Me: *goes to veterans assembly at my sister’s school*

Person: *begins slideshow video of portraits of the families’ veterans*

Person: *plays Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan soundtrack to accompany slideshow*

My mom: Calm do—


Happy Birthday Baby **Nate Imagine**

Tonight was Nate’s birthday party. You were really excited for tonight. Tonight was all about Skate for a change. It wasn’t about the Jacks,Sammy,Madison, or even Derek. It was all about Nate. You guys walked hand and hand into the party. It was already pretty lit.

“Aye its my boo thang and the BIRTHDAY BOY.” Kehlani says as you guys walk in.

“Hey Lani. Thanks for the party it seems pretty lit right now.” Nate says.

“It is and it’s all for you. Go ahead and get some drinks you guys.”

“Alright mami.” You say as Nate drags you to the bar.

All night you guys danced and drank. It was fun to spend some quality time with friends and your man. Currently,you and Nate are dancing on the dance floor. You slowly roll your hips to the beat. Nate pulls you in even closer to him.

“God how did I get so lucky?” He growls in your ear.

“I ask myself every night and day babe.”

Around midnight,everyone gathered around to sing happy birthday and cut the cake. After we get done singing to him,you could see the biggest smile on his face.

“Make a wish baby.” You say,standing close behind him and the cake.

“I have everything I would every need in life. I got my day one homies,loyal fans,a hella supportive family,and the best woman a man could EVER ask for. I think I’m good at this point.”

“Boy blow out them candles before you make me cry and mess up my make up.” You say making everyone laugh.

The party is still in full affect. It was truly a night to remember, and Skate was honestly happy.

“Everyone in sorry to be the party pooper,but I need to get really serious right now.” You say catching everyone’s attention.

“Tonight a night I hope everyone remembers,especially you baby. You work so hard for everything you have,and more. I mean who releases an album on their birthday? You are always working to better yourself,and I love you for it. So,I really hope you enjoy this.”

You point towards a huge monitor. On the screen a slideshow begins to play. It was a whole bunch of pictures and videos of you guys. There was the first picture you guys ever took. It was on your first date. You guys went to the pier and played games. You were on his back smiling harder than ever. Then there was a video of Nate messing with you. You were being a little grump,so Nate threw a pillow at your face,which resulted in a huge pillow fight. You smiled and reminisced over all of those memories.

When the slide show was over,everyone began to clap. You look towards the back and see Nate wiping tears off of his cheek.

“Baby I love you so much. I want to make this day, and every day, this best one of your life. I wanna be with you all day everyday.”

Nate walks up to you and grabs your hand.

“Everyday with you are the best ones of my life. One of these days imma make you my wife I swear.”

“I can’t wait papi.” You peck Nate’s lips.

“Aye y'all the Juiceman bout to get some tonight watch.” Derek announced to the party.

“Boy you already know.” You say, pulling Nate closer. You passionately kiss him as the crowd hollered.

“Aye save all that baby making for later. It’s time to party.” John says interrupting the kiss.

“Happy Birthday baby.”

“Thank you. I love you my queen.”

“I love you too my king.”