Kitty update: the Empress had a checkup today and, apart from being officially, functionally-if-not-completely blind (and arthritic af) (and having not-great kidneys) she is the picture of health!

So… we fixed the blood pressure! Too late to save the retinas, but we fixed it! Yay!

*buys cat a little pair of Ray Charles sunglasses*

I talked to the vet about her arthritis and her INCESSANT YELLING and he gave me a free trial of low-dose pain meds to see if that helps things.

(She has been the GRUMPIEST CAT this past week. Which included pooping outside the litterbox. Twice. Dammit Jessamine.)

Have a picture of the post-vet befuddlement. 

I am befuddled. I think I just got something that I THINK was hate? They did insult me for shipping, but like.

Anyways that’s not the point, the point is, I tagged my post ‘Rey-lo’ (without the dash because I don’t want this post to go into the Rey~lo tag) like nine HUNDRED times, if you have the time to go to my blog and give me an angry message, then you have the time to download an addon that will blacklist that tag. There’s even an app for it available on iphone. But if you can’t get an addon or app for some reason then I’m sorry, but here’s the simple truth:

Tumblr’s tagging system is poop. My post ended up in a super specific tag that I didn’t even think about. I didn’t tag the post that thing, yet it still ended up there. I would have to butcher like every influential word in my post to not repeat the same incident again.

So next time if I have an argument debate post, I will do just that.

I know the person who messaged me is probably very young and has a lot to learn, but I don’t like upsetting people, so I will from now on butcher my counter-argument posts (but not my pro-Re~ylo squee posts because that’s a different story )

Sorry about this!


So we know that solving cases has always been a metaphor for dating in Sherlock, but I wasn’t sure if it was common knowledge that there are a few examples of where “case” is one-for-one code for relationship. 

I was thinking about His Last Vow and this dialogue is what triggered the epiphany:

Sherlock: Please do relax, this is all for a case
John: What sort of case would need you doing this? 
Sherlock: I might as well ask you why you’ve started cycling to work. 
John: No, we’re not playing this game. 
Sherlock: Quite recently I’d say. You’re very determined about it. 
John: Not interested. 

As usual, the writers befuddle us with the fast pace, a bit of misdirection and big dick jokes. But what actually happens in this conversation? Let’s just put case = relationship into this conversation and see what happens…

John: What sort of case relationship would need you doing this? 

[You’re dating a woman, but not sleeping with her, then you leave to get a fix?? YOUR RELATIONSHIP SUCKS AND IS FAKE].

Sherlock: I might as well ask you why you’ve started cycling to work.  

[You MARRIED a woman, you’re not having sex, and you’re trying to get away from her as often as possible by cycling to work? YOUR RELATIONSHIP SUCKS AND IS FAKE TOO]

**John asks “What sort of relationship would need you doing this?” Sherlock says “I might as well ask YOU the same.” **

[Note: I’m definitely not saying EVERY incidence of “case” is code for relationship, just like not every people=John. I’ve found a few though. And there’s gotta be loads more.]

This is obviously what the subtext is telling us, over and over; the cases are metaphors and the incidental characters are mirrors for Sherlock and John. Just like in the metaphor of Sherlock’s-heart-as-a-locked-room-mystery, which is a case with a victim (Sherlock), a crime (love/heartbreak) a murderer (John) and a weapon (a meat dagger). Then there’s the metaphors we’re familiar with like crime-solving-as-date and dinner-as-sex that now fit into the broader metaphor of case-as-relationship. The show is about Sherlock’s heart, and Sherlock’s heart is the case. What is up with Sherlock’s heart? 

“… the audience gets to make deductions just like Sherlock does, and solve the greatest mystery of all: what the hell is going on with Sherlock Holmes’s heart. Some would even argue that deciphering Holmes’s character is the biggest draw of the ACD canon, because the cases get solved but he remains such an enigma.” ( from LSiT )

“What the hell is going on with Sherlock Holmes’s heart” is the greatest mystery of all. And our “case” code gives us the answer (Spoiler: It’s John). 

Moffat tells us here:

“He’s not a sociopath, nor is he high-functioning. He’d really like to be a sociopath. But he’s so fucking not. The wonderful drama of Sherlock Holmes is that he’s aspiring to this extraordinary standard. He is at root an absolutely ordinary man with a very, very big brain. He’s repressed his emotions, his passions, his desires, in order to make his brain work better — in itself, a very emotional decision, and it does suggest that he must be very emotional if he thinks emotions get in the way…I just think Sherlock Holmes must be bursting!” (x) (x)

And in Sherlock’s best man speech/declaration of love in The Sign of Three, Moftiss tells us who Sherlock’s “case” is.

SHERLOCK: There are mysteries worth solving and stories worth telling.
(He looks down at John.)
SHERLOCK: The best and bravest man I know – and on top of that he actually knows how to do stuff. (TSoT x)

John is the mystery worth solving. There’s only one “case” that matters; there’s one feature, and only one feature of interest; there’s only one thing in this whole business that Sherlock finds interesting.

“John finds his way in to Sherlock’s heart through Sherlock’s work, Sherlock’s mind” (LSiT). 

So ‘case = relationship’ AND ‘case = johnlock’, depending on context.

Okay….but there’s more examples. Buckingham Palace in A Scandal in Belgravia

MYCROFT: Just once, can you two behave like grown-ups?
JOHN: We solve crimes, I blog about it and he forgets his pants, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.
(Sherlock looks up at his brother as he walks into the room, all humour gone from his face.)
SHERLOCK: I was in the middle of a case, Mycroft.
MYCROFT: What, the hiker and the backfire? I glanced at the police report. Bit obvious, surely?
SHERLOCK: Transparent.
(John looks startled.)
MYCROFT: Time to move on, then.

Sherlock was in the middle of a “case”…that is, flirting with John over Skype while half naked; ie. the johnlock case. Apparently, he’s determined to stay on that case though, because he refuses to get dressed. Which by the way is the same “case” that Sherlock sent John off to on his own, in the countryside, investigating his own metaphorical murder (love/heartbreak) where the murder weapon was a blunt instrument (Sherlock), the one where John has fallen in love with Sherlock and can’t get it up with Sarah. Mycroft (our voice of Moftiss who has seen the “police report”, A.K.A. the story arc) knows the solution (John and Sherlock are in love) and thinks it’s obvious, Sherlock agrees (“transparent”), which is understandably startling for John. 

There’s also this example from John’s ‘The Woman’ blog entry for 12th March

“I can’t say much about the actual case because of the Official Secrets Act.”

So with our case = johnlock code, it kind of sort of TOTALLY CONFIRMS that ASiB is all about johnlock (which we already knew but…). I can’t say much about the actual case (ie. true love, lust, pining, and angst) because of the Official Secrets Act TJLC, but [oh…about that other thing that featured briefly in this episode] the country was nearly brought to its knees by Irene Adler.

Here’s another example, from The Sign of Three

SHERLOCK: I love dancing. I’ve always loved it.
JANINE: Seriously?
SHERLOCK (quietly): Watch out.
(Looking around to make sure that nobody else can see him, he swings both of his arms to the left, takes a sharp breath, rises onto his left foot and does a full-circle pirouette.)
JANINE: Ooh! Woah!
SHERLOCK (clearing his throat): Never really comes up in crime work but, um, you know, I live in hope of the right case. (x)

Moving right along. So I’m also arguing that…

the game is on = johnlock is go

This is pretty freaking epic, I know. And it’s really only made explicit once, as far as I can tell, in ASiP. Of the few times we hear it again after ASiP, it’s not quite as convincing, but it still works. First, I apparently felt the need to justify what I’m about to show you. Even though I don’t really need to. I hope you like long sentences.

So obviously “the game is on” is the modernized version of “the game is afoot”. There’s also the Sherlockian game though, which is:

…also known as the Holmesian game, the Great Game or simply the Game…the pastime of attempting to resolve anomalies and clarify implied details about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson from the fifty-six short stories and four novels…uses aspects of the canonical stories combined with the history of the era of the tales’ composition to construct fanciful biographies of the pair. (x)

…and is also presumably where the series one finale got it’s name. Considering the relative importance of the fact that a whole entire episode is named after the ‘the game’, and considering that the show itself is a ‘fanciful biography’, and considering the extreme devotedness and self-professed geekiness of our powers that be, and the fact that the show itself is obviously a “pastime of attempting to resolve anomalies and clarify implied details”, and if we consider the already present mountains of suggestions that Moftiss are “attempting to resolve” some pretty major character and relationship anomalies, then I think its fair to suggest that the “Sherlockian game” might perhaps weigh heavily in the intended meaning of “the game is on” in BBC Sherlock.

The cabbie in ASiP also refers to a ‘game of chess’. Moriarty and Irene Adler also mention ‘the game’, both suggesting the idea of “any activity undertaken or regarded as a contest involving rivalry, strategy, or struggle; [for example] the dating game, the game of politics”(x) But ACD Holmes articulates what he considers “the game” in The Valley of Fear; “I go into a case to help the ends of justice and the work of the police”. So ACD Sherlock himself considers the game to be the case.

So we can assume that BBC Sherlock’s “the game” in “the game is on” means some combination of 

  1. the case at hand
  2. a game of rivalry, strategy or struggle
  3. the Sherlockian game of resolving anomalies and clarifying implied details

Moftiss CLEARLY want to clarify implied details about the canon material in the form of their own fanciful biography, because why else would they make the show? And they’ve said so anyway (I can’t find the quote but Moffat said something like “we think everyone’s been doing it wrong”). And if we suppose just for a moment that johnlock was the implied detail they wanted to clarify, then ‘strategy’ is how they are going about it, and ‘cases’ are the surface level plot used to disguise it. Then because;

case = relationship/johnlock

And if;

the game is on = let’s solve some ‘cases’ which are sub-textually about how Sherlock and John are really actually in love, and execute a strategy to make johnlock canon [but make it a slow-burn because that’s way more satisfying, and softly softly so they don’t write it off as a ‘gay’ show], and thereby clarify implied details and resolve anomalies in our own fanciful biography…

Then surely;


Well…let’s try it out and have a little lookie see at what happens if you substitute ‘the game is on’ with ‘johnlock is go’

A Study in Pink

MRS HUDSON: Look at you, all happy. It’s not decent.
(She can’t help but smile, though, as he turns away and heads for the front door again.)
SHERLOCK: Who cares about decent? The game, Mrs Hudson, is on!
(He walks out onto the street and hails an approaching black cab.) (x)

(gif credit)

Umm. Okay. Wow. First of all, that gif is intense. He’s looking right into the camera…like he’s talking to us, or something. 

Look at you, all happy. It’s not decent.

And Mrs. Hudson says “it’s not decent”. Not decent? Not decent is the same as indecent. Slightly odd choice of word for this particular moment, wouldn’t you say? Why is that word there?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “indecent” as:

  1. sexually offensive or shocking
  2. using language that offends people : including behavior or ideas that people find offensive (x)

Odd choice of word, perhaps, but it would seem that they had Mrs Hudson say that, specifically so that Sherlock can come back with this

Who cares about decent? The game, Mrs Hudson, is on!

So if we put our new little code in there (the game is on = johnlock is go), together with the dictionary definition of indecent (synonymous with ‘not decent’), we get:

Who cares about sexually offensive or shocking? Johnlock, Mrs. Hudson, is go!


(thanks for the foreshadowing, Mrs. Hudson).

Here, have another example. Sherlock doesn’t actually say ‘the game is on’ again until HLV. So jumping back to the His Last Vow lab scene I started with…

Sherlock: Please do relax, this is all for a case.
John: What sort of case would need you doing this?
Sherlock: I might as well ask you why you’ve started cycling to work.
John: No, we’re not playing this game.
Sherlock: Quite recently I’d say. You’re very determined about it.
John: Not interested.

Sherlock deduces that John started cycling [=John and Mary’s relationship got bad] quite recently. Bill thinks Sherlock deduced this because John walks like he is chafed, therefore must have started cycling only recently. Sherlock says he always walks like that. In all the time Sherlock lived with John, he’s always walked like that. First of all, slight tangent, this isn’t a big dick joke, this is serious. This is…


Remind you of ASiB? “…but then he’s Sherlock, he does all that anyway”. Sherlock was always pining. John was always sexually frustrated. John had blue balls back when he lived with Sherlock, because he was perpetually aroused, and couldn’t even get off with his girlfriends because he was thinking about Sherlock. Now John has blue balls again: he and Mary are not having sex, and we know from John’s dream that Sherlock is on John’s mind. Things are bad. He lives with Mary AND works with Mary, so he’s cycling to work as a temporary escape from her. He’s very determined about it. They’re both with women, they’re both miserable, they’re both going elsewhere to get their “fix”, and going to great lengths to spend less time with their respective ‘fake’ partners. John is emotionally back to where he was in the first scene of ASiP. He’s having Afghanistan nightmares again, but in dream, Sherlock comes to rescue him and gives him the adrenaline/companionship/love he needs to soothe his PTSD symptoms and give his life meaning. They haven’t seen each other in a month. There’s banging on the door. He thinks it’s Sherlock, but it’s not. But then it really WAS. Sherlock set this up. Sherlock is coming to save his life, AGAIN. Today, the GAME IS BACK ON. JOHNLOCK IS GO.

Then on the tarmac at the end of HLV…

And that about clears that up. I’m supposed to be writing part II to (ahem…) this (it’s coming), but this one had to get posted first for reasons. Thank you for reading.

Prompt: The only people awake at 2am are the lonely and the loved.

When Harry startles awake at exactly 2:06am, he’s surprised to find his bed empty, his roommate Y/N usually taking it upon herself to sneak into his bed while he was fast asleep so she could have a cheeky snuggle but not tonight, clearly.

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What really grinds my gears...

Ok, so there’s this girl I go to school with. Nice girl. Friendly. Caring. Whatevs. Well when I first met her she liked to poke me….. literally. So I asked her to stop… On about 5 different occasions. I told her I’m not a very touchy person and it really aggravates me when she does it. FINALLY, she stopped. Well after being separated from that class for a while, I began to let things fester on my mind about this girl. Now, I’m a bigger girl. BUT, I make myself look nice. I do my hair, my makeup, get my eyebrows done, blah, blah, blah, but I make myself look nice. And I like to think my personality is pretty awesome so I think that makes me a prettier person in the long run anyways. But I also at least attempt to watch what I eat. And when I do eat it’s in decent proportions. Well this girl (Jackie is her name b-t-dubs), doesn’t take care of herself. She doesn’t shower as often as she needs to, her hair is always gross looking (and we’re in HAIR SCHOOL for crying out loud!!), she doesn’t dress to fit her body type, and the girl is ALWAYS eating. No joke. We get to school at 10ish, and she has breakfast before she leaves, and when she gets to school, she always has some sort of peanut/candy mix or chips or something. She eats them until lunch at noon. For her lunches, she brings enough food for 2 people. After she’s done eating, she goes to her car and stocks up on her peanut/candy mix or chips or whatever floats her boat that day, and eats some until lunch is over at 1, and then continues to eat them until break at 2:30, refills on break, then eats some more until school is over at 5:30. And when we’re in class, she’ll sit there and basically BRAG about what she had for breakfast and how she was STILL hungry afterwards. There was one day she ate an entire box of french toast sticks with syrup, and still had room for more. My question is, how on EARTH can someone do that?? How can you come up with all these excuses on why you eat so much?? First her reason was because she was “pregnant.” Found out that wasn’t true because she has still YET to have a doctor appointment, and she’s been claiming this for 3 weeks now. Second reason was because she doesn’t eat at home ever. LIE. She cooks dinner every night AND tells us how much she had plus how much she had at breakfast the next morning. It’s kind of ridiculous. Another question I have, is how can you for real feel that the way you portray yourself is acceptable?? If I were ever to portray myself like that I would be slapped. I think if her mother saw her she’s be slapped as well. But who knows?? She wears sweatpants and shirts that are FAR from flattering. It’s like she tries to show to the world all her rolls and cellulite. I know this is making me sound like a total bitch, but I guess the reason I’m writing this is because I want someone to help me understand how someone could do that to their self. I don’t know. I know she has money so I know she can afford to take care of herself. You can tell she doesn’t brush her teeth, she needs her brows done to an extreme, and needs to buy clothes that fit. If she actually showered and washed her hair, and then actually styled it, she might just look presentable. You know you don’t wash your hair enough when we bring you to the shampoo bowl, wash your hair twice, and it still stinks. Then she gets mad at me, Miranda, and Jenna because we talk to all sorts of people and have a lot of friends, when us 3 are her only friends. Can any one help me to understand this??

anonymous asked:

I accidentally followed you and I thought you were a porn blog and I got really worried but now that I realize you are not a porn blog I must admit that I do not regret following you. Keep up the good work ;)

WHATTTTT this is the second time someone has said they thought this was a porn blog!!! How is this happening!! Though awwwh, Im so glad, thank you so much!

Give it a break.....

Hello… again.   I am scrolling through my dash and I can’t help but see all the hate being slung at Jess, again, and it just befuddles the mind.  Why hate on this woman.  I don’t understand why everyone in this fandom can not just stay in their own lane.   There is no reason to attack her.  There is no reason to purposefully hurt her feelings or try to belittle her.   She is a very successful blogger on tumblr, if that is your dream job then get to work, she isn’t holding you back.  If you don’t like what she has to say then stop reading her blog, I don’t know how many times we have to say this, just don’t read it.   No one is making you read her blog.  I find it very hard to believe that women in this fandom can not grow up and act like the adults they are, I do not believe for one second that each of you are behaving this badly in your real lives.  Why can’t the women in this fandom understand that hating and attacking each other gets us nowhere.  We don’t have to agree on anything that comes down the pike.  We are fans of the same show, this community is large enough for everyone to have their own corner and enjoy themselves but that doesn’t seem to be enough for some.   All I can say is Chill The Fuck Out, we aren’t performing brain surgery here, this isn’t anyone’s life or death situation and nothing on television should overtake your emotions and life the way it obviously has for some of the people who can not stop themselves from attacking others.  Nothing in this fandom is worth the amount of hate you are carrying around with you, no one you have never actually met should be able to spur the emotions you are displaying…..step back and take a break.  FFS

Play of two sides

Play of two sides


It’s all clear.

Many a time

It’s so murky

With no light 

Bright enough to 

Make it go away away;

The murkiness.

And yet other times

How I don’t realise 

It’s changing. 

Light momentarily pierces the murkiness

Wisps of darkness clouds over the clear pane

Unthought, unexpected. 

What amazes me is this :

Even though at times 

Murkiness recedes 

It doesn’t necessarily bespeak


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WTF Is Hand Makeup? Everything You Need To Know About This Beauty Trend

Well, here we are again–another day, another Instagram beauty trend to make you feel befuddled, intrigued, and slightly inadequate all at once. Time is a flat circle! If you, like me, have been paying attention to the hard-hitting news of today, you’ll know that the past few weeks have shown us beauty trends that seem to be almost exclusively rainbow-related (you know, like rainbow bangs, freckles, andcolor-melting). Today, though, Instagram has brought us something that is pretty different–hand makeup.

more beauty hacks!

160202 Subin Instagram Update

드디어 #머슬퀸프로젝트 를 무사히 마치구
정신없던 스케쥴까지 잘 마무리했다아!
나보다 더 바빴을 우리 달링들..ㅎㅎ
정말 정말 사랑합니다♡
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기립근을 선물해준  아름언니♡
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진심으로 고마워요  히히
다들 정말 수고하셨습니다아!♡

Finally I’ve completed #MuscleQueenProject safely
A befuddling schedule has ended well!
Our Darling are busier than me..hehe
Really, really, I love you♡
Our baby chickens, keke, Your voices are the best
While I was preparing for the project
Areum unnie gave be 111 abs and back muscles as a gift♡
Mocha created wonderful choreography♡
I sincerely thank you, heehee
Everyone really worked hard!♡

It is now time for “solution-think.”

“This means that it is time for mankind to proactively face reality in order to change it, and to have zero-tolerance for the factors which enslave and befuddle. This paradigm shift involves the acceptance and confrontation of the “dark sides” of the human ego-personality, and a desire to see ourselves for who we are morally and psychologically. It is our habitual avoidance and denial of what we falsely regard as the “darker” side of ourselves, that has brought humanity to the brink of ecocide and psychosis. It is this avoidance that plays right into the hands of the architects of world control who have preyed over humanity for so many ages.” learn more

@anipendragon I was gonna send you this in an ask but I kinda went overboard and it was too long so I hope you don’t mind me @ing you :)

But aaaah Qrow flirting with James yaaaas. It’d be super funny if he just got so fed up with James not taking him seriously and he just snaps.

So like they’re at a meeting, waiting for Qzpin and Glynda to show up. James is sitting down and the two of them are doing their lil back and forth totally-obviously-in-love thing, and Qrow makes a flirty remark at James, who just snorts and rolls his eyes a little. And Qrow just huffs before freaking straddling his lap.

Que James being all befuddled and adorable.

“Why are you makin’ this so hard?” Qrow says, and glances down. He smirks- “pun intended.”

“Are you drunk?!” James asks, eyes wide. Qrow chuckles.

“For once? Not even a little.”

Of course then Glynda and Ozpin choose that moment to make their appearence. And, well.

The rest of the meeting is quite interesting, to say the least.


Epic #beerhaul requires #Repost @brewwhisperer: Wow! Big thanks to @beerxchange how can you top this?! #porchbomb#haul#whalez#unicorns 2011 #cbs and #kbs 2008 #palosantomarron 2013 #wanderer#avance 2014 #befuddlement and some hoarders society #roomforme#chupacabraquinceañera 😂 (cracks me up everytime). #notrades#craftbeer #sours#barrelaged#imperialstout#sfbeerweek

Wow, this week is an absolute mess…

The “Secret” [ Steve Rogers x OC ]

Prompt : Steve inviting OC(Sasha) to go to Disney World with the avengers after they have finally gotten together and they knew all along she had feelings for him.

Pairing : Steve Rogers x OC (Sasha)

Genre : Fluff/crack? |   Warning : None

Author’s Note : Tell me what you think! :)

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Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Steve beamed at the befuddled expression when he announced they were going to the Disney World this Wednesday. Clint Barton and Thor were probably the only two people who looked very excited at the prospect of visiting Disney World as a way to unwind. Well, and his girlfriend who was trying her best not to squeal when he asked her to go with him and the Avengers last night.

“Why?” Tony whined.

“It’ll be fun.” Natasha’s lips curled into a smirk as she stood up from the couch. “I’ll prep myself.”


“HAH! TRY ME.” Natasha hollered back as she left the room.

“I’ll make sure she only brought a glock and her widow bites.” Bucky nodded when Steve sent him an exasperated look.

“This is Disney World, not a battlefield, guys.”

“Okay. Just the widow’s bite then.” Bucky put on his serious face before he ducked away from the tablet Steve chucked at him.

* * *

Natasha skipped towards Sasha who was already waiting for them by the jet. She actually skipped. Steve rolled his eyes when the black widow threw herself at his girlfriend, mumbling something in Russian that made Sasha blushed.

“I like your girlfriend.” She announced when Steve made his way to Sasha. He couldn’t hide the grin as he wrapped an arm around her.

“I know. I like her too.”

“Knock it off, lovebirds. It’s 8 in the morning and it’s too early for this.” Clint grumbled as he walked past them with a huge coffee cup on his hand.

Bucky gave Sasha a small smile as he followed the rest of the team into the jet Tony has graciously provided. (Steve was pretty sure it was Pepper who told him to rent out the jet)

* * *

Sasha stayed behind with Natasha and Wanda while the boys went to the rollercoaster for the fifth time. The three women have decided to wander around and actually try out the other rides aside from the roller coaster when Wanda linked her arm with Sasha and gave her a smile.

“Steve is happy with you.” She told Sasha. Natasha was busy picking out hats and t-shirts from a shelf but she managed to turn around and gave them a nod.

“He is. I’ve never seen him that love-struck before.” Natasha commented before she went back to the hat piles.

“Thank you?” Sasha gave her a confused look. Wanda let out a chuckle and pulled her towards Natasha.

“Nat, tell her!” She giddily said.


“That secret!” Natasha made an ‘oh’ sound before she shrugged.

“We are all very glad your feelings are returned.”

“Wait. What?” Sasha’s eyebrows knitted in confusion. We? WE? They knew about my two years unrequited love for the Captain America? WHO ELSE KNEW?! Wanda seemed to read her confusion and gave her a pat on the back.

“It’s okay. We all knew about your love for Steve Rogers except the man himself.”

“We? As in you two?”

Sasha choked on her saliva when Natasha told her the whole Avengers, including Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, Helen Cho, and Maria Hill knew about it. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks and mumbled incoherent words as she moved away to another aisle, ignoring Natasha’s and Wanda’s giggles.

“It’s so embarrassing.” She told them when they dragged her back to the rest of the team.

“It’s not. It’s really adorable.” Natasha shushed her.


“Hey, we were looking for you.” Steve said when they arrived. He looked at his red-faced girlfriend and gave them a suspicious glare. “What happened?”

“She’s just a little embarrassed.” Wanda grinned.


“Why?” Bucky walked over to them with a huge cotton candy in his hand.

“She found out about the secret.” Wanda whispered in a conspiratorial tone.

Sasha covered her face with her hands and groaned when Bucky chortled. The rest of the team who eavesdropped on the conversation followed suit, which confused Steve even more.

“What is happening?” He asked while Sasha went to him.

“You dense human being.” Clint said between laughter.

“It’s really adorable.” Bruce smiled as he wiped a tear from his eye.

“We all know about her two years crush on you.” Tony, being the blunt person that he is, spoke out after the laughter died down. Steve gawked and snapped his head towards Sasha.

“You have a crush on me?”

“Steve.” Sasha gave him a look. “I wouldn’t date you if I don’t.”


* * *

The plane ride back home was a lot quieter than when they left to Disney World. Everyone passed out on their own seats and Sasha swore she could hear Thor’s light snoring from few seats in front of him. Steve was fast asleep next to her, his head rested on top of hers. She slowly turned to her right when she heard Pietro and Clint whispering her name.

“What?” She mouthed.

They slid a piece of paper towards her and quickly went back to their own seats. Sasha shook her head and opened the paper. She bit her lips to hold back her laughter and gave them a playful glare, which they happily returned with their shit-eating grins.

I eagerly await the explanation for what “wean” means to the British other than “penis” because I’m honestly befuddled as to what other thing they could be talking about that a)needs to be kept away from a garbage disposal and b)sounds like a word for penis but is not. 

Otherwise, I’m just going to assume that you all are sink fuckers and the whole #hameron scandal was just your outrage that your posh overlords don’t put their dicks into plumbing as God and St. George intended but instead waste perfectly good pork. 

anonymous asked:

do you think stiles was the one who made lydia wake up after she "died"?

I am totally befuddled by this. It makes no sense, unless they bring up the emotional tether again and explain why it worked. 

I feel like she was just unconscious, but then I see the camera work and Deaton’s acting and Scott’s face and Stiles’ panic and I feel like they were trying to imply that they thought Lydia was dead? But I still don’t understand how he would have brought her back to life. 

….this is how you bring me back to life…this is what it’s like when we collide…