at its destination in only five minutes, not that Jaylin realised this. About two minutes before reaching its destination, it started to slow down, decelerating slowly, but enough to be noticed by Jaylin. His first feeling upon noticing this was excitement that he would finally be off this accursed train. The second, a sense of worry – would he be arrested? Then back to excitement – he decided that getting off the train was the most important thing – you don’t find prisons on trains, he thought to himself, or at least, he hoped that there were no prisons on trains.

Finally, the train stopped.

I’ve talked about MJ having a tumblr that focuses on activism and school and it being a positive little bubble, but imagine MJ with a youtube channel? She’d talk about current events in the news, vegetarian recipes she likes, thrift store guides for new york, her photography adventures, spider-man theories super hero and inhuman rights etc. I just imagine MJ having this positive and influential social media platform. She’s the type to find it easier to talk online than in person. Imagine the decathlon team finding it?

Me: my middle school was bad, but not, like, that bad.

Band teacher: gets 35 felony charges and 100-life for sexual crimes against a minor, after multiple staff members apparently ignored complaints about him for years because he brought Status to the school

Me: my middle school was The Worst

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If you go by that logic then lance isn't mature enough for keith either?(by s3 it gets befter but eh)

Have?? you?? read?? anything?? I’ve?? written??

I had a dream - months ago, at this point - that guy-man and thomas were living together and threw a house party that I ended up attending. at one point I noticed a crowd moving somewhere and made my way into the bedroom, where the boys were cross-legged on the bed. 

typing this out, I’m realizing that the energy in that room startlingly mirrored that of the grammys hug. I remember the presence of other guests, but guy and thom might as well have been in their own world. there was something very cinematic (or maybe theatrical) to it, the two of them under a spotlight, the crowd like a soft focus around them.

they were dressed in their human after all leather, but had placed their helmets to the side - and that struck me as intimate. they were also making music with the laid-back ease of, like, a campfire guitar session. that again struck me as intimate, but also as pretty nonsensical. (don’t know how they would’ve gotten their whole setup on the bed. let’s assume they went simple and acoustic.)

in any case, I really can’t describe how beautiful this moment was, and there’s really not enough detail to it for me to flesh out a good physical image. but I was thinking about that dream for the entire goddamn day.

Maybe this is the chance to live and speak those things I really do believe, that power comes from moving into whatever I fear most that cannot be avoided.
—  Audre Lorde, The Cancer Journals

But I love you 💘