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How do you write the beginning of your fics? If you don't mind me asking. I'm having a hard time with opening up my fic, but the opening you wrote for To The Stars is absolutely gorgeous, and I was wondering if you could give some pointers.

I love getting questions about my writing!!!! Please ask away :D 

As for my beginnings, it’s weird but they always just come to me very easily. When I pull out my notebook, or open a new document and put my fingers to the keyboard, I just get a crystal clear image in my head for how the scene should begin and I just start writing. I know it sounds simple but it’s hard to explain. It just is suddenly there and I don’t want to lose that image so I just completely blurt it out in writing, just to get it on the page.

I’ve been taught over the years that at the beginning of your writing, whatever it may be for or about, you have to have a hook. Your reader has to be drawn in and want to keep reading, or else you lose them. They lose interest, don’t feel compelled to follow through, and it’s done. You probably won’t stay on their mind or bring them back to your work again. So in my writing, I use my inspiration, usually drawn from music, to get a certain feeling and I channel that into words. I’m very empathetic and when I feel, I feel hard and that usually translates to me having to write in order to get it out of me because otherwise I feel like I’m going to explode. And I think that ties into writing my beginnings of my stories as well. I want the audience to feel what I’m feeling and see the images I see in my head and I want them to want more, and the best way to do that is to draw them in from the start.

I also want to stress that having a bunch of drafts and edits is okay!!! The most important thing is getting your idea down on paper (or Google docs or Microsoft Word). Just start writing, let it flow, see where it takes you. If it goes in a direction you didn’t have in mind before, make a note somewhere of what you were thinking of before so you can come back to it later and decide which path you want to follow. 

Honestly, when I first started To The Stars, Lance was in Rose’s place and Keith was in Jack’s. I had two comparison columns for what their backstories would be and I just started to resonate with Keith being in Rose’s position. And once I decided Lance would be in Jack’s, the scene at the tavern came to mind and instead of playing poker, Lance was playing darts. Our little sharpshooter :’) So don’t be afraid to make notes of ideas and alternative ways the story could go - after stepping away and coming back at a later time to reconsider, it could be exactly what you need to realize the better story wasn’t the one that first came to mind! 

I hope this helped even a little, and thank you so much for reading my Titanic AU ;;

It’s been months but I’m still not over this.

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I love how the voltron writers love to skip important scenes like reunions, resolutions, and the paladins unlocking different forms of their bayards :)

So I just wanted to tell my story about going to see HTTYD2 for the umpteenth time and finding out I picked “daycare day” at the movies.

Okay so seeing HTTYD2 with a bunch of kids was actually really incredible. 

So the theater is completely packed, and I end up at the end of a row of daycare kids, right?

So we’re watching the movie, and I realize it’s enjoyable because these fresh faces are all laughing and experiencing the antics of dragon racing and seeing all these cool things for the first time, and it’s kind of fun to see a joke aimed for kids hit home with the kids - you’d hear the kids explode with laughter while the adults would just kind of chuckle inwardly. I don’t know, it was fun to experience it as a a child secondhand. 

But I’ve seen HTTYD2 before, so I know what’s coming. 

When the Bewilderbeast was killed, there was a little boy in my row who kind of whisper-asked if he was “really dead”.

And the little boy right next to me said, “Probably not”.

Probably not.”

Now that stuck out to me because, on screen, it’s so obvious that the Bewilderbeast is dead, and you see all the characters react to it. 

But this little 5-6 year old is viewing movies in a completely different way than I am. And it takes me a moment to realize that almost every movie this kid has probably ever been exposed to has been made “for kids” - which means that if there’s ever a “good” character that “dies”, they almost always come back through some miracle. Hence “Probably not.”

This little kid was recognizing the trope used in films directed for his age group, and as a result, he wasn’t affected by the Bewilderbeast’s death. 

Until the Bewilderbeast didn’t get up. 

It was weird, you could actually feel it in the room when the kids began to realize that the Good Bewilderbeast not only didn’t win, but died. 

And so, a few minutes later, you could hear a pin drop in the theater when Stoick was hit. 

One little girl in my row laughed really hard at the sight - I guess the blue-green ice piled on Stoick seemed comical?

But the minute Hiccup ran over and started pulling the ice off him, desperate and scared, the audience fell back into silence.

Valka rushed over to him, and put her ear to his chest and-

“Is he dead?”

The same kid from before, but this time he sounded scared. 

And the little boy next to me was far less certain when he said, “Probably not?”

And so, we go to the funeral scene. Gobber begins his eulogy, and I hear kids begin to cry. We see the boat, and the draped body, and the helmet, and a kid asks “Is he sick?”

And then the funeral pyre is lit, and the boat sails away, and I look around me and the kid next to me has tears streaming down his face, and the little girl who laughed is crying behind her hands. 

Of course, moments after Hiccup’s monologue, we see them flying on the baby dragons, and the kids are quick to laugh and move on from the heaviness of what they just saw.

And I realize that this is probably the first time that the majority of these kids have had to face death like this. In an animated movie with dragons and vikings, they expected a fairytale, and they got something much closer to reality. 

And for ten minutes, a theater full of children faced reality with Fun-Dip and popcorn. And they cried. 

Now I’ve read the article that claims HTTYD2 didn’t do as well in American theaters because parents warned other parents it “wasn’t for kids”, but I would argue that it was. Of course, I love the movie, so it’s for adults, too, but the target audience wasn’t me. 

Parents argued that the Death theme was too much for a young audience (and I respect parents choosing to shield their kids from death for as long as possible), but I saw with my own eyes kids realize that death was a thing that happened to everyone, not just bad guys. And they mourned when a good character died. And I think that lesson is important for kids to have. 

There were of course fantastic elements to HTTYD2, but those elements were part of a fantastic world that has always been anchored in reality. In the first film, Hiccup lost his leg because filmmakers decided it wasn’t believable that he went through that epic fight and came out unscathed. And so it was in HTTYD2.

Good people went to war, and good people died. 

And I think its a valuable lesson for children to have, especially delivered in animated form, when they can experience it with a kind of silver screen barrier between Death and themselves. 

Yuri!!! On Stage Event - Deleted Scene

Finally, I have gotten so information on what has gone on at the event, thanks to a lovely Twitter account.

There was a scene that was not added to the series, as there was no time to animate it, and if it were to be animated, it would be very explicit.

So, months later after the GPF, Viktor has an ice show known as “Viktor & Friends” where other skaters flew out to perform this. Yuuri and Viktor both got very drunk, and that’s when Yuuri started mumbling the name “Chihoko”.

Viktor thinks of this Chihoko guy as Yuuri’s ex.

We can remember back to episode 2, where Viktor has asked Yuuri about his personal life with dating and such, but we don’t hear anything about it from Yuuri. It later was confirmed that Yuuri keeps all past relationships private.

Back to what I was saying, Viktor gets jealous of this “Chihoko” guy, as Yuuri keeps rambling on about him.

The next morning, Viktor is no where to be found.

Yuuri wakes up to find “OVERCOME CHIHOKO” scribbled on his back and Viktor’s panties on his head. And he doesn’t remember anything. Fans are ticked that Viktor is missing, they know this because Phichit decided to upload pictures. The skaters talked about how Viktor and Yuuri pretty much flirted alllll night long, then got naked, then argued. Phichit came to the conclusion:

Viktor and Yuuri got divorced.

Later on, the scene changes to Viktor being on top of Hasetsu castle, stretching naked. He even says, “This person may be Yuuri’s past… But I am his now”

Yuuri eventually finds him and calls for him to come down, but Viktor just yells at him. “Is this better than Chihoko?!” He yells down to Yuuri. Yuuri has no idea who the hell Chihoko is and tells Viktor that. Then, Viktor proceeds to invite Yuuri to strip and go to the top of the castle with him.

At the beginning of this scene, Viktor said “That night… It was a night… I would never forget..” And in between phrases, Yuuri was moaning, before throwing up at the end. Yurio commented that it was gross.


Misawa day theme: Development

Miyuki and Sawamura relationship development


                      What I hoped he hadn’t noticed in my overreaction to his grip was something else. Before shirking off his arm, I knew I had yielded to his hand and had almost leaned into it, as if to say—Don’t stop. Had he noticed I was ready not just to yield but to mold into his body?

Was this what people meant by butter melting?


Destroy you?! You’ve got to be kidding! You…you want me to be your sister, then you say something like that. You’re asking too much,Snow!


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