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Baby Witch in the Bible Belt

Name: Abbie

Age: 20 (tunring 21 this fall)

Location: USA

Type of craft: I’m a newbie, so I’m still trying to find out what works best for me. I’m really interested in learning more about fae magic and any sort of green magic.

Likes: knitting/crocheting, listening to music, reading, learning new things, most animals, rainy days

Dislikes: bigotry, my neighbor’s dogs, morning classes, mosquitoes

Fun Facts: I’m working on a Chinese/Linguistics double major, I have a 3-yr old baby sister, and I can’t cook macaroni and cheese to save my life

What I’m looking for: A friendly person willing to put up with my newbie mistakes, possibly a mentor to help me learn more about different crafts. Age, gender, and location don’t matter!!

Contact: Tumblr - @that-queer-noob; Email -

I’m always up for snail mail once we get to know each other!

Finally finished! My first hand knitting socks.
Even though I redid several times, I still had a lot of mistakes left in them. I didn’t increase and decrease stitches right. So, one sock is 2 more stiches wider than the other arround the angle. And one is longer then the other one.
However, I couldn’t recognize these differences by my eyes, I guess my old mother won’t either. :)

One stitch at a time AU

Character A first meets Character B, an employee at an art store, when Character A is looking to spend a gift card that they had gotten over the holidays. Since Character A isn’t interested in paints or sketchbooks – they’re not much of the artsy type – Character B points then towards buying a beginner’s knitting kit.

Over time, Character A begins to frequent the store more and more for yarn, needles, and other supplies as their talent grows. Soon, Character B starts asking about their latest project and what they’re making that month.

As the holidays grow close again, Character B finds that somebody has left a gift for them at work: a hand knitted scarf and a date invitation from Character A.

Loosening up!

So I feel like a big issue with writing, at least in my experience, is getting too tight. For anyone who knows how to knit, one of the problems beginners have is knitting their stitches too tight, making the next row impossible. When you find yourself placing an incredible emphasis on the importance of each sentence, it can be incredibly hard to move forward.

My advice for those stuck in this situation is to charge forward with something. Try writing 500 words a day for a few days without looking anything over. Or a little more or less, whatever works. The key is to get something on the page without looking back. When you start writing unbridled, you may find that ideas and even form flow better.