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The Lost Cosmonauts - Throughout the 1950′s and 1960′s, the space race between USA and the Soviet Union was in action. Many people worldwide were fascinated with the race - amateur radio operators were very keen to attempt to catch something regarding the space race on their radios, and in 1961, two brothers, Archille and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglia, caught something truly terrifying and unexplained. Earlier, in 1957 the brothers managed to capture the heartbeat of Laika, the dog launched into orbit where she sadly died, but this time, they managed to record the voice of a woman, seemingly in distress. This woman was believed to have been used in secretive testing the ability for humans to cope in space. The audio says:

“Isn’t this dangerous? Talk to me! Our transmission begins now. I feel hot. I can see a flame. Am I going to crash? Yes. I feel hot, I will re-enter…”

The recording then abruptly goes dead.


#BeginTransMission: Road to Self-Discovery x Shaan


Greg’s been out of commission due to a shoulder surgery from a past injury. Here’s his latest and greatest.

Music: Lark’s Tongue - “Tucson, AZ”

Filming: Randy Truffa, Justin Johnson, Derek Moehring, Jacob Heflin, Clifford Sugisawa


#BeginTransMission: Road to Self-Discovery Nick

Initial, high-priority New Horizons data to be received Wednesday, July 15

New Horizons will give a ‘phone home’ signal expected no earlier than 8:52 pm EDT tonight, July 14.

This will tell ground controllers that the probe survived its flight through the Plutonian system and is ready to begin its data transmission.

While the process of gathering all the data the spacecraft took will last for the next year and a half, high-priority science data will be transmitted tomorrow afternoon. 

The science data scheduled to be received Wednesday, July 15, is the following:

- 3 Pluto Stereo footprints with a resolution of .24 miles per pixel.

- Charon at 1.4 miles per pixel

- Hydra at 2.0 miles per pixel

- Nix at 1.8 miles per pixel

- Non-spectra Pluto occultation count rates.

- REX temperature measurements of Pluto’s night side.

- Alice airglow spectra data

- SWAP data on solar wind

- PEPSSI data on molecule pickup from Pluto’s atmosphere.

STC (Mechanicus Open)

++Open Transmission++

++Priority Alpha, Code Level Fuchsia++

++Target Identification Tags: Adeptus Mechanicus++

++Begin Transmission++

Greetings Servant of Mars,

This is Inquisitor Gabriel Radcliffe, Ordo Malleus.  I have happened upon a chance finding those of your order might find interesting.  Due to the sensitive nature of this information, I will not disclose it here.  If you can, make all haste to Mylada in the Kurzan Cluster.  My ship is the Rampant.  I will be waiting.

+End Transmission+






<i><b>Help we’re ……Venus…….the Vex is…..Maria…..track us with……….trying to kill………..don’t…………….anyone, please.</b></i>



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Without A Trace

It made no sense. Radcliffe had searched for weeks trying to determine the location of the missing Turpitudinem Sacrificium but the cruiser had simply disappeared. The Navy had no recollection such a ship even existed. Unsurprising, the Inquisitor thought, given the nature of its mission. But there were no records, no travel itineraries, no trade dossiers to go off of that might help in tracking the ship’s route. She had gone totally silent from the moment she left port at Engell’s Den carrying Inquisitor Lot and his mysterious cargo.

Radcliffe had tapped into his more unorthodox information sources but they too had been coming up empty. Down to his last card, Radcliffe keyed in an old Tau code to his comms terminal and waited for a response.

++….Loading Transmission….++
++Signal Code: Inquisition of Mankind, Ordo Malleus++
++From: Lord Inquisitor Gabriel Radcliffe++
++Begin Transmission…++

Kais. I need information and you’re the last hope I have. If you can meet me, head to Culerva’s Trench just beyond the Tigris Expanse. I’ll be waiting.

++End Transmission++