When people trash-talk Tumblr...

I get it.

But I feel they don’t understand why I use it. I understand that people throw their opinions around and that micro-blogging waters down good art and all that stuff people talk about, but at the end of the day, I realize that because of Tumblr my life is better.

Tumblr is only as good as what you put it in. Through it, I met my lady. Through it, she found some like-minded people with whom to work on poetry. I found a publisher who helped me realize my dream of transforming my manuscript into a novel. I’ve met hundreds of people who have a passion for news, poetry, life, the truth.

And yeah, there’s been one or two jerks - but so what? That’s life. Every time I walk out the door, I deal with it. I can deal with it here. It’s worth it.

I’m glad to be working with Before Sunrise PressJust look at that phenomenal and unique artwork by Joel Amat Güell and the quality of the work is just awesome! They’re everything I could ask for in an indie publisher. 

With my first full-length publication, NOCTURN, I feel like that the editing is cared for, that the artwork and cover are cared for– that the publisher cares as much about my book as I do and that’s a very special feeling.

I’m really excited and I think it’s going to make for a great read.


Here’s a DIY book trailer I shot with my iPhone for my new upcoming novel, NOCTURN, which comes out in July!


New teaser trailer for NOCTURN! 

The special edition hardback is up for pre-sale, and it comes signed with a NOCTURN bloody stake bookmark and a cd of exclusive music. 

You can pre-order the book here.