beginning to think its the foundation of their relationship

sansa and hot pie + endgame:

i know what you’re thinking: that makes no sense!!! but its more likely than you’d think. they actually share a number of parallels that could be the foundation for a relationship as i will outline in this very serious post 

That wasn’t the hardest part at all; Lommy Greenhands and Hot Pie were the hardest part. (Arya, ACOK) 

To her sister and sister’s friends and all the rest, she had just been Arya Horseface. (Arya, ADWD)

sansa and hot pie’s are introduced to the narrative as antagonists to arya stark. they begin this story in the same exact place. they both bully her and call her names (lumpyhead/horseface) with their accomplices jeyne and lommy. arya is an easy target for both: younger and smaller. (not that it stops arya from kicking their asses) but eventually arya and hot pie become very close friends. to me this suggests that arya and sansa will mend their relationship too. perhaps with hot pie’s help. 

“Why would you want to ride a smelly old horse and get all sore and sweaty when you could recline on feather pillows and eat cakes with the queen?” (Sansa, AGOT)

“Anyhow I’m tired of rain and saddlesores and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and rabbit to eat, and the bread will be better when I make it.” (Hot Pie, ASOS)

this is my favorite sansa/hot pie parallel because it show they share the same values! they hate horseback riding and prefer to be comfortable indoors with their favorite baked goods. they’re not wilderness people and which is another thing that puts them at odds with arya. we all know hot pie is a knowledgeable and skilled baker; who better to marry sansa and make her lemoncakes until the end of their days?  

Hot Pie joined in lustily, even bouncing in his saddle a little on the rhymes. Arya stared at him in astonishment. He had a good voice and he sang well. (ASOS)

Sansa would know it, I bet. Her sister had known all the songs, and she could even play a little, and sing so sweetly. (ASOS)

another thing they have in common is songs. this is a motif for both of their characters. not only do they enjoy songs but they’re good singers. hot pie sings the bear and the maiden fair which also appears in sansa’s storyline when she confesses the truth of joffrey to the tyrells. the song is used as a shield of sorts which i think foreshadows hot pie being the one to protect sansa from a society that would use her for their own gain.  

“I was so scared. I don’t think I could have crossed without Lord Robert.” (Sansa, AFFC)

“I’m scared,” Hot Pie murmured when he saw the one-armed woman thrashing in the wagon. (ACOK)

they often feel afraid but are often able to push past their fear. even on a perilous mountain sansa crossed the bridge with a small child and when the battle comes hot pie fights alongside arya with all the rest. they might not be the most overtly brave characters but they have their own kind of courage in times of need 

She knew the hymn; her mother had taught it to her once, a long time ago in Winterfell. She joined her voice to theirs. Gentle Mother, font of mercy, save our sons from war, we pray. (Sansa, ACOK) 

When Hot Pie saw them he began to pray, a thin whispered plea for the Mother’s mercy, repeated over and over. (Hot Pie, ASOS)

despite their bully origins both have quiet gentle hearts. they are horrified by murder and death. again, all they want is to be somewhere safe. and so they pray to the mother for mercy. they draw strength from the same gods. speaking of mothers they were both close to theirs. hot pie sold his mothers pies and sansa was cat’s perfect daughter. 

sansa and hot pie are often seen by the fandom as being weak, cowardly, or mean but they’re so much more than that. they’ve grown from the characters we first met. their parallel arcs from bully to gentle soul mirror each other. they seem different but want and value the same things. and most importantly this ship wouldnt use sansa for her claim or ability to pop out heirs. she could finally be loved for who she is. 

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Do you only ship Bakushima? Or are you in the camp that 'all super heroes much be celibate because villains can use their lover against them because look what happened to nana' people

This ask about relationships in BNHA’s world is really thought provoking and interesting, thanks for this one Anon.

To begin with, heroes in BNHA are government workers, so they’re paid by the government, and have functions they need to accomplish as such. Once they enter the pro-world, heroes will be paid for sure, so what do they want after that? Do they want to be sidekicks forever, do they want to take care of small crimes and maintain peace at a small scale, or do they want to make it to the top, open their own agency and be part of history? Depending on their objectives, the way they’ll lead their lives will be really different. If they’re content with maintaining peace on the neighborhood, heroes can probably have a private life and take care of a family, while they won’t once they’ll be busy in a big crowed city. Gran Torino said so to Izuku; the more people there is in a city, the more the crime rate will raise. So if you want to make it big, you’ll need to go to a large city, and make a name for yourself by snatching the spotlight for yourself. Being a top hero is a competition; remember the very first appearance of Mount Lady, and how she took the spotlight from Kamui. He still resent her for that some times after. Heroes need to be popular, and if they want to shine, they need to do it by being better than others. Heroes are constantly trying to outclass all of the others so they can be on the front page of papers and magazines and acquire recognition. So of course heroes need to be available all the time. Therefore, no private life for them, or very little. The person that will be the most close to them won’t be any family, but their partner at work, because they’ll spend all of their time together in their agency or on the fields, and will more likely share more intimacy and meaningful moments with them. In those regards, look at how Toshinori talked about his relationship with Sir Nighteye. 

I don’t know what exactly was said in Japanese, but by his face and Present Mic’s reaction, it’s safe to think that he was really talking about their relationship as a personal one, since he said they broke up. I’m not saying they were together as a couple, but it’s true that they must have been close given the time they spent together as the Symbol of Peace and his sidekick. Busy heroes can’t hope to have close relationships because it’s time-consuming, and because it would probably endanger their close and loved ones and often lead to tragic endings. Nana Shimura’s family being a sad illustration of that matter, as well as Waterhorse’s, Kouta’s parents being heroes together but leaving their kid behind because they were also killed on duty.

But one thing emerges of all this individualism and glory-seeking heroes are living by. Actually, it’s wrong and very dangerous to perceive a hero profession as a competition for recognition and award of One best hero of all time. What good came of All Might being the only Symbol of Peace and shouldering all of the responsibility alone? As a result, the day All Might was taken down, society was dragged along with him. One cannot shoulder an heavy responsibility as this one alone, or they’ll eventually self-destruct under the pressure and take down with them everything they were bearing alone. Individualism has been shown as very wrong in BNHA. Heroes are competing against each other, trying to steal their spotlights or give it graciously when they think there’s nothing they can do, waiting for someone else to do it, and fighting over who will get recognition rather than maintaining peace, defending what’s right and inspiring people. Of all the heroes we’ve come to know so far, only a few were actually really inspiring and life-changing for our students; All Might, Crimson Riot, and Number 13 to a lesser extent. As Crimson Riot was a good influence on Kirishima, All Might wasn’t for Bakugou who wrongly appropriated what he did, as he was “won over by the way All Might looks like when he wins”. Bakugou was so impressed he decided he won’t be any good unless he could look like that too, and eventually built up a lot of anxiety about this goal. Because Bakugou is smart and was blessed with powerful abilities, he could make it to UA and aim to be a hero, but he passed his entrance exam without earning any rescue point; it says a lot about his mindset. Bakugou needs to realize that it’s wrong for him to think like that, and to awake to his urge to save as well, or else, he’ll never bloom as a hero. But the thought seems to make its way slowly, because Bakugou has good people surrounding him who care about him and are keeping a close eye on his progression, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. In a way, Endeavor illustrates what Bakugou could have become if he kept up the same mindset and rivalry forever (I already wrote about that matter on this post) and never opened up to anybody.

So relationships are crucial, and need to be fortified so society won’t collapse if one of the strongest hero is taken down, even if they’re not romantic ones. Romantic relationships aren’t the only loving and  fulfilling ones, I already wrote about two relationships that are very moving and aren’t romantic; Izuku and Toshinori, and Izuku and Iida. So I think it’s important for heroes to learn to rely on each other and build great trust so they can know they have each other’s back. Currently at UA, students are barely forced to work together (and are even motivated to fight among themselves); each time they did it was because villains appeared. I think it’s wrong for UA to still promote a mindset who caused All Might to raise and to fall by himself. One for All is a dangerous quirk itself; it crushed Izuku since the beginning because it was already too heavy. Heavy from the large responsibilities and power entrusted to only one individual, and to be shouldered by one person only. So it’s highly important that students come to realize they need each other, need to help out each other to re establish solid foundations for this society going astray without its only pillar, and they won’t do it unless they build strong relationships between them so they won’t make the same mistakes their predecessors did.  

Now about the romantic relationships I personally like in BNHA. Overall, it’s true that I only ship Kirishima and Bakugou for what we’ve seen so far. I won’t write about why I ship them here specifically, an entire post about them would be more appropriate for that. Though there’s also another relationship I have a soft spot for as a romantic one; Kendou and TetsuTetsu. I really appreciated how they worked together during the villains’ attack back at the training camp, and I like their chemistry. 

As analytical as I can be, I also choose relationships I like based on what they make me feel; do those characters look at each other in a certain gentle way, value and care about each other? Do they seem to feel curious, interested about each other and appreciate being together? Does the chemistry going on between them could eventually lead them to fall in love because they could easily be, or are already close and dear to each other? I must admit that I’m quite fond of Izuku and Shinsou as well, but I can’t bring myself to ship them completely as I’m waiting for more meaningful moments to be shared between them to be convinced they could be right for each other. That being said, Hori has still a lot to show us so who knows which relationship will get development and reveal to be also interesting? For now it’s only canon that Uraraka is in love with Izuku, but it’s also confirmed that her feelings were in her way to improve as a hero, so she put them aside for now. Izuku himself, as much as he appreciates and respects Uraraka, is also more implicated in improving as a hero to indulge in any romantic relationship. Romance doesn’t really occupy such a large part of the story, given how characters are busy with their own objectives, but I trust Hori about treating topics such as Love. In his previous manga, Oumagadoki Doubutsuen, it was explicitly treated; Shiina himself told he loved his friends and cared about them, and former villains said that they came to understand what Love was. 

Hori already treats mature topics, so it actually would be more weird for him to don’t talk about Love and how important it is, especially in BNHA were it’s shown you not only need others’ presence to be stronger, but also need to care about them, accept to be cared for as well, and ultimately bound with them to achieve grand things.

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AAAHH ANON RULE NUMBER ONE OF WRITING IS NEVER GIVING UP… of course rule number two is collapsing into depression when the words just wont come… ahahah but seriously dont give up anon… and bless im still not good at receiving compliments but thank you… and shit i have no idea how to give advice but here are some tips that will help you

  • Be yourself - let your personality shine through in your writing… one of the reasons i can write sarcastic!eren well (i hope) is because i am really just a sarcastic asshole ahahah…. no seriously 
  • CHARACTERIZATION IS FUCKING KEY - bless i cannot stress how important characterization is… it’s one of the things that will make or break your story… let your characters develop… give them something that furthers their development (whether it be positive or negative)… put them in situations that truly shows their personality… a good example of this would be to add a multitude of small conflicts that all add up to a large conflict
  • Create realistic relationships - this is my absolute pet peeve when reading fanfics… because relationships do not develop over night… think of them as a house… a very complex house… obviously it needs a foundation (meeting each other)… then you begin to lay the bricks (social interaction)… looks like you’re ready to build the walls (subtle touches, glances)… now put on that fucking roof (admission of feelings, first kiss)… BECAUSE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT IS NICE BUT ITS STILL NOT RUSHED… there is still going to be that awkward stage of confirming each other’s feelings… even one night stand fics can follow these guidelines (this is assuming the characters are strangers)… im not necessarily saying that everything has to be a slow build… i know that it’s always exciting writing that first kiss… but don’t rush other plot elements in order to establish relationships… things should progress realistically… I WILL LITERALLY NEVER SAY THAT ENOUGH OKAY
  • Don’t kill your plot bunnies - the idea might sound completely stupid in your head (elephants dancing on the moon)… but write it down… come back to it later and polish it… i have a notebook specifically dedicated to plot ideas… and fuck some of the bunnies in that thing are rabid… but they’ve helped me develop better ideas
  • Create an interesting (and realistic) plot - this one is pretty obvious given that it’s the meat and bones of any story… but it’s so important… especially the realism bit… you can have a fantastic starting point but if you don’t keep the plot realistic then it’s probably going to be a bust… and realism doesn’t necessarily mean realism… as in i’m writing a zombie fic for fuck’s sake… but it means that things need to happen for a reason… there needs to be set up before a big conflict is dropped… sure you can have plot twists i live off the bastards… but they need to be reasonable plot twists… ones that have some fortification behind them… foreshadowing is probably my favorite literary device to use because it allows for plot twists to appear… it’s the equivalent of preforming the trust fall with the strongest kid in the class behind you
  • Be confident - publish your story with the attitude that you rocked that motherfucker… because you probably did and any doubt you’re feeling will evaporate as soon as you realize that no story is perfect… that sounds cheesy as fuck but it’s true… you’ll always think that you should add a little more here, take some away there… but no story is perfect… and shit you just spent hours writing this chapter so you deserve a pat on the back
  • Create realistic responses -  bless this is very important… very, very important... keep in mind the bonds your characters have made throughout the story and for fuck’s sake do not toss them out for the sake of romance… understand the importance friendship has in fics… and remember that life changing decisions would probably not be made mindlessly (not without the consideration of other characters)… for example, let’s say you are writing a fic where levi wants to break things off with eren… in this situation, i highly doubt that eren’s personality would allow for him to just roll over and let levi leave… so it would be unrealistic for things to be broken off seamlessly (unless the previous plot elements call for this)… that was probably a terrible example but you get what i’m saying?… KEEP CHARACTER RESPONSES IN CHARACTER
  • CONSISTENCY. CONSISTENCY. CONSISTENCY. - keep your story consistent… if your characters are sitting in a dark room drinking champagne in one paragraph then don’t say that they are basking in the morning light in the next… ALSO remember what you wrote in previous chapters to keep the consistency… this could be applied to character conversations, places, and even conflicts… for example if your character is mentioned to having a terrible time with directions in the first couple of chapters then he will probably not be able to give that sexy stranger directions to the city’s most popular restaurant
  • Play off previously mentioned (unimportant) plot points - obviously some of your story is going to consist of fillers (or details that are essentially unimportant to the plot)… play off these fillers… it adds a nice touch to your story… and it allows your reader to become more enveloped in the setting of your fic… an example of this could be mentioning that a cafe was nestled in between a church and a bar… use that to your advantage… in future chapters describe the stumbling drunk wobbling into sunday service
  • Try to keep characters in character - the demon known as OOC is almost impossible to evade given that (most times) the only person who can create an exact in character experience is the founder of the character… BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t try to be a close second… study how certain characters react to situations… for example if you are wanting to add a particularly sad scene in your fic, look back at a sad scene from the show/movie your character appears in… see how they react in canon and apply that reaction to your story… BUT CHRIST DON’T OVERDO IT… as in don’t beat over the reader’s head that your character has a certain quirk… a good example i know of is levi’s cleanliness… yes he enjoys things to be clean… but it doesn’t need to be mentioned in every chapter… believe it or not, most readers do not have short term memory and will remember that you mentioned this four chapters ago
  • Word choice is IMPORTANT - you don’t need to have an massive internal vocabulary… use a thesaurus to find more interesting words… bad example: He ran to hug his sister… good example: He sprinted to embrace his sister… also don’t be afraid to add frivolous details… okay take the sentence above: He sprinted to embrace his sister, wind whipping against his face as a smile began to pull at her cherry cheeks… sounds better, right?… also remember that when writing in first person not every sentence has to start with the word ‘i’… mix up the placement of phrases in your sentence… bad example: I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t want to hear the excuses, my mind already shutting him out…. good example: I couldn’t believe my eyes. My mind was already shutting him out, not wanting to hear the excuses.
  • Smut is not a requirement - sure most readers love smut… but that’s not what makes a story good… it’s sort of like a cherry on top to a good fic… but if you are not comfortable with writing smut then don’t feel pressured into including it inside your story… SMUT DOES NOT EQUAL PLOT
  • Take notes from TV shows/movies - no this doesn’t mean plagiarize… it means take notes… write down your favorite phrases from the show/movie… you’d be amazed at what certain phrases can set off in your creativity… i watched shows that have spawned off entire chapters in some of my fics… and many times my ideas have nothing to do with the scene portrayed in the show… but the scene from the show would get me thinking, then it is always a chain reaction from then on out… fanart is also another good resource… just never write scenes from shows/movies verbatim without good reason (canon era fics)… and it is also probably a good idea to get permission to write fics based off fanart from the artist
  • Create a playlist based on the mood of your story - this is my holy grail of writing advice… because this is such a useful technique… gather some songs that remind you of the aura of your story (sad story/sad songs)… i hate saying things ‘give me feels’ but this is totally an exception… because the songs can really just spawn great things from your writing… they help me get into my writing zone… it allows me to clear out my mind and just focus on my story… this probably seems like a terrible piece of advice, but i swear it works
  • Not everything is external dialogue - no matter what perspective you are writing in, it is always possible to create internal dialogue… because let’s be honest, no one likes reading 2,000 words of back and forth conversation… include internal conflict… not every fight has to be spoken… a character can be wary of another without stating it… a character can love another without admitting it… you catch my drift… given this is probably a really biased tip since i live and breathe internal dialogue… but i think it adds depth to characters and plot
  • BETA READERS ARE YOUR FRIEND - this seems like hypocritical advice considering don’t have one… but grammar errors are such an annoyance to read… and i am not one to talk because (like i said i don’t have a beta reader) my fics are probably plagued with small ones… but if you can find a good beta reader then USE THEM


good luck anon and i hope that this was (somewhat) useful ahahaha HAPPY WRITING