Now that I’m making MacGyver gifs I’ve set out to find an active edit tag, but can’t find one, which isn’t really that surprising tbh. But I’ve decided that the tag should be: #macgedit. 

It’s what I’ll be using at least. If there is a MacGyver edit tag, please let me know.

Can ppl like,, chill. Why’s everyone around me getting married or engaged when we were kids we all used to say we weren’t gonna get married like what happened that was a good plan I don’t want to be the only one not getting married I’ll stand out


hanamaki takahiro wallpapers ➽ requested by: @sugablossoms


↳ “I still don’t know anything about you, but even when we graduate, I want to be with you.” requested by anonymous.


All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M.


The Descent into Fandom Hell

We all have this moment, when we realize we’re neck deep into a new fandom or ship or something similar. Usually, you can pinpoint the blame at one or two people, either a friend or someone you follow on social media for DRAGGING you into HELL with them!


a tune. a song. a moment.

So my dad told me that there was going to be a heat wave in my area tomorrow and possibly the next day and the first damn thing I think is “Well of course, you gotta celebrate the hottest person’s birthday with the hottest day” and then I just imagined Oikawa saying that and Iwaizumi just throwing a chair or some shit at him like gdi why are you like this

Sorey/Mikleo Is Romantic and Canon, the Cross-Tales Edition

Originally, I was going to wait on doing this until after I’d finished my NG+ play through since I’d spread out my original play through over 6 months (so my memory of mid-game SoreMiku is a little fuzzy, while early game and end game are like, crystal clear, lol), but since I’ve been seeing a few “SoreMiku is platonic” or “they’re just bros” and similar reblogs and comments, I figure now is as good a time as any to write this: SoreMiku is a romantic and canon ship, the cross Tales of Series edition.  Also known as: “And you wonder why a lot of us think SoreMiku is romantic when (insert other couple here) gets to do this.”

Cutting for length (this monster wall of text was nearly 3 pages long in Word), spoilers everywhere for other games:

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Went to sephora today and the lady that greeted us saw that I had a charger hooked to my phone. She hesitated for a second and then asked if I was playing Pokemon go. I said yeah, she did a little bounce, and then asked what level I was.

“ME TOO! ….okay, but what team are you?”
“Heck yeah!”

We high fived and it was cute and she was a delight.

Where Paddy’s becomes a pokéstop and a bunch of people start showing up, and the gang doesn’t really get what’s going on at first or what the game is, but sees it as an opportunity to make money and try to make it a rule that you have to buy something to use it.