begin to move

but thanks for calling

People always ask me, “do you believe in soulmates?” My answer? I have to. After every person who left after saying they’d stay, after every unanswered text and sleepless night, I have to believe that all of that was leading up to something better. I have to believe that I’m supposed to wait for the person who’s been waiting for me too. So yes, I believe in soulmates. I believe that there’s someone that will make me realize why it never worked with anyone else.
—  Midnight thoughts (and I’m waiting for that)

okay but have you considered: Hamilton and Eliza’s relationship in “The Last Five Years order” (Eliza’s storyline starting at the end and moving backward, Hamilton’s storyline starting at the beginning and moving forward)

  1. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? – Eliza
  2. A Winter’s Ball – Hamilton
  3. Burn – Eliza
  4. Story of Tonight (reprise) – Hamilton
  5. Take a Break – Both
  6. That Would Be Enough – Eliza
  7. Say No to This – Hamilton
  8. Helpless – Eliza
  9. Best of Wives and Best of Women – Hamilton

I put it into a nice neat playlist for you all to listen and cry along [x]

I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

I always thought it was me who lost you. But really, it was you who lost me. Because while I’m asleep in someone else’s arms, receiving kisses from lips that aren’t yours, you’re lying awake trying to figure out how to get me back.
—  I’ve let you go, I’ve moved on, and I don’t love you anymore; March 20th 2016 

a little campus tour ft. scout on her banana yellow scooter

Dear you, it is to time to begin pushing yourself. You have moved oceans and mountains, and you are beyond capable of doing so much more. Please don’t let me down. Do it for the time you’ve been called stupid or the time you were looked down upon. Do it for yourself. For your future that is between your hands. You must realise it is you and only you who will be responsible for making or breaking it. On your dark days, remind yourself of the peace that engulfs your body when you study. Remind yourself of the passion that your veins hold for growing, learning. Effort will not betray you. It is your best friend. Study. Study for the times you wish you’ve done more. Study for the feelings of pride and accomplishment. Rise and stay humble. Expand with passion. Be kind. You’ve got this. You have the same 24 hours of the day as Elle Woods did. And as she once said, ‘you must always have faith in yourself’
—  Something I wrote to myself for motivation

I’m over you.

It was a process. At first, I had to forgive you even though I wanted nothing else but to hate every piece of your being. That was probably the hardest part. Forgiving someone who’s knowingly hurt you when you believed they would never do such a thing is next to impossible.

Then, I had to accept that you care more about her than you ever cared about me. I still don’t think that you two are cute. I probably never will. But you’re together and you’re happy, so I guess that’s all that really matters. My opinion is completely irrelevant. She probably hates me anyway so it wouldn’t matter.

Then I had to let it go. I didn’t stop caring; I just stopped worshipping the ground that you walked on. I put you down on the same level that we’re all on; the one where we’re all shitty people with good intentions. We screw up a lot. You screwed up with me. I wasn’t so great either. That’s okay. I forgive you. I hope you forgive me, too.

But I knew I was okay again when I listened to “Over You” by Daughtry and fully believe every word of that song this morning. I woke up thinking of a boy with eyes like a storm instead of you and yours that are like a calm sea. (I like ferocious storms of people more than calm and predictable ones anyway.) I listened to “Begin Again” by Taylor Swift and imagined starting over with someone new. I’m over you. I’m okay again. It’s beautiful.

—  i stopped accepting crap and demanded something more from life // an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #63
the signs as places to be at midnight

aries : on a curb outside a loud diner with a neon sign behind you and darkness before you

taurus : a windless playground as the swings begin to move

gemini : a truck stop bathroom where the sinks spray dust instead of water

cancer : an ancient place, the air buzzing with something like fury

leo : looking up into the dark at a skyscraper that doesn’t seem to end

virgo : barefoot in a brightly lit parking lot

libra : by the pool in an unfamiliar neighborhood

scorpio : an abandoned barn full of the smell of dust and rotten wood

sagittarius : a bus empty except for you

capricorn : a forest, surrounded by whispering trees

aquarius : an empty church full of candles

pisces : an old tennis court with a solitary, flickering light overhead

Cold Marble Lips AU

Character A lives and works at a temple of Character B, the deity of the moon/the seasons/death/etc., and while cleaning the marble statue of Character B, Character A is struck with the overwhelming desire to plant a kiss on Character B’s cold, marble lips. Upon kissing the statue, it immediately begins to grow warm, and Character A watches in rapt fascination as the statue of Character B begins to move and animate, looking more and more human by the second.

Character B is a deity that has been trapped in a marble statue for decades. Supposedly, the only thing that could bring Character B out of their state as a statue would be to receive a kiss from their soulmate.

It’s time to
pull the weeds from
your garden.

It’s time to
get rid of the parasites
that are leaving
inside you.

It’s time to
plant new seeds
of hope.

It’s time to
fertilize your soil
with love.

It’s time to
cultivate your garden
so you can
bloom again.

—  Rebirth by srgraham