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something to nothing o2 [jungkook&you]

Summary: You were caught in this some relationship with Jungkook for a while after being best friends for so long. And just when your relationship were to move up a level, it crumbles down once Jungkook involves himself with a new girl in school.

a/n: sorry for keeping ya waiting for so long. enjoy~

part one

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Wiping those tears that flows nonstop from your eyes, you heavily breathe to calm yourself down after kicking away the photos by your feet. You’ve never understood the pain of losing someone you love, besides your family members who had passed on to the afterlife.

Born and raised to see your mother and father engage lovingly, and seeing how happy your aunts are with your uncles, you had told yourself that one day you’ll be just like them too. And in that very moment when Jungkook had held your hand and smiled at you, saying you’re perfect just the way you are, you had believed him.

You wholeheartedly gave your heart to him as well, when you both had kissed and later danced in the cold rain.

He was the one. Jeon Jungkook was your happiness.

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