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i just wanna talk about that lance and allura moment near the end of the season finale because it’s making me very emotional. (quick disclaimer: these are just my thoughts/interpretations immediately after watching the scene. i haven’t watched anything past this scene yet and will still not be done with season 4 at the end of this ramble. also, i’ve been awake for 28 hours and have a head cold so if my sentences don’t make sense at any point, that’s why. last thing! i haven’t read anyone else’s thoughts or commentary on this scene so idk if anything is similar to a more popular analysis/word vomit.) now onto the rambling!

lance had realized that allura’s magical abilities could get them out of naxzela and its strong gravitational pull. none of them, not even allura, knew how she could use her magic to save the balmera or power the castle, but lance just believed in her and her abilities. and that’s all either of them needed.

lance’s belief and trust in allura was all he needed to convince her that she could save them. that trust and belief in turn made allura more confident in herself. as the audience, we know that lance struggles with his place on team voltron, so he draws from his own experience to further reassure allura and build up her confidence:

both lance and allura experienced the same doubts and insecurities being rejected by the lions they wanted to pilot (red for allura and black, then later blue, for lance). they were switched around from the roles they wanted to be in to the ones they were less inclined to take up. but they both had to learn that these lions chose them for a reason. there’s more to those reasons of course (which is an analysis for another day), but lance’s little monologue/pep talk sums them up nicely in allura’s case:

he’s so confident in her and gives her “proof” that this is what she is meant to be doing. her untrained magic is one thing, but lance convinces her she can use it now to save them because she was chosen. allura is the heart of voltron because she brought the team together and shared every moment of the fight against zarkon with them. and maybe lance says what he does with such conviction to persuade allura’s magic to “awaken” out of a sense of purpose rather than just “we need it right now so use it”. but, he knows that forcing it won’t do any good and he genuinely does believe allura is the heart of voltron, or he wouldn’t say it was all her:

this is the part where i get even more emotional because they’re both validating each other here and they both need the validation. allura validates lance by showing her gratitude to him; she couldn’t have done it without him. while lance wants her to know that she has always had the power in her and didn’t necessarily need his help. they both respect each other as equals and i just really love that this scene emphasizes their mutual respect

Perks Of Being Deaf

Request:  “ Goooood evening; I have recently become a fandom slut for the new movie IT and was wondering if you would write a Bill x reader one-shot were the reader is deaf and just a whole lotta fluffy shit ((please make it long; I’m trying to neglect my responsibilities as a young adult. Help me procrastinate through life.))” 
Words: 1242
Request here!

I’m deaf, yeah it sucks major ass but I fight through it every damn day. It’s hard, but worth it sometimes. Especially since it helped me get my lovely boyfriend Bill Denbrough, even if it was in the weirdest way possible.

It all starts at the beginning of the school year, we’re freshmen. I’m just walking down the halls, avoiding the gazes I was receiving. Being new had its downfalls I guess.

I walk to my first class and take a seat, luckily my teachers knew I was deaf so they put me up front. There were some classes that I couldn’t take with other students but for the most part I was pretty well off.

I scan the room as each student comes in my eyes landing on a boy that comes and sits beside me. I pay him no mind, it looked to me like he wasn’t paying me any mind either.

“Hey, you must be n-new. I’ve n-never seen you bef-fore. W-what’s your n-name?” The kid asks me. I don’t hear a word he says, and since I’m not looking at him, I can’t tell he’s said anything either.

The boy frowns and huffs, turning back to his desk and looking forward. I feel a guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I’ve done something wrong but I don’t know what it is.

It’s not long before the teacher begins class, writing more things on the board than usual I’d assume. The class looks confused but then the teacher explains, and the murmurs flow throughout the room.

Class ends sooner that I had expected, guess I was having fun. When I get up to leave, I feel a hand rest on my shoulder. I turn to see that it was the boy who sat next to me in today.

I can tell his lips are moving and I give him an ‘are you serious?’ look. He shuts up after that, realizing his mistake.

Weeks pass and I see the kid throughout the halls and in class. Turns out we only have one period together, not that I care, I can’t even talk to him.

Truth be told it gets lonely out here, in my old school I had plenty of friends who knew sign language so I could talk to them. Here nobody knows it, hell it seems they barely know English from what I’ve seen on their papers.

Today’s different though, that boy actually walks up to me this time. Luckily I’ve learned how to not scream when I talk, after years of practice. He has a look on his face that tells me he knows what I’m going to say, so I keep my mouth shut. His hands lift up and he starts, to my surprise, using sign language.

‘Hey, I’m Bill Denbrough. I didn’t know you were deaf that first day at school, sorry for being rude.’

My brows knit in confusion, he was being rude?

‘How were you being rude? You didn’t know and that’s okay,’ I sign back to him, making sure to have smile so he knows I mean no harm by it.

His eyes twinkle and he sighs in relief, was he that worried about it?

‘Oh okay, I just thought that what I did was rude but I guess it wasn’t. I’ll see you around,’ he pauses, I chuckle and sign ‘my name is (y/n).’

He nods, his face turning the color of bricks, and spins on his heel, heading to his next class. I walk to mine too, a little skip in my step as the encounter plays round and round inside my head for the rest of the day.

This goes on for days, each day getting brighter because of it. I found out that Bill could be a pretty funny guy when he wants to, I like it a lot. The more I see him, the cuter he gets it seems. I’m not complaining though, he’s about all I got in this town, other than my parents but it gets to be too much when all you have to talk to is your parents.

With each passing day, Bill and I grow closer and closer. Then one day when he comes to hang with me, there are other people with him.

‘(y/n) I want you to meet my other friends I talked to you about,’ Bill signs to me and I nod, remembering the conversation we had about The Losers Club.

They all introduce themselves through sign language (which I soon found out that it was Bill who taught them everything they know) and we begin to get along great. I felt my heart leap with joy as I stare at my new friends, and it’s all thanks to this one boy who thought he was being rude.

I had gotten super lucky this year, I heard about the Bowers Gang from Bill and my parents, but I hadn’t officially run into them. Until now that is.

I was walking home from school when I saw them waiting by the statue near my house, how did they even know where I lived? I try to avoid them, but it was no use, they saw me already.

The leader begins to taunt me and call me names, but I can’t hear a thing. He grows frustrated pretty quickly and I roll my eyes, not thinking about the consequences. It only makes him burn with anger, so he does the only other thing he can do, hit me.

I fall to the ground, my face stinging from the pain of the punch. Damn that hurt like a bitch, I bet that’s one of the names he called me.

They all gang up on me and beat me with all they’ve got, but I’m tough. I can take it, I refuse to break for them. They’re bullies, that’s all they’ll ever be. A bunch of bullies with no time on their hands.

Suddenly the hits stop coming and I look up to find my friends scaring away the gang. They run from the scene as Beverly helps me get back on my feet. I sign a quick thanks to her and begin to thank everybody else for helping me.

‘No problem,’ they all sign back to me. I notice Bill looks pissed, probably because of Henry and his goons.

As I return home, Bill helps me through the door. He looks deep in thought, so I tap him on the shoulder and sign to him, ‘hey what’s up? You look a bit down.’

‘I need to tell you something. I like you (y/n). I’d go as far to say I love you. These past weeks, no months now I should say, have been amazing. But when I saw those dumb asses beating you up today, I got so fucking mad (y/n) I didn’t know what the hell to do. But now I do know what to do, and it’s this,’ he signs quickly and before I could ask, his lips are on mine in a gentle kiss.

I close my eyes and melt into the kiss, but before anything else could happen, he pulls away and waves goodbye then runs out the door to his house. A dopey smile is set on my face the rest of the night. I can’t wait for tomorrow, but I can tell it’s to be exciting.

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everything is great…… I have a class which so far I’m failing miserably. isn’t it great to begin a semester where i finally dont have any failed classes to repeat with already failing a class???? ahahahaaa

I am beginning a class on Writing for Social Media. One of the projects is making a Vlog.

Keep in mind, I am not going to post me having sex or playing with myself here.

But, I would consider ideas for posting a short video. Message me with your suggestions or ideas.. if you like.