Well it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted one of these. It has also been a long and trying year. This year in trying to take care of sick parents I fell back into the habit of not really caring for myself.

However, I have been slowly focusing on finding balance again. I have removed the scale from my house. And making an effort to move everyday. It’s always tougher for me to do so in the winter I am such an out doors type person that going to the gym for cardio is just SO blaaaaah

Now I am going to make an effort to return to my blog. So I am posting a new before and during (I never felt like I could post one cause I hadn’t lost anymore ‘weight’ but I have realized that is silly because I have worked out all year and know my body composition has changed.)

Photo on the left was Summer 2013 and Photo on the right is current. ☺️☺️

I found this photo from high school (left) before I cared enough about myself to exercise and eat well. Fast forward to post graduate school and here I am, probably the healthiest I’ve been in my life. I’m still working hard, but it’s important to honor the journey and remember how far we’ve come.
I believe I weigh about the same in both photos (max 5 lb difference)

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 The first photo was me at my heaviest, I lost 50lbs and gained 10 back, and the second photo is me with my added 10 lbs, I think it`s important for people to know that if you lose a bunch of weight it`s okay if you gain some back, still please be proud of yourself and your journey. Pick yourself back up and continue to kick butt! You got this! xoxo

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Can you see a difference? It’s kinda hard for me to see it, even though I know there probably is some! Def have more booty definition.

This is a 4 month before / during photo. About 11 kgs lost.

I need to keep it up! Let me know if you see a difference, because it’s kinda hard to recognize your own progress sometimes.


Here’s a little transformation Tuesday for you. The first picture is from 2013, the second was taken today. There are days when I look at myself and don’t see a single difference, and THAT is why progress photos are so important. Starting to get back into losing weight after maintaining my current weight loss (~75 lbs) for over a year. Let’s motivate each other!


Senior year of high school vs senior year of college! The top & right side photos were all taken this summer & the left side photos were all around the same time 3 years ago.

Before: I was so unhealthy, ate fast food 1-2 times a day, gave no care in the world about exercising- even though I was miserable in my own skin, hated wearing a bikini, hid behind big t shirts/sweatshirts, & was constantly staring at myself in the mirror feeling chubby & horrible.

Now: 25 lbs lighter, incredibly healthy, & so so active. I’ve never been more confident, secure, happy in my entire life. Loving myself/my body & focusing on my health & fitness, has relieved so much negativity & stress from my life. I am truly blessed where life has taken me :)

I was 15 in high school weighing in at 260 pounds. I had always been “the big girl” Heck, I was born almost 11 pounds! My parents were always working, I was left to take care of myself. I ate nothing but fast food, fried food, processed food. I didn’t realize I was slowly killing myself. How could a 15 year old be writing her own death sentence? I hated the way I looked. I hated shopping. I hated clothes. I was happy I went to a private school where I could hide in my uniform of khakis and hoodies and go home to my PJs. I could hear the whispers about me. I would make it home before the tears started rolling down my face. I feared I would only get bigger. Get unhealthier. How would anyone ever love me if I couldn’t love myself? October 2005 I was in a car accident where I fractured my back and pinched a nerve in my neck. I was bed ridden and medicated for days. Because I was on pills and knocked out I lost weight. I woke up realizing I am thankful to still be able to walk and I needed to take advantage of it. At 17 I moved to college. A new state. New friends. A new start. I started out taking health courses. Learning about the body, nutrition, and more. I walked to class, played late night volleyball, slowly did more activity. I was finally happy and it started to come off. Now here I am at 25 maintaining with new goals of building strength and testing my own dedication. My journey wasn’t quick. I did this over years. If I look back at all the times I gave up, yes, I could have been here sooner. But looking back I’m thankful for the journey. Most importantly, I’m so grateful for being a support system and inspiration to so many people who are where I started. They are the ones who keep me inspired and keep me motivated.

No gimmicks. Being active. Clean eating. Loving myself. Hard work. Dedication.

262 -> 175. All keto, no carbs, no exercise!

I feel like you can see just how miserable I was at that weight, and I was at the beach “having a good time!” I remember being exhausted from walking the boardwalk and a tiny bit of walking in the sand. I basically thought my weight was a lost cause at that point and that I’d be fat forever. I found out about keto 6 months later and never looked back. I joined a gym last month and hope to shed the last 40lbs by june!

It’s been a while since I posted a transformation photo, so here it is!! Left pic is freshman year of college; right pic is senior year of college 😊

I was trying on dresses in December for a work christmas party and took photos to send to a friend for her opinion on which one to wear. I never liked flow-y things, they’d make me look fat. My arms around my waist was the only way I thought I looked remotely skinny, because pulling the fabric, covering myself, gave me a false illusion of having a waist. I literally took about 80 pictures in this dress, and even though It was going to a close friend, someone I’ve known for years, I still spent an hour deciding between which one of the 80 made me look the best. How silly. I was 106 kilos. I was obese. There was no way for me to hide it. 

The right is me earlier today. Bloated from a bad couple of weeks of eating, on my period. Not feeling overly great about her body. In my head, I still feel like the girl on the left. I live under the illusion that I haven’t lost weight, that I don’t look any different, that this past fortnight of not so healthy living have turned me back into the same, obese girl I was before. But then I look at this, until I convince my mind that It’s wrong. I stare at this photo for so long and then I realise that of course I’ve changed, even when my mind tells me other wise, even when no one says a thing, this is photographic proof that something is happening. I’ve still got a long way to go. A really long way. But the road Isn’t as long as it was 5 months ago. In 6 months I’ve gone from a BMI of high “Obese” to a low “Overweight”. In the next 6, I’m going to go from “Overweight” to “Healthy”, and that’s all I have to keep telling myself. I can’t expect to be skinny yet, even after nearly 30 kilos, because I was more than 30 kilos away from skinny. But It’s not all just about how you look. Girl on the left could run for 30 seconds at 8kph and then have to sit down and die for a while. Girl on the right ran for an hour yesterday, non stop, and Is upset that today her calfs need a rest. When you lose weight your mind changes too. That’s what they don’t tell you. That’s what they never poster on ladies magazines and tabloids: how amazing, how unstoppable, how completely over come with a sense of achievement and happiness you become when you hit you get healthier. I promise you it’s so worth it. All those times you thought you were going to die on the track, you didn’t and you’re never going too. That burning pain goes away, but the fire inside of you? That keeps burning for a whole lot longer. You will never regret the time you take to work on yourself, I promise.

40+ kilos between these photos. Along with a whole bunch of sweat, dedication, and patience. It takes time but I swear to you, if you keep going you’ll get to where you want to be. With the help of Blogilates workouts as well as HIIT, and whatever other cardio I decide to throw into my routine, I managed to go from the first photo to the second in about 2 and a half years. I still have work I need to do but I hit my first goal weight and I’m damn proud of myself. (P.S. Sorry for the bad photo quality in the first one)


My story
I’ve struggled with my weight since grade school. I was teased and outcasted by my peers. Basically I’ve been the fat girl ever since I could remember. There are so many moments in my life where I’ve broken down because of my appearance. Lots of those times were in store dressing rooms or looking at full body photos of myself online. Most of the girls my age were getting asked on dates and I was their fat best friend. I was embarrassed by my appearance, which made me very shy and had a hard time making and keeping friends because of it. My size and weight controlled my life.
After high school I moved to New York to study theater. I’ve been singing since I could speak and I have come to realize theater was the only way I could mentally escape from being “Maddie the fatty”. While I was in school I noticed that even the theater world, the one place I looked to for an escape, also only saw my dress size when they looked at me. I knew vocally I was talented and as I continued my studies I became more confident. Yet, no one at my school took me seriously as a performer and would tear me down if I even looked at roles that were normally played by thinner girls. I even had a teacher tell me that I would never be considered for one of my dream parts because I was so overweight.
Once I graduated from my school in New York, I moved home for a bit while I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I had many days of sitting in my room looking at pictures of me and my friends in New York. I cringed every time I saw a picture with my whole body in it. That’s when I decided it was time for me to make a decision. Either I stay the way I am and I find a new career path or I finally get myself together, lose the weight and prove to everyone excluding myself that I can be anything and everything I want to be. It’s now or never.
So that’s where my journey began in February 2015. At the time I was 20 years old , 5.3 feet tall, and weighted around 210 pounds. I went running everyday and started counting my calories. I decided to go vegetarian about 5 weeks into my journey. I started by cutting out red meat. Then every two weeks I cut something else out till I was officially eating meat free. I banished all processed foods and only ate fresh, clean, and organic foods. I lost the bulk of my weight this way. Portion control was a huge step for me as well. I measured every single thing I ate and logged it into my calorie counter app everyday. I didn’t allow cheat days (the more you eat crappy foods the more you crave them). I weighed myself once a week and took lots of progress pictures. The weight slid off of me like butter. Little things continued to motivate me. I could finally do things I’ve always dreamed of. I could run miles without having to stop every 30 seconds. I could sit down and stand up without having to readjust my clothes to cover my belly. My favorite day was when I went shopping with my mom and I kept having to send her out the dressing room to find the next size down in the clothes I was trying on. That was the first day in months I posted a picture of myself online. I was so proud of myself in so many ways.
About six months into my journey, I began to have trouble digesting dairy products and found out I had developed a lactose allergy. This motivated me to become completely vegan. Once I gave up dairy and eggs the remainder of my weight that had been clinging to me began to disappear. I reached my goal weight on September 10th, 2015. I went from 210lbs to 120lbs in about 9months. I have literally never worked for something so hard in my life and I’ll admit none of it was easy. I made sure every choice I made was going to bring me closer to where I wanted to be the next day.
Since then I moved to California and I am working on my degree in performance arts. I am still a vegan. I still exercise daily and count my calories for every meal. I currently weigh 114 pounds. I am more than happy with my progress but still have things I’d like to work on. Everyday is a new day to prove to yourself just how amazing you are.

i am 5'2. i weighed 155 in the before picture and weigh 130 in the after/during. i dont starve myself or put myself on a restricted calorie diet, i just watch what i eat and am consistent with my workouts.

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I never realise that I have lost weight. To me, I’m still the overweight, fat girl. I constantly feel like all the work I do is getting me nowhere. That I’m not losing anything, despite the fact that the numbers are going down. 

And then I compare photos. Photos of me from November last year to photos of me now. I have stopped. I have given up before. I have spent weeks going back to my old lifestyle, unable to kick myself in the butt to get up and start again. This is why progress pictures are important.

  Be your own inspiration, motivate yourself. Kiss your own ass.

Left  : Circa November 2014

Right: January 2015.


Photo years: 2012 - 2015 - 2016. I am 5′7′’

From 242lbs(110kg) to 145lbs(66kg) and back to 160lbs(73kg).

I managed to win against eating rubbish for years.. but for a year now i work at fast food store, its hard to resist on free and fast food while tired or bored.. so i gained 15 pounds in last photo…  My thighs welcome fat so easily.. :D My new plan will start off with elimination of fries! 

These two photos are not years, months, or even weeks apart. This shows me going to bed last night after consuming a ton of food (popcorn, m&m’s, Cheetos, star bursts and a giant red velvet muffin) and how I looked waking up the next morning.

I know how scary it can be to eat all that food and bloat up. I know you will want to freak out and think you lost all your progress but the reality is, you didn’t. It is completely natural to bloat after you have been eating all day, your body will rejuvenate and I promise you didn’t ‘ruin’ anything.

Don’t be afraid of food, don’t be afraid of bloating and don’t be afraid of your body. It’s whole purpose is to take care of you so love it unconditionally.