beforian trolls

Casting Call for Fiendstuck!

A long time ago the Fae of the Amazon rose up against the humans who so greedily destroyed their forests. Seeing these strange creatures, the humans took up arms and a great war began between the humans and the supernatural creatures, who became known as Fiends. A generation has passed since the war began and new life paths have begun. Will you be a herald of evil, a warrior of the peace, or a mere bystander trying to survive this new and chaotic world?

Cannot begin until positions start getting filled

Open Positions:

Beta Kids (john dave rose)

Alpha Kids (jane dirk jake roxy)

Alternia Trolls (Aradia Tavros Sollux Karkat Nepeta Kanaya Terezi Vriska Equius Eridan Feferi)

Beforian Trolls (Damara Rufioh Mituna Kankri Meulin Porrim Latula Aranea Horuss Kurloz Cronus Meenah)

Cherubs (Caliborn)