Flags Flown at Half-staff on Navajo Nation in Honor Harry D. Brown

Flags Flown at Half-staff on Navajo Nation in Honor Harry D. Brown

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Harry D. Brown, Sr. Published February 12, 2016 WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA — Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez signed a proclamation today ordering all flags in Western Agency, Navajo Nation be flown at half-staff on Friday, Feb. 12, 2016, in honor and memory of the late Harry D. Brown, Sr. Brown was Áshiihí born for Kinłichínii. His maternal grandfathers were…

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Following Begaye controversy, a history of Ahil na’anish in Navajo leadership transitions

“Awakening New Dawn” felt like Red Dawn for the newly inaugurated Begaye/Nez administration when a signing statement between them and the outgoing Shelly/Jim administration became public. 

The statement clearly agrees to carry out some of Shelly’s more controversial projects and Russell Begaye’s signature is on it, rivaling the size of John Hancock’s on the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The language is straightforward and unequivocal with Begaye “agree[ing] to carry forth” the listed projects. 

But in a statement the Begaye/Nez administration argued that they were simply carrying out the traditional Navajo leadership transition concept of “Ahil na’anish,” which in Navajo means, “politely say nice things to the vanquished as they walk off stage.”

Tlo’chi’iin News looked into this claim and found the Begaye administration was correct about Ahil na’anish and we discovered that it is deeply rooted in Navajo history. We found three other instances of similar leadership transitions during important times in Navajo history. We dug these out of the archives and are posting them here although the language and references might be dated and hard to understand. 

In 1689, the outgoing Narbona administration signed the following document, as a gesture of Ahil na’anish, to Name-Has-Been-Lost-To-History. Concerns at that time such as Spanish colonization and food sovereignty are clearly articulated in this historic agreement. 

Again, in 1889, Manuelito signed an Ahil na’anish agreement with a federally-approved-Navajo leadership, then called, “federally-approved-leadership-guy.” In this document, Manuelito articulates his position on changing customs and survival into the future as well as border disputes between White Settlers and Navajo communities. 

Finally, at the height of the Cold War, we found this document between outgoing Chairman Paul Jones and the incoming administration of Raymond Nakai. Curiously, and lost to Kennedy historians, is a reference to the Bay of Pigs fiasco that wouldn’t occur for almost two years after the signing of this document. How did Paul Jones know about this? Historians may one day learn. Also, Paul Jones had obnoxious typos in the first and third points. See if you can find it. 

Navajo Girls Told to Take Their Hair Down from Traditional Tsiiyeel before Basketball by Referee

Navajo Girls Told to Take Their Hair Down from Traditional Tsiiyeel before Basketball by Referee

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Flagstaff Lady Eagles practice wearing their tsiiyeel before Tuesday’s game. Photo from Facebook Navajo President Begaye says students shouldn’t be punished for expressing pride in their culture Published February 4, 2016 FLAGSTAFF — Members of the Flagstaff Lady Eagles basketball team were asked to take their hair down from their traditional Navajo tsiiyeeł before a game on Tuesday night at the…

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Navajo Nation's Non-Indian Attorney Gives Away Utah Navajo Water Rights

Navajo Nation’s Non-Indian Attorney Gives Away Utah Navajo Water Rights

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by Brenda Norrell / Censored News The Navajo Nation’s non-Indian water rights attorney is once again giving away Navajo water rights. Navajos are urging the Navajo President to veto a water rights settlement for Utah Navajo water rights, ramrodded through the Navajo Nation Council on Tuesday. Ed Becenti, Navajo, is urging Navajo President Russell Begaye to veto the Utah Navajo water rights…

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Navajo Code Talker’s Dream Home Completed

Navajo Code Talker’s Dream Home Completed

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Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye assists Navajo Code Talker Sergeant Major Dan Akee Published February 9, 2016 TUBA CITY, ARIZONA  It was the dream of Navajo Code Talker Sergeant Major Dan Akee to live in the home he constructed over 40 years ago, a dream now a reality. “I did not want to come into my home until it was completed,” he said. As he went from room to room admiring the redwood…

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Hairstyles For A School Girl

Hairstyles For A School Girl

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Blake Lively Hairstyle

He then called for the girls take their hair down. Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said Navajo people are very enthusiastic in supporting high school sports and many have children who participate. They come from near and far to watch their teams Customers at one barber shop in Baton Rouge were given free haircuts for reading to the barber continue to do this ever…

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Navajo Nation Celebrated Life of Popular Broadcast Legend George Werito

Navajo Nation Celebrated Life of Popular Broadcast Legend George Werito

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Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye pays his respects Published February 2, 2016 FARMINGTON — Over a thousand friends and family gathered on Thursday, Jan. 24 at the Farmington Civic Center to honor and pay their last respects to Navajo radio broadcast legend, George Werito. The civic center was filled to capacity and the overflow crowd stood outside watching the services on monitors placed…

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