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Am I the only one who finds Yugie EXTREMELY attractive here?? I know its an old video but he just looks soooo damn good I keep on going back to the video just to look at his pretty face. Other than wanting to watch him dance freestyle of course💕

First Dates- BTS

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-get ready for the best most extra date of your life.

-ya’ll going to an expensive ass fancy dinner with expensive wines and expensive desserts you’ve never heard of and shit.

-will take you to a movie that JUST came out.

-popcorn, drinks, slushies, candies. You know, the works.

-ya’ll will get there at the last minute to a crowded theater but will somehow have found THE best seats.

-is an absolute gentleman and simply holds your hand during the movie.

-decides to just drive around slowly and talk because he doesn’t want the date to end yet. 

-drops you off at your door and kisses you on the cheek cause he’s that gentlemanly. 

-leaves you with that giddy happy feeling in the pit of your stomach before you go to sleep.


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-you were in SHOCK when he asked you out on a date.

-he seriously never led on that he liked you in any way.

-gets advice from his fellow group members cause this will be his first date.

-”whatever happens hyung, you have to get laid.” - jungkook

-*smacks jungkook in the back of the head* “shush. I know.”

-decides he’s too nervous to do anything but have some coffee with you at a local coffee shop.

-you all meet there and he’s SO happy to see you sitting and waiting for him.

-you can tell he’s kind of nervous and forcing conversation cause he doesn’t know what to ask or what to say. 

-you place your hand over his. “hey, it’s all good. you’re making me really nervous too.”

-yoongi laughs that perfect laugh and for some reason, feels more at ease now.

-perfect first date for the both of you.


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-thought he’d be way too nervous to ever actually go on a date.

-but just can’t help but ask you out. nervously and shyly.

-literally can’t believe it when you say yes.

-thinks that asking his group mates will make him even more nervous so he just decides to wing it.

-gets dressed up af for a simple restaurant dinner date.

-you awe at how sweet and handsome he looks and are now certain this will be an incredible date.

-is nervous as hell as he waits at your door then feels strangely calm once ya’ll are together.

-you never ever run out of things to talk about the whole night.

-the restaurant staff actually had to ask you to leave cause they were about to close.

-you guys walk out hand in hand, past your cars, talking about everything.

-you’re both certain you’re in love.

Rap Mon-

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-has liked you for a while but never asked you out because he’s never been on a date before.

-decides to try something while he’s on skype with you one evening.

-says it’s out of pure curiosity that he wants to know how you yourself would like to be asked out on a date.

-you tell him “as long as there are flowers involved, i’ll be happy.”

-you get a knock at your door the next day to a delivery shop dropping a gorgeous bouquet of your most favorite flowers with a little note that says “will you go on a date with me?-joon”

-almost pee your pants when calling joon to tell him hell fuckin yeah

-picks you up and is nervous but has his front cool and calm.

-surprises you by taking you to a gorgeous field of flowers for you both to talk and walk through.

-you spend basically the whole day arm and arm with namjoon, talking about life.

-ends the date with pretty flowers he picked for you along the way.

-admits to how nervous he was but you ended up helping him calm down.

-best date you both have ever been and will ever have gone on.


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 -has never been on a date before so he decides to make it easier on himself and have it in familiar territory.

-his dorm.

-kicks out the rest of the maknaes and begs the hyungs to leave for the evening so you both can have the place to yourselves.

-orders dinner and puts on netflix for the both of you.

-you both end up eating a little and talking alot. Not even paying attention to the random movie he’d put on. 

-is obsessed with your voice and stories as you speak.

-you both end up cuddling together on the couch and try to actually watch a movie.

-of course, you fall asleep on eachother and wake up to giggles and flashes of phone cameras from the boys.

-you both don’t even care cause it was an amazing date.


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-hasn’t gone on his first date yet and when he meets you, decides that needs to change.

-asks you out on the spot, kind of accidentally.

-like it just spilled out of his mouth.

-you of course gladly accept and ask when and where.

-says it’s a surprise but really has no idea wtf he’s gonna do.

-decides he’s gonna take you to a museum.

-because he wants to impress you and cause he just really wants to go to a museum.

-signs you both up for the tour but end up wandering off together and googling everything.

-you both share a kiss in the middle of the museum and Taehyung decides that he only ever wants to go on dates with you now.


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-knows it’s his first date but doesn’t feel too nervous.

-he’s pretty sure you’re gonna say yes.

-asks his hyungs for any advice they have before he takes you out.

-”don’t be stupid.”-namjoon


-decides to keep it light and just take you to an ice cream shop.

-you guys split a sundae and talk about nonsense for a good four hours.

-you both get complimented by an older couple, saying that you make a cute couple.

-”thank you so much, we know.” he says before surprising you with a quick kiss on your cheek.

-both of your blushes are way too cute.


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Chapter 5

‘So what is it that you do? You’ve heard all about me and my boring academic life…now you should tell me about you.’

The two of you were walking along the Han river at this point, hands swinging between one another as you snacked on one of the sausages you’d picked up, nibbling it every now and again as the two of you talk.

‘Have you heard of BTS?’ he asks, grinning almost mockingly to himself, the look making you think there was some joke in the question that you didn’t understand, but as soon as he glances over at you, you instinctively respond.

‘No. What is it?’ you ask, watching him widen his eyes and raise his eyebrows almost comically at you, before he pulls you to a stop and begins to stare, as if waiting for you to tell him you were just messing around.

‘Really?’ he states, and you shake your head at him, waiting for him to explain, and watching him gape repeatedly, until he’d managed to get himself under control.

‘You haven’t heard the song ‘Run’, or ‘Fire’? Not even ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears?’ he asks, grabbing at straws, before beginning to sing randomly, and other than the suddenness of his outburst surprising you, you realize you vaguely recognize the lyrics.

‘Oh…I’ve heard that song before!’

The relief that spreads across his face at your announcement has you giggling at how animated he’d become, your reaction to him making him smile, and before you know it he’s suddenly dancing in the middle of the path. You’re clutching your stomach as you watch him, cheering for him between fits of giggles, before you catch sight of a bike about to run into him, and you quickly snatch him out of the way, almost falling over with the weight of him coming towards you, but not before he catches you in his arms.

‘That was close.’ You murmur, the words interspersed with quiet, dying chuckles, but before you can see the bike turn the corner, you feel fingers tilt your chin upwards and you’re getting caught up in his eyes, before his lips are touching yours.

The moment is broken by the sound of a phone ringtone blaring into the quiet of the riverside, and Jin is pulling his phone from his pocket as he breaks away from you, keeping one arm around you and appearing to frown in irritation at whatever he sees as he brings the phone in front of his face.

‘And there was me thinking I’d be able to spend just a little bit longer with you.’ He mutters, pressing his lips to your forehead quickly before answering the phone.

What?…no, im out at the minute…what im doing doesn’t concern you- yah! I always play games with you! I have other friends too, you know? ….Yah! YAH! Jung-‘

His words stop abruptly as he pulls the phone away from his ear to look at the screen, cursing when it presumably shows that the call has ended, before shoving the device back into his pocket. As he’d become angrier at the person on the other end of the call he’d ended up disentangling from you and walking a few paces away, so when he turns back to you with a morose, sheepish expression, you realize that your date was drawing to a close.

‘Time to go home?’ you ask, with the attempt of a sympathetic smile, however he must see right through you as he finds your hand and pulls you into him, warmly slipping his arms around your waist and settling his chin on your head, the move surprising you slightly, but after the night you’d had, you felt a lot more comfortable reciprocating the gesture as you lay your cheek against his chest and wrap your own arms around his waist, enjoying the tall/short dynamic the two of you had.

‘I have an annoying maknae begging me to play overwatch with him, and threatening to steal all my food for a week if I don’t.’ he explains, and you cant help but playfully frown up at him, chuckling quietly at the mention of it being his maknae saying these things.

‘If you’re the hyung, then surely you have the authority?’ you ask, biting your lip sheepishly as you realize he could misunderstand you for being bossy, and watching him scoff as he shakes his head at you instead.

‘You haven’t seen him. …he’s scary. When he wants something, he’ll get it.’ Jin states, eyebrows raised to emphasize his point, and you cant help but laugh at him and hit his chest gently as he grins down at you, before he bows his head to catch your mouth with his, lingering as a comfortable silence descends on the moment, only being broken by the gentle sloshes of the water against the river’s edge.

‘Will I see you tomorrow night?’ you ask, once you pull apart, smiling shyly up at him as you try to stifle your heavy breaths, and seeing him smirk down at you, before he presses a kiss to your forehead.

‘Of course. Although…’

‘What?’ you ask when you see him begin to stall, feeling your face heat up when he peers at you from beneath his bangs, his angels face glowing in that moment and causing your heart to race and your palms to become sweaty before he’s speaking again.

‘I think I need your number. You know…just so that next time if im late, I’ll be able to let you know.’ He explains, pulling his phone out of his pocket as he speaks, before passing it to you to type your number in, and you feel him watching you intently as you smile down at the device.

‘Does that mean you plan to be late again tomorrow?’ you ask as you hand it back, grinning to let him know you were being playful, but seeing him already grinning down at you as he gasps a little ‘yah’ at your teasing, before smiling at the sight of your number in his phone.

‘I’d never plan to be late to meet you. But sometimes work is that way.’ He states, glancing up at you and you nod in understanding, before realizing he still hadn’t explained exactly what it was he did.

‘What exactly is it you do?…since you got interrupted before.’ You ask, smiling up at him expectantly, but simply finding him sliding his hand into yours and beginning to pull you back the way the two of you had come as he slides both of your hands into his pocket.

‘It’s a long story…I’ll explain tomorrow.’ He murmurs, shooting you a quick grin, before beginning to run, and the two of you end up laughing, heads thrown back, as you escape into the night.



can yall go to cupcakke’s instagram and twitter and send good messages + report the annoying stupid ass psychos solo stans? :)

Rapper Cupcakke said sexual things about jungkook and instead of just asking to not @ them (which… she didnt really), she was harassed (sent death threats to) by jungkook’s solo stans or i dont fucking know, dumb armys and basically posted something that implies nothing good will happen to her.

Today was supposed to be a good day but im deeply disappointed that yall’s possessive ass got in the way of the AMA’s celebration. Please help because this is a tumor that has been growing within our fandom for a while now and will continue to grow through immature people coming in because of exposure plus other kpop fandoms and western fandoms hating on us (as usual, but intensified). People obviously aren’t going to be open minded about this so it’s our job to make our fandom a better place.

Help spread the word and stop hating on every western artist that writes something about bts.

Skinship with Astro

Masterlist: x


As you watched Astro performing, you of course kept your eyes on Jinwoo. He was your longtime friend after all.

“Alright the next song..” Jinwoo said as the Astro members walked toward the back of the stage and took a seat. This was something you haven’t seen them do in rehearsal before… 

Dongmin ran backstage and came back with a chair, putting it right in the middle of the stage then running back to the other members that were intently watching Jinwoo.

“The next song is to my lovely friend..” He annouced, his eyes darting directly to you. “Well she’s a girl. And she’s my friend.” He said staring, keeping intense eye contact. Your face turned red as he walked down the set of stairs on the side of the stage until he reached you.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked with his eyes shining under the stage lights. You could feel your face burning red hot, but you managed to nod your head. He pulled you into a big hug and led you on stage, rapping to you as you sat on the chair that was in the middle of the stage.

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Seokjin As Your Boyfriend

Seokjin || Yoongi || Hoseok || Namjoon || Jimin || Taehyung || Jungkook

Well, here’s Seokjin~ I hope you all enjoy it! I’m working on Namjoon and Yoongi right now, but if you want to see the other boys then request away~

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  • so much food
  • “wanna go out for dinner?”
  • “Jin you just ate.”
  • “that was just a snack.”
  • “it was an entire chicken…”
  • “… i’ll let you cuddle with Jjangu tonight.”
  • “let’s go.”
  • oh yeah, Jjangu will be over a lot
  • basically your child
  • like yes, he’s a dog
  • but Jin cradles him to his chest like a small child
  • and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
  • but then he teases Jjangu by pretending to throw his toy
  • but instead hiding it behind his back
  • and boy can that dog whine
  • it sounds so heart breaking you don’t know how Jin can stand it
  • but Jin’s just sitting there laughing
  • so you go and grab one of his plush mario toys
  • - you’re pretty sure they’re his favorite things in the world -
  • and you start to offer that to Jjangu
  • and Jin’s picking up you and the toy
  • carrying you back to the bedroom so he can put it up safely
  • while pouting and scolding you for being mean
  • but you don’t care because now Jjangu loves you more
  • when Jjangu isn’t there, though
  • you and Jin just kind of hang out
  • watching movies or dramas, listening to music
  • cooking, snacking, cleaning, talking
  • basically old married couple stuff
  • like you don’t really cuddle all the time
  • you just recline back on the arm of the couch
  • and Jin is either sitting close with your legs in his lap
  • or he’s reclining against the other arm and your legs are tangled
  • and you just kind of look at each other and talk softly
  • maybe make a joke here and there
  • but then oh, Jin’s got a text, and ugh it’s the maknae line
  • they’re begging for food or asking Jin to drive them somewhere
  • and your deep, sweet conversation has turned into a roast
  • and you’re holding your stomach, laughing so hard it hurts
  • because Jin knows all these boys’ secrets
  • and he ain’t afraid to spill ‘em all
  • especially if it means hearing your laugh
  • so whenever you hang out with the group
  • you’ve got 100 new things to tease them about
  • and Jin just cackles because this is the best form of payback
  • he’s actually more cuddly in front of the boys than in private
  • not really because he means to be
  • but because when you’re alone he already has your attention
  • he can talk to you whenever he wants and you’ll answer
  • but when you’re with the boys
  • they’re talking to you a lot and he doesn’t get to say much
  • but it doesn’t bother him so long as he can hold you
  • just to remind you that he’s there and you can talk to him too
  • he’s not jealous - no really, he isn’t, he trusts you -
  • but he knows they’ll tease him if they spend more time with you
  • so, back hugs and sweet kisses galore
  • in public he’s kind of a mix
  • he’ll hold your hand - though he likes it when you hold his elbow
  • it makes him feel more like a prince -
  • and he’ll lean in close to whisper in your ear
  • even if he’s just telling you he’s got to go to the bathroom
  • because his lips and breath brush against your ear
  • and sometimes you shiver
  • and dear Lord he loves to make you shiver
  • he loves knowing that he has that effect on you - just him -
  • he loves knowing that whispering ‘i’ll be right back’
  • has you anticipating his return more than you should
  • because your mind has definitely wandered
  • and he’ll say things like that through the night;
  • things that sound innocent enough
  • but they’ve got you thinking about something sinful and impure
  • because watching you squirm in your seat makes him giddy
  • to the point of nearly giggling
  • and you wonder how he can do both at the same time
  • but somehow he does it, and he keeps doing it
  • even when you’re home and there’s no need for innuendos
  • because you’re already laying under him
  • you’re already so ready for him to just move, dammit
  • but then he does move, and he’s still whispering in your ear
  • and you’re not quite sure which makes you shiver more
  • but by the end of the night he’s got you curled up in his arms
  • and even though he’s still whispering, he’s doing it into your hair,
  • in between the kisses he’s pressing to the top of your head
  • and there’s nothing that can put you to sleep faster
  • nothing can wake you up faster than breakfast in bed
  • which Jin brings you every morning after
  • decorating your face with kisses as he passes it to you
  • maybe whispering into your ear one more time
  • but he giggles and promises to save the rest for tonight
  • and you’re back in your normal routine like nothing happened
Which BTS Member(s) Should You Fight (And Why)?:

Kim Seokjin (Jin):

Originally posted by jinful

I would not fight Jin at all, 10/10 would not recommend. He may seem awkward and sweet and motherly and adorable by nature, but Seokjin seems like he would have a quick temper. Not to mention, according to multiple other members he has the best body. Strength is, well, a strength for him, then. There’s gotta be some things this gentle man can do with his shoulders, and I’m not talking about stuff that would belong in a smut. In short, Kim Seokjin is almost definitely a force to be reckoned with. Wouldn’t fight at all, ever. Don’t do it. 

Min Yoongi (Suga):

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

Go for it. Fight Suga. You’ll win, I bet, but not without feeling bad about it. Min Yoongi is seen as “lazy” due to his tendency to sleep for hours on end. However, he is always tired because of how much he works. Because of his more or less slothlike temperament, he will let you win any argument or fight. After some time, he would agree with you/ submit to you just so you would leave him alone. However, he wouldn’t let you off easy. He couldn’t let you win and not bother you about it- expect one of those war-starting pouts after you’ve triumphed.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope):

Originally posted by j-hopegifs

Why would you fight J-Hope? Who fights J-Hope? He is literally the hope of every ARMY? Not to mention, he’s screaming 24/7 and he makes the most fantastic reaction faces/noises. However, I wouldn’t fight Jung Hoseok for other reasons as well. He’s the best dancer in Bangtan (Jimin and Kookie are close, though) and he raps very well as well. His muscles due to dance must be well defined, especially his legs. You’d lose. After your loss he would probably scream out of pride and happiness, and so you would not only lose the fight, you would bruise your ego and be rid of your eardrums. Fighting J-Hope is a bad idea.

Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster):

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Out of all of them, I would want to fight Rap Monster the most. However, this is almost definitely due to the fact that he is my all time bias and the light of my life, so keep that in mind. Also remember that Kim Namjoon is ridiculously intelligent, with an IQ of 148. He is also the human embodiment of the sad frog meme (pepe) so I would watch out for that. Namjoon is also over 6 feet tall and the tallest man in Bangtan, so there is that. He is the leader so he definitely has skills in wrangling people (i.e. his hyperactive group members, excluding Jin and Suga), which could make it tough for you. I am not sure who would win in this, you or Namjoon. I’d say go for it!

Park Jimin:

Originally posted by jinned

What the fuck? I’m sorry, but if you even considered fighting Jimin I can’t talk to you. Jimin is actually made of happiness and everything sweet in the world. I bet the sun shines out of his ass. Everybody loves Jimin, so do not fight him, for your own good. All of the other groups members, as well as every ARMY on the planet, will defend him with their lives and you will die.

Kim Taehyung (V):

Originally posted by monchims

For your own safety, I would strongly advise against fighting V. First of all, his tongue game and lips game in general is way too strong. Even the most steel-hearted will fall to the stuff his mouth does. His tongue has a mind of its own, so watch for that. Second, he is adorable. Like, way too cute for his own good. I’m convinced Taehyung is like a vaguely human shaped cluster of 27 bunnies in a cut out tshirt. He’s also strong and his low voice is enough to kill anyone and everyone. Don’t fight Taehyung. 

Jeon Jeongguk (Jungkook):

Originally posted by kookie-time

Please don’t fight the maknae. I beg of you. Golden maknae Kookie is good at everything on the planet, except for math. He also happens to be very strong and tall, which gives him a great advantage over most ARMYs. Jeongguk is fast and agile. He is a dancer and has a fantastic body and abdominal/leg strength because of this. Do not fight Kookie. You will fail epically.