beginning piano

Musicians be like

Beginning of a practice session:

5 minutes later:

Clever things in Be More Chill that make that me smile

  • Jeremy’s theme and the Squip’s theme are very similar to one another, following deep tech-y undertones with high pitched slow almost 8-bit melodies
  • Jeremy’s theme has the melody of “It helps you to beee cooooooool” that’s sung in The Squip Song, immediately providing foreshadowing without question that Jeremy will take the squip because the melody for its function is literally inside of Jeremy(‘s theme)
  • All songs focused on Jeremy or Michael (Michael in the Bathroom, More Than Survive, Two Player Game, etc) begin with 8bit/piano single note melodies
  • “Come on” is always used in the context of the erotic, including sex, overt happiness, and romance
  • “If this were an apocalypse, I would not need any tips, in how to stay alive…But since the zombie army has yet to descend…” directly correlates when the students become ‘zombies’ in The Play (“you have to really sell that you’re turning into a zombie!”) because of the squip and Jeremy does know what to do, because of his video game
  • Speaking of the video game, it’s called Apocalypse of the Damned, the apocalypse referring both to the first quote above and to the students becoming zombies in The Play. The Damned part refers to those turned over by the squip, as the Squip calls them the “pitiful”, or damned children
  • When characters are directly controlled by the Squip, their voice has a mechanical overtone, like when Rich is explaining about the pill the second time in The Squip Song, when the Squip talks about what Jeremy has to do for him in Be More Chill (part 1)
  • Whenever the Squip is convincing Jeremy of something, like how everything about him is terrible or that the Squip will save the “pitiful children” and so on, he uses the voices of the other students in the school, which I always think is a nice parallel by the end during Voices in My Head
  • When Jeremy has to repeat after the Squip in Be More Chill (part 1) the music in the background resembles waltz music, a dance often used in media to portray tension between characters (you know, those classic scenes of the couple with sexual tensions, or when a detective and partner must dance to get close to the bad guy, or when a hero and supervillain dance together because they’re both in disguise at a party, etc etc) but in this case it shows how in tune with one another the Squip and Jeremy are
  • The Squip refers to Jeremy as Hamlet when he’s being overdramatic which is a reference to how Hamlet pretended to ‘be crazy’ to get what he wanted, but now Jeremy is pretending to ‘be more chill’ to get what he wants.
  • “Do you wanna ride” and “do you wanna hang” both refer to sex (obviously) and they are paralleled with the girls referring to it happening somewhere with parents (ie, “my mother’s car” or “Jake’s parents’ room”). The Squip also interferes both times to push Jeremy to participate, by manipulating him into saying yes to the ride or disabling his legs at the party
  • Brooke/Chloe refer to Jeremy as “Jerry” a few more times even after he corrects them
  • Even though the Squip says for Jeremy to repeat him and he says “Everything about YOU is so terrible” Jeremy repeats it as “Everything about ME is so terrible” because the Squip is an abusive computer

It begins with a falling piano, a shouted gay slur and a windblown scratch-off lottery ticket. The five take their dispute over ownership of the ticket to professional arbiters, and the resulting debate about what does and does not constitute a slur would curl George Carlin’s toes. The episode also gives the props department a chance to make indescribably vulgar alterations to an exercise bicycle, and by its end one of the core five, Mac (Rob McElhenney), may have had a personal breakthrough 12 seasons in the making.

Black history month Day 7: American botanist and inventor George Washington Carver.

George Washington Carver was born a slave sometime in the 1860s, his exact date of birth is unknown. His master was Moses Carver, a German immigrant who had purchased George’s parents for $700. When George was only a week old, he, a sister, and his mother were kidnapped by night raiders from Arkansas to be sold in Kentucky. Moses Carver hired someone to retrieve them but he was only able to save baby George and his older brother James, who had been saved from the kidnapping.

After slavery was abolished, Moses and his wife basically adopted George and his brother James and raised them as their own, encouraging George’s intellectual pursuits and teaching him to read and write. Since black children were not allowed to be educated in the local school, George traveled to the school for black children 10 miles south and rented a room in that area to continue his education. He was determined to learn all he could in order to give back to people.

George was originally accepted at Highland College in Kansas, but was turned away once they discovered his race. Undeterred, George homesteaded some land where he started a small conservatory of plants, manually plowed over 16 acres of land, and worked as a ranch hand and other odd jobs. Eventually he received a $300 loan for his education, and begin studying art and piano at Simpson College. When his teacher noticed how skilled he was at painting plants, she urged him to pursue botany and he was accepted to Iowa State Agricultural College as their first black student. Eventually he took it one step further and became Iowa State’s first black faculty member after earning his masters.

Carver focused his efforts on developing alternative crops to cotton, hoping to better the lives and livelihood of poor farmers. He taught people how to grow things like sweet potatoes and peanuts, and came up with many different uses for this produce. He also taught naturally sustainable ways for rejuvenating nutrient depleted soil and getting the most out of your crops. He received numerous honors for his work in environmentalism, including the Spingarn Medal of the NAACP. His success in scientific fields gained praise across racial barriers, with TIME Magazine once calling him “the black Leonardo”. Carver was even publicly admired by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Dance With Me

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I’M ALIVE! I promise. But I know, I’ve been gone for aaages, and there’s no excuse for me other than the worst writer’s block. Again, I’m sorry. I can’t promise that I’ll post every week like I used to, but I can say that I’m still on here, even when I’m not writing :) Hope you enjoy! x

Word Count: 1,775 (A lot shorter than my usual, I’m sorry.)

This is Dunkirk!Harry and inspired by this imagine. (Yes I read Bucky stories, don’t judge me. Sebastian is beautiful.) Feedback is greatly appreciated.

“Dance with me.” You utter, fingertips lacing with his. A breath escapes his lips as you tug him into the empty space of your living room, running small circles into the back of his hand. 

The music plays further as your bodies connect like puzzle pieces. Your chest presses to his and you sigh, resting your head against his collarbones. You gently lay kisses onto the area as he squeezes your hands softly. Inhaling his scent, you lift your head and meet with his eyes. They pierce your own but remain sweet and full of admiration.

The record player is a few meters away from you, belting out the song though you can’t help but sing along.

“And with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now.”

The words drip out with passion and Harry leans in to close the gap. 

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Casting Call (Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader)

Another request from the lovely @dianaftop

this time it is: Lin Manuel Miranda x reader, the reader auditions for Eliza and they fell in love at first sight and song.

this is rlly cute omg

heads up: you singing is this, and Lin singing is this.

Casting Call (Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader)

All of the nerves you have been feeling for the past six months is beginning to build up.

Its finally the day!

You are finally auditioning for the role of Eliza in the London production of Hamilton! You had moved to London specifically for this reason around the time you heard that Rachelle Ann Go was leaving the cast as Eliza. Around that time, it was also announced that Lin-Manuel Miranda himself was reprising the role of Hamilton in the London production. You were so nervous. Lin had always been a major celebrity crush, and to find out that he was going to be in the show if you got the part…well, that was equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking.

It was a little shock, however, when the news came through that he had split with his wife because of the move to London. She hadn’t wanted to bring up their child in a foreign country, no matter whether they had the same language and similar traditions. That was apparently hard on him, but he soldiered through it by immersing himself in the London production.

It’s been six months since then, and he was back to normal, apparently.

You sit in the waiting room, leg jiggling as you concentrate on your breathing. As you glance around the room, you see so many perfect ‘Elizas’ waiting for their own name to be called. Some of them are crying. Some of them are silent. Quite a few are practicing their songs. They all sound much better than you, you think.

“Can we have (Name)? (Name) (Last Name)?” The casting director calls, and you take a deep breath, steeling your nerves.

Show time.

You walk into the audition room, trembling with anticipation. 

there he is

There they are!

A small fraction of the cast and Lin-Manuel Miranda himself are sitting at a table, X-factor style. His head is bowed over a notebook and his hair is obscuring his face, so you can’t discern his expression.

“Hi. I’m Rachel, I play Angelica.” Says a girl at the table, smiling reassuringly at you.

“I’m, uh, (Name) (Last Name).” You stutter.

Lin’s head whips up as though he’s been electrocuted.

His eyes meet yours.

An electric shock zings through your veins as his dark, intelligent eyes lock with yours.

You can feel yourself melting into a puddle at his intense gaze.

What’s going on? Is it the excitement of meeting my celebrity crush in person? You wonder.

You flush bright red and come back to reality as you hear Rachel talking still.

“Okay, so first we’re going to run through 'Burn’. After that, we’ll do 'Best of Wives and Best of Women’ to see how your voice sounds with Lin’s.”

“Oh, okay.” You say, and clear your throat as the beginning piano wafts through the air.

Your eyes slip shut as you immerse yourself in the music.

“I saved every letter you wrote me.

From the moment I read them I knew you were mine. You said you were mine. I thought you were mine.

Do you know what Angelica said when we saw your first letter arrive?

She said, 'Be careful with that one, love. He will do what it takes to survive.”

You pour every ounce of your being into your singing, not even focusing on sounding good, but focusing on making it as emotional as possible. As you get to the hurtful parts - “You forfeit all rights to my heart! You forfeit your place in our bed!” - your voice gets even more ragged and emotional, and you let it.

This isn’t about sounding good.

It’s about conveying feeling.

With your eyes shut, you fail to notice Lin’s astonished, awe-struck gaze as you sing your little heart out. He is staring at you as though you are the most beautiful being on the planet.

You reach the final line.

I hope that you…burn…" You trail off at the end, letting tears slip freely down your face. You keep your eyes shut, too scared to open them, when you hear loud clapping.

"Brava!” Shouts a mans voice, and you open your eyes to see the whole table on their feet, clapping as though they never have before. They’re all crying, but the men are a little more subtle about it.

“Can we hire her right now?” Rachel teases, turning to Lin, who jumps and looks at her.

“I wish. That was amazing!” He replies, and you blush realising that this is the first time he’s spoken.

“So, shall we go through 'Best Of Wives’?” He asks, grinning and turning to you. You stutter at his direct address.

“S-sure!” You say, and Lin moves from behind the table and stands by him.

He’s so close, you can smell his cologne.

is that creepy? you don’t know…

The opening begins.

Alexander, come back to sleep.”

I have an early meeting out of town.”

Your voices harmonise nicely together, you note, flushing.

“It’s still dark outside.”

I know, I just need to write something down.”

“Why do you write like you’re running out of time?”


“Come back to bed, that would be enough.”

“I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.”

“Come back to sleep.”

“This meeting’s at dawn.”

“Well, I’m going back to sleep.”

“Hey. Best of wives and best of women.”

 As he finishes, Lin looks at you with a wide grin.

“I think we found her, guys!” He calls back to the others, who are all nodding in agreement.

“But we have to see the others, otherwise it’s not fair.” Rachel pouts.

“I know,” Lin visibly droops, and you giggle at his theatrics. He perks up when he hears your laugh and goes back to join the others.

“Goodbye, (Name). We’ll be in contact if you get the part, and from the looks of things, you will. Everyone else we’ve seen sounded like a robot.” Rachel wrinkles her nose.

“Bye.” You say, grinning, and bound out of the audition room. You’re halfway down the corridor when you hear a shout.

“Wait!” You turn around and see Lin hastily following you.

“Oh, uh. Hi.” You stutter, embarrassed to be alone with him. “I thought you would contact me if I got the part later?”

“Well,  yeah, we will, but…” Lin seems to be struggling for words. “Could I…have your number for my personal phone?” He asks, and you gasp.

this is not happening

“Uh, uh, okay.” He passes you his phone and you input your number. “Can I ask…why?”

“Because, uh.” He flushes red. “I know I haven’t really talked to you, and I don’t know if you’re dating or not, but I find you really pretty. Plus you have a great voice, and, uh.”

You shock yourself with a sudden burst of confidence as you lean up and kiss his cheek.

“I’m not dating. Call me at any time.”

The Songbirds are Singing

This was written for @txf-fic-chicks Post Ep Challenge.  No beta, just written and posted.  It’s post “Paperclip.”

Author: piecesofscully
Rating: teen
Spoilers: Season 3′s “Paperclip”

Her jacket falls to the chair with a muted thump, followed by the discarding of her purse and shoes.  The yellowed beams of street lamps stream through her slitted blinds, offering her just enough of a glow for her to see as she pads across her living room floor to the stereo.  The mixed tape Missy had made her years ago still sits rewound in the cassette player from her last impromptu visit, having been played and rewound multiple times over a few bottles of wine and stories full of laughs.  

“Ah, remember Jodi from down the street?” Missy had asked.  “The one with the curly brown hair and gap in her teeth?”

“How could I forget?” Dana had said between sips of merlot.  “Her boobs stole my boyfriend that summer.”

Melissa had gasped.  “Oh my god, that’s right!  Henry!  He went around for weeks afterwards bragging about how she let him put his hand up her shirt!”

“I should have known…”

“Maybe if you would have stuffed your-”

“I was fourteen!” Dana had said with a cough, nearly choking on her wine.  

“So much drama over a B cup,” she’d said as she laughed.  “You cried for weeks.”

“I’m going to need more wine.”

Her index finger slides along the buttons until she feels the indentations for the Play button, then presses it down.  Piano begins to filter through the speakers, the light-hearted intro contrasting the sudden darkness she feels bleeding into her apartment.  She gingerly lowers herself onto her couch, and mindlessly flicks on the lamp that sits nearby.  

For you, there’ll be no more crying.

For you, the sun will be shining.

And I feel that when I’m with you,

It’s alright, I know it’s right.

“Sometimes I feel like we should have been twins,” Melissa had said.

Dana’s eyebrow raised, and she had laughed.

“No, seriously.  Seriously, Dana, stop laughing and hear me out!  You and I, it’s like we’re the same person.”

Tears had begun to trail down Dana’s face as she laughed harder.  

“Dammit, Dana, I know we’re different, but sisters have a special bond, you know,” Melissa had said, her voice echoing into the nearly empty glass of wine.

“Well, yeah,” Dana had replied, wiping her eyes.  “We grew up together.”

“No, I mean, our souls are connected, intertwined, tethered together for eternity. Wherever you are, Dana, I’m there, too.”

From the drawer of the side table, she pulls out what’s left of a short stick of incense and the small glass holder Melissa had given her as a birthday gift years before.  It feels smooth and lightweight between her fingers, it’s emerald color glimmering under the lamp.  With the light of a match and the quick forced rush of her breath, the tip of the incense begins to smolder.  A thin line of smoke twirls from the end gracefully, the way Melissa used spin in the center of the kitchen while pretending to be a ballerina.  

The warm musky scent of patchouli surrounds her, it’s smell tweaking the sides of her mouth into a small smile. It’s sweet undertones remind her of summer evenings from long ago, of two teenage girls listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk album on repeat.   It reminds her of a time when she was Dana, just Dana.  

And for a moment it feels as if Melissa is sitting right there next to her, cuddled into the far corner of the couch with her legs folded underneath her.  

To you, I’ll give the world.

To you, I’ll never be cold.

‘Cause I feel that when I’m with you,

It’s alright, I know it’s right.

Melissa would roll her eyes dramatically, and inform her that patchouli was for depression, it’s properties used to help ease you from the murky depths of the prison of your own inner mind.  

“Feel the hurt and then let it go, Dana,” she would say.  “Don’t hold onto it, that’s toxic.  Death, no matter how sudden, isn’t an ending.”

“I know, Missy,” Dana whispers into her empty apartment as she curls herself into the opposite corner of her couch.

“Energy doesn’t vanish or die, it transfers,” she would say.  “You of all people should know that, Miss Bachelors Degree in Physics.  Our souls are energy; energy that’s just waiting for the right moment to transfer and bring a new form of beauty into the world.”

And the songbirds are singing, like they know the score.

And I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before.

And I wish you all the love in the world.

But most of all, I wish it from myself.

And, when alive, she had been that very beauty in the world.  Her life was lived loudly, and without regrets or apologies.  She was as vibrant as the red roses that bloomed in spring, the air about her had been exuberant and invigorating.  

Never a woman to be eclipsed into a shadow, her emanation too stunningly bright and commanding of attention, her energy affecting the incoming and retreating tides of Dana’s life from a distance.  Now, even in death, her rich presence still lingers.  

Hot tears sting Dana’s eyes.  “I don’t…” she whispers hoarsely, not trusting her voice to remain strong.  “I don’t know how to do this alone, Missy.”

Her sister would smile, her eyes shaded with a thin veil of sadness, and then grasp her hand.  “You do,” she would say, her voice encouraging. “You’re not alone, Dana.”

A sob that has been gradually building and churning in the highest part of her belly finally escapes Dana’s lips as she buries her face in her hands.

And the songbirds keep singing, like they know the score

And I love you, I love you, I love you

Like never before, like never before, like never before.

The last few chords of the song are interrupted by the muffled shrill of her cell phone, and Dana immediately wipes her eyes and sniffles sharply, composing herself as if the caller has just walked through the door and caught her in a vulnerable moment.   She sighs heavily as the ringing persists, and shakes her head briskly, then heaves herself off of the couch, stops the tape, and crosses towards her summoning.  

“Scully,” she answers curtly.

“Hey, did I wake you?”

“Mulder?”  Her brows furrow.

“The one and only,” he quips.  “Well, really there are actually plenty of Mulder’s-”

“I wasn’t sleeping,” she answers with a sigh.

He pauses, waiting for her to continue.  When she doesn’t, he asks, “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” she answers quickly, then eases herself back down to the couch.  

“Right,” he says, and she can practically see him pursing his lips.  “Of course.”  

She pulls the blanket from the back of the couch and lets it tumble into a heap across her body, like the comfortable silence that has fallen between them.  If she strains she can hear the slow rhythm of his breathing, and she finds herself slowing her own, matching his relaxed pace.

Inhale, exhale.  Inhale, exhale.  She closes her eyes.  

“Hey, Scully.”  His voice penetrates the quiet, it’s warmth and tenderness slowly mending the frayed edges of her heart with each syllable.  She hums in response.

“Did I ever tell you the story of Kenneth Arnold?”

Her swollen eyes ache as her smile reaches her eyes.  “About how he saw nine high-speed flying saucers near Mount Rainier?”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

She pulls the blanket to her chin, settling in deeper into the cushions of the couch.  “Tell me again, Mulder.”

Underneath - Arrow Music Notes 5x20

Chase traps Oliver and Felicity in the bunker which forces many emotions to bubble to the surface.  Important conversations and relationships usually mean beautiful and powerful music and this episode was no exception.  The Flashbacks also explored Felicity and Oliver’s time between seasons with a return of a few beloved themes.  (Spoiler alert: this is going to be very Olicity focused.  There are one or two major Oliver moments and a few other brief moments for the other characters but most of this review is about Olicity.  So for the few of you who are not Olicity fans but love the music enough to deal with my bias…go ahead at your own risk.  You have been warned)

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A/N- I am so sorry this is so late. But here it is! I hope who ever requested it.. likes it. Anyway, thank you for requesting, I really appreciate it. 

Request- Can I get a scenario in where you are a famous rapper from America and you come to Korea to help BTS with their new album. While there Jungkook falls for you and Yoongi is like an older brother to you. 

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Die with me y’all ^^^ 

Music was always a passion of yours since you were a young age. You would always be wrapping along to ‘This is how we do it’ and other fine classics. As you came into your teenage years you began to write and produce music as an underground rapper. It wasn’t until you were seventeen that you got scouted by an entertainment company. Your mom at first was like ‘hell no’, but your talent was undeniable. You could from lyrics that slayed and had true meaning, faster than anyone had ever down.  You went viral all over the world. You were dominating the charts. 

You were twenty now and better than ever. You were taking some time off to focus on producing. You could rap really well and write lyrics that spoke to people, but you were still a little inexperienced when it came to producing. So when you got asked to help BTS with there new album, you jumped at the opportunity. They were amazing. They wrote and produced everything and they all had such talented voices. Not to mention they’re all hot as fuck, who would say no? Nobody! 

Arriving in Korea was scary for you. You had never been this far from home before, nor were you the best at speaking Korea, but you could manage. BTS’ manager thought it would be best if you stayed in the dorm with the boys, to get to know them and it would be convenient. Knocking on their door was nerve wrecking as fuck. Would they like you? Would they think you were talented? Who knows… The door swing open, a boy much taller than you stood infront of you, he had black hair and a sleepy face. 

“You must be Y/N?” He sticks out his hand, you shake it. 

“Yeah, you must be Yoongi?” He nods, he grabs your bag and walks in. You follow him close behind. He sets your bag down against a wall. He walks over to the living room and plops down on the couch, you sit beside him. 

“Jin is still cleaning the room. You’ll be rooming with me ‘cause I’m the least perverted and I don’t stay up all night jerking off.” You giggle at his bluntness. 

“No, find your pleasure elsewhere?” You retort, making him smirk. 

“I think we’ll get on great!” He says lying back. “Boys, she’s here!” Yoongi shouts from his spot on the couch. One by one boys with different coloured hair entered the room, greeting you and taking there seats. The last to enter was a man, he was breath taking and his collar bones… Fuck. 

“That’s Jungkook.” Yoongi tells you, smirking. Little bitch obviously saw how you can’t take your eyes off him. 

“I’m Jin, I made you your bed and cleaned the room for you. We are all going to try and make you as comfortable as possible and we are all going to be clean, right boys?” They all grunt in agreement. 

“Ahh, don’t your selves out. I grew up with brothers, so I am used to mess.” You tell them, not wanting them to make a big deal out of you being there. 

The rest of the day you settle in and meet all the boys. Their all really nice, but fuck are the hot. It doesn’t help that they walk around shirtless. You spent the afternoon with Namjoon and Yoongi, showing them a few of the tracks your produced and rapped on. They were amazed, not expecting so much talent from a kid. 

“So Y/N, how did you get into to rapping?” Hoseok asks, your all sitting around the living room getting to know each other. 

“Ehh, I guess it was my love from 90s cheesy rap songs. I got obsessed with memorising lyrics and learning the beats from songs and how they were made.” You tell them all, they look at you with admiration. Jungkook stare made you nervous, his gaze was melting your core.

“To be honest, you don’t look like a rapper, you’re too adorable.” Taehyung says, sending you hearts. 

“This bitch.” you scoff, they all look at you shocked, like you can’t curse. “Just cause I don’t wear chains or have an ass the size of the moon, doesn’t mean I can’t rap.” 

“Tae, she raps a million times better than you.” Namjoon says, Taehyung pretends he got shoot. Over dramatic bitch. 

You looked all the boys, they treated you just like one of them. Which you loved. But Jungkook didn’t really care to notice you all that much, he stared at you all the time, was there something on your face? You worked diligently along side the Yoongi and Namjoon. Yoongi was really there for you though. He new you were missing home, he spent a lot of his free time with you. He was like family to you right now. He took care of you, he even got you tampons when you needed then. 

You always waited till late to get in the shower, you didn’t want anyone walking in on you or anything. So you got your towel and went to the bathroom. You opened the door, to see Jungkook just in his bowers. You couldn’t stop staring, it was like he was sent by the gods, he was glorious. When you finally snapped out of your daze, you let out a scream. You quickly turned around and tried to walk out, but hit your head off the door. You groan and run. 

Jesus you just walked in on a practically naked Jungkook. Well that’s an image to save. You hide in your room for the rest of the day. 

Jungkook P.O.V 

You had just ran out on him, and all he could think was how cute were you. He couldn’t help but agree with Taehyung, you are adorable. He sees how nerves you get around him, you blush, can’t meet his eyes. He thought it was just the cutest thing. And fuck your body to him was a temple, he wanted to worship. The way your hips swayed when you walked, the baby hairs at the back of your hair when you tied it up, you were just gorgeous to him. 

He couldn’t help but giggle the next morning, when you avoid him. Not able to look at him. 

“Hyung, I was wondering could you get Y/N to help me with begin? I could use her in put.” Jungkook innocently asks. 

“Sure, just don’t stay too late tonight. We have a fan meet tomorrow.” Namjoon replies, continuing his work. 

“Thanks Hyung!” Jungkook bounces off to go text you. 

Jungkook- Hey Y/N, Hyung said you can help me today! Meet me in studio in 20 minutes ^-^ 

You- Okay! 

Jungkook smiles at the text. You had only been with them for a few weeks but Jungkook thought you were great. You were sassy, confident, shy, sexy all at the same time. And when you rapped it was the sexiest thing hes ever heard and seen. The way you sucked in breaths, making your chest raise, your lips getting swollen from it all. Your laugh was his gospel. There was so many times when he just wanted to grab you and kiss every inch of skin you had. 

But Jungkook was afraid to kiss you or do anything. As Yoongi had kind of taking the role of your older brother, giving out when Taehyung or Hoseok got to close for his liking, which also annoyed Jungkook. Why were they touching what’s his? Well what he was going to make his. 

“Hey!” You walked in to the studio, Jungkook smiled at hearing your honey suckle voice. You plop down on the swivel chair beside him. “So what are we doing today.” 

“I wanted you to look at my lyrics and tell me what you think.” He grabs your hand, making you stand up and walk into the recording room with a piano. He sits you down on the bench and he takes his place beside you. “Just listen okay?” You nod. 

Jungkook begins to play the piano and seeing. You close your eyes hearing his voice. It was such a beautiful melody, bouncing off the walls and back to you. Jungkook was invading all your scenes except one, taste. And boy did you want to feel his lips on yours. His silky voice was putting you in a trance, one you couldn’t, wouldn’t escape from. When he finished you still had your eyes closed. 

“What did you think?” Jungkook asks. How do you begin to explain hpw amazing he is to you. Your about to answer when you can’t. Jungkooks lips are on yours. He pulls away after a few minutes. 

“I liked it.” You say smiling, finally opening your eyes. Jungkook was so closed to you, his hands resting on your hips. 

“Which part, the song, or the kissing?” He smirks. You lean into him, whispering in his ear. 

“Both parts.” Jungkook presses his lips to yours, again. You can’t help but smile into the kiss. You start to giggle, as he strokes your sides. He pulls back and looks at you, cocking his eyebrow. “What? I’m ticklish!” You giggle. 


A/N-Man I know this was short, I’m sooooorrry. But, I didn’t know if you wanted smut or not, I was going to put then I was like shit what if she doesn’t want smut. I was conflicted, so I have come up with an alternative. If you do want smut, I shall do a part 2, in which it will be like Y/N and Jungkook fooling around behind the other members backs. So message me if you would want, and if anyone else would like that, i will do it! 

Thank you for reading! 

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ghost tae

Originally posted by bwiseoks

  • i have so much hw i hope y'all realize how much i love you
  • i’m giving up my grades for this
  • jk apes is hard to handle i can’t focus i have the worst attention span in the world
  • anyway i’ve said it like twenty times but tae is gonna be a ghost in this au!!
  • mostly bcuz in scooby doo and the ghoul school,,, the ghost in there is so !! cute and bubbly and screams tae and i needed to pay homage to my queen
  • i really like that i can do backstories in this au so let’s get going!
  • the year is long ago in korea
  • things are about to get sad
  • things are hard for taehyung
  • korea is experiencing an industrial revolution which means people are getting off the farms and into the factories
  • taehyung has his own farm, which he inherited from his parents before they passed on
  • but a terrible drought has totally destroyed his crop and winter was harsh and he hardly had enough food to survive
  • he had to take three weeks of fasting to find himself tbh because he was that low on food
  • so when he hears about jobs in the city, he doesn’t really need to think twice about packing up and leaving
  • he knows that how he’s currently living won’t be enough to keep him alive, and so he decides he’s gonna take his chances with the factories
  • the government has really cracked up the factories to be something amazing too, like a really positive environment where people get paid well and treated fairly and everyone is chipper and happy and wonderful!
  • so taehyung packs up his things and he starts off down the long road to the city
  • country taetae has never been to the city before and he’s absolutely amazed at how big everything is!
  • there are so many people like they seriously like ram into him and nearly knock him to his bum but he doesn’t care at all because he’s so overwhelmed by all of them!
  • and the sights and smells too! like there’s food he’s never tasted and he wants to try it all because it smells so good and it makes his mouth water
  • tbh he ends up stealing some off a food cart because he’s so hungry and it smells so good
  • but he’s a little ! because there’s so much smog and garbage and it’s really a suffocating environment
  • tae is still pretty young for factory standards which means that damn a lot of factories want him
  • he’s tall, agile, sharp minded
  • he learns fast and it’s made obvious because he adapts to city life in a matter of days, picking up the slang, and the mannerisms of city goers
  • he knows how to act to and that’s how he lands himself a job actually
  • he shows up to a textile factory one day and it’s a lot of women but he doesn’t care, he needs a job and he needs a job fast
  • and so he goes into the interview and he draws his holey jacket close to his shoulders and he adjusts the cap on his head and he starts the dramatics up pretty quickly
  • he sits down in the chair and sighs loudly and the head of the factory is like why should we hire you
  • taehyung sniffles and takes the cap off his head “sir, you see, it’s my wife back in the countryside. she’s fallen extremely ill sir and i needed the money so we can get her to a doctor-”
  • he chokes on a sob and he sees the the interviewer dab at his eyes with a handkerchief and taehyung knows that he’s got the job
  • except the day he starts to work he really wishes that he didn’t
  • factories are god awful taehyung realizes
  • the second day he’s there, somebody gets their fingers caught in the machinery and it causes a mass panic
  • he works over twelve hours a day, in the dark, in the cold, in the dirt
  • his job specifically is working with the sewing machines because he’s nimble, long fingers, and he has a keen eye for detail
  • he works with a lot of older ladies and they all absolutely adore him they basically have adopted him as their own child
  • but things aren’t good for taehyung
  • he’s used to the fresh country air and light and the factory is bad bad bad bad
  • like his vision starts to go in and out and sometimes he gets serious migraines whenever he steps into the sunlight
  • and whenever he goes to the dingy apartment he shares with like ten other people he immediately collapses on the floor because he has no energy to do anything but sleep anymore
  • he thought that he would at least be better off food wise but he’s lost so much weight that he can see his bones whenever he looks in the mirror
  • things get worse when one day he’s working on a blouse and he starts to cough up blood everywhere
  • the aunties try to cover it up but the overseer comes and gives him a long talking to and a nasty bruise on the cheek
  • but taehyung is making money and even if it’s not a lot of money he’s still making it and he hopes that he will be able to maybe one day he can start a family and have his own house and-
  • but then it happens
  • the factory that taehyung works at does not follow any sort of safety precautions
  • they leave unused scraps of cloth lying in the corner of the room
  • and that’s where the trouble starts
  • the overseer?
  • yah he likes to smoke
  • and one day he disposed his cigarette on the floor, because what’s the harm right?
  • wrong
  • he doesn’t fully extinguish the flame and it catches on those unused scrap piles
  • taehyung is sitting on lunch break when he smells the smoke
  • he races to the back room and half it is eaten away by flames
  • he gags and sputters and he runs back into the main room and screams “fire!”
  • everyone goes into a mass panic because there’s so much cloth and so much wood and dust that the fire spreads faster than anything taehyung has ever seen
  • but he can’t save himself, not when there’s women and children around
  • he starts with the younger kids who shouldn’t even be in there in the first place and he ushers them all outside
  • when he goes back in to get some of the older ladies out, the smoke is so thick he can’t see anything at all
  • he hears them calling out though and he manages to push through the pain in his lungs and the tears streaming down his face to get them outside
  • third trip he doesn’t know who’s still left but he goes back in
  • everything is black
  • the fire is so close it scorches his face and causes him to sob
  • he can’t breathe the smoke is so thick
  • he calls out for anyone but all he can hear is the crackling of wood as beams fall around him
  • he collapses to the ground, eyes shutting slowly
  • the next day, the report is issued across the news
  • taehyung wakes god only knows how much later, feeling a light headed
  • scratch that
  • he feels light entirely
  • and that’s when he realizes, my dear readers, that he is no longer living
  • he wriggles his fingers
  • wriggles his toes
  • blinks a few times
  • he’s unnaturally blue and unnaturally see through
  • oh, and is he floating?
  • taehyung, as a spirit, is connected to the factory by spirit laws but since that places burn down he’s free to wander until he finds a place where he connects to
  • and that’s where you come in
  • taehyung woke up much after the accident and since his body was never found he immediately became a ghost
  • but the poor thing needs a place to stay and by accident, he stumbled across your house
  • he was tired of wandering aimlessly and you had a puppy in your house and that first peaked tae’s interest
  • you were playing music he liked and the whole place smelled like cookies
  • it’s a warm apartment, cozy, just you inside
  • you’re always at school so tae decides that it won’t be that big of an issue if he just stays for like, ever
  • you don’t notice him for a while
  • your slippers can never be found in the morning, but hey, maybe the puppy took them!
  • and the water runs sometimes, but you assume that you probably just left it on, right?
  • and so what if the tv is on when you get home, maybe you left it on and just forgot about it!!
  • well my friends, you are wrong
  • okay you are very wrong
  • it’s taehyung
  • he doesn’t think you mind because you never seem to comment on it but soon he gets kinda attached to you
  • whenever you try to skip breakfast, he opens the fridge door to give you a friendly reminder
  • and whenever you’re sleeping past your alarm, he’ll yank the covers off of you
  • he can go completely invisible, and that’s what he’s been doing for the most part but he wonder if he should reveal himself to you sooner or later
  • he does by mistake one day
  • you have a little keyboard in your house, you know the electronic ones that beginning piano students use?
  • you got it for sale really cheap at a garage sale and although you aren’t the most talented you still like to play it from time to time
  • so does taehyung yikes
  • whenever you aren’t home he’ll sit down and play whatever comes to mind, and he isn’t half bad either
  • your dog likes to sit there and listen to him play and bark along
  • one day your classes end early and you come home to hear piano music playing
  • you slowly open the door and see the keys moving up and down, same with the fake foot pedal you had to plug into the keyboard, but there is nobody in sight
  • you do what any normal person would do in that situation and you scream bloody murder
  • the piano playing comes to an abrupt halt
  • taehyung slowly comes into view and you can tell that it’s a young man but you can also tell that man probably isn’t the best word
  • he stares at you and then starts to stammer and as soon as he appeared, he vanishes
  • you can tell he’s moving though because he knocks down the coffee table in the process, can’t blame those long limbs
  • you run to try and follow after him
  • “hey wait a second i don’t wanna hurt you!”
  • slowly, he appears, and he’s standing in front of the kitchen sink, wincing
  • “it’s okay!” you smile slightly “I guess you’re the one who’s been moving everything around yah?”
  • he gives a quick nod and at first you guess he can’t speak but then he says “god im sorry, really, i wont do it again”
  • and you’re shook because he has such a puppy face but his voice is so deep and masculine and wowow that’s nice
  • “no it’s okay, i’ve been meaning to renovate for a while. say, what’s your name?”
  • and so he tells you his story, about the farm, the factory, they way his fate ended up playing out
  • of course you feel bad for him, how could you not? the poor baby is all alone in the world!!
  • so ofc you’re like yah you can stay with me for as long as you need but can you maybe stay in kinda human form??
  • so he does
  • at first it takes some getting used to because he’s there but he also isn’t there like one time you made this god awful pun and he laughed so hard that he threw his head back and it just kinda went through the wall
  • funny thing is though, whenever you go to reach out for him, it’s like you make actual contact with him like you don’t go through him like you can actually hold his hand when you two are watching scary movies
  • your dog absolutely loves him and that’s how you know he’s a good spirit, because your dog will not leave his side
  • tae feels bad for imposing so he tries to help around the house but when he tries to hold the pot of spaghetti it goes through his hands
  • or when he tries to mop he presses to hard down on the floor yah to try and remove the dust that he ends up falling through the floor
  • he still tries though and more than anything he becomes your personal companion!
  • like he stays up with you when you have lots of homework to do
  • he makes sure that you go to bed on time
  • he tells you scary stories when you’re bored too
  • he loves playing the piano for you too!
  • he says these are the greatest hits in the graveyard and then plays stuff like spooky scary skeletons he’s a hot mess
  • but something starts to go wrong
  • you wake up one morning and tae is not hovering over your bed like he usually does, he’s laying there, like actually laying
  • you scream and then he screams and bolts up and successfully manages to fall through the floor
  • when he floats back up he’s staring at you with the most wth look on his face
  • “tae you were actually laying there!?”
  • he laughs “yah so?”
  • and then he thinks about it and his eyes go wide and he holds his arms up and they aren’t as blue as they used to be
  • you guys need an intervention
  • you guys need seokjin
  • you two rush over to the witch’s house and you’re like hello emergency
  • seokjin spins to face you two and he rolls his eyes and tsks “i have customers you know”
  • “BUT I HAVE COLOR AGAIN” tae wails
  • “so?” seojin turns on his heel to grab a tea “it happens sometimes. the love of a human is enough to bring a spirit back to the mortal world”
  • seokjin glances at you accusingly
  • you go bright red and shake your head and start to stammer
  • meanwhile taehyung is staring at you with the most innocent of smiles and he is beaming like actual beaming
  • “wait you LOVE me”
  • “w-well i wouldn't’ say th-that”
  • seokjin rolls his eyes again “okay we get it, you two wanna make out or whatever, get out of my shop, you’re scaring the customers”
  • things are a bit different back home after this
  • tae is always winking at you for everything
  • and also somehow manages to fall through the walls at the most inconvenient of times???
  • “oh wait you’re about to change sorry didn’t realize”
  • “whoa there’s a bubble bath, no fair, i wanna come in!!”
  • and he physically starts to change
  • like one day you cut your finger while trying to cook dinner and you start to tear up and tae rushes over and thumbs the tear from your eyes
  • and you pause and take his hand in your and murmur “tae you have heat now”
  • but some things aren’t so cute
  • like the day his legs don’t wanna go ghost anymore and he gets stuck in the wall and you have to call over seokjin and yoongi to try and break him out
  • that day was filled with tears and curses and lots of laughs too
  • seokjin and yoongi were gagging the entire time
  • but one day you wake up and he’s not in bed beside you
  • like sure sometimes he’ll be hovering around or kinda drifting but he’s never not there? that’s not part of his usual routine?
  • you immediately panic and you race out of bed, your hair a mess, drool all over your face, your pajamas wrinkled
  • you get caught up in your blanket and trip but you push yourself up because where is he?!
  • what if something bad happened to him like god was finally like enough time to get off of earth you’ve had your time?
  • what if he was suddenly, somehow disconnected from your house, from you?!
  • you call out his name and search around the house but he isn’t anywhere to be found, not in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the spare bedroom either
  • you don’t know what to do so you slump down on the floor and hug your knees to your chest because you can’t imagine your life without him no matter how strange and unusual it was
  • it’s like a part of your soul has been taken away and you don’t know what to do about that and so you lay there and you sob and you curse the world for being so cruel because just when everything seemed to be going alright, it all goes downhill
  • “i do love you!” you sob “i was lying when i told seokjin i didn’t!I love you kim taehyung and now it’s too late and i’ve lost you!!”
  • and you’re so busy crying that you don’t realize that taehyung has slipped in, through the front door, your dog trotting in front of him happily
  • he gives you a really confused look and leans down beside you and shakes your shoulders and when you keep crying he sighs and picks you up like you’re a small child or something
  • “did you stub your toe or something again?”
  • you stop crying and blink, and then look up, because standing there is taehyung, in the living flesh, amused smile on his lips
  • “i… i thought you were gone!” you cry, but you start to laugh, because he’s here, and he’s human, and what could be more perfect and-
  • “well our baby had to go to the bathroom so i thought i would take him out so you could sleep in a little bit more?” he tries
  • but he’s distracted because you’re so close and he’s so real and things are so perfect
  • and so he leans down and kisses your lips and he’s so soft and gentle, and maybe even a little scared but that’s okay because you are too
  • he pulls away and he’s so red and it’s so beautiful compared to that somber blue he used to be
  • “i uh…” he puts his hand on the back of his neck “I kinda wanted to do that for a while now…”
  • and you nod and lean up and kiss him again
  • and against his lips you mumble “yah, me too”
  • the end
Wise Men

by ultimatebellarke

That one time with too much alcohol and a slow dance. // read on ao3

Clarke admits today’s victory, in the grand scheme of things, wasn’t necessarily the biggest. Yet it provided the glimmer of hope needed in the many bleak days to come, and most importantly, it provided reason to break out the alcohol. All of Arkadia, gathered in the courtyard, had come back for refills. And now, thanks to Jasper’s music blasting from the Rover, they are all dancing. For the first time in a long while, Clarke sees her people laughing.

Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Miller had hung back at first, to facilitate the distribution of alcohol. Clark would’ve done anything to keep herself from joining in on the festivities. God knows Clarke doesn’t deserve it. Yet now, after consuming copious cups of alcohol, Clarke is no longer so sure about her decision to refrain.

Then Miller leaves their group, walking into the crowd with his shoulders squared to ask Bryan to dance. Raven complains profusely about the music – specifically, why it keeps changing tracks every three seconds, and did they only change when it got to the good parts, and who put Jasper in charge of the music, anyway – then she complains about the state of Monty and Harper’s dancing. She leaves soon after, adamant on “teaching these uncoordinated fools how to dance”.

As Clarke watches Raven strut into the crowd, Bellamy says to her, “And then there were two.”

Clarke gestures to the drinks they’d each adopted from Miller and Raven. “And four drinks.”

Bellamy takes a sip from Miller’s cup. "We can have a party on our own.”

"I guess we can,” Clarke says. She lifts a shoulder, sending Bellamy a small, sideways smile. “But I really like this song." 

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anonymous asked:

A concept: Soft MacDennis slow dancing in the bar after hours. Nighttime, dim lights, Mac is glowing and Dennis is feeling™ and there are hands on waists, extremely gentle and tender. They both have tears in their eyes and don't try to hide it. They don't talk about it in the morning

“Put on that one song again,” Mac says shyly, looking up at Dennis while he wipes down the bar counter. It’s their turn to close up Paddy’s for the night, and Dennis is avoiding doing any kind of actual work as usual. He’s been making eyes at the jukebox from his perch atop one of the bar stools for the past half hour, and Mac figures it couldn’t hurt to indulge the guy. He’s almost done with the cleaning anyway.

Dennis is already halfway out of his seat, ready to make a beeline for the jukebox. “Which song, dude?”

“You know. That slow one.”

A small smile lifts the corners of Dennis’s mouth as he heads toward the jukebox, fiddling around with the buttons until the familiar sweep of piano chords begins to play. He turns around to look back at Mac, who’s already tossed aside his dishrag and hopped over the counter, making his way to Dennis.

You know our love was meant to be…”

Dennis reaches over and flicks the light off, leaving the interior of Paddy’s illuminated solely by the various lamps hanging around the bar, creating a hypnotically hazy palette of neon colors. Of course, Mac glows with an incandescent intensity of his own, his warm gaze easily the brightest thing in the room.

…the kind of love to last forever…”

It’s routine, this. They’re facing each other, separated only by a couple feet. It gets easier to find a rhythm with each time they do this, and tonight is no exception to that rule; they’re mirroring each other’s gentle swaying in a matter of seconds. 

…and I want you here with me from tonight until the end of time.”

Dennis hooks his thumbs around Mac’s belt loops and pulls Mac flush against him, hiding a content sigh as he feels Mac’s lightly calloused hands find their place on either side of Dennis’s waist, thumbs stroking tiny circles along the skin peeking above his jeans. Dennis lets his head tip forward and rest against Mac’s, and they spend the next three minutes in their own little soft rock world.

Unsure of how to put into words the fact that these nights are all that he ever looks forward to anymore, Dennis settles for tangling his fingers into the other man’s hair and pressing feather light kisses against Mac’s forehead. “You’re my inspiration,” he swears he hears Mac say in a feverishly reverent whisper, before the first drops of water make their descent down his cheeks.

liebesleid (m) · one

ongoing miniseries |  request: reincarnation au with yoongi.
(—or a story of perpetual unrequited love.)

pairing: yoongi | reader
genre: a lot of angst and drama with a sprinkle of smut.
word count: 7.313
warnings: alcohol mention.
author’s note: a thousand thanks to @lthyl for helping me with the outline, you have the patience of a saint :’D ILY 

⇢ chapters: one | two

Chapter one: dolente.

The same melody repeats itself every dawn.

It is one of those casualties of life you want to deem insignificant, even if it has been going on for years now. Every time you find yourself in that narrow space between dormant and conscious, you can hear the sound of a piano with a clearness that’s almost eerie — as if someone’s caressing the black and white keys right next to your ear, producing a song that resonates in your chest and makes your throat constrict in ways you cannot understand.

It’s a melody you’ve loved ever since day one. It stays deep in your heart even if it keeps repeating itself to the point of annoyance, echoes against the corners of your mind and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand. It is as familiar as the voice of your mother, as the cool sheets of your bed and the warmth of the shower that prickles at your skin.

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anonymous asked:

An imagine/blurb where the reader convinces dan to film a cover video with her for her channel? Love your writing btw <3

•Your channel was completely about music, just like your life.
•You sang covers and knew how to play a good handful of instruments.
•It was amazing being able to make a living off something you deeply love.
•Dan had just invited you to his house to do a skit for his own video.
•"Okay so now act surprised and call me ugly or annoying,“ he says as he sets up the camera in front of you.
•You both laughed as you two watched your sassy-ness and how natural it came to you.
•"Well, that’s a wrap!” He says beginning to put away his camera.
•You walked into his room and quickly made your way to his piano.
•"May I?“ You ask like a kindergartner.
•Dan chuckles, “you may.”
•Beginning the first few keys for “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. Classic.
•"Hey, I’ve actually been trying to learn that song for some time now,“ he says scooting in next to you.
•"Play it!” You say excitedly. Piano just seems to sound ten times more smooth and gorgeous when Dan plays it.
•"I have an idea!“ You pull out your vlogging camera and place it on the piano and angled it so it could record both of you.
•"Hmm I don’t know about this, I’m pretty bad at the piano,” Dan begins to doubt himself.
•"C'mon! You’re really good!“ You try helping him gain confidence.
•His cold pale fingers press down on the keys.
•"Some people live for the fortune, some people live just for the fame,” you sing powerfully.
•"Some people live for the power, yeah, “ at the corner of your eye you can see Dan smiling like a goof.
•"Some people want it all, but I just don’t want nothing at all. If it ain’t you baby, if I ain’t got you baby.”
•Dan smiles at how you get really into the song, but you can’t help it.
•He knows very well his feelings for you are still very strong and loving.


I hope you enjoyed this! I actually have deep connection with this blurb because music is my life, even though I’m terrible at singing and guitar/uke.
Hope y'all are having a wonderful week and happy Valentine’s day! I’m not even surprised how lonely I am this 14th. 😂

anonymous asked:

Two Part anon here, I can't recall what I wrote in P1/. So sorry it didn't go thru. Was mainly about looking forward to hearing the nuances of H's voice live on SNL (which I think will coincide with releasing the album on the following Tues 4/18.) My first SOTT listen was me being taken aback about how different the song was & that the choir at the end was a bit too much, & the guitars and space noises were such callbacks. After the 2nd listen it was all voice & lyrics. After 50+, I'm in love!!!

P2/ it is a overwhelmingly sad song, and that alone makes it different to 1D songs. I didn’t get the hopefulness that some are hearing. Reminded me a bit of thematic differences in Zayn’s solo album and the pervasive sadness in “It’s You.” Another thing - the falsetto where did that come from, are there any 1D songs where H hits notes like that? Zayn and Liam were known for that skill. Wonder if H was saving it like a secret weapon for his solos. Lastly, his voice. It’s really really good.

Yay! thanks for coming back!  

Yeah I’m SO CURIOUS to see what he’s going to sound like on SNL.  Is he going to hold onto this new good technique?  Or will nerves get to him and he slips back into his old bad habits?  This is NOT an easy song to sing.  First you’ve got the falsetto, but more than that a lot of the chorus/verse is right on his break which is a very easy place to strain if it’s not fully supported.  Listening to it, it sounds like it’s so easy for him but it’s definitely not. I’m still really obsessed with how good he sounds on it.  As for his falsetto- he totally had it in Home!!  I remember the first time hearing that song and i was like “i’m sorry, what?? Where did THIS come from, sir?  Why have you been hiding this from us?”  so i’m super pleased he’s using it more because it’s SO GOOD.  

That’s interesting that you thought it was so different!  One of my first thoughts was how it seemed like such a natural progression of all the songs he’s written with one direction, particularly stuff on Four and even more particularly, IICF (obviously the chords in the beginning are the same there).  I was also expecting it to be even more dramatic than this turned out to be so I loved the choir and guitars from the get to haha 

I both agree and disagree about the tone.  I’ll agree that I don’t see it as hopeful as a lot of people do, at least not in an uplifting sort of way,  but I do see that there IS hope at the end and don’t find it that overwhelmingly sad either.  To me it’s more of a jadedness than straight up sadness.  very much things really fucking suck, that’s just the way it is, but not everything is awful and there IS light at the end of the tunnel. 

Here’s how i see the song.  So you’ve got the beginning- the piano is kind of plodding, the rhythm slow and steady…and his voice comes in and he sounds tired, beaten down almost.  And then you’ve got the first verse which doesn’t resolve itself like the chorus and the second verse “you look really good down here, but you ain’t really good” …why didn’t he finish that? You’d expect it to be almost “you ain’t really good my dear” but no, he leaves it unresolved.  Then you’ve got the first time he sings falsetto and you can hear his voice crack just the tiniest bit on “Why are we always stuck and running from” around 1:09 and it’s heartbreaking.  

but then things start building and growing.  the phrases are resolved in the chorus and the next verse.  His voice is stronger.  More sure.  and it KEEPS growing and KEEPS building and by the end it’s big and soaring and the choir comes on in and it ends in a major key instead of something minor and depressing.  BUT!  what gets me is that it doesn’t end on the big swell.  It ends on the quiet, tinkling piano and even that doesn’t fade away but has a very distinct end (and it’s been many many years since i’ve taken any sort of music theory and don’t know the correct technical term for that particular type of chord at the end so if anyone wants to jump in with that that’d be awesome).  To me, the way it ends signifies that they maybe haven’t gotten away just yet as he’s so desperately belting his face off about…but they WILL.