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Ferdia Walsh-Peelo gave a great performance in 2016:

“Between the velour suits and impeccable pop homages, John Carney’s eighties-era coming-of-ager Sing Street is possibly the most joyful time capsule to be seen at the movies this year. But Carney isn’t just emptily reminiscing in this tale of a Dublin teenager who throws together a ramshackle rock band to impress his crush, played by the exquisite Lucy Boynton. As Cosmo, the frontman at the film’s center, first-time screen actor Ferdia Walsh-Peelo offers yet another avatar of awkwardly-evolving boyhood, which isn’t exactly a foreign entity to indie film these days, although Cosmo is far more than just another morose boy with floppy hair and a guitar.

Sing Street improves on this archetype (and the old tropes that come with it) through Walsh-Peelo’s plucky and resourceful performance, which imbues Cosmo with a quietly-attuned watchfulness and wades through the mucky swamp of uncomfortable adolescence with a heady blend of bullishness and apprehension. He develops a physical vocabulary that fits the character to a tee, starting off with the slouching gait and fidgety body language of a teenage turtle still living painfully beneath his shell. You can actually see the actor steadying his fitful frame with each passing chapter of Cosmo’s soulful emergence into a more assured version of himself, while never fully abandoning the shrugs and fidgets of a boy who’s still, like all of us, an undeniable work-in-progress. Every actor in Sing Street is something close to a dream, but Walsh-Peelo is the central, finely-tuned instrument that allows this song to really sing.” — Matthew Eng

So did Lucy Boynton:

“It’s easy when playing the lone girl in a boy-dominated coming-of-age movie to become a glassy idea of girlhood rather than a concrete entity in one’s own right. But Lucy Boynton, as the aspirant teenage model and willing musician’s muse in John Carney’s incredibly infectious Sing Street, has two huge assets on her side that prevent her from falling into such a trap. First, Carney clearly and deeply cares about Boynton’s Raphina, giving her plenty of soul-searching close-ups and an atypically moving and detailed arc. And second, Boynton herself is a born star with remarkably subtle instincts and a magnetic hold on the camera that help a potentially indefinable character learn to slowly but steadily define herself.” — Matthew Eng

It’s very personal to me...

You know when there’s this certain thing.. a certain type of story that you just love with all of your heart. It has always been in your mind. You’ve always imagined it. And it’s not just a story or a taste or a type.. it’s your weakness, your fantasy, a very special, secret place in your heart. 

When you imagine a story with specific details and special things that pulls at your heart. And then you find a show that has all that, as if it’s been taking straight out of your dreams, made just for you. It’s your own fantasy land. Your very own world. A place you run to, and just hide there when you’re upset and it makes you feel better because it’s very beautiful, even if it’s sad sometimes. A place that gives you wonderful feels and it cocoons you and it’s just everything that you want and need. It’s simply….. perfect. It’s personal. 

That’s what The Blacklist used to be for me. That’s what season 1 is to me. That’s what Lizzington is to me. It has a very VERY special place in my heart, I can’t explain it. And it just breaks my heart, it really hurts to see where this show that used to be… all of that, is heading. It’s like they’re taking away something so special away from me, robbing me of my own dream, my own special world. But I still have hope. I always will. And maybe I’m a fool for that. Because I can never give up on this show, more especially Lizzington, for all the reasons stated above. I really can’t explain it. I don’t know how. Does this make any sense?

Imagine #158

Imagine you and Tom go to the oscars as he is nominated for an award

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so this show im watching with my mom (emerald city i think) has, in the twenty minutes ive watched, had a trans* character, a disabled character, and multiple woc. and the disabled character looks to have a love interest who is able bodied. so idk how legit the show is but from what ive seen its pretty cool.