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I am so so nervous my first race is this Saturday, i know you have tips for beginner runners, but what are your tips for beginner racers? thanks for every thing you do for us lost beginner running souls.

Hi beautiful! My tips are simple, especially for beginner races :)–

1. You will get nerves regardless…try to channel them into “excitement nerves,” use the nerves for adrenaline…which will propel you faster than you know ;)

2. TRUST your training. You’ve trained for this…your body knows what to do and is ready, it’s your mind you need to believe with now

3. BELIEVE in yourself…and your training, coaches, and everything you have put in to get to this point

4. Have fun…most importantly…have so, so much fun, enjoy every step, enjoy the journey. Racing is amazing, but the journey that leads you there is the best part.


Lacing up is never easy, I know.

Today sucked.
Like really sucked.
My family is in pieces and my dad had to have surgery on his heart today. That’s glossing over the details, so just trust me when I say there were many times where curling into a ball and sobbing seemed like a good option.

It was pouring with rain so I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to do my planned run. Gradually, throughout the stress of the day, I had talked myself to a point where I was saying I didn’t WANT to run. It was too gross outside, I was too worried about my dad, I had work I needed to finish. I had started feeding into and agreeing with that monologue that told me I didn’t want to go for a run today.

About 2pm I challenged this thought. I asked myself; “why don’t you want to go for a run?”
Then I responded
“I’m hungry and I’m stressed and I don’t want to get soaked and cold.”
Hmmm. Seemed reasonable. So I said to myself; “okay; you know that after a run you always feel good, and you own a pretty good raincoat AND you have an extra snack in your bag.”
Harumph. My inner child crossed its arms and scowled at me.
“Just see how you feel after work and if you don’t want to go, don’t go.”

This satisfied me. I was supposed to run 9k this week, so the idea that I could go easy on myself was tempting.

So 5pm rolled around and I was emotionally drained. My dad’s surgery went well and he was awake and doing okay. I was exhausted from holding in my anxiety and it was still pouring with rain.
I had to give my friend a ride home so I said to myself;
“If you drop her off and you still don’t want to go, don’t go. But even 20 minutes would make a difference to your mood.”

I knew I was right.

So I dropped my friend off and was driving home. The rain has passed over, but it was way later than I would usually get back and start my run.
So I told myself; “just go for 20 minutes, get home and make your dinner and have an early night.”

I agreed with myself.

So I got home, I put on my running gear. I felt okay. I laced up my shoes. I felt okay. I hit the pavement. I felt okay.

After 10 minutes, I felt better. My mind was telling me “hey, you’re out here. Good work pal. You can probably do 30 minutes.”

I was right. At 20 minutes I usually get over any “hump” I have when I start out, and the job becomes wonderful again. I hit 20 minutes and I felt pretty good; my body was warmed up and I felt ready to run.

The next thing I knew I hit 30 minutes. I was feeling my legs powering on, I was noticing the rhythm in my breathing, I was covering some ground and I felt good. I felt really good.

I checked my distance after a little while longer. 6.5km. I still felt good. I remembered the 10k race I had in 2 weeks time. “I’m over half way” I told myself. “Let’s see how long I can go for. I don’t have to hit 9ks, I can just go for as long as I feel I can.”

So I kept cruising. The rain was holding off. I wasn’t feeling sore or too tired, I was enjoying myself. I hit 8.5km.

By now I had reached the “home straight” of my run, and all of a sudden my thinking had changed to “hey Kate.. wanna see if you can do 10k today?!” And I felt a smile creep in.

So guess what I did? I ran my first 10ks. It wasn’t fast, but this has was one of the most psychologically difficult runs I’ve had to date. Do you know what the hardest part was? That decision to lace up my shoes.

The rest was easy.

I think we take for granted the mental strength required to do this sport, and I think we all deserve a pat on the back.

Staying hydrated on a run

The issue of hydration is a big one, especially in this summer heat and humidity. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things when running, but there are a few things you need to know before guzzling down a liter of water mid-run.

If you drink right before running or too much during a run there is a good chance that you will develop a stomach cramp early on in your run, which can make your run painful and bad or even cause you to have to stop. This is not the case for every runner so it’s definitely worth experimenting to see what your body can handle.

Before your run:

So how are you supposed to stay hydrated if you can’t drink before or during a run?! The best thing you can do is drink as many fluids as you possibly can starting a couple hours before you are planning to run. That way when you are running your body is maxed out with water reserves. Drink a lot throughout the couple hours until about 20 mins before you run…then you should only drink small sips as necessary. Be sure you use the bathroom right before you start running! With all that hydrating you’re going to need to pee, and you don’t want all that excess fluid bouncing around in your stomach. If your pee is dark yellow then you haven’t hydrated enough. It should be light yellow or even clear. And if you don’t need to pee after 2 hours of hydrating then you need to keep drinking water.

After your run:

Immediately after your run you should drink as much water as your body will allow, and continue to hydrate for at least a couple hours after the run. After the run you don’t have to drink just water, especially if you ran for over 30 minutes. In fact, it’s good to mix it up a little with either a sports drink, juice, or (my preference) coconut juice. You want to hydrate while also replenishing the electrolytes that your body sweat out on the run. The same rules apply to your pee post-run.

During your run:

If you are running for under 30 minutes then you really don’t need to drink much, if anything, during your run. As long as you hydrate enough before and after you will be fine. Generally on longer runs you want to drink a couple sips every 20 mins of exercise. You can adjust this according to the temperature and humidity (drink more when it’s hotter and you are sweating more), and usually it’s better to go by your own thirst than by a strict schedule. Avoid drinking huge amounts all at once though, because as I’m sure you will find out it is not comfortable to run with all that liquid sloshing around in your stomach…and it can also cause cramps. Frequent small sips are better than chugging an entire bottle of water in the middle of your run.

An important note here: If you are running for more than a couple hours, especially in heat and humidity, be careful not to drink too much water during your run. This can cause “hyponatremia,” or over-hydration, where the brain swells because your blood has thinned out too much (because you are replacing your liters of sweat with just water). I don’t think this will even remotely be an issue for most of you, since it is extremely rare and really only happens to marathoners. But I thought I should mention it just so that you are aware of the condition. It is a good reason to occasionally drink something other than water that will replenish your sodium levels. But you shouldn’t even be concerned by this as a beginning runner or someone running under 2 hours. 

If you are running on a treadmill you can keep a water bottle next to you. If you are running outside, you can either carry a water bottle with you (I hate doing that), or stash it somewhere along your route that you can keep going back to as necessary. On my normal route I hide mine behind a tree that I loop past every 20 minutes. Or if you don’t want a water bottle, you can use the gym or park water fountains.

There is no right answer for everyone…the right answer for you might be completely wrong for another runner. Every person is different when it comes to running, so personal experimentation is always key. Go into every run with an open mind and spend your time running thinking about how you can make tomorrow’s run better for you. Today you forgot a water bottle, so tomorrow bring one…tomorrow you had to carry the water bottle, so the next day find a place to hide it. Or today you drank too much during your run and got a cramp, so tomorrow you’ll drink before you run…tomorrow you drank too much right before the run and still got a cramp, so the next day you will hydrate more the couple hours before. One step at a time you will become more and more comfortable with your runs, and as a result become a happier, more experienced (and hydrated!) runner.

Hey beginner runners looking for motivation!

I haven’t gone on a run in a long time and so I am trying to start back up again. Just thought I would share what worked for me before. I remember back to the first time I lost a ton of weight- I got my motivation thinking about the apocalypse (hahahaha not even kind of joking).

I downloaded the app “Zombies, Run!” and made a playlist over the end of the world. And then I ran. I ran like if I didn’t, it meant I was going to die. 

(^ Picture from back when I could run.)

Songs include:

Apocalyptic Friend - Eef Barzelay
City - Hollywood Undead
Aim for the Head - Creature Feature
Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant
California’s Dark - The Nightwatchman
Zombie - The Cranberries
Ghost Towns - Radical Face
Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars
Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift (ft. The Civil Wars)
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater
Don’t Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Mad World - Gary Jules
Lead Me Home - Jamie N Commons
Last Man Standing - People in Planes
Bleeding Out - The Long Bellow
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Dies Irae - Mozart’s Requiem
Wolf - First Aid Kit
The Earth Dies Screaming - UB40
The Greatest - Sia
One More - Superchick

I am fully aware that these aren’t the typical “pumped up” music people normally run to, but it gets me in the head space I try to create.

What works for you? What music do you need? What app do you use? How did you start? I would love to share music/ideas (my actually playlist is actually like 60 songs long) because I miss the feeling I got from knowing that I could run if I ever needed to.

Mind your step... A guide to mindful running.

I know what you’re thinking. 
Why is she providing advice when she’s only just started running?
And you would be right to think that. However; I may be a newbie to running, but mindfulness is a very good friend of mine, so I thought I would share some of the examples of where these two worlds collide, and just how easy it is to run when you’re “paying attention”.

The idea of paying attention to what is going on when you’re running may be an absolute nightmare for some of you. Based on the blogs I’ve read so far, many people seem to love running because it is their time to “zone out” and not think about anything. I can understand that; it makes total sense! A bit of peace and quiet amongst the chaos that is everyday life sounds like total bliss, but if you’re like me and it’s a new thing, your thoughts are what make the difference between finishing your run and giving up. 

My first and probably most important point is about your breath. If any of you have ever taken a yoga class you’ve probably heard the instructor banging on about “tuning into the breath” which again, makes sense, because if you don’t breathe, you pass out and if you keep not breathing, you die.
Being mindful while you run allows you to figure out what is happening to your breathing. This is important, because if you don’t breathe correctly, your muscles will fatigue and you will feel “puffed”. If you suddenly change your breathing, you’ll get stitch(!), and if you breathe through your mouth the whole time you’ll probably get light headed. SO here are my mindful running breathing tips;
1. When you start, those first few steps, tune into what your breathing is doing straight away. Try to establish a rhythm; for me, I find I can maintain breathing in through my nose for 2 strides and breathing out through my mouth for another 2 strides. If I do this, I don’t get stitch and I can run at a decent pace without feeling like I’m going to collapse. 
2. If you’re tuned in, you’ll notice if and when your breathing changes; are you tempted to fall out of your rhythm when you hit a hill and pant like a labrador? Do you hold your breath when it’s hard or when something hurts? LISTEN TO YOUR BREATHING AND TRY TO KEEP IT STEADY! For me this makes all the difference for my endurance!
3. If you manage to get a steady breathing rhythm going, your mind can float to other areas of your body and check in with them. How’s your neck? Are you tensing your shoulders? Clenching your fists? Notice what your body is doing. If you feel tension anywhere, you can breathe to release it, thanks to your new found ability to regulate your oxygen intake. Imagine your muscles relaxing with that outward mouth breath. This check in is a great idea at the start of your run; a nice way to say “hey body, I’m going to do this thing; are you ready?” 

I’ve kind of primed you for my next bit of advice when I talked about checking in with your body. Being mindful means asking yourself; “how is my … feeling?”. Notice your feet; notice how they hit the ground. Are they hitting the ground evenly, or are they collapsing to the middle? How does that make your knees feel? Do your legs feel heavy like lead or mobile like powerful pistons?
My calves often hurt when I run (I’ve been told it’s a strength thing that will improve as I get fitter!) so a big thing for me is noticing how I can step in order to put less strain on them; a sort of continuous “trial and error” with each stride. If you feel a tightness or a cramping, come back to your breath, slow down your stride, and see if you can work in that deep exhalation and release some of the tension. Sounds fluffy but trust me; your mind is a powerful healer! If nothing else, you can monitor the twinges and make a better decision about whether you need to stop running. 

For me, gratitude is a massive part of mindfulness, and something I try to practice on my runs. When it gets hard (because it’s never totally easy when you’re starting out!) I glance down at my feet or look at my shadow as it’s moving and I feel an immense amount of gratitude. I feel grateful I have been blessed with a body that is mobile, one that I can train to be stronger and work with rather than against. After years of abusing, hating and ignoring my body, whenever I run I feel grateful that I am able to make positive changes, and that every single step (no matter how slow!) is helping me toward my goals. 

Last, but certainly not least, is being mindful of and celebrating the small victories. Every time you lace up your shoes you are winning! Tell yourself that even if it felt like a “bad” run, it really wasn’t because it was still a run! You got out there and you pounded the pavement and even if you had to walk or you weren’t as fast as you thought you could be, you made a commitment to your body and your health and your mind and that deserves acknowledgement. 

If you read this post to the end THANK YOU; I would love to hear from you if you have any tips or other stories like mine. We’re all in this together <3

amateur advice

doesmyscrufflookgood I am by NO means a professional, but from my personal experience: 

  • Make a workout schedule that fits around your personal life because you’re more likely to stick to it if it doesn’t interfere with other things.
  • Even when you don’t feel like working out, drive to the gym and at least make yourself do 10 minutes of something. (usually I’m motivated after that)
  • Watch videos online and watch different people! (simple, but has helped expand my knowledge of different exercises)

oh wow looks like i did manage to get something done for glitch day

aoooo is best glitch wolf striped hyena puppy girl

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I'm picking up running as a way to boost my endurance and stamina, lose some weight and overall feel better and healthier in my own skin :) running 15-20min straight is where I'm at right now.. what do you advise, should I push myself to run further and slower Or run faster and not that far when trying to shed some weight and whilst being a somewhat of a beginner? thanks! :)

I have beginner running tips in my FAQ :)

Each run teaches me something I didn’t realise I needed to learn.

Another 8km today; not too fast and not too slow. I started and finished strong so I’m happy happy happy but I’m even HAPPIER that I didn’t experience ANY calf pain! Yesterday I did yoga and some strengthening exercises and today I didn’t even get a hint of any soreness. While I was running I was conscious of hitting the ground with the middle of my foot rather than my heel and it seemed to work a charm, so thank you to whoever gave me that tip!

Just another run that made me feel grateful for my ability and my body.
I love this sport.

tips for comic reader beginners

  • the big two run of a cyclical nature in terms of quality, i’ve pinned each cycle to five to six years. but only Marvel or DC can produce consistent company wide good comics and make non shitty editorial choices.
  • if you think they learn from each other’s mistakes. you are wrong they do not. they make the same boners every five or so years 
  • your fave writer has or will write something really bad I promise you
  • your fave character has or will be written horrendously ooc i promise you
  • the phrase “Marvel is generally the lighter of the two” is inaccurate. Marvel stans only say this because the fanbase wide stroke they had made them forget the 90′s
  • DC doesn’t really have stans just a bunch of people with stockholm syndrome who read their stuff

YAY!!!! A highly requested video…I address questions that I get almost every day– beginner running tips!!! Enjoy!