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Witch Tips

This just might be my old soul, but knitting has helped me immensely in practice and is really worth the investment. You can:

-Knit charm bags instead of buying them (Seriously you will save so much money because yarn is dirt cheap and you can get so many colors for different intents.)

-Use yarn instead of ribbon for ribbon magic (It might not be as aesthetically pleasing, but it works)

-Knit scarves and mittens and hats with charged yarn (Or you can charm the yarn with whatever intent you want!! I have a few enchanted scarves already for protection from the cold!)

-I don’t use a wand so this might be wrong?? (I’m still a bit of a baby witch) but i’m sure if you’re a wand or pointer type, your knitting needles can probably be used for that in a pinch (And it doesn’t look weird when you tote them around.)

It’s also pretty good for those of you in the broom closet because it’s a method of practicing in public (Which helps me with my anxiety? Idk about some of you but it does with me) and it doesn’t look as conspicuous. When people ask what you’re knitting, you can just say ‘A scarf’ or ‘Baby booties’ or just hit them up with the old ‘I don’t even really know yet, I’m just practicing!’ Plus!!! Knitting is a therapeutic practice in itself which makes it DOUBLE therapeutic!

Why even do a craft blog?

I am doing this for me. This is not anything other than a proof of myself that I CAN and WILL learn something new and continue on with this wonderful new hobby. Knitting/crochet/ quilting and sewing have been things I have wanted to learn and never had the guts to learn. There are many reasons why, but it was mainly self confidence. Not anyone else does it and when brought up most blew it off. So now to help myself grow as a person I have taken it upon myself to learn new hobbies and expand myself so I may grow as a person. 

By the end of this year, I want to learn and be knowledgeable about knitting, crochet, quilting and sewing. Which seems to be rough, but I believe in my ability to learn and grow. 

Question #2

So a bunch of you recommended crochet as something to do. Is crochet or knitting better? Where did you start?

Also, I REALLY REALLY want to get better and watercolor painting. Do any of you have any tips for art? I’d love to learn how to paint and sketch better too but I don’t know where to start.

Regular posting shall begin soon as well. I’ve been very sick and a bit of a mess. It’s a long story but I’m starting to feel much better.

fortunatehazelnut  asked:

Do you knit? I think I've seen you make posts about it but I'm not sure. If so, do you have any tips for an absolute beginner?

I cannot knit to save myself, what you perhaps see is me reblogging from @aristoteliancomplacency who can do just about anything given time and a little thread. Or a lot, if you look into her stitch the Iliad project which I think is still on going.

I will say though as someone who is Rubbish at knitting, patience is key, and also I find crochet easier. Some others might be able to help you out too though, guys?

anonymous asked:

So I'm pretty much as a beginner of knitting as you can get. I can knit and purl, and own 1pair of 4.5mm knitting needles. I've been knitting for less than a year in between studies. I've got the basic scarf down pat I think, is there anything you can suggest for me?

Here are some easy options that take 4.5mm needles and are worked flat.  They should allow you to branch out a little from scarves and will introduce some new techniques such as lace or seaming.

Easy Fingerless Mitts by Roxanne Richardson - FREE!

Fancy Mug Cozy by Kirsten Hipsky - FREE!

Orchid Cowl by Jo Strong - FREE!


Knitting. The complete video for every thing you need to know.
Not my video btw.

Making a Moment (Part 2)

Summary: Dipper finds out he and Mabel might have FEELINGS for each other, so tries to set up a situation where a relationship could develop naturally. Problems arise.

[Part 1]

[AO3 Link]

Operation Mentor

Summary: One of them will ask the other to teach them something, and during the teaching process the instructor in question will assist the learner by taking their hands and demonstrating proper technique, and the contact combined with the sharing of an important passion will lead to a ‘Moment,’ finally.

Step 1: Figure out a skill to be taught

Dipper hadn’t always had the most confidence in himself and the things he’d defined himself by, and while he’d gotten better about it, code-breaking, physics problems, and biological anomalies weren’t skills you taught by sidling up behind someone and grabbing their hands. Even if they were, if Mabel had asked to know more about those things he’d likely start a full on lesson plan and forget the romance entirely.

So he had to learn from Mabel, and luckily most of Mabel’s proficiencies were craft related. He figured pottery was too on the nose, and she probably didn’t have a clay wheel in her dorm room anyway, but he had an in with his earlier agreement. Since he had promised to ‘help’ her with her clothing design, there was plenty opportunity to ask to learn some beginner knitting techniques. Frankly, it was a bit embarrassing that he was completely clueless about the practice when he had a sister who’d been making her own clothing since she was 8.

So, all he had to do was ask her how to knit, and then learn. Sounded simple enough.

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papi-peach  asked:

For the ask about beginner sweaters, i would 300% recommend The Simple Collection by tin-can-knits on Ravelry. It's a collection of all kinds of incredibly thorough and well-explained patterns including (I'm fairly certain) 2 sweater patterns, one of which I'm making right now

Thanks for the hint! For quick access, the collection can be found here. And looks like it’s all free! I’m definitely keeping this in mind for the future, looks like there’s one of everything in this collection! :) 

briarsrose  asked:

Do you have any easy sock knitting patterns for beginners?

Hi @briarsrose - thanks for your question.  I searched the ‘Knitted Socks’ tag on my blog and there’s some goodies in there (so definately check that out), but for a totally beginner knitted sock, I don’t think you can do much better than the Easy Peasy Socks! pattern from FreeStitches.  Click through the link for the free pattern.  

Hope that helps! :-)

Claire x

time-is-a-loaded-gun  asked:

Hello! I want to knit a sweater but I'm not sure how to pick a pattern that's good for a first-timer but not boring. Any recommendations?

Hi! Awesome journey you’re about to take, congrats! I always recommend the Skappel Grenser pattern by Dorthe Skappel since it’s really easy and fun to do. I’ve made probably three of these, the pattern is very simple and you only need garter stitch so it’s the perfect pattern to knit while watching tv. For this pattern I’d recommend watching tutorials on how to increase stitches and how to do seams, as you have to seam the parts together at the end. 

Hope this helps, and of course I’m expecting my awesome and talented followers and fellow knitters to add in their favourite beginner patterns for sweaters! Do let me know how the project comes along. :) 

beyond-the-chaos  asked:

I loooove your blog ! One quick question: do you have any easy diy for a beanie ? From a fellow diyer :) (does that word even exist)

Hello! Thank you for your kind words!

I have a few easy DIY beanies lying around…

DIY Slouchy Beanie Sewing Pattern

Use an old t-shirt you don’t wear anymore! USE SOME FUNKY PATTERNS! FUN PRINTS! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

How-To: Turn a Sweater into a Hat

Again, reuse some old clothes in your closet that you don’t wear anymore! Or go to a thrift store for a sweater if you don’t have any you’re willing to slice up. This is an alternative to knitting a beanie, but will require a bit of sewing. 

DIY No Sew Beanie from a Sweater

If you have a sweater to turn into a beanie, but don’t want to sew.

Simple Slouch Hat Knitting Pattern

If you are a knitter, this will be a quick cast on, cast off! 

But no worries if you don’t know how to knit, this basic pattern is perfect for beginners!

Knit Fisherman Ribbed Hipster Hat

Another quick knit!

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.


Since I just uploaded a new one, I thought now might be a good time to mention I have original knitting patterns up on my Patreon as a $5+ award!  Along with coloring pages.  I’m tentatively trying to get one of each posted per month, though my life’s been kind of crazy so I don’t always have a lot of time to art and knit.  

I’m also for $1 a month, starting probably in the next week or so, I’m going to start posting beginner knitting tutorials featuring quick videos, screenshots, and anything else I can offer that might be helpful advice-wise (knitting advice, I mean, you’ll have to find life advice somewhere else, haha).

So if any of that interests you, please check it out!

Signal boosting is also greatly appreciated.  My “day job” is highly variable and I get paid by amount of work done not hours I spend waiting for work to show up, so any little bit really helps both my day-to-day living expenses and stuff on the yarn and art front!