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Dibujo Simple Principiante | ESTILÓGRAFO | ink
Pone en HD dale Estilógrafos Edding Drawliner descartables de 0,05 - 0,4 y 0,8 Primer video, un diseño simple de una principiante. Estoy aprendiendo a dibuja...

I made this video, i’m a beginner… i hope you like it !

baileyandwonderland  asked:

You are a huge inspiration right now, I really would love to begin making comics because your comic has really inspired me. I was wondering if you have any beginner tips for character design and comic making?

oh boy I have but a couple:

- draw a lot!! draw something every day, just in general.

- start small. start with making like a 4 page comic, don’t immediately start with a long term story, It’ll help you learn faster + the feeling of finishing something will push you to make more

- look at character designs you like, from ALL kinds of media, and ask yourself what you like about them, study them, study how shape helps convey intention/personality and do a lot of figure drawing to strengthen your figures

- Have. Fun. you know your weirdest ideas? the ones that you’re like ‘um, i’m Really into this concept but I wonder if anyone else would be too?’ put those on paper. your goal with making a comic is to have fun with it and you should be your work’s #1 fan

I’m still very much a comic novice myself but this is what I leaned so far. good luck! you’re gonna make great things


Nobody Tells This To Beginners… I wish someone told me.

anonymous asked:

Hello again GameDev. I'm the guy who asked question "don't you think 'if we haven't announced it, we cant talk about it' is bad approach?" a while ago. And thank you so much for your answer. Here's another one. i'm the one who don't have any coding skills. And sadly, i'm hugely interested in level/game designing (or modding, i say). Specially modding/designing in Source engine. So, do you think someone with no coding skills like me can get himself into designing? If yes, how hard it'd be?

It’s actually incredibly easy. If you specifically want to start creating game content for the Source Engine, there’s no easier way to do it. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to set up the Source SDK on your computer.

Step 1: Install the Source SDK

Open up Steam, go to your Library, click where it says ‘GAMES’ and choose ‘Tools’ instead. Scroll down to ‘Source SDK’ and install that.

Then select it and choose “Play Game”. It will pop this up:

It’s got everything you need.

  • Hammer Editor: Map creation/scripting tool
  • Model Viewer: For importing your animations, textures, or new models
  • Face Poser: Your cinematic/animation tool for cutscene creation and facial animation
  • itemtest: The utility to package any item you create up for sale/distribution in the steam workshop

Before you run any of the tools, make sure you’ve run the engine and game you have selected at least once so that the correct files are created and initialized.

Step 2: Learn to make something with it

You can find the Source developer wiki by [clicking here]. There are lots of helpful links about how to do things in that wiki. The tools themselves can be pretty daunting - they are not designed for beginners! These are the actual tools that the developers created to build games like TF2, Portal, and Half-Life 2, which means that they are very powerful and robust. This also means that they are built by (and for) professionals. There will be a learning curve for certain. However, if you’re serious about modding and creating content, then you’ll keep at it, you’ll learn to use the tools, and you’ll make something cool happen. That’s really what it means to be a game developer - we spend a lot of time learning or creating new tools, figuring out how to do things, and making cool things happen as we improve. 

There isn’t a lot I can do to make it any easier - the tools are all there, and the documentation is out there. There are tutorials online for creating basic mods - just google for them, and there’s a community of other modders out there that you can try asking for assistance. But at this point, it’s really up to you to find that motivation to step it up and make it happen. Remember, making games is actual work. Nobody is going to do all the legwork for you and present everything to you on a silver platter. One of the most valuable skills in an employee is the ability to make yourself productive with minimal handholding from other team members. You’ve got to grab those reins yourself and make it happen, or you’ll just be another armchair designer while I hire the person that actually did put in the effort, created the content, and showed me what she learned.

A/N: Being hired to design CEO! Luke’s office. For the loml, featuringluke‘s blurb night

“Mr. Hemmings, your nine o’clock is here.”

The secretary introduces you, gesturing for you to enter the large glass doors. Timidly, you brush passed her, stepping into an office ten times larger than your own ratty apartment. Before you can so much as glance at the space around you, a tall suited figure comes waltzing up. His tie slung loosely around his neck, matching handkerchief peeking up from his pocket. And he’s flashing a smile that must be his secret weapon when sealing high-end business deals. He is studying every inch of you, from your paint-stained overalls to the beat up sketchbook in your arms. If he thinks a beginner interior designer like yourself doesn’t belong in an corporate building, he doesn’t let on.

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Nobody Tells This To Beginners (by Creavite)


#TAROTPOCALYPSE: An interactive dystopian 30-day divination challenge. Play along with the plot, practice your divination, win prizes, and save the world from being overrun by totalitarianism. 

Enter with tarot, oracle, or playing cards at any point in the month of April. Designed for beginners and advanced readers alike. Learn new spreads, complete fun challenges, solve puzzles and get to know your fellow Tumblr Diviners while bringing down the iron-fisted Major Arcana and solving the mystery of the Tower. Participate in all 30 challenges by May 1st to be eligible to win. 

More information coming soon! 

el-aranaluces  asked:

BBC Languages Spanish section has an interactive suspense drama (yes, for real) called Mi vida loca designed for beginner Spanish students. It's fun, kind of like orchestrating your own telenovela! The whole video series is done in Flash, there are grammar explanations and exercises at the end of each lesson and you can print transcripts of whole lessons (coupled with English translations). If you're looking for something fun and easy, give this a go.

myflowerrecipe: @b1a4ganatanatda 멤버 공찬@gongchanida군과의 플라워레슨:) 초보임에도 칼라감있게 디자인도 잘하구 작품도 훌륭하게 나와서 깜짝 놀랐다는👍 이목구비가 정말 뚜렷해서 일본 청춘 영화에 나오는 주인공 같앗어요 다음에 또 뵙기를 바래요☺️ 앞으로의 활동도 응원할게요 승승장구하시길:)👏 🏻

P.s 사인종이에 누나라고 써줘서 고마워요💕 #florist #꽃 #꽃스타그램 #플라워 #홍대플라워레슨 #합정플라워레슨 #상수플라워레슨 #플라워레슨 #원데이클래스 #취미 #꽃꽂이 #아이돌 #비원에이포 #bia4 #B1A4 #공찬 #마이플라워레시피

@b1a4ganatanatda Flower lessons with member Gongchan @gongchanida :) Despite being a beginner he designed it so colourfully and well, and the final product turned out amazing so I was surprised 👍 His facial features are so sharp, and so he seemed like a main character in a Japanese youth film. Hope to see him again ☺️ I’ll support you for your future activities. May you reach higher :) 👏 🏻

P.s Thank you for writing ‘Noona’ on the paper that you signed💕 #florist #flowers #flowerstargram #flower #hongdaeflowerlesson #hapjeongflowerlesson #sangsooflowerlesson #onedayclass #hobby #flowerarrangements #idol #b1a4 #bia4 #B1A4 #gongchan #myflowerrecipe

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Teen Wolf x Gossip Girl crossover
(Sterek edition obviously)

The one with Stiles being lonely boy, Derek as a Serena with somehow Lora, Cora and super sassy uncle P (more like Bobo irl) And maybe PeterxChris pairing? Than Scotty could be B and Allison will be a badass Chuk. Lyds as Vanessa who ends up being with Nate aka Jackson. There also might be some Kate related shenanigans.

Teen Wolf GossipgirlxSterek!AU:

Meet Stiles Stilinski a lonely boy right from Brooklyn, with a father (ex sheriff of somewhere in California) who owns an art gallery with Stiles’ dead mother’s paintings, and the best friend Lydia, beginner designer and the smartest person Stiles ever knew. And Derek Hale unbelievably rich kid from Upper East Side who gives Stiles bonner and also doesn’t know about his existence. Also there’s a tragic story came along about how he lost almost all of his family in the air crash caused by his ex and his only survived uncle fell in love with murderer’s brother.

spdy4  asked:

Hey do you have any experience with RPG Maker? I got it on sale on Steam and I'm excited that I now have tools to make a game. But I'm super nervous. Any tips for a starter?

Aside from tinkering with what I THINK was the PS2 rpg maker game, I have virtually zero RPG maker experience, but I can give some general beginner game design advice:

  • Start small. Like, something demo sized. Or start with an idea you’re not super attached to. We hear this all the time, but I feel the reasoning is often neglected; it’s because a lot of stuff we learn as beginners are not things we realized we’d need to learn in the first place.
  • When you can’t come up with ideas, take a break. My best ideas consistently come when I’m not working on my current project — when I’m out and about, when I’m in the shower, sometimes even when I’m going to bed. And if the idea doesn’t fit, save it for a future project!
  • It’s okay to toss out ideas. Sometimes we need to trash a good idea to make room for something great. And you may be able to use that discarded idea in a different project later! This applies even if it’s a feature you worked on, which brings me to my next point:
  • It’s only a waste of time if you didn’t learn anything. I often see people give up because they had to scrap something they spent time on, which is honestly foolish. I’ve had to shelve a project I worked on for ten months, but with the amount I learned and the possibility of rebooting it later, I don’t regret it at all.
  • Art comes from adversity. Sometimes, some of our best work happens when we meet with unexpected roadblocks, and have to construct creative ways around it. Embrace this!
  • Enjoy the process. For the above reasons, development almost always takes much longer than we expect it to, and if your only focus is the end result, you’re going to burn out quickly. Go at your own pace and try to enjoy it!
  • Put a dog in it. You must also be able to pet the dog. This is crucial

Hope this helps!!