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I am planning on getting a dog in a few months (not my first, but first since becoming an adult so it's been awhile) and was wondering if you had any recommendations for dog/puppy training books or other resources for beginners? Like a good 101 crash course type to get started. I'm tentative to just Google it because I know there's so much misinformation out there. I want to start doing research and learning now so I have a game plan and I'm not scrambling for info once I already have the pup.

I like the Focused Puppy by Deb Jones and Judy Keller. It’s aimed at sports prospects, but the skills are great for any dog. It covers all the basics and includes how to deal with normal puppy behaviours you may find problematic.

Control Unleashed Puppy has fantastic exercises but can be difficult to read and make sense of. Fortunately, there are several DVDs based on the book that cover the same exercises. These are all based on impulse control and building value in working with you.

If you really want lots of hand holding to ensure you get everything just how the trainer intended, Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels are the most detailed training instructions I’ve ever seen. They cover all the obedience and focus skills your dog will need through their life all broken down into small bits for easy training.

ETA: There’s a Training Levels Yahoo group jic anyone is interested in joining up.

Tips for Writing Spell Incantations

Keep it simple. I like to memorize my incantations. It just keeps the spell moving smoothly. So keep it simple, keep it short.

Rhyme. Rhyming helps me get in the witchy mindset. It just feels more like magic to me. It also helps with memorization. Some paths (Wicca, mostly) believe that rhyming binds a spell and increases its chances for a desirable result.

One word can be an incantation. Words can help focus a spell and direct its energy, but the magic itself comes from within you. Repeating one word or phrase over and over again is definitely a good way to approach spell work. For example, my general curse spell simply requires the repetition of the phrase, “Pain, Panic, Dread.”

Find a multi-purpose ending. I was raised Catholic, and while I’m no longer part of the faith, I definitely got into the mental habit of saying ‘Amen’ after a prayer, which to me signaled the end of my Important Communication with Higher Power. So when I started practicing witchcraft, I wanted something that would signal the end of a spell. While I don’t do this for every spell, I tend to end most of them with either, “Let it be done” or “So mote it be.” Note that the latter is a Wiccan phrase, not a general witchcraft phrase.

Find inspiration. Lyrics, poems, and lines from plays or book are all great places to look for words for spells. So if you’re not much of writer, don’t sweat it.

Incantations don’t need to be spoken. If you don’t want to speak, or if you can’t, you can think it or mouth the words. Or, if neither of those work for you, you can also write it down, or go a step further and turn your incantation into a sigil (though I don’t recommend this if you’re using other sigils in your spell).

BUT, if you do speak your incantation, play with your voice. I whisper or hiss for curses, I speak normally for other spells, I sing for glamours and love spells. The way you speak can influence your spell as a whole.

Be confident and comfortable. Whatever you end up saying during a spell, make sure that it is true to you and your craft and that you are comfortable saying it. This is your spell, and you should be proud of it :)

Master Post

I went through my blog and found some posts that I thought were useful. There’s not a lot yet, but I’ll keep my resource page updated

Witch Tips/Witchcraft 101



Herbalist Related/Etc

Kitchen Witchcraft

Hellenic Polytheism

Deities/General Polytheism

The signs and their crystals:

  • Aires - Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Topaz, Jasper, Jadeite, Bloodstone
  • Taurus - Emerald, Topaz, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Selenite
  • Gemini - Tourmaline, Agate, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Tigers Eye, Calcite
  • Cancer - Moonstone, Pearl, Amber, Beryl, Calcite, Opal, Rhodonite
  • Leo - Tigers Eye, Amber, Onyx, Quartz, Turquoise, Citrine, Garnet
  • Virgo - Peridot, Amazonite, Dioptase, Sodalite, Sardonyx, Sugilite
  • Libra - Sapphire, Ametrine, Apophylite, Prehnite, Sunstone, Jade
  • Scorpio - Topaz, Malachite, Beryl, Chariote, Kunzite, Turquoise, Ruby
  • Sagittarius - Amethyst, Azurite, Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, Garnet
  • Capricorn - Jet, Onyx, Amber, Fluorite, Argonite, Galena, Malachite
  • Aquarius, Aquamarine, Angelite, Chrysoprase, Moonstone, Magnetite
  • Pisces - Moonstone, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Sunstone, Turquoise
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New Witch Worksheet: Spell Types

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Another New Witch Worksheet! This one is to help you learn different types of spells and how the terms are used. Please keep in mind that different witches may use terms like “charm” and “enchantment” interchangeably, as well as words like “curse” “hex” and “jinx”. However, there are other times where the distinction may be important or useful. For instance, if a spell is described as an elixir, you will want to be extra cautious before attempting to ingest it. 

Other witches may have different ways to define these terms, but these are the most common definitions that I’ve come into contact with. See the answers below the page break. 

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We spoke some time ago about Freya and since then she has come to me in a deep mediation with my Crone and coven/insisted on being present in last nights working. Now I'm very interested in Norse Paganism from a witches standpoint. Could you give me some insight into it and some things to look into/resources? Thanks again! X

Hello friend! I remember, and i’m happy to hear that something happened!

To me, witchcraft was an organic outgrowth of my religious life. While one does not need to be a witch to be a Norse Pagan, for me it felt right and I went with it. It may have something to do with the fact that my main deity is Freyja and that I always felt closer to the Vanir than the Aesir, but such machinations are beyond me!

That being said, as far as i am aware we do not have access to an unbroken tradition of Norse witchcraft, unfortunately. There are bits and pieces of information available to us, which I will enumerate below, but as such my personal practice is just my own brand with these bits and pieces incorporated into it as I see fit/as feels right. (Of course, the people who practiced this work long ago probably did not view these all as distinct categories, but such as it is splitting them up gives us a clearer picture today, I think–especially when laying them out for introduction.)

  • Runes. Perhaps the most well-known aspect of Norse witchcraft, runes make up an Old Norse alphabet (though some speculate they could be of Italic or Semitic origin) and are said to have magical properties. There are 24 in the Elder Futhark, the runic alphabet that is believed to be the oldest, and each rune represents something different. In history and nowadays they were often used as a form of divination, especially to untangle what may lie ahead in one’s wyrd and orlog, which is roughly the Norse concept of fate or individual destiny. They were also used in the past, and are still used today, as magical staves–on their own or when designed into combinations. Resources on the runes can be found here, and here.
  • Galdr. Related to the runes is galdr, a type of oral magic that uses runic pronunciation and chant as a means to invoke their power and cast spells. The simplest method of this would be just chanting the rune and letting it vibrate within you, but there are more complex chants that can be learned and used as well. Resources on galdr can be found here and here.
  • Seidr. This was a practice that was said to have been taught to Odin by Freyja (S/O TO MY LADY). I personally definitely consider this the most mysterious Norse witchcraft that we know about today. Literally translating to “witchcraft” something akin to “to seethe” or “to boil,” it seems to be the most catch-all Norse term–it includes spell casting, cursing, prophecy,  magical healing, spirit work, channeling the gods, amongst others. Resources on seidr can be found here, here, and here. There also might be some stuff in my #seidr tag. 
  • Spa. I don’t know much about spa, but according to The Viking Answer Lady it is simply the art of prophesy/determining one’s wyrd/orlog (again, roughly the Norse concept of fate). It may fall under seidr? 
  • Recaning. Pronounced “reekening,” this is the Old English term for smoke cleansing, whatever kind of cleansing it may be. Juniper and mugwort probably would have been the traditional go-tos! Mugwort has some mild psychoactive properties, though, so just keep that in mind. All the info I’ve found on this has just been here

I hope this helped! I’m by no means an expert but I think this will get you on a fruitful track. Let me know, as always, if you have any questions!

7/23/15 *EDIT* Finally got around to editing the original post to include corrections/clarifications that have been shared with me! Sorry it took so long.

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Japanese counters song, lyrics below

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Hi. I really want to start witchcraft. But it seems so complex and confusing. Any suggestions on how to start?

Will I have to answer this question every day? :p

Start by researching witchcraft. Figure out what it is, what it isn’t, what sort of things are involved in practicing. Also take some time to figure out why you want to be a witch, why you are drawn to it, things you may want to do, and stuff you want to stay away from. That should give you a basic idea of what you want to do and will give your path a bit of direction.

Also, browse through some of these links - they give tons of amazing information, ideas on where to start, tips, spells, even more links… 

Grimoire Index

Hello my lovelies! 

One of my goals this year was to have a collective handwritten grimoire completed. I’m doing a ‘rough draft’ version of it, where it’s in a cheap notebook and written in basic pencil with not much decoration. Once I get it the way I like, I’ll be buying a more expensive leather journal and writing it in, but for now, I like having my rough sketchbook for the grimoire. I have decided to post the format of my Grimoire, what I want to include and how I will set it up etc. as inspiration for anyone who is thinking about writing one themselves! 

Section One: Personal Beliefs
My Beliefs
Elements of my Practice- what kind of witch I identify as, my own rules/boundaries etc
My Goals
The Witch Rules

Section Two: The Basics
Definition of Craft Terms
List of Witch Types (included the ones I identify as in the pervious section)
List of Symbols-
      Moon phases
      Colour meanings
Powers of the days of the week
Elementals- Fire, Air, Earth, Water
Altar- layout
Tools- meanings
Chakra types

Section Three:  Sabbats & Yearly Co-ordinates
Wheel of the Year layout
Sabbats- Solstices and Equinoxes- Rituals, foods, crafts, incense/herbs, spells, symbols, colours etc for each sabbat

Section Four: Astrology and Divination
Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign for self
Planet Meanings
Description of divination method
      Tea reading
      Tarot reading

Section Five: Gods and Goddesses (leave space):
Gods I am interested in working with & their information
Goddesses I am interested in working with & their information

Section Six: Most Important Crystals and Herbs

Section Seven: Spells, Rituals, Charms etc
For each spell, have a format set up- type of spell, when would it be the most powerful, things you would need, instructions etc

Remember, this is a rough outline for my personal Grimoire. I find that this will work for me, but each Grimoire and Book of Shadows is special for every person and no two books will be the same. I plan on using my Grimoire as strict reference guide and a place to write my spells and I have a separate Book of Shadows for all my personal reflections, results of spells/tarot readings/charms, and extra notes. Many people put those two functions in the asme book but I like to keep them separate. I hope that you can take out of this inspiration for your own Grimoire or BoS. Include and take out whatever you want. Make it yours!


Trash witch tips GO

Presented in no particular order with very few rules. These are suggestions and ideas! There is no “school” of trash witchcraft and you can combine it with all sorts of other workings and traditions. Trash witchcraft is all about having a good time and changing the very nature of reality with something you picked up on the way to the bus stop.

What is “trash?” Well, it’s all relative, isn’t it? I think of trash as “stuff someone is no longer using that’s been left somewhere I can get to it.” My trash witchcraft focuses on getting use out of items people thought were useless, and making beautiful things out of what’s been written off as refuse. I’ve also found trash contains things that are unique to it - energies and thoughts from previous possessors, energies of being reused and recycled, energies of BEING trash, entropy, death, life, perseverance, marginalization, chaos, and a strange kind of peaceful order. Just depends on what you find!

Getting Trash

  • Recycle! Save your drink cups and straws and even straw papers.
  • Some low-income hipster/artist areas have “free” boxes on the corner that you can pick amazing stuff out of
  • Thrift stores are great places to buy trash for cheap! It’s usually some pretty good trash, too.
  • Library free book piles, they get a lot of useless donations. Books are sacred on some levels but do not be afraid to rip apart a book on how to use 2005 Microsoft Encarta and turn it into a Sharpie Grimoire. You’re giving it more life than it ever had.
  • You’re gonna look at the ground a lot. You’re gonna look at soda can tabs in new ways.
  • Loose/broken cassette tape used to be common on roadsides but not anymore; you can usually get tapes for something like $1 apiece at a thrift store if you don’t want to wait. The tape inside is useful for all sorts of things, same with VHS tapes!
  • Discarded roadside CDs tho.
  • Rocks aren’t trash but you’ll start finding them if you look at the ground long enough! Even some stuff that’s kinda valuable. Get a rockhounding book and start finding even more treasure!
  • Asphalt and other manmade rock chunks are abundant because roads and sidewalks are constantly being repaired.
  • Near construction you may even find rebar, screws, etc.
  • Dirt is useful. Different kinds of dirt is useful different ways.
  • All sorts of interesting weird bits of metal and glass and plastic!
  • Discarded lighters, some of which still work!
  • Free matchbooks in bars, plus lemons and nuts and cocktail picks.
  • B O T T L E S
  • You will likely find some money even if it’s a bit of change. Spend it or save it for spell stuff (or just because you’re wise).
  • Animal bits are everywhere really.
  • U-Pick/Pick-n-Save/U-Pull-It type car lots will let you go into their broken down/wreckt car lot and pull anything off of vehicles for flat fees and it’s quite cheap.
  • Craigslist: for people who want to take other people’s junk away for them.
  • Freecycle-type trade groups and dumpster diver groups are good places to start on both practices, give em a google.
  • Watch the animals around and see if they lead you to something interesting.

What it’s useful for

  • Anything that has been run over or left on a road long enough has been charged with the energies of the roads. The energy might change depending on the type of road, a slow rural dirt lane will have a different feel than busy urban blacktop.
  • Even empty cups are useful for a jar replacement, especially temporary spells.
  • Straws can be used to build lattices, mock-structures (build a house out of straws and blow it down!), can even be used as temp wands.
  • Straw papers can be braided or written on and then wrapped around things for a binding spell or wish spell. For instance write a wish, wrap the straw paper around the straw, blow through it to charge.
  • Write a spell on the paper of a wrapped straw, then tear open one end and blow through the straw to launch the paper and spell!
  • A cocktail sword is now your tiny ritual knife. Rejoice.
  • Logo/corporate magic: you can use discarded items with a company’s logo with it to draw upon that company for help or even attack it. Use the money attached to the Starbucks brand to make a Starbucks cup the focus of a money jar spell, etc. Or just curse Blockbuster. Oh wait, too late.
  • Glass that changes the light (curved, warped etc) can be used for magnification or focus spells. Colors of glass can add certain aspects depending on how you associate colors. Green is commonly associated with money; there’s lots of green glass out there since it’s a common drink bottle color!
  • All your tiny metal/glass/concrete bits are great jingles for a spell jar that should be shaken, or even a jar bell just for making noise.
  • Flatter lighter shiny clinky bits can be tied up on a frame as a wind chime, gathering wind energy or just being decorative. Add string/knotwork if you want! Great to do with found silverware.
  • A chunk of a place helps call up the presence of that place or draw on the energy of that place or influence that place. This applies to dirt, rocks, roads, concrete, bricks, asphalt, etc. Get macro (a whole city) or micro (this corner of the street) but either way, tap that!
  • Pendant materials abound if you look in the right places, especially if you know how to wire-wrap a weird chunk of chrome.
  • Broken window glass to shatter illusions, break defenses, and expose lies.
  • Broken mirror for scrying mirrors or defensive traps.
  • The right rocks can be used to draw on concrete in lieu of chalk, do a scratch test.
  • Mark the corners of your neighborhood or yard with innocuous, tiny bits of rocks and other things that aren’t likely to be picked up. Even just arbitrarily moving bits of stuff around helps increase your sovereignty over a location. Be aware of who else might control the area though!
  • Trash is useful for shadow work. Find a trash object that you can meditate on or use for an energy focus. A lot of feelings can resonate with trash - the feeling of BEING trash, being discarded or used, being broken. These can be focused on for catharsis or for calm. Walk through the life of this trash item, empathize with its journey, see where its journey parallels yours. Give it a new home if you’ve found some part of yourself you’re reclaiming (a lot of “trash” is actually worth keeping and was mistakenly devalued!); if you’ve found parts of yourself to let go and move on from then throw them away with the object.
  • This can also be a focus for luck or serendipity workings - do a working to find something precious, then do a trash hunt and see what comes up!

Collect safely!

  • Broken glass and sharp metal bits ABOUND in the places where the best trash is. So you’ll want good gloves and I suggest keeping your tetanus shot up to date.
  • Depending on what you’re doing, eyewear may be good too, and I’d wear tough jeans and a shirt you won’t mind getting snagged.
  • Watch where you hunt trash. Some other people may be trying to get returnable bottles or metal for money; I suggest just giving them right of way.
  • People and animals are unpredictable so only work with those you trust and know the rules for if you’re out of your element.
  • Sometimes places with interesting trash are already occupied by belligerent spirit entities who are keeping that as their hoard. Only approach if you’re willing to bargain fairly or otherwise if you’re willing to fight the entity. (I suggest bargaining or leaving. Remember, it’s just trash.)
  • Look, if you pick anything up that’s squishy keep some hand sanitizer on you and some resealable bags.
  • Actually resealable bags are a good idea anyway, stay organized! Label with date/place if you like to draw on specific associations.
  • Add sigils or cleaning/sealing spells to your bags to keep newly-collected materials from causing spiritual/magical problems before you have a chance to take them home and deal with them. If you have an on-the-go cleanse spell then that’s important to use, but sometimes an extra layer helps for really gunky stuff, and trash tends to have a history attached to it.
  • Animal parts - please do some research before you collect so you know how to safely do it and preserve things without violating the Migratory Bird Act and other local laws. There are a lot of “vulture culture” people on tumblr alone, see if you can talk to someone who works with animal spirits so you’ll know how to respectfully harvest materials.
  • If it looks too nasty to touch or reach for or get to, let it go. It’s just trash.
  • Remember that rooting through other people’s trash that’s part of their property is technically crime and a theft. Be aware of when you are trespassing.

Add some stuff! Be trashy with me!

anonymous asked:

Sorry I'm on moble and FAQ doesnt show up. Someone said something like maiden/mother/crone was a modernized thing and wicca is very new, like the God and Goddess are a new concept. Can you explain? I'm confused

Wicca was created in the 1950’s by Gerald Gardner. The maiden/mother/crone concept is something that applies only to the Wiccan Goddess (and should not be applied to any other deities). Here are some links for Wicca from our FAQ:

And some more from our resource page:

Keep in mind new does not mean that they’re any less of deities. Mostly the reason people point out Wicca being a young religion is because people have a tendency to apply Wiccan concepts to deities from cultures thousands of years old and they don’t fit.


Wicca was introduced to the public in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner, the religion itself is only about 60 years old and has had many factions pop up that are much younger than that. The “Really Old Religion” is false and Dr. Margaret Murray was wrong. So, relatively speaking, Wicca is still very new to many people, especially with the many ways it has changed and become something else.

The Triple Goddess idea, specifically that of the Maiden, Matron, and Crone, is a strictly Wiccan belief. The Wiccan goddess is a moon goddess and her aspects are represented by the phases of the moon, to show the physical ideals of the Maiden, Matron, and Crone. But she is specifically unnamed (as briefly mentioned here) because she cannot be applied to mythological, canon goddesses. Some try to use the Venus figures from history or a myth of matriarchy to support the supposed widespread presence of an MMC goddess, but it’s just that: an urban myth. Hekate is not an MMC goddessthe Morrigan is not an MMC and not necessarily a set of threeeven if she is a triple goddess Brighid is not an MMC goddess.


Moon Phases: What You Should Know

[Image Description: A chart describing the lunar phases and how the sun’s light reflects off of the moon, along with labels naming the phases of the moon. As this chart is very detailed, a fully detailed description can be found at the bottom of this post.]

As you might already know, (and should, if you’re interested in witchcraft), the phases of the moon are incredibly important to some magick users, myself included. While standing as a symbol for the Triple Goddess, the Moon’s phases can have different effects on certain spells, rituals, etc. So here’s a guide to help you to understand what you need to know!

Every phase of the moon carries its own special kind of energy, each energy type effecting both us and everything in the earth.  Each month, the Moon goes through it’s cycle. When not Full or New, it is either Waxing or Waning. The Moon grows stronger as it Waxes, and weaker as it Wanes. Remember this when you cast your spells.

New Moon:
The cycle starts here, at New Moon, when the Moon only just barely begins to show its face. New Moon brings us new, fresh starts. It stands a symbol of hope, faith, and optimism.

Waxing Moon:
The waxing moon has an energy that is excellent for strengthening- just as the moon strengthens itself! It brings us energies that assist in building, accomplishments, creativity, strength, learning, growth, and change. Think of the Maiden!

Full Moon:
The moon is at it’s strongest when you can see it at its fullest! This is the time for abundance, harvest, wishes, desires, sexuality, dreams, and protection! This is also an excellent time to purify and cleanse. Think of the Mother!

Waning Moon:
Just as all things begin, all things must come to an end. Think of the Crone during the Waning Moon.  The Waning Moon is a good time to release any spells that have been cast for too long, to lift curses, and to clear the slate. Let go, continue to cleanse, release, undo bindings, and make space for more magick.

Dark Moon (Ties with New Moon):
When the sky is dark, and no moon is visible, then it’s time to rest, and take time to meditate on what you’ve learned through this lunar cycle. Divination is strongest for some witches at this time.

Of course, there’s always different views on just about everything, so if this Lunar Guide isn’t the right one, keep looking! For example, for a more scientific approach to the Lunar Cycle, you can check out this post right here!

Blessed be!

[Image description continued: At the center of the chart is the Earth, shown half shadowed, half lit by the sun. At the top is the moon showing itself half full, the right half visible. It is labeled “First Quarter”. Beneath this is another, smaller, right half moon. To the right of this, going clockwise, is another moon, this one a small crescent-shaped slice of the moon, labeled Waxing Crescent, with a corresponding moon beneath it. Still clockwise is a completely shadowed moon labeled New. Continuing clockwise is another crescent moon, this time with the left side brightened. This is labeled the Waning Crescent. On the very bottom of the image is another moon, this one showing yet another half moon, this one with the left half visible, labeled Third Quarter. The next moon, continuing clockwise, is labeled Waning Gibbous, and features nearly a whole moon, with a crescent missing. Only the left portion is visible. Next is the Full Moon, and is completely visible. Above this is the Waxing Gibbous, with its right portion visible, with only a small crescent hidden. The next moon is the First Quarter Moon, ending the cycle. To the right of this chart is a meter showing the position of the Sun.]

Witchtips’ Rebloggable “Frequently Asked Questions” - Part I

How do I become a Witch?

Everyone’s path in Witchcraft is different. Some grow up with elements of witchcraft in their life, others find their way to Witchcraft. For anyone who wishes to start practicing, I recommend reading books, Witchcraft site, and blogs. Knowledge is very important in all aspects of life, but especially in witchcraft. As a self-taught Witch, I know how much there is to be learned from doing a bit of research. So search, learn, and think. That is how you can become a witch. I have a post that’s full of resources for beginners HERE

What are some simple things I can do to get started?

It depends on what you want to do. Some simple divination methods for beginners are pendulum readings and Tarot readings. With a bit of research and maybe a cheat sheet for tarot you can get a great feel for your energies through these tools. You could also try charging certain objects like jewelry or coins or performing some basic spells.

How do you charge an object?

Charging is done by putting energy into an object or element. Some like to charge through meditation and physical contact with the object. You can also use visualization to charge. Some things can be charged by outside forces, like water. Moon water, for example, can be made by putting water in a clear container in direct moonlight for a period of time.

How do I find out what kind of Witch I am?

If you do not feel a certain draw to one form of witchcraft but feel the need to specialize, I highly suggest that you dabble in a few different kinds that interest you. There’s no harm in trying different forms of Witchcraft, and you may even find that a few different kinds work for you. Everyone’s Witchcraft is different (I cannot overstate this enough) so it is normal to pick and choose different aspects that you want to incorporate into your own practice.

Can I be a Witch even if none of my relatives are/were?

Absolutely! Some are born into witchy families and can tap into their power more easily, but that does not mean that they are the only ones with magick in them. All humans have powers of divination and magick but few choose to access them or grow them. By starting your path into Witchcraft you are choosing to unlock your metaphysical power.

Can I still be Christian/Jewish/Buddhist/etc and practice Witchcraft?

You can! Witchcraft, though often associated with Wicca, can be entirely secular if you choose to practice it that way. Some Witches are Wiccan, some worship Gods and Goddesses from various religions, and some practice Witchcraft in addition to their traditional faith.

Can you demonstrate how you do your Pendulum readings?

I made a video demonstration actually! You can find it HERE

Can practicing witchcraft or divination open you up to evil entities?

It depends on what kind of witchcraft or divination you practice. Like Karma or the Threefold rule, everything you put into the world comes back to you. So if you choose to put negative energy out you should expect that amount of negativity or more to come back into your life. Divination methods like Tarot and Pendulums do not open you up to negative entities. This is because when using these methods you are using your own energy and not something else’s. When using a Ouija board, however, you are using a spirit or other entity’s energy to communicate and therefore are at risk of being attacked, invaded, or tethered to that entity. (Side note: it is a common misconception that Ouija boards themselves are dangerous. The piece that is actually responsible for communication is the triangular part called the planchette. If you own a Ouija board it is imperative that you keep the Planchette and the board seperate at all times!)

What is a Familiar and how do you know you’ve found yours?

Familiars are non-human living beings, mostly animals and sometimes plants, that possess magickal characteristics and aid in your practice. A Familiar will watch intently while you perform spells and rituals and sometimes lead you to items with helpful properties. Some Witches even report being able to understand their familiars through non-verbal communication.

Are there any alternatives to burning candles and incense? I live in a place where I am unable to light fire or create smoke.

There are always alternatives for most things in Witchcraft. Oil warmers can be an alternative to incense, although it can produce scarce vapors. There are also website where you can burn virtual candles and electronic candles are always a great alternative. You can also spray certain scents instead of burning candles of the same kind. These are just a couple of alternatives but there are many more.

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Hey I went through all of your Heathenry and asatru tags and I've looked all over the web but I cannot find resources for beginners in Norse paganism. I'm really interested but everything I've found is aimed at people who're already well versed in the religion. I'm just not sure how to get started and where to look

It’s super expansive and can be overwhelming, but I’ll do my best to give you some links and advice!

You can start by looking into the Nine Realms and their residence, the tribes of gods, and the Poetic Edda, indefinitely.

Here’s a pretty cool website that summarizes the Nine Realms and even has a couple translation notes.

There are two clans/tribes of gods, the Aesir and the Vanir. They went to war one time (Called the Aesir-Vanir War) and when the war was over, three Vanir joined the Aesir in Asgard (Freyja, Freyr, and Njordr). 

There’s also where people are supposed to go when they die, such as Helheim and Valhalla, and especially how the dead are picked (Valkyries, Freyja, and Odin pick out their heroes to be taken to Valhalla, while everyone else goes to Helheim, a “lodging” for the dead of all kinds). You can try your hand at figuring out what Nastrond is all about, but there’s no real way of telling how much of Nastrond was Original and how much was influenced by later Christianization (or if it was a much later invention through Christian influence). Mostly Helheim and Valhalla, I’d focus on, though.

Here is a pretty cool list of deities and figures in Norse Mythology, with very brief summaries as to what they represent and are associated with.

Here’s more on Norse Goddesses specifically

A really neat family tree depicting the gods and their relations to on another

You should read up on the Poetic Edda, this link has some notes on it

This is a PDF of my favourite translation of the Poetic Edda

This is a good website for brief reminders and stories (and includes other places as well)

This thing is super freaking helpful. It has Sagas and other things.

this is another thing on sagas

Norse Mythology: A Guide to Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs By John Lindow can be really awesome, which gives brief history, an explanation of the eddas, some of the figures and creatures in mythology. Essentially it’s set up to be a vocabulary book on names, figures, etc while also referencing other sources. aka i really really like this and i wish i had the full, physical copy. It’s really brief and doesn’t go into super detail, it’s almost encyclopedia-like in its explanations and brevity on deities and figures and other lore.

I know it can seem super overwhelming but we’re all learning and always learning. I can barely tell you about Thor or Odin, but I can sure quote the translation of what Helheim is like in the Edda near verbatim, or a good majority of Baldr’s Death, so we all have our own personal biases and favored areas of study. 

I hope that helps! And I really hope it’s not too much to take in all at once!


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New Witch Resources

Hey there, new witches! So, you’ve started down the witch’s path, eh? Well, let me be the first to say WELCOME!!!

One of the most frequent question I get (and hell, the question I had when I first started) is “Where do I start?” There’s really no good answer to this, because each witch will tell you something different. My best advice is to think about what draws you most to witchcraft. Do you like nature? Spirits? Charms? Glamours? Start your research there, and every time you come across a term you don’t know, write it down and research that too.

But, if you’re still stuck, I’ve compiled a few links that are hopefully not too overwhelming. If you have any questions, I am more than open to answering them! Just drop by my ask :)

Getting Started
Where Do I Start?
A Note on Research

Starting with Spells
Writing Spells
Casting Spells

Crystal Boards
Cleansing Methods

For Fun
Magic License
New Witch Worksheets

Resources Masterpost
Cleansing Masterpost
Free PDFs
In-a-Pinch Substitutions

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I sent an ask to a langblr/studyblr asking if they had any advice for someone who's trying to teach themselves german and they replied with "yeah, just dont" and i feel so discouraged right now and i cant understand why they would be mean about it when i was asking for help? people liked it the post too so it made me feel worse

I’m so sorry you were treated this way! 😦I don’t have an explanation for this. I don’t know if the person was having a bad day or what.

I sorta wished tumblr was a better platform for language learning since forums have a “beginner’s corner” with resources and everyone can see it instead of having the post lost in the tumblr abyss. It would help more people get some advice and reduce actions such as what you faced. :( 

If you still want some advice, here are some resources, tools/apps, courses, podcasts, and books