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No but think about Kankri considering masturbation part of his celibacy vow and when he finally has his first orgasm, it’s with his partner, and when he experiences he’s like “holy shit what the fuck was that" and he ends up tackling his partner whenever possible for the next few weeks because because oh my god that was so freaking amazing i have sweeps upon sweeps of celibacy to make up for.

Important Lessons to Learn from the Alpha Trolls

Damara: people who are hurt often just want to be left alone.
Rufioh: just because someone seems nice, doesn’t mean they are.
Mituna: not all mentally handicapped people are nice people. They can be real assholes.
Kankri: if someone is disregarded and ignored by their peers, they will become a problem themself.
Meulin: a shining example of how handicapped people can be just as happy as anyone else, if not more.
Porrim: just because someone’s cause sounds good doesn’t mean they have all the facts right.
Latula: even the coolest people might actually be hurting inside and have unseen personal turmoils.
Aranea: the nicest people can become the most inhuman monsters.
Horuss: just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean they’re happy.
Kurloz: if someone seems a bit off to you, you might be right. They might be a sociopathic maniac who wants everyone dead.
Cronus: an example of who not to be. Don’t be that guy.
Meenah: sometimes the most outgoing and “badass” people around might actually just be huge jerks who struggle with depression and feelings of hopelessness. Sometimes a tough exterior makes up for a rotten interior.


So here’s the album art I did for the Beforus Album. :D Songs and artists in the captions, but I will be linking when the album in available.

Also permission secured from all three musicians to do a speedpaint for all three of these, so look forward to that in the next week. 8D I’m so dang EXCITED I finally get to post these~ I hope they reflect what the talented people whose tracks I made these for were thinking. <3

(Fun fact: These are in the order they show up on the album, but in the reverse order I worked on them)

No but imagine

Ace couple Damara and Kankri enjoying themselves together. Everyone thinks it’s an impossible because she’s ‘hypersexual’ and he’s 'celibate’ but none of them realize that it’s just to cover up their insecurities because asexuality wasn’t taken very seriously on Beforus.


Woooh!!!! I CAN FINALLY POST THE ART I DID FOR THE BEFORUS ALBUM! this was such fun and great experience, and oh my god, the tracks i got were so. awesome. in every. way. ;___;

i loved working on album art, and i’m really happy i got the chance to participate in this project! the music and other covers are great, so i reccommend checking out the whole project. c:

mituna drawing was made to accompany “7UN3″ by Princezz, and the kankri art is for  “March 9f the Insuffera6le”, that was composed by Toris Crow (it was actually my first allocation, but this fit better aesthetically).

i have no idea what else to say!!! i love fandom projects!!! I  HOPE TO WORK ON MORE FANDOM PROJECTS

The kid who talks to the alpha trolls the most is Rose. She always talks to them about certain things they had on earth, like sock puppets or halloween, that they didn’t have on Beforus, apparently. So, whenever any of the alpha trolls are bored, they’ll go up to Rose and ask her about earth. Rose has grown quite fond of them all.

Suggested by anonymous.

anonymous asked:

I heard you were cool with plotting out lyricstucks for people--would it be okay to ask what you would do for the ancestors and Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde?

Ahh, two of my fave things in the stuck this turned out being basically like After Us whoops

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alfredopizzaluver151  asked:

So, the Beforus form of "culling" is arranged marriage? Did I get that right? :/

no, on Beforus culling is just a situation where highbloods take in disabled/mutant/what-have-you trolls (whoever would’ve been killed on Alternia, basically) and care for them lavishly.  Because Feferi is the empress there, her redefinition (the one she uses in her trollian screenname) is the ubiquitous one on Beforus!  Hope that makes sense.

I don’t think anyone on Beforus thinks of it as some kind of pale perversion, but Psii’s familiar with the concept Kankri’s describing as actual slavery–“I need this, I’ll care for it, it belongs to me.”–so he’s kind of freaking out a bit.

alright, so.

the ancestors in NRS refer to each other by the names we know from Beforus, but since beforan Kankri is in the mix when I’m talking about them I will consistently refer to the ancestors by their titles (signless, psii, disciple, dolorosa, etc.)

okay? okay