I’m so happy with this! The first picture was taken about 2 years ago, and that wasn’t even on my heaviest weight, i think i weighed around 74kg on that picture.. when I started my journey again July this year i weighed 80kg.. so I don’t think i would’ve even fit that pants then.. Anyways, I’m down to 65,4 kg at the moment, so I’ve lost almost 15 kg in 5 months :D

#transformationtuesday ✨ wasn’t at my biggest on the left but it’s the only good none flex back view picture I have. I wanted to show what my back looks like 100% no flex.


single-celled-shark submitted:

(Sorry for the mess and the panties in the first two) Progress after about a month and a half!! 😁😁😁😁😁 Thank You so much for helping me get motivated and get in shape! I’ve lost almost 25 pounds!! I dont know what I would have done without your One Month Makeover!!

WOW!! 😍 this is insane progress with the One Month Makeover!! 💪🏻You have toned up and leaned out so much 😋Do make sure to eat all of the food in the One Month Makeover babe, it’s always so important to nourish your body with all the exercise you’re doing 💗 Keep up the healthy work and always put your health first of course 😄 Love u and wish you all the best 💗

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This summer has been a busy summer. I have been so busy with friends, family, and constantly being out of town that I feel I haven’t made any real progress with my weight. I have been stuck between 157lb-155lb for weeks and it’s incredibly frustrating. I love working out and I push my body to the limit and it makes it harder for my body to respond to all the work I’m putting in because it adjusts so quickly. Today I felt inspired. I remembered just how far I have come and I know that I will figure this puzzle out. I want a flat stomach and maybe even defined abs one day but it seems so far. I have come too far to stay at my current state. I want to be the absolute best I can be! This is a reminder and a promise to myself that I will keep going. I will keep working out even when I don’t see a change for weeks, I will keep saying no to unhealthy foods, I will keep pushing myself when it hurts, I will keep trying new ways to accomplish my goals. In one year I have lost 60lbs and I am still 10lbs away from my goal. I am so close and it hurts that I just can’t seem to move down the scale. If you are struggling in your journey, whether it be getting started or staying with it, you are not alone. I am a certified personal trainer, have lost 60lbs, and have been at this for over a year and I still have to remind myself to keep going. My lifestyle is habit now but that doesn’t mean I wake up every morning ready to workout and eat healthy. We all have our days and this lifestyle gets tiresome but in the end it is all worth it! Stick to it even if you don’t see change. Try harder, try new things, ask for advice! You are more than able to make a change. Believe in yourself and keep fighting for it. <3
I am 5′6 and 22 years old. 


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Due to my extreme addiction to junk food, going on a strict diet and losing weight was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I used to eat like total garbage, eating about anything that was deep fried/covered in sugar! I started my weight loss journey back in February (Feb. 8th to be exact) when I went on a strict diet of cutting out ALL junk food, refined sugars, and bad carbs. I lost most of the weight by just dieting, since I was busy with school, I barely got a chance to go to the gym. Both before photos were taken mid February and both after photos were taken late June (about a 4-5 month difference between the photos).

Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 210
Current weight: 157
Goal weight: 120

I still have a long way to go to achieve my ultimate goal, but I’m more than half way there!

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I’m 19 years old coming out of a deep point in my life - time to not be afraid of life and start living

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow

I’m 5'9 and lost 40 pounds in 5 months

Left - 209 pounds      Right - 169

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Workout #3,827,393 or something like that. I’ve lost count. Isn’t that kind of the point though? That it just becomes part of your life and routine? I think the best part about this whole weight loss caper is that I’m remembering what an athlete I used to be. The sports, the competitions, the awards. I’ve missed it so much. Pushing myself harder and harder each time. Growing stronger everyday. It’s addicting.

This afternoon I was roaming the aisles of M&S looking for giant chocolate chip cookies. I had plans for this evening to snort some pain reliever, grab the heating pad and eat my way through a small country’s worth of calories while lamenting my stabby womb and bloating.

I went to the gym instead.

Not that some days don’t call for the choc cookie pity party - because they SO do - but I knew the gym would be a better choice for me today.

Now let’s talk images. The first photo set is all from tonight - it’s fantasy land verses reality. Instagram vs real life. In the first two pics my pants are pulled up hella high keeping it all tight. In the second two, my mom gut is poking out to say, “heyyyyy.” They’re both me. I need to start being nicer to the girl in both sets of pics. She’s doing all right for herself.

The tape measure pic is exactly how much of me I’ve now shed. Phil made me walk around Asda this weekend carrying 38 pounds of potatoes - that’s how much weight I’ve lost - and it was so uncomfortable. How did I ever?! Imagine how the next 38 is going to feel!

And finally, the photo that started it all. I’m proud of that girl. Sad for her but proud of her all the same. Making a choice to lose weight while trying to be a kick ass mama so far away from home has been incredibly tough at times, but staying the same - or worse, getting bigger - would’ve been tougher in the long run. I actually threw that blue top and those leggings away during my KonMari spree as if it was the outfit that was making me fat. I just didn’t want the reminder in my closet.

I’m not where I want to be, but I know I’m on my way there.

idk if you’ll be able to see the difference in these pics that I do. In the first picture I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. always hiding under baggy clothes & only wearing shorts when it was deathly hot/ I was feeling daring. NOW I can leave my house wearing what you see in the second picture & not think twice about it.