I’m beginng to think people forget what Roleplay Means.  
Sometimes I let Anders live and run off with him
and I am harassed for it.
Other times Anders gets the murder knife in the
final act and I am called a NAZI for it.
So here is a reminder what RPG means………….
RPG is short for role-playing game which means
“a game in which each participant assumes the role of a character,
generally in a fantasy or science fiction setting, that can interact
within the game’s imaginary world.”
I truly wish the fandom would remember that before they
judge people.

Youngjae through GOT7 eras

Girls Girls Girls, a legendary debut

A, an era GOT7 wants to erase from their past

Stop Stop it, the minion clothing era

Just Right, the one who got me into kpop

If You Do, I DEMAND ANOTHER SEXY CONCEPT LIKE THIS ASAP (also I just realized that they had the cutest concept followed by the sexiest one)

I don’t have hq pics of Confession song + can we even call it an era? idk just blame it all on JYP


and yes two pics bc they’re really different and I couldn’t choose one

Hard Carry, a bop, we found out that Jinyoung was actually not dead and we waited for answers

Never Ever, I cried when Youngjae went blonde, I waited for almost two years for it + we didn’t really get any answers honestly it looks like the whole trilogy was nonsense why was Jinyoung on glass boxes? why Youngjae broke them? what about the water? and the fkng car with plants inside??

same as fly idk why JYP keeps having different “concepts” for photoshoots

anyways this is it guys please give our Youngjae and GOT7 much much love bye


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anonymous asked:

For the ring ask could you please do Thier brothers?

(Ring ask here ) 

UT Papyrus: Papyrus left the ring shop with a smile on his face and a loud and happy “GOODBYE!”, to the shopkeeper. He held a small, velveti boy in his hands, the container for a beautifull golden ring…well, it was actually silver with gold ontop. And one Ruby in the middle, reflecting the ligth in different direction.

He ran all the way back hom, to excited to propose to you. He even managed to usher Sans out of the house so you two will have some romantic privacy. Well, at least he planned on it. But the little white dog bloking the door right infront of him promised something else. Papyrus looked him dead in the eyes.

“SHOO! I  DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU SHENANIGANS TODAY!”, he waved the ringboy in his hand around, shoving the dog directly that he was a very busy skeleton today. The dog fixed his eyes onto the box. Papyrus regreted his live choices and the dog jumped at him with one loud bark. “NOO!”

The dog toke his entire hand in his mouth, snaking his tnogue around the box and letting go again. Papyrus pulled his now boxless hand back in disgust, wiping slobery spit off it. The dog ust looked at him, his mouth full with the box. Then to Papyrus horror, he swallowed barking happily before jumping and running away. Papyrus jumped up, running after him, trying to catch him while screaming at the top of his lungs. 

The dog ran over the river, Papyrus folowed. Spinning to move from place to place, walking trough air, bending the laws of physics, he did it all the time. But then he slipped, falling into the water below, sinking to the ground instantly. He was a skeleton, and skeletons don’t swim.

He came home half an hour later, dripping wet and devastated.

UF Papyrus: When the great and terrible Papyrus wanted to propose to somebody, he wouldn’t just choose any ring. He would choose the one ring that trully represented his love and devotion to his partner, his salary as the Leader of the Royal Guard giving him the oportunity to actually get the ring you deserved.

He got a white gold ring, the ring had small diamonds in the middle, creating a trail which lead around the ring. The ring had a sapphire ontop, cut in such a way that it reflected the lights in beaitufll ways. Around the Saphirre where two small stones, it where pieces of on of the gems in Waterfall. It fell out of the wall when you two where having a nice stroll trough it, breaking into small pieces. He kept it all the time, and now you could wear a memory you both shared on your hand.

He was strolling trough Snowdin, back to the house, his normally fast paced walk slower and more realaxed. It almsot had a spring to it. Then he stumbled, catching himself in the last moment and truning around annoyed at whaterever dared to get into his way. Behind him was the small white, and so annoying dog, lying with it’s paws in the air, looking like it got knocked over like a statue. It jumped up on all four again and looked at Papyrus.

Papyrus looked back. The dog vibrated out of existence. Papyrus sighed reliefed…until he felt he wet, slobbery something on his hand, and the ring there beeing pulled out of his grasp.  Papyrus let out an almigthy roar, caging the dog in rows and rows of blue bones. The dog looked at him confused while Papyrus tried to grab trough the bones and take back his ring.

The dog dissappeared without a sound or trace.

Papyrus came home, face like set in stone, sitting down on the couch and screaming so loud the window shattered and both you and Sans came rushing downstairs. 

US Sans: Sans was running home, so fast that snow was flying left and right. He got the perfect ring and he was going to propose and the excitement made his entire body vibrate, making him look like a glitchy video game character. He was almost home and-

A white ball of fur and barking, jumped at him, knockin the air out of him and him off of his feet. Sans lande in a pile of snow with an “OOF!”, the ring flying out of his hand, rigth into the fur balls direction. It was the dog. The annoying dog who always stole his attacks and his food and who Papyrus kept letting into the house. The dog who just jumped into the air, catching the ring and absorbing it instantly.

Sans just stared at him, eyesockets blank, face frozen. The dog barked loudly. Sans jumped onto his feet, lounging for the dog with a loud shriek. The dog clipped trough the floor. Sans lay on the floor, face down, sinking deeper into the snow, before dragging himself back home.

The moment he came trough the door he was already on you, crying into your chest.

SF Sans: Sans felt the weigth in his pocket, tapping it with his hand to make extra sure. He got a ring, a perfect ring. A ring which would make you say yes for sure. Not that he had any doubts to beginng with, the terribly magnificient Sans never had doubts that you loved him unconditionally and would of course say yes.

A barking interrupted his thougths. Oh no. No, no, no, not now. He was terribly afraid of that dog. he has been his whole life. He managed to get along with the Dog Guard, slowly getting used to them over time. But the little white dog kept jumping at him, and he was jsut so afraid of him. Of course he would never tell anybody, or show his fear.

But ten the dog jumped at him from the sky, landing on his head an Sans let out a choked shriek, tears filling his eyesockeds before he started shking his head in all directions, trying to get the dog away from him. He succeeded, but then he felt a ligthness in his pocket which shouldn’t be there. Like in some bad action movie, he saw the ring fly trough the air, time slowing down. It was almost on the floor when the dog leaped for it, absorbing it and then jumping into the next tree, shooting himself trough the air with one bend back branch, dissappearing in the dark mist that sorrounded the ceiling of the cave.

Sans shuffeled home and just collapsed ontop of you, shaking from devastation and the still slightly lingering fear.

The signs as Superstitions
  • Aries: "Cross your fingers"
  • Taurus: Walking under a ladder
  • Gemini: Breaking a wishbone and making a wish
  • Cancer: Having a lucky rabbit's foot
  • Leo: "Beginnger's Luck"
  • Virgo: Breaking a mirror causes 7 years of bad luck
  • Libra: Saying "Hello Mr. Cat" when a black cat crosses your path
  • Scorpio: Friday the 13th
  • Sagittarius: Opening an umbrella indoors
  • Capricorn: Finding a penny on the ground is lucky
  • Aquarius: Referring to "Macbeth" as the Scottish play
  • Pisces: "Knock on wood"

anonymous asked:

Dear Mister, do you think it possible to be such a horrible person that no one would want to put up with you at all, even if at the beginng they promised to look after you and care for you? I am starting to suspect that it is possible.

The type of person that you are is fully under your own control, and no one else dictate your actions. If you believe yourself to be horrible then you are going to be horrible. If you believe to be of excellence, then you will achieve an act with excellence.

A good deal of the time people will automatically assume the worst in themselves and then transmit that on to others and never give the other person a chance.

Just because you wake up feeling horrible, does not mean the rest of your day has to be horrible. You are in control of that and you can decide whether it will be or whether it won’t be despite the circumstances

If everyone that you’re dealing with things that you’re a horrible person then maybe it’s time to have a look in the mirror at yourself and examine the way that you are conducting yourself and portraying yourself to them.

I don’t believe that anyone is inherently horrible or that someone can be so horrible that everyone would dislike them excluding Hitler. But even the Nazis loved Hitler

Your own personal conduct in the way that you speak about yourself and express yourself goes a long way to influence the perception of others

You have full and complete control over that.

Some of my notes for coding (c++) that I’m self learning since last year my professor didn’t explain a thing (but since I’m re-starting uni from the beginng, I wanna have a little advantage)
By the way I’m using an app called SoloLearn (once called “Swifty”) where you can learn how to code with different programs (like java, c#, HTML and so on…) and it’s GREAT.

You’ve broken your only doll. So what will you do now if it refuses to be yours?

Changed Laura Marling lyrics a bit for this one.

I cannot beginng to tell what a fight this thing was. Mainly because I had smth very cool in my head but it just didn’t function how I wanted it to. Then I went on a stubborn rescue mission and this is the result. I dunno tbh. What do you guys think? ( ´△`);;

(also needed to shrink the file massively cause tumblr didn’t uploaded it otherwise. it’s just not my day I guess T_T)

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Hello! You seem to know a lot about Henry VII and the fact that he has so many fans is awesome! I was wondering (and sorry to bother), what is your response to the few people criticizing Henry VII for delaying EoY's coronation until she gave him an heir and also her lack of political influence over him? In my view, I don't see anything far fetched in him delaying her coronation, Edward IV did the same with Elizabeth Woodville and they are regarded as a 'great love story'.

you are not bothering me anon –why being anon btw ;D

so here my (long) answer and sorry for my bad english :

actually, Henry planned to crown her more or less 12 months after their marriage (just like Edward IV did with Elizabeth Woodville by the way). We have accounts and letters showing that he indeed wanted to crown her around one year after the wedding. Elizabeth of York having Arthur within 9 months added a bonus and precipated things, but Elizabeth fell ill after Arthur’s birth (she had a feeble condition after almost every pregnancy). Furthermore, a plague epidemic appeared in the south of England after the birth, not allowing such an event to happen.
Also very short after, Lambert Simnel’s rebellion happened and Henry’s focus had to be on that, thwarting the event. The crown had to focus on the cost for war rather then a coronation. Rumors about Simnel started in the beginng of the year 1587, and in the followinng months, Henry had to be away from London many times, the political’s life not stable enough for such a celebration —knowing Henry’s need of control, i am not surprised that in his priorities her coronation came after his victory over Lambert. As soon as the rebellion is crushed, Elizabeth is crowned and Henry spared no expense, lavish and the focus completely on her. Also the coronation was actually perfect timing as it just came after the Tudor victory at Stoke Field (but even before the coronation Elizabeth was then treated as queen consort since dec.1485)
Yet, I think that the delay suited him politically and pleased his Lancastrian supporters as it could not appear that he was ruling through his wife as a consort. Even if Elizabeth had not been bastardized and he could have married her right away, a joint coronation prob wouldn’t have happened as it could have sent this message. (around the birth, Yorkists supporters asked more firecely about her coronation and Henry decided to plan it after Arthur’s birth -he would have probably waited more tho. But as said before, other events happened, causing several months /almost two years of delay).

about her ‘political powers’, it seems indeed that she had none. it was not what was expected from her. but saying that she was no ‘political influence over him’ is wrong as well. Like, It’s Edward IV and EW’s daughter we are talking about ;) she knew so well the game and how the Court worked. there’s always the consideration that her ‘public submission’ was a strategy of Elizabeth herself -perhaps young Elizabeth observed that her mother, perceived as an active political Queen attracted a lot of negative feelings, comment and reactions, which may have contributed to the success of Richard III’s coup. Her predecessor, Margaret of Anjou, was also a busy political Queen, resulting in an image that proved disastrous for the Lancastrian cause.  Because when you look closely, you can see how persuasive over her husband she could be.
A letter from Pope Alexander –around 1495 if i am right?– warned Margaret Beaufort that Henry had already promised Elizabeth that he would appoint her candidate as the next bishop of Worcester, therefore Margaret’s candidate had to be dropped. So he listened his wife instead of his mother, and maybe on more occasions since a lot of letters disappeared (btw and we have absolutely ZERO example with the opposite happening tho).
here a great quote from THE WINTER KING, by Thomas Penn about this supposed 'absence of power’:
“Elizabeth was a discreet, persuasive lobbyist on her own account. London’s key politicians and merchants cultivated her assiduously; so too did foreign diplomats. They did so not because she was ‘powerless’, but quite the opposite. Beneath the emollience was a steeliness, glimpsed in the brisk letters she wrote intervening in legal affairs, and in petitioning her husband for favours on behalf of her servants.
Elizabeth combined a strong sense of family loyalty –including a love for her siblings which was, according to Henry VII’s chronicler Bernard André, ‘ ferme incredibilis ’, truly extraordinary –with a strong awareness of the new political dispensation that she represented. In early 1495, in the face of Warbeck’s continued threat and the recent upheavals within the royal household, she had brokered and funded high-profile marriages for her younger sisters, Anne and Katherine, in the process binding two noble families further into the regime: Anne’s husband was the oldest son of Thomas Howard, earl of Surrey; Katherine, meanwhile, married Lord William Courtenay, son of the earl of Devon. As her extended family became entangled in the various crises of the reign, Elizabeth’s quietly emollient role continued to dovetail with Henry’s policies. After the flight of her cousin the earl of Suffolk in August 1501, she arranged accommodation for his unfortunate wife Margaret who, having been under surveillance for two years as a result of her husband’s intriguing, had her lands and revenues annexed by the crown –the proceeds flowed into Elizabeth’s own coffers.”

so, i don’t see vile or malignious motivations about the delay at all –but much the pragmatism of Henry. and, no, Elizabeth was not powerless. Maybe limited in the political spheres of course, but when it came to her family, the arts, even religious matters (the matters where women/queens had usually power back then) Henry listened to her.
voilà anon!!

처음 (noun, adverb)

안녕하세요! 오늘의 @WotD는 처음입니다! 

  처음 is a noun that means ’시간적으로나 순서상으로 맨 앞,’ ’~ First in terms of time or order.’ It’s hard to give a true 1:1 translation because of the different ways to use this word. By itself, it means ‘beginning’ or 'start,’ but you can add different particles to make it act like an adverb. 

 Here are some: 처음으로 (~for the first time), 처음에(는) (~ at first, in the beginnging), 처음부터 (~ since the beginning) … 

 You can also use 처음 with verbs. People may say, 처음 먹어 봐요! to mean, “This is my first time trying (to eat) (a certain food)!" 

📚 이 책은 읽어 본 적이 없어요. 처음 읽어 봐요. 

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Do you know how long carvajal and his gf been together?

They became couple at the beginng of 2015, but unexpectedlythey broke up in February/March of 2016. Fortunately in autumn the same year they decided to be a couple again :) So they’re together since 2 and half years, but with 6 months of break.