DIY Lace Up Tee Shirt

Girrlscout was inspired by this $108 LF Lace Up Tee, but made her tees for about $15 apiece.

This altered tee does not require a sewing machine, but you will have some minimal sewing to do.

Girrlscout used black trim and eyelets to make her holes for the lace up tee. 

TIP: save yourself so much time and buy “grommet tape” or “eyelet tape” instead - see below.

For more than 300 DIY Altered Tee Shirts go here.

Find the tutorial or this DIY Lace Up Tee Shit by Girrlscout here.

EDIT: girrlscout is on also on Tumblr here!

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DIY Easy Embroidered Sweater Tutorial and Template from Trinkets in Bloom. Not counting paper, ink and needle, this is about a $0.50 DIY. I can still get embroidery floss for $0.35 a skein. If you are new to embroidery, this is the perfect tutorial because there is a template so you can’t mess up and the stitch is the most basic one.


How to wear Yukata (EN version), tutorial by Uniqlo (exists with FR, TW, UK, HK, DE and TH subtitles)

Uniqlo has released this summer a nice yukata collection, avalaible in many of their shops worldwide. Those informal summer kimono are easy to put on and so perfect for beginners!

Their videos shows also show how to tie the matching obi:

DIY Beginner Tulle Skirt Pattern from Burda Style. For US sizes 18-26 and European 44-52. You can check out Burda Style’s sizing chart here. You have to sign up for a free account at Burda Style to download this free pattern. Via Shrip Salad Circus.

It’s Always Autumn has a beginner pattern here for a little girl’s tutu.

External image


DIY | High Low Maxi Circle Skirt Tutorial by Nadira037



PART ZERO: INTRODUCTION - an introduction to my views on fashion and what this guide will be about

PART ONE: COLOR COORDINATION - talking about color as it pertains to outfit making, easy go-to combinations using the COLOR WHEEL and coordinate examples for each.

PART TWO: BALANCE - discusses what is probably the most important skill when making an outfit/coord, which is balance, as well as different ways to acheive visual balance. 

PART THREE: LAYERING - a breakdown of the general order of operations of layering, discussion of what layering means/its importance, and examples of simple layering and complex layering within multiple fashion styles. 

PART FOUR: CONCLUSION - some more general advice about how to progress and improve. 


How To Make 15 Minute Elastic Skirt Tutorial by MeeshaTV


DIY Open Back Shirt Tutorial from A Pair & A Spare.

As far as restyles and sewing tutorials go, this DIY Open Back Shirt is one of the easiest I’ve ever posted.

There is 1 cut made to the back of the shirt, and then simple hemming of the raw edges. For many of us (including me), it’s cold and wintery outside, but summer will be here soon enough and you can be on the lookout for the perfect button up for this restyle.


Here on Rakuten, “Kyoukomati” store is offering a 20-piece beginner set grab bag of kimono for just 22,963 yen!

It comes with the kimono, underclothes, obi, geta, implements such as socks, koshi-himo cords, and even a handbag.

You don’t get to choose your kimono, but interestingly you can influence the one they choose for you: you can choose in the pull-down menus “Your age”, “The atmosphere [of the kimono] you would like”, and “kimono colors you don’t want”. 

These grab-bags can be a really big help for people who want to get into kimono but don’t know where to start. Once you have the underclothes, cords, clips, socks etc., it’s easy to start buying more kimono and obi to match what you already have. Soon you can buy a kimono that doesn’t match anything you own, and then you have to buy an obi for that, and then you find some piece you fall in love with… and then it’s too late for you. XD

The kimono in the photo is an interesting piece as there is very little contrast on it, which makes it more suitable for older ladies as opposed to teenagers or college students. The low contrast gives it an air of being distinguished, and the obi adds just a touch of darkness at the lower edge, which ‘holds down’ the coordination.


DIY Basic Sweetheart Dress For Bigger Boobs | Make a Dress Fits you Perfectly by Using pattern by Yumi King