Dear Moses Mendelssohn: Help! I’m Doubting That Eternal Damnation Is Even A Thing

The final entry in my series of Confused 18th Century Christians Ask Famous Jewish Philosopher, Moses Mendelssohn, To Help With Problems, following I want to have sex before marriage and I’ve lost the magic of Christmas.

In 1780 a Benedictine monk, Peter Winkopp, wrote to Moses Mendelssohn troubled by doubts about the doctrine of eternal punishment and got the following reply. GOOD NEWS, HELL ISN’T REAL.

“I admit that the consequences of sins are eternal; for the consequences of all causes persist eternally. This is true, however, only of natural consequences…and even natural consequences are not eternal misery, since they can be outweighed by the good. And this is my hope. The consequences of my sins will remain eternally and leave traces by which they can be recognized, but they will not render me eternally miserable. The sentiment of the good will yet prevail in my soul, and I, like you and all men, our brethren, will be eternally happy”

Circe to Her Mother

by Aracelis Girmay

after Romare Bearden’s “Circe’s Domain”

Misunderstood. What I was trying to reach
was you. Where I was raised,

always, the long dash of horse hair
hanging from the wall, to swat

flies. Frankincense burning
in the coffee room. Boon.

Back home, we lived
with the animals. But the greyness

of their eyes in death, not just
their lives. It was love

for home and for you, Mother,
what caused me this sorcery.

Before marriage, there were some horses
I knew, and hills. I did not want to go

from there, from where
we were two-headed once, and then

the great wound of birth, an I—
by which my seeing is Forever Red.

I wanted you to, Mother,
never let me free. I am home again,

if I lay on my side beside
the sleeping wolves, once men—

how like the hills of my childhood.
White with snow and brown with the names of trees.

Como te puedo decir? “Leaving” was full of salt, was
not my verb. Now I cannot bear a kingdom of free things.

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On 9 January, 2007, after rumours of an engagement were at an all time high, Kate Middleton was ambushed by her paparazzi upon leaving her flat for work. While all the paparazzi had originally had a gentlemen’s agreement to stay on the other side of the road, that quickly changed when a few began to run to the other side. Kate was immediately trapped between cameras as she tried to get to her car, only to have every step documented. The then private citizen, Kate was said to be frightened and upset” by the encounter. This was one of many encounters with the paparazzi for Kate, and she would soon deal with worse. Prior to her engagement with Prince William, Kate was seen at an airport by paparazzi who proceeded to call her a  Bitch! Whore! Slag!” to get her attention. Kate never responded. 

Something for the sisters to think about.

Men and women who talk before marriage. Often sisters find it hard to figure out whether this brother is actually taking them seriously or not. Yes, we typically hear the phrase “if he’s serious he’ll come to your door not through the window” but everyone knows what generation and society we live in today. Majority of the time, young boys and girls meet each other before they meet the parents. And the issue with this is, confusion and misleading intentions occur. Problems arise, and they’re not always intentional. But the problem is that they make relationships that are not halal drag on longer than they should, with apparently “reasonable” excuses, for example; a brother will say “I’m saving my money” or a sister will say “I need to finish my degree”. These are common excuses which a lot of people can accept as being understandable. This is how I see it. A man can claim he’s genuine. He can put all his cards on the table and tick off all your boxes, it’s similar to a male who shows you his car. He’s showing you how great it is, how expensive it was, how hard he worked for it, and this is his advertisement of himself. Now, you can sit and stare at his vehicle, waiting to get a ride, but this shows something about this brother. If he’s making you wait, he’s not as genuine as he thinks he is. If he’s genuine, he’ll be scared to loose you. So even if his own parents, or your parents aren’t allowing you two to be together just yet, he’ll try anyway. He’ll try, he’ll show his eagerness, he’ll take on that rejection, he’ll prove himself. How many brothers have stood there and showed you their awesome cars? plenty. How many have actually taken out their keys, and handed it over to you? Well, that’s exactly how uncommon genuine guys are. Don’t look for a brother who’s just going to talk and show how great he’s going to be to you. Look for one, and accept the one who’s going to hand you the keys because he fears dragging you along the road for too long.  


“What? You can tell me anything, you know that.” He could see her smile fade and his heart ached knowing he was the cause.

“I know, I know, it’s just, hard.” She giggled at his words and he shook his head. Smiling he responded, “Not that. You’re so bad. I mean it’s hard to say… what I want to say.”

“Jay. We are both adults. I can handle anything you throw at me. Come on. Spit it out,” his hand ran across his mouth as he spoke, muffling his words, “What?”

“I love you.” her eyes widened and his heart stopped. He could see her mind processing what he had said. Probably figuring out a gentle way to let him down. He knew he shouldn’t have said it. He knew she’d leave., Just like everyone else.

“Jay! What’s wrong?”

He hadn’t felt the salty tears running down his face. Her gentle fingers wiped away evidence from his cheeks, “I said, I love you.”

“I know, but why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?” Her small hands played in his hair and he pulled her close to him.

“No. Just listen. I love you and that terrifies me.” she parted her lips to speak but he shushed her, “Just listen.”

50 conversations you should have before you get married: What are the most important/memorable parts of your childhood? How do you feel about your relationship with your mom? How do you feel about your relationship with your dad? How did your parents argue or fight? How did your parents raise you? How would you want to parent your children? What do you prioritize? Do you want kids? What is your relationship history? What are your religious beliefs? What traditions do you value? Where do you want to live? What are your career plans? What are your long term goals? How do you handle money? Who has a lot of influence on you? What are your expectations of sex? What are your expectations of marital roles? What are your expectations of housework? What are your “non-negotiables” in marriage? What are your views on divorce or separation? What is your view on marriage counseling or couples therapy? What are your expectations of my relationship with others? How do you tend to try to hurt others when you feel hurt? How do you deal with boundaries? What do you admire in other people? What can you not tolerate in other people? How do you relate with people I care about? How do you respond to stress? How do you respond to conflict? How do you respond to grief? What helps you de-stress? What makes you feel loved by others? How do you show others love? How do you learn things best? What makes an apology feel genuine to you? How do you see yourself? What do you dislike most about yourself? What do you most value in yourself? What emotionally charges you? What emotionally drains you? Are you more comfortable sticking to structure or leaving room for plans to change? Does it come more naturally to you to make decisions based off of what is fair and logical or based off of what you feel? What triggers your anger? What embarrasses you? What are your biggest temptations? What is your deepest desire? What is your deepest fear?