before you're gone




In all the time you’d known him, all the battles you’d faced and cases you’d taken together, you’d never seen Cas look so tired as he did when you arrived back home. 

“Did you guys have a good time with dad…” you trailed off, taken back both by Cas crashing into you, holding you in a vice-like hug, and by the mess that greeted your eyes.

“You’re home,” Cas breathed, relief evident in his voice. “They wanted to help make a welcome back dinner for you and I left the room for two minutes and…”

“Wow. Uh–maybe–maybe next time Sam and Dean need help, you can pop over there,” you said. “We’ll take turns.” Cas didn’t say anything, but you felt him nod, still holding you as if afraid he would be left alone with your tiny terrors if he let you go for a second.

x x x