beging as an ocean

In case anyone wants to search specific One Piece characters on my blog here are the ones that I tag:

Jinbei: JinBAE
X Drake: XXX Drake
Basil Hawkins: The Strawman Fallacy
Nico Robin: Nico Robin Some Banks Like A Bad Bitch
Eustass Kidd: Useless Kidd
Killer: Killer Babe
Heat: Can’t Handle The Heat? Then Get Out Of The Kitchen.
Wire: Wire You Dressed Like That?
Scratchmen Apoo: All About That Bass (No Treble)
Paulie: That’s Kinky
Shirahoshi: Crybaby-hoshi
Smoker: No Smoker Zone
Portgas D Ace: Hottie McHotterson
Marco: Rise Like A Phoenix
CP9: CP9? More Like CP10/10 Would Bang
Trafalgar Law: ​Laying Down The Trafalgar Law
Kaido: Jumbo Size Spicy Big Dad
Donquixote Doflamingo: Horrible Disgusting Trash King
Perona: Scary Goddaughter
Jean Bart: Jean Bart More Like I Love You
Bellamy: For Whom The Bellamy Tolls
Izo: Izo Iz In Da House
Crocodile: The Bananagator Hunter
Enel/Eneru: It’s Tough To Be A God
Urouge: Mad Monk: Fury Road
Bartolomeo: Bananibal the Cannibal
Fukaboshi: Fuck-Yeah-Boshi
Nami: Tangerine Queen
Brook: Foxy Grandpa
The Admirals: The Slutty Old Man Squad
Jewelry Bonney: My Bonney Sailed Over the Ocean
Capone Bege: 1 Tall Capone Bege With Soy And No Whip Please
Tsuru: What’s a Mob to a King? A King to a God? A God to a Nonbeliever? A Nonbeliver to Granny Tsuru?
Wanda: The Fairly Odd Furry
Carrot: 14 Carrot Gold
Camie: She Camie. She saw. She conquered (my heart)
Tashigi: Sword BAE
Nekomamushi: Anime Garfield
Jack the Drought: Jack And The Beanstalk
Ideo: What A Great Ideo
Blue Silly: Glue Philly
Coby: Puberty Success Story
Helmeppo: Hell-Yeah-Meppo
Blackbeard: ✨🌸😩👌😜DADDY😜👌😩🌸✨
Gin: Baby Come Back
Rebecca: Buff Sunflower Princess
Magellan: Toxic by Brittany Spears
Suleiman: Mr Resting Bitch Face
Cavendish: Cabbage
Kyros: Man What A DILF
Yonji Vinsmoke: Memeji Vapesmoke
Boa Hancock: ​Boa Constrict My Heart

I’ll probably add more as I fall in love with more characters but for these are it


Architects - C.A.N.C.E.R (Lost Forever // Lost Together) 2014