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Okay, but can we take a moment to realize how difficult it must have been for the creators of Yuri on Ice to even get an anime studio to work with them?

Because this was not a simple project at all.

Like, think about Kubo-sensei walking into an office to begin negotiations with an anime studio to get the project known as “Yuri on Ice” greenlit and approved for production (I mean, in real life it’s a bit more complicated than that, but let’s just imagine for the sake of brevity and clarity), and she begins pitching her product:

“We would like to make an original anime about male figure skating”

[Figure skating is one of the most niche sports you could think of, esp in Japan, which could make it really hard to sell]

“Featuring a serious emotional (romantic) relationship between two men”

[Anime is notorious for its poor presentation of homosexuality and is afraid to treat the topic seriously and respectfully because it might scare away potential viewers]

“As well as about 14 different skaters, all from different parts of the world and relevant to the story in some way”

[All of that requires extra character design and casting]

“Which would all need at least 1 figure skating program each, amounting in about 22 different skating programs total

[That requires immense amounts of animation (and research, and references for its sake) which also means the animation team has to be sufficiently large and skilled to accommodate this need]

“And for this we would also need a professional figure skating choreographer, to actually design all the programs”

[Finding someone who could design 22 different programs, some of them particularly impactful and memorable is a difficult task in and of itself and finding someone who would want to work on an anime project is even harder]

“And of course, we would need someone to write about 22 different music pieces for all of the programs”

[All of which would need to be impactful and memorable, similarly to the choreography]

“And all of this would be contained within 12 episodes.”

[Meaning very little downtime between competitions, as we saw, which means that the animation team has no time to rest because they must complete all the frames for the next episode’s programs (and let me tell you that fluidly animating figure skating is not only difficult but also time consuming as all hell)]

I feel like I could still mention a few aspects, like for example the design of the different locations and the references that it would require, but I think this already gives you a picture of how difficult it was to not only make this anime, but how hard it must have been to actually get it approved (considering how difficult the production process would be, especially for something that originally looked like a risky project that may not even be popular enough to make a profit).

In case you needed more reasons to appreciate Yuri on Ice, let’s take a moment to appreciate how much work and effort went into the creation process for this anime.

Because the fact that it even exists is nothing short of a miracle and something we should never take for granted.

Alfred Hitchcock’s “ALIEN”

Few people know that Ridley Scott was not Alien’s original intended director. Scott took over from an ailing Alfred Hitchcock, who began developing the project after finishing Family Plot, which would become his final film.

Scott would completely redesign the film with Hitchcock’s blessing, beginning with the script and reaching new heights with Giger’s designs, and the then-revolutionary concept of making Ripley female, the character having been male in Hitchcock’s version.

Hitchcock was only days from beginning production and his creature designs had already been completed. Seen here is Hitchcock’s concept for the alien:

The creature was to have been made of glass, completely transparent. Its now-infamous life cycle was also to have been very different. Instead of incubating in a human host, Hitchcock’s Alien reproduced by cocooning people and turning them into aliens like itself. Another difference of Hitchcock’s project was that the android Ash was to have been a less humanoid robot, more closely resembling the designs from Disney’s “Black Hole” film. Most of his concepts were far more traditional than Scott’s, and would have yielded what most film analysts describe as a very Hitchcockian, but also very common horror film. Of course Hitchcock was the master of the genre, and what might have become of the project had he lived to complete it cannot be accurately guessed.

Hitchcock did live just long enough to see the final cut of the film under Scott’s direction. He is said to have applauded the film several times on his deathbed and laughed heartily through the entire movie, jumping at the jump scares, and smiling broadly as each victim met their end. His last words are believed to have been in reference to Scott’s accomplishment:

“My God what a tremendous work of terror! I do dearly hope he reboots it in 30 years with ten foot tall white people and a squid.”


LoliRock - Production Behind the scenes

Hi LoliRockers,

Here’s a fun little story I wanted to share with you, about “what it means to work with artists”. Well, for example, it means that anything can come to life. Including the hand dryier dispenser in the restrooms.

I don’t know when, but at some points, it got a face and hands, and even a happy personality. Honestly, life was better back then, it was at the beginning of the production, in 2012. 

Then, one day, there was an accident. It fell of the wall. Someone pulled too strong. First thing our team did was update the expression on him, so we’d be able to empathise with it… and be more careful afterward. 

We’ll never forget you, hand dryer dispenser. 

PS : Yes, there are Bertand Todesco’s designs… 

PSS : We’re still looking for the murderer. We’ll have our revenge one day ! Even though I’m pretty sure it was someone from the team…


Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha is a British stage and film actress from oxford England. She gained prominence in a recurring role on Doctor Who, playing Tish Jones. She later garnered attention in American productions, beginning with a supporting role in the Tom Hanks comedy Larry Crowne, and starring roles on the television series Undercovers and Touch.

She earned critical acclaim for her performances in the British period drama Belle (2013) and the romantic drama Beyond the Lights (2014), receiving numerous accolade nominations from critics worldwide. Her performance as Kelly was critically acclaimed in “San Junipero” episode of series Black Mirror.


Production on ‘The Batman’ solo movie has reportedly been pushed back due to lack of a script and will no longer begin in Spring. No word yet on how far back the movie has been pushed but Ben Affleck is still on board and officially commented “We’re good and going” with regards to him still directing the movie!

Insecure (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Heyy! Idk if you only write Bucky imagines but if not, could you write a Seb Stan imagine in which he is sad and insecure about something (you can chose) and Y/n comforts and helps him, please? Just a bunch of fluff :) I love your writing!!!

Word Count: 1018 words 

A/N: Even guys get insecure sometimes. I bet Seb does too- but we still love him. Thanks to @littlethin-gs for the prompt! Keep sending them in. 

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what exactly /is/ supermental im a bit confused

Supermental is the next big project. It’s story overlaps with Khonjin house, Supermental is also where Pent and Smack are from. This Project has been ongoing for many many years, with very little to show for it. But will finally begin production in September of this year!