I’m so tired…There’re so much homework these days… And it’s going to be my mom’s birthday on Wednesday. So the whole family is preparing for this day. I’ve been cleaning our apartment for 2 days and it’s not done yet T_T
Beca, I know, I’m such a shit coz of delayed answers. After finishing all businesses I’ll normally answer you. Misssss youu, honey~~

Thank you ~

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letodw’s questions:

1. Best comeback of 2013?

ah… so difficult…ok, Troublemaker, Infinite, Beast (‘Shadow’ is their best song ever!). But I also want to note VIXX. I would love to hear more from them in 'Voodoo Doll’ style))

2. Top 3 favorites kpop rappers?
GD (Big Bang), DongWoo (Infinite), TOP (Big Bang).

3. Who was your first bias?
SungJong (Infinite)

4. Which group was your first kpop group?
the first I liked was Infinite, but the first I got to know was SHINee with their practice video of 'Lucifer’.

5. What is your favorite food?
pizza and every dish made of potato *-*

6. Cat or dog?
I like both, but wanna have a cat (I’m really lazy person, so I just couldn’t go for a walk with a dog T_T)

7. Favorite blog?
depends on theme (k-pop, different shows, music, nature, movies, disney cartoons, etc.) ;)) I have lots of them))

8. How old are you?
20 years old.

9. Which most played song on your iPod?
I don’t have iPod :p (or mp3 player counts?) all my songs are organized by artists and their playlist, and at this moment the most played playlists are Big Bang & OST disney cartoons (I adore it, really; I feel so good and relaxed listening to it)

10. Are you a morning or a night person?
definitely night!!

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
oh God… I really don’t know… all planned things are always staying in the list 'plans’. So… let’s see in 10 years xD

My questions:

1. What is your favorite Disney movie?
2. Rainy or sunny day?
3. Which country do you want to visit the most?
4. Which song was your favorite when you were a child?
5. Do you have an ideal person among the celebrities?
6. Which movie would you love to watch at cinema? (don’t matter if it’s old or new one)
7. Do you have a real-life friends on tumblr?
8. If you had a power to turn back in time, which year (or maybe century) would you choose?
9. Your favorite song, that was released in 2013?
10. What do you like the most in your tumblr theme?
11. Have you been to Disneyland?

letodw asked:

Yea, and I went to Rehearsal Party too! Omg, was so magic so amazing! *__* At the party, I talked to Shannon and he gave me attention, and in the end I held his hand! OH GOSH! He is so adorable! *~*~ I already miss them here T-T I saw that they're coming back to ur country! I remembered u in time! Are u going?

There was a party too??? So cooooool *__*
*screams loudly* He’s so handsome now! Can’t even imagine, how you could stand in front of him without shaking)))
OF COURSE!! I’m going to buy a ticket this week. Fans went crazy!! All vip tickets were sold in 30 minutes! And today I found out there’re just a few simple fan-zone tickets left…
And the concert will be in such a small club (!!!). Me and my friends are so upset about that…ugh…I’m afraid of my life, seriously. On the last concert I felt really bad.
Only look at this place! It’s not for 30STM!! They are world artist, and this… I have no words T_T *sigh* 

letodw asked:

For a moment I thought Junhyung was going to do 'American dance' like Gikwang, but he stopped T-T. Poor Dongwoon, idk what he was trying to do! But was funny! Lol. Yep, he's so so cute ^~^

Tha’t why I adore Weekly Idol - always funny and make idols do things which they won’t do anywhere coz of image x))
His abs are just… fantastic O_O Like Jared’s at some point)) Looks really alike))

letodw asked:

No problemmmm <3 Yep, he's my ultimate bias ^~^ YEA, was so much funnier! Junhyung was so funny when he started doing his sexy dance lol and then Dongwoon came to dance with him! Omg I cried! Hahahaha.

same thing xDDD still remember that Junhyung’s butt on the floor, sooo smooth and sexy LOL seriously, at first sight it’s hard to call it ‘sexy dance’ what Dongwoon was trying to do xDD I cried and wanted to help him ahahahah
Also I liked Yoseob’s face while dancing 4minute)) sooo cute^^ cutie cute~~ 

letodw asked:

I was missing you T-T. Oh, no. I bought the CDs on eBay! Ahh yea, this cartoon is really funny! Lol. Okay, no problem! Glad to see you again on my dash! ^~^. Yep, "dw" = Dongwoon ♥ hehehehe.

I’m so lazy ass T_T Again, I’m so sorry! I’ve missed you, too^^

Your bias? ;))
Finally, I watched Weekly Idol with Beast (thanks to - the only one, who translated it). The episode is sooo funny xDD Much more better than last year! Junhyung’s aegyo… I even have no words xDDD maknae’s reaction was especially funny xDD

letodw asked:

Yea, so good! I bought the S/T + ABL MARS and "Fiction and Fact" BEAST ^~^ Oh, I bought only for download, I thought I could download the film the same day, but I'll only be able next week T-T and I have not seen the whole movie, my friend gave me the ticket, but I couldn't watch :-( oh is so hot here, I'm melting T-T. Which movie you watched? Sorry for the delay in replying, my internet is so bad. But tomorrow (probably) will be better :-).

There’re k-pop CD’s in your country?? /envy/
My friends told me the movie is great) Can’t wait for it to be available for downloading^^
That day I was watching The Emperor’s New Groove. Adore this cartoon! So funny)))

I’m SO SO SO SORRY for the late answer T_T I was so tired after the beginning of new academic year in university. Not even reblogging as much as usual just because I have no desire to open tumblr T_T But now I’m almost fine :) Again, I’M REALLY REALLY SORRY!!!

I noticed you’ve changed your url last week^^ I understand ‘leto’, and can you explain ‘dw’?))

letodw asked:

Hmmm, I think today was the shopping day! Lol. I bought 3 cds + my ticket to watch ARTIFACT tomorrow! I'm so excited! ^~^ And I slept a lot too, was so good! Lol. And how was your day? :-)

Ahah, shopping is good thing, and shopping in CD store is a double pleasure ;)) What CD’s did you buy?))
Oh, right! I forgot about it! Tell me later how was it! I have an opportunity to watch it next week, but I’m still thinking. 
Not so good as yours x)) I was at home, translating some stuff, watching movies :) It’s so cold outside, so I just don’t wanna go anywhere)

letodw asked:

Yeah, it was really funny! :-) I hope they come back next year to Rio de Janeiro (Which is where I live) hehehe. Oh, do you have kakaotalk, whatsapp or something like that? ^_^

WOW *__* You live in such beautiful city *_* woooow)))
Ohh… I wish I had T_T My phone is old. It doesn’t have such applications >_> I’ve planned to buy a new one, but some problems occured((
I’ve heard so much about kakaotalk. Very curious about it!^^ 

letodw asked:

YEEEAH! They has TOO MUCH people who loves them around the world! Yea, I agree! T-T. Ohh, they sang so well! See here /watch?V=pFtd9LjLf9w lol. And when the members were performing, Donghae said "I wanna see boobs" I think he didn't mean it... or not lol, and Siwon said "My name is Choi Siwon, but you can call me your boyfriend" lmao (they said it in Portuguese) was so funny!

OOOOw, thiiiiis song))) No wonder, why they performed with it. So popular)) But they did a great job! Great cover!
Donghae xDDD Who taught him such things LOL
So now Siwon is in danger xDD sooooo many wives, and everyone is extremely jealous looool waaa, the concert was funny)))

letodw asked:

But they take a life to come here, and when they come they always do a concert in a single state of my country, which is far from me T-T. No, I didn't go to Super Junior's concert T-T, they sang a whole song in Portuguese!!! And I watched it only by the computer T-T.

Yeah, it’s always unfair T_T I wish companies knew HOW MUCH their idols are loved around the world. I wish there were more than 1 concert in country, but in ‘new’ countries for them. Don’t wanna hurt asian fans, but international fans also want to see them. Idols need it too. Ogghh… Just don’t understand CEOs.
OO WELL DONE, BOYS!! Waaa…Can imagine fans’ reaction))) Which song was it?) 

letodw asked:

YEAAA *_* Yes, I know. Was so when Super Junior did a concert here in April this year! It was crazy! Ugh, I don't know what I'll do.

Waaa, your country is lucky - so many famous idols come to you /envious/
And did you attend that SJ’s concert?)))

letodw asked:

YES! oh my God, and is ever closer to that dream come true! *_* Aww, I'm glad to hear it! You'll buy! Lol. Thank you <3. I got the Gikwang's card, so cute *_* Yea, it is strange ;-; I just hope they don't confirm the concert VERY upon in time, because it is already Aug 27th. Yes, let's think positive, is the best way ^_^. Ohhh, here the pics /post/59468860100 :-)

You should be ready to buy a ticket in any second. They can annunce the dates in last minute and then fans will just go crazy and won’t leave you any chances((

letodw asked:

Yes, I see MARS concert on the Internet, and it's an energy so good! I imagine at Rock In Rio! O-M-G! YEEEES! 'Hard To Love How To Love' is definitely the best album ever! You're right! *hugs* lol. Oh, and my album arrived yesterday, I am so happy! ^_^ Well, I read that MBLAQ will participate in a Reality Show in Mexico, and then they will go through Peru, Chile and Brazil, but still has no date or location... so I don't know ;-;

Oooo, Rock In Rio is everyone’s dream *__* That energy, sharing with others with the same feelings..oohhh *__*
If I had enough money I would buy this album! So so amazing and good! Usually, I like only 2-3 songs out of non-obsessed artist, but B2ST’s ‘Hard To Love How To Love’…they made me to create a folder with their songs!
WOW! This is so great!! I’m so happy for you ^__^ I know this feeling))) Whose card did you get?))) Oh, and, I feel a bit awkward, but can you show me the poster? I just don’t know how it looks like in this album) I’m really curious^^
Awww, it’s strange…really strange… maybe, there’re some problems with organization T_T Don’t get upset and think in optimistic way. Thoughts always materialize (my family taught me that ^^’)