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I feel like the term "princess" has so many negative associations that go along with it (like being spoiled and rich) that identifying as one just gives people the wrong idea (not that I think that's great by any means). There shouldn't be anything wrong with being a princess but the society's idea of what princess means has always made me hate the word. (I used to hate playing princess because I thought it meant that I couldn't slay a dragon. Now I know better :D)

I do have to wonder if that’s part of it; the way ‘princess’ is used in a derogatory way nowadays does indeed make me sad.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a princess, whatever kind of princess you want to be.  A fluffy pink princess or an elegant purple princess or a mafia princess or a warrior princess or whatever!

I meant more on a specific level, I myself (this is going to sound so odd) love princesses and sometimes identify with certain princess characters, but I’ve never identified as a princess specifically?? (Despite my I AM PRINCESS OF THE MOON tag.) Like, I’m a peasant girl at heart, not a princess, I guess.  

(This gif is actually not appropriate to the reply here, but it’s Marilyn in a tiara! Yay!)

I do ascribe to the idea that all girls are princesses, though, so I don’t know. It’s like, all girls are princesses EXCEPT ME I’M A PEASANT GIRL LET ME DO YOUR LAUNDRY OR SOMETHING.

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I've been watching your Acting Ingenue blogs/ vlogs and I just wanted to say how I'm so proud and happy for you that you are following your dreams (also your voice is very cute! I can see the resemblance to the Disney princesses). It's also been very inspirational to me for following my own dreams :) <3333 Keep it up darling!


This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that makes me happy that I’m doing this!  I may never make it as any kind of actress, but knowing that some of you are out there going “hey, she can do it, I can do it too!” makes my heart so happy. <3333333

I really hope, eventually, to create a little online community where we can all share our trials, our wild successes, and everything in between.  Whatever each of our dreams might be, our most important resource is each other.  So many pursuits, artistic or career (or both), are competitive in nature, but I think it’s important to leave the competition “in the audition room,” so to speak.  Leave the competition to those that make the decisions and support each other in “real life.”  

It’s so much more important to be strong with each other, more helpful to be excited for each other!  I’ve always believed this, but I think sometimes in the past my own insecurities have gotten in the way.  But let’s be real, whether it’s acting or writing or singing or politics or teaching, we all bring something completely different and extremely valuable to the table. Ourselves.  

I’m so grateful that you’re excited for me, so happy to know that you are taking your own steps towards the path you want to be on!  <33333  Ahhhh, I just want to throw glitter confetti all over this post!