begin trying to talk to them of course

BTS Reaction - When their s/o keeps inviting other members

geniebjones: Bts reaction to their s/o keeps inviting other members to their dates with them pweez


He wouldn’t mind it too much, because he loves his members dearly. Although after a while, he’d begin to wonder why you kept inviting them when he clearly wanted it to be the two of you.


Tae would be totally okay with it. He felt more comfortable and so did you - and having everyone to eat with is more fun, anyways.

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This would get a little bumpy. He’d be alright with it for the first time, but the second time he would begin to get a little annoyed and try to talk to you about it - in a very casual, very kind way, of course.

“Y/N…why do you keep inviting Namjoon to come with us to dinner?”


As soon as he saw Taehyung show up at the same restaurant you two were at, he’d stand and straight up ask why he was here.

“This is a date, bro.”


He would react very similarly to J-Hope, and ask which ever member it was why they were here. When they would explain that you invited them, he would look at you all confused.



He would accept it and move on. He loves his hyungs, and although he would get a little annoyed with them always tagging along to your dates because you invited him, he wouldn’t complain. Maybe after it’s been awhile, he’ll ask why you keep inviting them.

“Are you just more comfortable with them around, or..?”


When he saw Jimin show up, he’d be confused and shoot you weird looks, and when it kept happening, he’d become pretty angry and kind of hurt. He wondered why you kept inviting them when it was supposed to be a one-on-one date, something you two don’t get often.

“Are you uncomfortable with you’re just with me or something?”

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Hey, I'd like to ask for a request. I'd like an au where the RFA +V and Saeran like MC, but MC's not attracted to them because of their sexuality, and MC feels incredibly guilty about it. Please and thank you! (Ps: your blog looks fantastic! That's all, bye!)

thank you very much, sweetheart! 


-he knows you´re gay, he had known from the beginning, it´s not like you were trying to hide it 

-and yet, he still fell for you. hard

-you knew. everyone knew. he had told you to not let it bother you 

-but it still did. a lot

-jumin of course notices, and invites you over for a longer talk ‘

-”mc, it is in no universe ever your fault that i fell for you, these are my feelings and i will deal with them myself, i´ll be alright. you have no reason to feel guilty,i´ll try my best to put these feelings behind me, if you promise me to do your best to not feel guilty” 


-boi, knows fully well you´re aromantic, and that you two have no future together

-he knows you know, he likes you, and he knows how guilty you feel as well, you care deeply about each other after all 

-the best, and possibly only way zen can process his feelings, and get them out of his system is to try his best to vow (how tf do you spell this) you, not because he doesen´t respect or understand, but because knowing that he tried his best, is the only way to get himself to give up on you. 

-so you two agree on a “date”, aka a normal hang out day, except zen is allowed to not hold back on his flirting. even tho you both know you won´t respond. 

-so by the end of that date, he is finally ready to give up on you, and you can finally let go of your guilt as well 


-boi won´t tell you he likes you, bc he doesen´t want to place any ´burden´on you. 

-it´s painfully obvious that he´s crushing on you tho, he can´t hide shit. 

-so when you tell him you know his eyes become big, and tears well up in his eyes, while he´s apologizing profusely. 

-you will have to reassure him that of course you´re not angry at him, and that it´s not something you can control. 

-but the misery of yoosung´s crying face leaves you feeling very sad and very guilty, 

-when yoosung notices he´ll literally send over a bundle of roses, with a huge card with an entire esssay telling you not to feel guilty and that he´ll be alright, don´t worry about him


-shit shit shit

-recent google searches: “how to tell your best friend you´re in love with them”- “how to get over a crush”-”how to stop acting like a clutz in front of your crush”

-which is how you find out bc, she forgot to clear the search history. 

-poor jaehee, as if she isn´t stressed enough already, you start making up ridiculous theories about how this is all your fault. 

-jaehee, of course, notices the change in your behavior straight away, tho it takes her a good while to figure out what caused it

-when it suddenly dawns on her she´s making you both frappuccinos, and she drops the cup she were holding, with a sharp inhale

-there´s no warning or explanation before she just blurts out 

-”mc, listen, you probably know i have a crush on you, but please don´t feel you have to act differently around me, you don´t. everything is the same as before you knew, and it will continue to be. you mean the world to me, i don´t want this to come between us” 


-boi knew you weren´t into guys, from the moment he did a background check on you. 

-he´s been trying so hard to keep you at a distance, to make sure he would´nt harbor any `wrong` feelings for you 

-but you had been such a good friend and pushed past the walls he´d been desperately trying to keep up.

-and when they came crashing down, he fell in love. something he´d never felt before. it was scary and unknown territory, and he needed to tell someone

-that someone just happened to be you, he had to get it out to move past it 

-seven, never asking for much, and never even daring to let people close to him was in love with you, and you could´nt reciprocate his feelings. it made you feel horrible

-and then he felt horrible for making you feel horrible. 

-it would go on like that for about a week, until you both come to the conclusion that the only way around this, is trough it 

-he´d reassure you that you should never ever feel guilty, you´ve already helped and given him so much of life, he´d never have seen on his own


-it had been some time, since he finally called the police on rika, and realized just how abusive their relationship had been

-he was still very much affected of the abuse, and seeing a therapist a few times a month

-he himself was not ready to start or have a relationship yet, but feelings are not controllable and he fell in love regardless

-his therapist had told him that being honest about his feelings, were the best way to process and get past them

-so he was very honest with you, assuring you that he did not want a relationship, but only to be honest.

-even tho you knew it wasn´t neither of you fault, the guilt crept in anyway

-he were struggling so hard, and you couldn´t love him like he loved you

-so you st down once again to clear the air, and boi it would help both of you tremendously 


-okay he doesen´t have much experience with feelings or processing them,so he would have a hard time recognizing them and would´nt really know what to do with them. 

-when he started harboring these kind of feelings for you, he´d straight up panic, and with that i mean try and push you away, crying fits and just being so miserable in general

-which in turn made you feel extremely guilty for inflicting this kind of pain on him 

-so you´d have to sit down with him and have a long honest talk, about what you could to to help, if he needed space etc etc

-he´d be very silent doing the whole talk, except when you were both ready to change subjects

-he´d tell you that you´re not the one hurting him, he is by panicking, and reacting the way he did, as a defense mechanism. 

THE NIGHT IS HERE! After weeks and weeks of dedicated student planning, the Night at the Boardwalk dance has officially begun, complete with snacks, entertainment, and a live performance from SNSD!

… just kidding. While some may be disappointed by the falsity this rumor which may or may not have gotten out of hand, their disappointment is bound not to last long. Three talented acts from Kurin will be performing interludes, so be sure to congratulate them after each one!

(There is, of course, the rumor that dance club will be performing an SNSD cover, so maybe that makes up for some of it.)

Remember to thank Chunghwa for the generous funds! If you get lonely, talk to the various Taechon students helping run the game and snack booths, or go to one of the Dongnam booths and try your hand at some carnival games to win fun prizes! Bring your dates, bring your friends, and dance the night away beginning TONIGHT!

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Hi! I wanted to ask about GOM + Kagami, how would they react when they find out that their crush was cheated on? (I recently found out that I was being cheated on so haha)

I’m sorry to heart that. I hope everything is alright now /sends you a virtual hug with lots of cookies and sweets/

Kuroko would comfort his crush. He wouldn’t ask any questions if it made them uncomfortable and would even let Nigou spend some time with them-of course if they weren’t allergic to dogs. He would listen to them talk and would speak comforting words every now and then.

Kise would try to cheer up his crush. He knows it will be hard at the beginning, so he would try even harder. He wouldn’t impose on them, but every now and then he would pat or caress their back, letting them know he was there. He would be gone for a while, but would come back with some sweets or something his crush would prefer in such time.

Midorima would be awkward in the beginning. But despite his awkwardness, he would be ready to listen to their rumbling and though he wouldn’t be slightly good with his words, for the next few days he would give them their lucky item of the day.

Aomine would be angry. But at first, he would try to comfort his crush. He would be horrible with words, stammering mess after all it is his crush he is talking to and comforting. Then again he would have some experience with Momoi’s break-ups and cheatings, so it would be a bit easier. Yet some time later he would disappear for a while - he ended with detention after hitting the one responsible for his crush’s sadness.

Murasakibara would give his crush sweets and his snacks. He hates it if someone is crying, especially if that someone is his crush. Just like Aomine, he wouldn’t be good with words, but it would be easier as well since he comforted his sister few times when he was a child. Then again he also only watched from the side as his brothers made more ruckus. He wouldn’t go after the guy, but if he ever saw him on the street or in his crush’s vicinity, he wouldn’t stop himself to “crush” him.

Akashi would take it calmly. He would calm his crush and comfort them. Just like Kuroko, he wouldn’t ask any questions and just calmly order some tea or cocoa, something they like and listen to them. He would stay by their side until they feel better, yet even then he would spoil them a bit. His crush’s partner? Like he disappeared from the Earth.

Kagami would panic inside, but on the outside, he would be calm. His panic though would be seen through his shaking hands as he wouldn’t know clearly what to do. Everything would just simply escape his thoughts ( as Alex did confront both him and Himuro about broken hearts ) and would start stammering. At the end he would quietly listen to his crush and try to comfort them in any way possible.

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Part 6. Okay I'm done. I was once an Imperial supporter, but those days are long past. At this point I'm bored with this and wish I'd never sent that first ask, because now I'm gonna have to deal with more inane dribble that makes no sense. Also, your paragraph at the beginning of each post makes you seem like a pretentious douche-bag desperately trying to convince people that you are smarter than them. That's all

That is all you have got? You just attack me without even trying to talk about a single point? Silly fool. I was just talking about how the author gave an excessively high importance to a silly argument that I have never seen in the imperial community. And I did show arguments there. The fact that it LOOKS like I tried to look smarter (and of course I did you idiot. This is what you do when you ctitique something. What varies is the WAY you wanna show you are smarter) does not say anything, as usuing it as a reason to ignore the post is to use argumentum ad hominem (fallacy of the personal attack) you idiot.

So yesterday in Beginning Guitar class...


So our prof had just showed us the g-major chord and told us that if you’re trying to impress the person you like you should play that chord for them.

And of course we’re all “Wtf are you talking about Arthur?”

And he told us that before he and his wife got married the first time he went over to her house he stummed the g-major chord and she said, “That was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. Play it again.”

Queue a bunch of “Awwww"s and "how sweet"s .

But very quietly- amongst muffled snickering- in the back of the room I heard some one say:

"G-major and chill”