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There’s a Hate Anon’er here...

In my six years that I’ve been here on tumblr, I’m always amazed at the continuation of “hate anons” that people receive. 

From having plenty of those in the past myself - on a different blog - I remember how cruel, mean, disheartening - etc. those can be. I remember how horrible they can make you feel. 

I decided, I wanted to make some points today… Because I’m kinda at my wit’s end when it comes to people that I love, getting a certain kind of hate - and I’m tired of it. 

First - you have no idea what’s going on in someone’s real life. They could be really hurting, and this, tumblr, could be their one source of happiness; a place where they feel unified and accepted. Tarnishing such a thing is unacceptable. 

For some, Tumblr is their safe haven. 

No one has the right to ruin that, especially some person who feels the need to hide behind a grey face. 

Second - you have *NO* idea how much work someone might have put into their blog. Just because their blog might not look as *nice* as some, (and by nice, I mean complicated, graphic, designed - etc) does not mean that they’re not a “quality” blog. Let’s be frank, a BLOG is only the place where your “data” is collected. 

It’s your WRITING that makes you a “quality” blog. 

Your ability to interact through words with others. It doesn’t have to be all fancy, hell - it doesn’t even have to be in paragraphs. Everyone RP’s differently. Anyone can lure you in with fancy-pantsy gifs and icons… What I find the most alluring is the person behind the character. It’s the people that you meet in these fandoms. 

Third - If an anon has an issue with someone RP’ing with another person, perhaps this anon should: 

hey, UNFOLLOW them. 

I don’t understand why anyone should feel as though they’re allowed to message someone and say “Hey, I think you suck. Stop writing with so-and-so because you’re holding them back.” or “Hey, so-and-so deserves better than you.” 


Do you -as an outsider- know the relationships between the people you follow on tumblr? What you’re seeing on dash is perhaps all that they’re allowing you to see. Do you know the IMS? The messages? No. Not unless they, the RP’ers have shared that with their following. While a person is entitled to their opinion, an opinion like that should be KEPT to yourself. (Refer to Point #1!)

I’m not here to get a following. I’m not here to become the “most popular blog on Tumblr.” 

Do I enjoy knowing that other people are enjoying my blog? Of course I do. 

But I value my relationships that I create on tumblr even more. 

Think about what you send to someone, before you send it. 

I am not here for drama. If you’re going to be a coward and hide behind the anonymous option - maybe you shouldn’t say it at all. 

That’s Ridiculous (Derek)

finally. it’s ending. (It’s not quite tuesday for me anymore but i’m finished it and i haven’t edited it like i just wrote the last word and pasted it over the rly bad other version so here it is yay!)

That’s Crazy //  That’s Absurd // That’s Preposterous

“I was wrong.”

Scott’s loud scoff from the doorway pulls your gaze from your once lover and the amusement you’d felt earlier rises once more. When Derek had walked in, talking about privacy and apologies, Scott had said he’d give the two of you a moment alone. You, nor Derek, had realized that translated to him standing in the doorway across the room and looking menacing- a feat considering how well you both knew the puppy.

“Continue.” You say diplomatically, not chiding Scott as Derek likely wants you to. You’re still bitter, though much freer of the guilt, and he didn’t deserve any leeway after the fighting for custody comment.

He hesitates a moment, his gaze going to Diana, who performs push ups and grins at everything in sight. “I didn’t mean to start a fight, I’m just constantly worried that I’m doing everything wrong. You ran away because you didn’t think I wanted a baby, I know, but part of me wonders if you weren’t right because I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“But you-”

“Cora was Moms baby, I just played with her and carried her around the house like a trophy. Everything’s different with her, I don’t know if she’s doing something for the first time or whether she even likes me more than she likes Scott.” Scott chuckles from the doorway and you glare at him this time. Without speaking, you pick Diana up from the floor and set her in Scotts arms, the wail that rises from her lips deafening. You can see the light dim in his eyes when you pluck her from Scotts arms, the crying cutting off, until you set her in Dereks arms and she stays silent.

“You’re her Dad, she loves you. Obviously not as much as she loves me, I’m the coolest and I was a portable snack.” You explain, the teasing notes in your voice making his lips twitch toward a smile.

“I still just… I’m sorry I said those things.”

“I’m not sorry, we both had a lot to get off our chest, me mostly but still. It was cleansing.” You say and Derek nods, his eyes on the infant in his arms.

“This suddenly got boring, I’m gonna get some lunch, want anything?”

“Yeah, I want you to stop hanging around Malia so much.” You say, your eyebrows raised at the previous comment and he laughs but doesn’t answer.

“We need a better system.” You say after a long silence. Dereks eyebrows twitch upwards and you lean back against the couch. “We’re trading her off but it’s just not feasible. I don’t want to miss anything and I don’t want you to miss anything.”

“Are you complaining for the sake of complaining?” Derek asks and the words make your heart ache. It had been his response whenever you’d started whining at him back before all this baby drama.


“We could live together.”

“Were we apart so long that you forgot how- what?” You choke, blinking at him and waiting.

“We could live together. You don’t have to rely on Melissa and Scott, we won’t miss any baby moments and… I miss having you around, not just before- before. I somehow miss the short hour between the moment I met your tiny, perfect baby and finding out she was mine.” His voice is weak and tentative, like he doesn’t want to spook you. “Take all the time you need, but I think it’s a good idea.”

“It’s a stupid idea, right?”

“I never knew Derek was an actual idiot, I thought it was just a rumour Stiles made up.”

“Okay, we’ll move in.”

Three months into living together and things were going great.

“Are you sure she just wants a pack of diapers? It’s her first birthday.”

“Get her a diamond watch for all I care, I need the diapers and she’s never going to remember this anyway.” You snort, not hiding your grin as you watch the baby in your arms reach for Derek.

“Okay. I’ll be back soon, then.” He promises, stepping close and cupping your giant babys chubby cheeks and his lips press a kiss to her soft forehead. Without speaking, he presses a succession of kisses all over her face before he straightens and grins at you. Your smile feels like the sun and you can see his hesitance before he leans down again and smoothes his fingers over her duckling soft hair. “Don’t make things harder for your mommy, or I’ll hear about it, then you’ll hear about it.”

The threat has you laughing and you’re not thinking as you respond to the quick peck he sets on your lips before he ducks out the door.



“Three months into living together and everything’s going horrible!” You moan into the phone as you scoop pureed apple onto the blue plastic spork.

“You say this for so many different reasons every week, what is it this time?” Lydias voice is tired and you feel bad for a moment before you remember all the drama you’re about to go through and suddenly feel pity for no one else.

“Derek kissed me as he left, like a leaving kiss, and I kissed back but I don’t know if I’m at kissing back yet or just really need to get some.” You rush out, babbling without fear. “I haven’t gotten laid since the night those little lines appeared. I’ve almost forgotten what good sex feels like, which is ridiculous considering good sex is all I got towards the end- shout out to Big D, that’s Dereks penis by the way. But it happened, we did it and now I’m thinking about sex when I hadn’t all today and yesterday which is a new record since my return by the way and-”

“I’ve heard enough. You’re living a romance movie and I’m the best friend character. What have we learned from those?” She doesn’t pause, instead ploughing through anything you might have answered with. “You’ll be happy in the end, don’t worry about the skanky bitches and know that he’s secretly in love with you.”

“I’m back!”

“Hello!” You shout, your voice much louder than it needs to be as you smack your finger all over the screen to end the phone call. “How was shopping?”

“Same as always, though I saw a werewolf in the grocery and he congratulated me on the baby.” Derek says, setting the items in his arms on the table.


“He could smell her on me, smell our relationship.” Derek cuts in before you can start in on strange werewolves being near your defenceless baby. He knows you too well. “Should we-”

“Nope.” You answer before he can finish the sentence and he nods once. Seems you know him too.

“I’m going to take these upstairs.” He mumbles, hefting the pack of diapers and you return to feeding the previously mentioned infant.

You watch from the doorway as Derek gently settles the blanket on her back and winds the mobile one more time. For a long moment, he just watches her sleep and affection surges in your breast. You see the surprise on his expression when he turns and spots you, endearing him further he finds her so distracting he can’t even keep track of a new heartbeat in the room.

“You want a moment with her?” He whispers, his footsteps broken by a millisecond of hesitance before he sidles past you in the doorway.

“No, I’m good.” You answer, mostly closing the door and he nods, his gaze flickering to his door like he wants nothing more than to escape into his room. You take him in for a long moment, assessing him and yourself before you step into his space and capture the nape of his neck in your palm.

“Y/N.” He warns, his gaze heating by the second and you lick your lips at the sight of it. You’ve missed him, so much. The heat of him, the way he seems to blink and shake his head when you touch him in just the right way as if he can’t believe you’re real, the way everything seems to calm when he’s near you, how he always made you feel safe and cared for, that he was always there and would always catch you.

“You don’t want this?” You ask, not moving as your voice wraps around the two of you, disturbing the stillness you’re wrapped in.

“I want everything from you and if you’re not ready-”

“What? You’ll wait until I am because that’s what you want? I’m not ready, and I won’t be if I sit in cold water forever.” You counter and you try not to visibly cringe when he frowns in confusion. “Like when you slowly boil frogs. I’d like to be boiled.”

His head drops to your shoulder so suddenly that you stiffen, only for your muscles to relax automatically to the sound of his stifled laughter.

“I’m going to boil you, baby, you won’t even know it’s happening.” He whispers huskily, his lips brushing your ear before they’re pressed to yours and you’re burning up. You respond instantly, hungrily.

The water never felt so good before. 

Thank goodness

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Single Mother - jb imagine {part 2}


For a refresher, here’s part 1 :)

Justin Bieber POV

“What were you thinking Y/D/N? You could’ve gotten arrested or something!” I yelled at my daughter.

“Justin, I’m really sorry honestly. I was going to call my mom but, I knew that if i did, she would never let me out the house again.” Y/D/N replied. I couldn’t help but, feel a little bad for her. I mean Y/N can be strict at times but, she’s doing it for the best of our daughter.

I didn’t say more to Y/D/N because she would feel a lot more worse than she feels right now. We were quite some time away from home so I took this as the time to start actually bonding with Y/D/N. I haven’t done much of that lately so, now was the perfect chance.

“Hey, Y/D/N, can I ask you something?” I spoke up, glancing over at her to see her facial reaction.

“I guess,” She quietly remarked.

“Has your mother ever told you about me? Or has she ever mentioned me?” I continued.

“Not really. She just told me that you were a close family friend, why?” She asked.

I sighed, thinking to myself what to say. “Well, I sort of have a confession to make, I’m-”

Before I could finish my sentence, my phone rang. I told Y/D/N to answer it, and to my suspicions, I knew it was Y/N.

“Hey mom,” Y/D/N sheepishly spoke into the phone.

“What in the world. Put Justin on the phone right now!” Y/D/N put the phone on speaker and I began talking.

“Look Y/N, it isn’t what it sounds like. Y/D/N called me because-”

“I don’t care. I was so close to calling the police because I found the two of you missing. Where the hell are you?”

“We just went out for a drive and ice cream, that’s it. The least she can do is hang out with me.”

“You could’ve told me idiot. Just come home with my daughter in one piece, please.”

Y/D/N hung the phone up for me and it was a moment of awkward silence between the two of us. I burst out into laughter causing Y/D/N to do the same. Laughter is good for the soul.

“Your mother is going to kill me when we get home.”

We reached back home in one piece as Y/N asked.

“Oh thank goodness my baby is okay,” she walked past me to hug Y/D/N. I stood there, just watching them. What else was I supposed to do?

I cleared my throat, getting both of their attention. “And what about me?” 

“What about you?” Y/N scoffed. “You could’ve gotten my daughter killed and you want me to kiss and make up with you? Maybe in your dreams Mr. Bieber.” Y/N went back into the kitchen where she originally was. I assumed it was time for me to leave since I already caused enough drama for one night.

“Wait, Justin, before you go. You never finished telling me what you were saying in the car.” Y/D/N said. Damn, so close Bieber.

“Oh right,” I nodded my head as if I just remembered, “I was saying that, my confession was, I’m your-”

“Father. I knew that already.” Y/D/N chimed in. “I knew you were since I saw you earlier, I mean I look just like you!”

“Oh.” I stood there dumbfounded, “Well, yeah. That’s all I had to tell you then.” I wryly chuckled, scratching the back of my neck. “Guess this is my cue to go.”

“Not so fast, Mr. Father of the Year, thank you for bringing Y/D/N home. Don’t know what I would do without you.” Y/N butted into our conversation. “Maybe you could stay for dinner, only if you want. I’m not forcing you to.”

“It’s quite the offer but, I have to get going. maybe we can have lunch some time, all three of us,” I suggested. I wanted to stay but, I knew my presence definitely wasn’t wanted or needed.

“Sounds like a plan. Thanks for tonight J-, I mean dad.” Y/D/N corrected. What a happy ending to such an eventful night.

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Sometimes I think about Magnus slowly backing up and disappearing dramatically into the portal at his club and it honestly gives me life

I KNOW I LOVE IT HE DOES THIS SO MUCH??? i mean consider this:

  • disappears from his own apartment after alec rejects him
  • stalks around the room whenever he’s talking
  • makes a huge fucking deal about that necklace and then immediately hands it off to izzy as if it’s worth pennies like he was clearly more annoyed about the clave taking it from him than anything
    • i bet he sent them a fire message every damn day all REMEMBER THAT RUBY U STOLE FROM ME ITS MINE
    • but it’s been a 100 goddamn years so now he’s reaching some poor shadowhunter intern who’s like “um s-sure ok lemme check the inventory"
  • declared “pretty boy” while gesturing as vaguely as possible in both jace’s and alec’s general direction just so he could shut jace down when jace inevitably took the bait
  • i s2g even the way he drinks his wine is dramatic: 
soft spot  //  psycho-pass

It’s not like him to let his feelings run rampant. Especially when he’s out on a field work like this. But he can’t help it right now. He’s just too excited.

He walks past the other Enforcers with a big smile on his face; completely indifferent to the several pairs of eyes that follow him curiously as he approaches their ever-busy Inspector. He forgets his place – it’s at rare times he like this that he realizes he’s never truly known for sure where that even is. Against better judgment, he calls their superior by his first name.


He doesn’t regret it. Not even when his son drops the call he’s been making (undoubtedly, to file a report regarding the case they’ve just closed, without even sparing a minute to catch his breath), in favor of glaring irritably at Masaoka.

That should be ‘Inspector’ to you–”

As soon as the said Inspector turns around to face him, Masaoka eagerly holds out the black puppy that he’s been cradling protectively against his chest. The reprimand is worth seeing the look of pure and unadulterated surprise that sweeps the mean scowl completely off of Ginoza’s features.

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Shampoo [Yoon Sanha]

Inspired by Monsta X’s Wonho answer in an interview


You slowly opened your eyes as the buzzing of your phone on the night stand woke you up. Pushing the laptop on your chest aside, you grabbed the phone.

3 missed called from My Idiot

“It’s only 8, why is he calling?”

You groaned as you turned to your side and pull the blanket up.



Your eyes shot open.

“Crap.” You threw the blanket and called your boyfriend, Sanha, back.

“Hey, where are you?”

“I’m sorry. I could’ve sworn that I set my alarm clock last night-” You rushed to the bathroom and started washing your face.

“That’s enough.” You froze in your spot.

“Are you mad? I’m really sorry.”



He hung up on you.

At that moment, you heard a knock on the door and quickly washed off the foam on your face and went to open it.

“I knew you’d be like this.” Sanha stifled a laugh when he saw the circles under your eyes and patted your head before going inside.

“Did you have fun binge watching that drama last night?” He plopped down on the couch.

You nodded guiltily as you closed the door after him.

“And being late for our date.” He grumbled, “Take your time to get ready. I’ll wait.”

You took a quick shower and came out, looking for your hairdryer.

“Here.” He motioned you over as he untangled the wire and moved over for you. You sat down, with your back facing him and he started drying your hair.

“Are you still mad?” You stole a glance back at him.

He didn’t say anything in reply but only stare back at you, before leaning in.

“W-What?” You stuttered.

“Oh? What smell is this?” He closed his eyes and sniffed at your hair.

“Huh? Ohh. I used a new shampoo. Why? Does it smell weird?” You pouted at him.

“No. It smells perfect, just like you.” A grin crept on to his face, as he wraps his arms around you waist and pulls you closer.

Boyfriend Inseong

Requested by @kingchanheee

  • Lots of hand holding
  • Forehead kisses
  • Likes to tease you a lot
  • Plays with your hair
  • Buys you a huge bouquet of flowers
  • Spends a lot of money on you
  • Pretty competitive
  • You two would battle in games of chess
  • The loser gets no kisses for the night
  • Inseong ends up winning, but of course he loves you way too much to not give you kisses
  • Cuddles during the cold weather
  • Piggyback rides
  • Matching hoodies
  • You guys cuddle each other in those matching hoodies
  • Likes to draw portraits of you
  • Calls you photogenic
  • Sings to you at night before you go to sleep
  • K-Drama dates
  • Eats everything in the kitchen
  • Likes it when you feed him
  • Shopping dates at the grocery store
  • He’d probably beg you to buy him 6 boxes of ramen
  • You end up buying those boxes of ramen for him and he eats a whole box in one night
  • Pretends like he’s not listening to you, only because he likes it when you’re whining and begging for his attention
  • You two would be just a really clingy couple towards each other but adorable and caring overall ❤️

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Not Your Problem

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Imagine Sam and Dean finding out that you’ve been ditching school to avoid bullies

Word Count: 2,935

Warnings: bullying

Y/N scuffles into her house, body folded like she is bearing the weight of the world. She tries to stealthily go to her room in the basement when Dean and Sam burst through the door. Their Supernatural High School grey sweatshirts are soaked in sweat. Y/N had forgotten that basketball practice was going to end early today because of a teachers’ meeting.

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I am currently watching the stuff that is airing and I want to watch older kdrama but my problem with finished kdrama is that I am a bingewatcher and I just have to finish the drama before I leave my bed. Like it is no joke how addictive the dramas are for me. I want to watch romantic doctor kim but I have to plan a free day for me to do so uuugh. Why cant life just be about eating snacks and enjoying kdrama. Who the wants to work anyways XD!!!!

I have same problem as you. Since I can’t go to sleep before I finish the drama, I end up watching till like 7 am and then start skipping like 90% of each ep’s run from some point onwards just to see how the story ends.. It’s a real waste if the drama is good. and if I fail to skip much, I end up without sleep at all. Glad to hear that you’re about to watch the hot surgeon drama! I miss it so bad. And also, if only life was only about eating snacks and watching dramas.

hold your breath (count to three) || Travlyn

a/n: this is for the talented and wonderful chaotic gay @ladylqueen AKA queen’s birthday. I know I’m late but lmao it’s still the 24th in California, cRIES

anyways, here’s some sweet sweet HS Travlyn to ease the soul, considering how things been lately sighs. Written in second POV, from Travis’s eyes, because it felt better than my first attempt with 3rd pov.

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“The writers turned Miles gay”

“I don’t want Miles to be bi. I want him to be straight so I can date him”

“OMG. Nothing against gays but I want Miles and Maya”

“Miles is just using Tristan”

Drunk Last Night (Part 1)

Summary: Jensen and your secret relationship reaches its breaking point after a fan kisses Jensen while at a bar.

Word Count: 2300ish

Warnings: So much angst, drinking, cursing, fighting, insecurity issues

Request: “Can you do a Jensen fic where a fan kisses him while they are out celebrating Jareds birthday at a bar and reader who’s on the show with them gets mad even though she knows it wasn’t his fault because they’ve been fighting a lot lately (maybe no one knows they have been dating and that’s why shes so upset). So she drinks too much and then they get in a almost funny fight on the way home which escalates to a big fight?”

A/N: I decided to split this request into a two-part fic, because I let it get a little away from me. My first Jensen fic! I’m a little nervous, so let me know if I did an ok job at writing him? Listened to Drunk Last Night by Eli Young Band while I wrote it, hence the title. I hope I did your request justice @my-name-is-alice-ayers! As always, like/reblog/send me some love if you like it!

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“Happy birthday, Jared!” Everyone cried out in unison, yourself included. Jared grinned and hugged Gen to his side, thanking her for setting up the party and everyone for coming.

You could feel your cheeks starting to hurt from smiling too long, but as happy as you were, you felt your chest tighten a little bit as you watched Jared press his lips to the top of Gen’s head. The two had met on the show and gotten married only a few years ago. They could post on social media all the time, walk around Vancouver and Austin as they pleased. Must be nice, you selfishly thought as you walked toward the bar.

Ordering a beer, you turned and pressed your back against the oak bar, looking at all of your coworkers and friends. All the guys made it, Misha, Mark, and Rob, along with the crew. The only people you didn’t recognize must have been locals, either completely unaware of who you all were or being respectful enough not to bother you all too much.

It was amazing having everyone in the same room when you weren’t working. Ever since you joined the show in season three, no one hesitated to welcome you into the Supernatural family. The fans and the network embraced your character, and you loved coming into work everyday to slip into your character’s shoes. It was your dream role. But throwing a few back with everyone was a nice change of pace.

The last few years had been close to perfect, especially thanks to Jensen and Jared. They welcomed you with open arms from day one, and the three of you has been inseparable since. Jared became the brother you never had, or knew you wanted, and Jensen… Well, Jensen was his own case entirely.

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Idols Chapter Five

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 *Chapter 5*  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Synopsis: When you moved to Korea to finish your Oxford language and translations degree in Korean. You never expected you’d become best friends with one of the biggest boy groups of the K Pop industry. Let alone dating a member of another. Life was perfect for you. But it soon came crashing down like a tone of bricks.

Word Count: 3101

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When the boys of BiT got backstage, no one spoke. They sat down and waited for their car in silence. The interview went exactly as the manager had wanted; and that was the problem. When they all sat down on the black sofa, Daegi dropped his head into his hands and sighed. “Well that went well.” He mumbled into his sweaty palms, screwing his eyes shut.

“Absolutely perfect!” Chung-Ho paced the room, tugging at his pink, fluffy locks. “The fans don’t hate us, but Y/n will! Oh and she’ll take all of the hate for us! Wonderful! Fucking wonderful!” He yelled, releasing his suppressed anger by punching the faded, cream wall.

“Calm down Chee.” Minhyeon warned, getting up from his place on the sofa and taking Chung-Ho’s wrist into his large hand. Snatching it away, he glared at his hyung and balled his hands into fists.

“It’s not her fault!” He screamed, losing his temper completely again. He hated himself for letting this happen, for not stopping Jae-Hwa sooner, for letting this interview commence. He partly blamed himself for all of this. And his heart was completely with you on all of this, while his face had to be against you.

“I know.” Minhyeon sighed, standing in front of Chung-Ho with a serious expression plastered onto his face. Chung-Ho’s fist flew at the wall again and this time dented it. Although he didn’t care about the wall, he broke down in tears; which was rare for Chung-Ho.

“Chee, are you okay?” Daegi stood up and crouched next to the now sobbing boy, earning a slap in return.

“Get away from me!” He screamed as the back of his hand came in contact with the leader’s cheek. Daegi’s hand flew to his now enflamed cheek and he stood up immediately as the room fell deadly silent. No apology, just muffled sobs into his knees came from Chee’s mouth.

“Fine.” The eldest muttered and left the room, holding his cheek and closing the door quietly behind him. As soon as he heard the click of the door shut, Chung-Ho shot up and pointed at Jae-Hwa.

“This is all your fault!” He screamed with all of the air he had in his lungs. Tears were still streaming down his face as he towered over the silent one. “Say something!” He yelled at him.

“What should I say?” Jae muttered, looking at his hands that were sat in his lap.

“Anything! Say you’re sorry! Say you hate yourself! Leave the group! Anything to make up for what you’ve done! Say anything hyung!!” Chee screamed out his lungs at the older boy.

“Chee, stop.” Minhyeon soothed from about a metre behind him. The atmosphere was full of fear, fear of what was to come next.

“Stop telling me to stop! He deserves this!” His fists tugged at his shirt as he refrained from hitting anything else.

“I’m sorry! If I could take back what I did I would! But I can’t! Trust me, I do hate myself, but I have to deal with it. So, so do you!” Jae-Hwa shouted, standing up and taking a step towards the pink haired boy who lost his self-control at his words and took a swing at him, his fist perfectly coming into contact with Jae-Hwa’s sharp jaw. A purple bruise instantly started to form from the force of the hit.

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6/2/2015 (press) SPY:

“The format of the drama is brand new so there is a risk factor(for low ratings).” “I wish the viewer ratings go up. A lot of people around me watch our drama but they don’t watch it live. Our drama is made like foreign dramas; it is very speedy and filled with thrill. They download our drama (via VOD) and watch many episodes at once like they do with foreign dramas. Before you go out and enjoy your hot Friday night, please watch our drama. that is my wish.” - Jaejoong

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The 10 Steps to letting go of resentment:

1. Approach resentment as the addictive state of mind it is.

2. Realize that you are using resentment to replicate your family drama and maintain a connection with those dramas, a necessary acknowledgment before you can let them go.

3. Examine how your resentment may come from mentally confusing people in your present life with people in your past.

4. Acknowledge that you cannot control those who have rejected you.

5. Recognize that your resentment give you only illusions of strength. Instead, highlight and validate your real strength and power.

6. Learn to identify the signals that provoke resentment.

7. Practice cognitive behavoiral techniques to stop indulging in resentment. Put a thought between your feelings of resentment and indulging in ruminating about them.

8. Acknowledge your part in allowing the abuse to occur, forgive yourself for that, and make a decision to not let it occur again.

9. Declare an amnesty - with your family and with yourself.

10. Forgive when you can, and practice willful and deliberate forgetfulness when you cannot, keeping in mind that these acts are gifts to yourself rather than capitulation to those whom you resent.

Preference #5: He Gets Protective When Another Guy Hits on You (Requested)

Michael: You had been at some party with your boyfriend when you lost sight of him. You grudgingly walked around, knowing absolutely no one at this party, and tried shrugging off the drunk guys that were throwing “compliments” at you. However, one guy in particular that had been following you around the party caught up to you quickly and cornered you. “Hey sexy, what’re you doin’ here all by yourself?” the guy asked. “I’m not by myself,” You replied back coldly, shifting uncomfortably in your spot as soon as this guys hands started traveling to your hips. “Hey, get away from me-” you started to protest but was cut short when you thankfully saw Michael intervene and push this guy off of you. “I think she said to leave her alone.”
The guy gave Michael a look and snorted, “This is none of your business.” Michael grimaced, “She’s my girlfriend, so back off.”
“Ooh so scary,” the guy mocked. “What are you going to do? Punch me?”
Michael didn’t hesitate to lunge at this guy, throwing a hard punch at his jaw. The guy cursed loudly, stumbling back and causing some people to look over. Before either Michael or the guy could go back for a second hit, you grabbed Michael’s arm and started pulling him out of the house. “Are you insane?!”
“Me?!” Michael snapped, stopping in his tracks as soon as you both made it outside. “I was only doing what he asked. Maybe it’ll teach him to keep his grimy hands off of girls who clearly aren’t interested!”
You let out a sigh and shook your head at your boyfriend, “What are we going to do with you?”
He looked down at you and to get his mind off of that guy back inside, you kissed him. Before you could part from him, he slid his hands onto your waist and kissed you longer.
When he parted from you, his lips brushed yours lightly as he spoke, “I’ve got a few ideas about what we could do.”

Ashton: “Hey, cutie, I saw you dancing earlier,” the bartender was saying, leaning over the counter. You were at a club with your boyfriend, Ashton, and had been sitting by the bar after dancing around. You noticed the bartender was trying to chat you up and you couldn’t decide if it was because he was just trying to be friendly (probably not). At first he was less obvious with his flirting but over time he’s gotten more flamboyant. You were annoyed by the fact that this guy would not stop talking to you, but Ashton seemed even more pissed off.
“You could probably use another drink,” he said. “C’mon, it’s on the house.” Ashton scowled beside you, already growing anxious. You were surprised he had stayed this quiet this long. “No thanks.”
“Then how about after my shift is done, we head back to my place?” the guy asked, reaching out to toy with the ends of your hair. You scoffed at that and nearly choked on your drink at which point Ashton finally snapped and grabbed this guys wrist before chucking it back at him. “Hey man, why don’t you watch it? That’s my girlfriend you’re hitting on.”
The bartender was sizing Ashton up as they both glared at each other and before either one could go on and cause even more drama, you got up and pulled Ashton along with you. “Come on, babe.”
Ashton wouldn’t budge at first but you eventually got him out of the club. While your boyfriend was fuming over how much of prick that guy was, you leaned up to kiss his lips in an attempt to calm him down. “Let’s get out of here. I can think of a ton of other fun things to do.”
“Mm, I like where this is going,” Ashton said with a little wink. You chuckled and twined your fingers with his, walking off from the club.

Calum: You were out at the beach with your boyfriend, Calum. You were both enjoying the little downtime you had with each other and basking in the warm sunny day. You both went into the water a little while later where you heard a familiar voice call your name. “Y/N?”
Both you and Calum looked around to see your ex-boyfriend standing a few feet away with his friends in the background. “Oh, hey,” you said awkwardly. “
“It’s been ages,” your ex-boyfriend said, his eyes sweeping over your body, “and you still look great as always.”
Calum’s arm immediately slipped around your waist and he hugged you closer to his chest.
“Sorry, who are you?” your ex-boyfriend asked, looking back at Calum. Calum grimaced, and tightened his grip on you, “I’m Calum, Y/N’s boyfriend.”
“Ah, I see,” he said, giving Calum a once over with an arrogant look plastered on his face. Fortunately his friends called him over and he had to leave. As soon as he was out of ear shot, you turned to your boyfriend. “Why are you being that way? We were just talking.”
Calum made a face and said disdainfully, “Did you see him? He could hardly bother to look at your eyes because he was too busy staring at your breasts.”
You chuckled and teased, “This morning you complimented me in this bathing suit.”
“Yeah, well,” Calum said with a roll of his eyes, “I’m your boyfriend.”
“And don’t forget it,” you said, leaning up to peck the tip of his nose and then his lips. He smiled into the kiss and thankfully his mind wandered off from your ex-boyfriend.

Luke: While you were at the mall with your boyfriend there was this group of guys that kept staring at you. It didn’t take long for them to start shouting compliments at you while some wolf-whistled, seeming to think that the fact that you were purposefully ignoring them gave them the right to keep harassing you. Luke kept throwing glares their way and each time you’d bring up something else to distract him. Eventually he stopped walking and spun around, ready to start a fight. You quickly jumped in front of him and raised your hands, “Luke, they’re not worth it.”
“They’re being jerks! And they can clearly see we’re a couple,” he argued, his eyes still glued on the guys who were snickering now. Luke’s body tensed and his jaw clenched so you reached up with your hands to cup his face and force his head toward you. “Come on, love, just ignore them. They’re immature.”
“Yeah, but-” he was arguing but you swiftly cut him off by leaning up to peck his lips gently. He relaxed at the touch of your lips and when you were pulling back, he took the liberty to wrap his arms back around you and kiss you a bit longer for a second time. When you two parted, he let out a sigh of pleasure and you grinned. You slid your hand in his once more before leaving the mall and that group of guys behind.