Traveling is about waiting.  Waiting for the taxi, waiting in lines, waiting sitting at the airport with your earphones in, waiting for your plane to land, waiting to fall asleep, waiting for your baggage, just waiting with your thumbs twiddling eyes on whatever ceiling - blue, plastic, or otherwise arcing above your head.  Right now I’m waiting for my taxi, but I’ve been waiting for three semesters and change to hop scotch over the next 24 hours past states, countries, oceans, and skies to  get there.  To Uganda - Kampala and the next six weeks. Six weeks that I’ve ignored, researched, considered, imagined, twisted and turned over and over again.  All of which will matter very little to just - being there.  All that waiting will be over once me and my classmates get there, however; the waiting for everyone else back here in LA and elsewhere will have begun.  Waiting for what you might ask?  We’ll find that out together in Six.  “Buy the ticket take the ride.”      - Hunter S. Thompson (Don’t forget the barf bags) - Jef